The Strongest War God Chapter 957

The Strongest War God Chapter 957-The Little Fool is Born to Be Lucky!

The little fool’s reaction stunned the Crown Prince of Song!

He had indeed wanted to trick the little fool and then take the opportunity to leave this place. He did not expect the little fool to be so vigilant.

“You have the physique of a golden War God,” the Crown Prince of Song said calmly. “You can stand proudly among your peers in the world.”

“Don’t flatter me. Anyway, I have to kill you today because my brother gave the order to kill you.”

Luke Yates’s naivety seemed to have returned. Corpses were strewn all over the top floor of the building. All of them were killed by the little fool’s golden spear, leaving only the Crown Prince of Song alive.

Once he was done with him, the little fool’s mission would be completed.

The Crown Prince of Song did not seem to be afraid of his impending death. He walked straight to the little fool and said, “I really want to know what mistake I have made to provoke His Royal Highness, the Northern King, to come to Song to take my life.”

“Call me daddy and I’ll tell you!”

Luke was still negotiating.

Little did he know that his brother had asked him to come here to kill people, not to play.

The Crown Prince of Song fell silent.

Luke was a strange player, and the respected Crown Prince of Song obviously didn’t expect that the little fool would talk to him in such an unconventional manner.

The little fool was mischievous by nature. Even when chatting with someone who was about to die, he would not be proper.

That was because anyone who chatted with Luke would eventually realize that they would digress from the original topic.

The Crown Prince of Song slowly closed his eyes and said softly, “In that case, I have to send Commander Yates on his way. Third Grandpa, let’s do it!”

“You really want to set me up!”

Luke was always on guard against the Crown Prince of Song.

However, he did not expect that there were other people hiding in this building.

Moreover, this person was the Third Grandpa of the Crown Prince of Song.

Instantly, a middle-aged man with black hair, who had concealed his aura and was hiding in the dark, appeared!

Like a breeze, he appeared behind the little fool.

Even though he was exposed, he was like a dead man without any aura fluctuation.

Even the little fool had not learned such a brilliant breath control technique.

The black-haired middle-aged gatekeeper of Song raised his right hand slowly. His eyes were filled with killing intent. Blood surged out of his body as he slapped the little fool on the back.

Outside the building, Braydon Neal, who had been sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the top floor of the building. “Chaos pinnacle? Luke!”


There was someone who was faster than Braydon.

This person was Fenton Jansky.

This inimitable pinnacle had never left Braydon’s side.

“What a brilliant Breath Holding Technique!” Fenton was also shocked. “Even I didn’t notice your existence.”


Fenton released his pinnacle pressure.

How terrifying was the pressure of an inimitable pinnacle?

The top floor of the building was instantly flattened. Fenton intended to suppress everyone inside and protect the little fool.

However, he was still a step too late.

“Die!” The gatekeeper of Song slapped the little fool’s back and said coldly.

Yet the little fool was not good at anything but staying alive!

The little fool’s life-saving item was not just the golden soft armor.

Back then, he had eaten an imperial decree raw in the Neal family manor.

It was the imperial decree from the Soho Dynasty.

In the end, the words on the imperial decree appeared directly on the little fool’s back.

Luke was a walking imperial decree!

Right now, it was the imperial decree text that saved Little Fool’s life.

The terror of the imperial decree was once again displayed at this moment.

The chaos pinnacle gatekeeper was stunned.

He struck the little fool’s back with all his might, but he found that the vitality power that he had sent in did not even cause any damage. Not even a wave appeared.

Luke stood there foolishly, looking dumbfounded. He wasn’t even hurt.

This was the attack of a chaos pinnacle!

The clothes on the little fool’s back were torn on the spot. A dazzling golden light burst out from his back, and a big word flew out.


A saint’s virtue is vast and mighty, and his majesty is awe-inspiring.


After this word flew out, it directly hit the Song gatekeeper.



The gatekeeper of Song felt as if he had been severely injured. He flew backward and spat out a mouthful of blood. His meridians were broken, and his internal organs were turned into meat paste.

His eyes revealed a look of horror as he said hoarsely, “Crown…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he died on the spot.

The Crown Prince of Song stood rooted to the ground in a daze, not coming back to his senses for a long time.

His third grandfather, a dignified chaos pinnacle, died just like that?

He was the strongest martial artist of Song.

In the end, he died in the little fool’s hands.

“Imperial decree?” Fenton was shocked.

“Brother, that old thing sneaked an attack on me. He doesn’t care about martial ethics!”

Luke turned around and complained to his brother.

Braydon’s face was dark. He had thought that the martial artists in Song would not pose a threat to the little fool after he had taken care of the conferred pinnacle, Fred Marcus.

Who knew that there was a chaos pinnacle hidden here.

Braydon knew that his carelessness had almost killed the little fool.

If Luke didn’t have the imperial decree to protect his body, he would be the one who would have turned his internal organs into meat paste after taking the palm of the chaos pinnacle!

Braydon was furious. His hair was fluttering in the wind. He turned around and roared like a tiger. His voice shook the entire area. “Find all the pinnacles of Song and kill them all!” he said coldly.

“Young Family Leader, he’s already dead!”

Fenton frowned and tried to dissuade him.

Braydon turned around and said coldly, “All the pinnacles of the Jansky family, listen up!”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Braydon’s vitality flowed in reverse and slowly flowed out of his back, forming a huge red lotus.

The lotus had ten petals!

The Fiery Lotus Mark had ten petals.

Throughout the history of the Jansky family, only Braydon had a ten-petal mark.

When Braydon spoke.

Boom! Boom!

Waves of terrifying pressure erupted from all directions of the island.

The aura was like the heavens, and his might suppressed the human world!

Each of the pinnacle had a vitality of more than 100,000 Na.

The upper rank pinnacles of the Jansky family had never left Braydon’s side.

They didn’t interfere with Braydon’s growth, but they were determined to protect Braydon’s growth.

The Jansky family’s ten-petal Fiery Lotus Mark!

What kind of terrifying talent was this?

The Jansky family would not allow anything to happen to Braydon.

They would use all of their family’s strength to ensure that Braydon would grow up and walk an unprecedented path of martial arts.

The Jansky family was sincere when it came to Braydon.

After half a year, Braydon finally issued the family leader’s order.

If both sides completely trusted each other today…

With the help of the Jansky family, Braydon would truly reach the peak of Hansworth.

At this moment, Fenton did not follow the ancestral teachings of the Jansky family to not participate in the power struggle in the human world.

If he didn’t follow the ancestral teachings, the 36 branches of the Jansky family would listen to the orders of the patriarch instead.

In the distant sky, three pinnacles came by the sea.

The leader was Dexter Jansky. He was holding a bloody old man’s head in his hand.

Whose head was this?

Douglas Crawford’s head from the Crawford family!

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