The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 147

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 147

Three days later…

The Summerton Auction started at 7:00 p.m.

The buyers entered the auction hall with masquerade masks given out by the ushers.

On top of high-valued jewelry, the Summerton Auction also auctioned antiques, and all the transactions were legal.

The auction hall was shaped like a circle with traditional wooden structures. It was vintage and classy and made up of the grand hall and the VIP rooms on the first floor.

There were eight VIP rooms on the first floor with ceiling-high windows. The people and auction stage in the grand hall were fully visible from the rooms.

To get into the VIP rooms, one had to have outstanding social status and a net worth of at least $ 150,000,000. Anyone who would be a patron of Summerton Auction would need to have deep pockets.

Maisie and Kennedy put on the masquerade masks and entered the hall. She was wearing a high collared white dress with her hair up in a bun for a sleek look.

Tassel earrings made of sequins went well with her collar, and the fitted waistline showed off her slender waist.

She walked with Kennedy to their designated seats in the grand hall. Kennedy looked around at the people in the masks and asked, “Are you sure that Willow is going to show up tonight?”

“She will.”

Freddy had leaked the news to Willow, and Maisie had even given Freddy the design for the item she was going to auction so that she could take Willow down, once and for all.

If Willow wanted someone to be a plagiarizer, it was going to be her.

Unsurprisingly, Willow showed up.

Even with a masquerade mask, they both instantly knew who each other was.

Willow happily walked toward her. “You’re really here.”

Freddy hadn’t lied to her.

“You’re here for the fun?”

Seeing that Maisie was still smiling, Willow crossed her arms and scoffed. “I’m here for the auction, but I’d also like to remind you that you still have time to withdraw from the auction if you don’t want this to end too badly.”

Maisie scoffed and said, “We don’t know who’ll end up badly yet.” She let her speak, but it was time that ended.

“Maisie, don’t be too proud just yet.” Willow gnashed her teeth.

‘Why would this woman still look so arrogant? Wait and see!’

Maisie was going to end up crying!

A bodyguard in black walked toward her. “Ms. Willow, Mr. and Madam Lucas are waiting for you in the VIP room upstairs.”

Willow confidently tossed her hair when she heard that and smiled at Maisie. “I need to excuse myself. I’m going to the VIP room upstairs. Enjoy your seats here.”

She hummed while she strutted away in her high heels after the bodyguard.

Maisie frowned.

Kennedy snapped around. “Mr. and Madam Lucas? How is that possible? The Lucas family is the one helping them?”

Why would the Lucas family know them?

Maisie was curious too, but she would take everything back from Willow tonight, no matter who was supporting them.

A hostess in a long gown walked over. “Dear guests, someone from the VIP room has invited you to join them.”

Maisie and Kennedy looked at each other.

She asked, “Who is it?”

The hostess gave a professional smile and patiently answered, “I’m sorry, the VIP told us not to disclose that information. You will find out if you come with me.”

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