The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 526

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 526

Saydie had been the only one staying in the hospital with her during these two days Nolan was nowhere to be found

Maisie looked out the window from the carIt was already autumn, and the trees growing on both sides of the streets had turned golden. The leaves on the ground looked like a golden carpet, adding color to the surrounding buildings

The leaves danced when the cars drove pasi them

Maisie brought Wayion to the Easton Estate, walked into the villa, and saw Stnx waiting for her in the living room

“Dad” Maisie walked toward him while holding Wayion’s hand

Strix looked at Waylon. “Who is this child?”

“He’s my son. Maisie smiled as she put her hands on Wayion’s shoulders. “Wayion Vanderbilt

Strix put down his teacup and smiled, “You have a son that’s already all grown up.

Wayion replied, “There are three of us. I have a brother and a sister.”

Maisie smiled but said nothing when she saw how surprised Strix looked

She let Saydie bring Wayion around and had a chat with Strix in the living room. After listening to what happened between her and Daniel, he said, “I didn’t expect that the Kents would fail.”

“Daniel said that his grandfather was the first person to research the virus. Did you know his grandfather?”

“My father did

He picked up his teacup and took a sip, then continued. “He was among the first batch of research students in St. Neil’s Medical University in Morwich I heard that he was caught researching the virus’ genetic cells and was asked to leave the university

Maisie was surprised. “Why was he asked to leave?”

“He had good intentions when he first studied the virus genetic cells, but the era he was born in didn’t allow him to research viruses.

He looked at her. “You need to know that people of that generation never mastered research on viruses, and there were religious people They were worried and believed that researchers had ulterior motives.”

Maisie paused. Daniel’s grandfather’s era was after the war, and a lot of places had still been unstable as a result of the war.

Since the Black Death happened during the war, the people of that time, especially the religious ones, had been afraid of viruses because they thought that it was a gift from the devil.

He had started out wanting to research viruses that could cure cancer and sicknesses, but unfortunately, it became a tactic of him trying to get benefits from the aristocrats and the royals.

Strix slowly got up and walked to the window with his arms crossed. “I researched viruses for over two decades to decipher the sleeper viruses’ qualities, but I could only create a vaccine that can help the initial stages of the disease, which was useless for late stages.’

Maisie frowned. She had looked up information during her three years in Hanns Palace. It was called ‘sleeper virus because the virus was undetectable.

The disease was split into the early, middle, and final stages.

After the first year of the early stage, which was the viral period after the incubation period, there would usually be continuous fever attacks and then the patients would fully recover, so it was hard to detect anything. After that, the patient would not fall sick. If the patient had cancer, the deterioration would slow down.

The middle stage happened around the third year. At this stage, the virus would have spread to the organs, and when the organs started to fail, the patients with cancer would rapidly deteriorate,

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