The Strongest War God Chapter 956

The Strongest War God Chapter 956-Something’s Wrong, You’re Trying to Trap Me!

The situation in Song was extremely terrifying. Everyone could feel the tremor.

A round hole appeared where Fred Marcus was kneeling.

From top to bottom, it was a thousand meters deep, like a well with a diameter of ten meters.

This was caused by Braydon Neal’s finger.

Fred, on the other hand, had no bones left.

A conferred pinnacle vanished into thin air.

Braydon landed on the ground. His toes were half a meter away from the ground. He seemed to have landed, but he was levitating. He slowly closed his eyes and recalled the attack just now.

It was this attack that seemed to open another door for Braydon!

This was another realm of martial arts!

He could also use a power that was different from the power of vitality.

Braydon opened his eyes and muttered softly to himself, “Is this a power exclusive to supreme pinnacles? Just a trace of it is already above the pinnacle vitality power. This might be the power of heaven and earth!”

Braydon realized that even the martial arts practitioners could use this power.

Braydon had experienced the horror of ancient martial arts and martial arts.

Perhaps martial artists only truly stepped onto the path of cultivation when they had reached the pinnacle realm.

Martial artists below the pinnacle realm were only at the foundational realm.

From martial artist level to king level, a martial artist would be building the foundation for his future path. Controlling the power in one’s body and controlling force was obviously the pinnacle realm, able to perfectly control the power of vitality in his body.

If one were to omit the foundational realm, he would not even need to control the force.

One could imagine how one could control the vitality in one’s body when one had reached the pinnacle realm.

When martial artists lost control over their vitality, their vitality would flow in reverse, and they would die!

Braydon opened his eyes, and a hint of tiredness flashed across them.

Just now, with just a single finger, it had formed a resonance with the power of heaven and earth. It had exhausted all of Braydon’s mental power, and he was somewhat lazy and sleepy.

Braydon raised his left hand and sucked in the Northern King Sword that was stabbed diagonally beside him. He sheathed the sword and formed a chair with his vitality. It was similar in style to a bronze throne.

Braydon turned around and sat on the chair. He placed his arm on the chair and supported half of his face with his hand. He slowly closed his eyes, and it sounded as if he was sleeping.

He was extremely tired. Braydon needed to rest to recover his energy.

However, Braydon was sitting there alone, and no one dared to approach him.

As for the higher-ups of Song, they were terrified. They stood in front of the glass window of the Empire State Building of Song and witnessed Braydon killing the conferred pinnacle, Fred, with a single finger.

This strength was so strong that it made people despair.

Coincidentally, the simple-minded Luke Yates led the donkey to the top floor of the building.

Dozens of people were gathered in the luxurious hall on the top floor.

The sudden arrival of the little fool attracted the attention of many people.

A burly middle-aged man said solemnly, “Commander Luke Yates of Hansworth has returned!”

“Hahaha, you know me?”

Luke looked smug. He didn’t expect that the people of Song would know him.

What nonsense!

There was a database of information regarding the elites of the Northern Army in the hundred countries outside the borders.

The biggest fool in the Northern Army naturally had his personal information included.

However, Luke’s life experience was unbearable.

This bad egg was definitely an exception in the Northern Army lineage.

“Commander Yates,” the burly middle-aged man said with a gloomy face, “why have you suddenly come to Song?”

“I’m here to kill someone. There, it’s him!”

Luke pointed at a noble youth.

The young man was the Crown Prince of Song!

“How dare you!” The burly man, Park Byung Woo, released his pinnacle aura on the spot. He said in a low voice, “This is the Crown Prince of Song!”

“That’s right, I want to kill him!”

The little donkey that the little fool brought over changed its temperament and released an even more terrifying pressure.

The golden vitality that filled the entire hall suppressed all the martial artists.

“Luke Yates of the Northern Army has returned. I have come to kill the Crown Prince of Song under my brother’s order. Anyone who tries to stop me will be killed!”

Luke’s long hair danced in the wind.

At this moment, he was the Great Demon King of the Northern Army!

His naivety was only revealed in front of his brothers in the Northern Army. He was usually very mischievous.

However, this was outside the borders!

Luke took a step forward and raised his left hand. Golden vitality left his body and turned into a golden spear.

The little fool held the spear with both hands and stabbed at the noble youth!

This scene shocked everyone.

Byung Woo was shocked and furious. “Vitality manifestation? High-level pinnacle?”

“Crown Prince, escape!”

Song had no lack of loyal martial artists who wanted to stop Luke and let the noble young man with the surname Song escape from the building.

However, since Luke had killed his way here, no one could escape!

Luke held his spear and charged forward.

Anyone who tried to stop him would be killed!

Byung Woo was a pinnacle with 1,000 Na of vitality and was about to make a move.

In the end, the golden spear pierced through his chest.

He was killed on the spot!

The Crown Prince of Song was as calm as ever. He released his pinnacle pressure, which seemed to be the fate of the nation.

This guy had already successfully carried the fate of Song once!

It was just a small wave!

Besides, the national fate of Song was not comparable to the national fate of Hansworth!

The larger the territory of a country, the more people there were, the more terrifying the fate of the country.

In the entire world, there are only a few countries that can compare to Hansworth.

The Alpha and Delta Empires!

As for the Zeta Empire, Cartley Yanagi of the Southern Hanworth Army had beaten up the other eight armies at the Saipan Island.

Braydon and the others had never put the Zeta Empire in their eyes.

They were just a bunch of clowns!

There was nothing to worry about!

In the building, Luke was very calm. He held the golden spear with both hands and wiped out the martial artists of Song who were blocking his way.

There were even kings among them, and Luke killed them with a spear.

Until only the noble young man was left.

Luke looked at him and tilted his head.

“I’m no match for the ancient golden War God physique. Any unnecessary resistance will only increase the pain before death.”

The noble youth was very calm, as if he was not the one who was about to die.

Luke’s eyes were filled with suspicion. “Something’s not right. You have the scent of a cunning old man. You’re trying to trick me!”

In the environment in which the little fool grew up, although he was spoiled by his brothers when he was young, his brothers were either bad eggs, thorns, or sinister old men.

For example, the second master of the Northern Army, Luther Carden, had killed countless martial artists of the eight countries in the north.

Under their influence, Luke had also learned a lot of dirty tricks.

Although he disdained having to think, his intuition was accurate!

Luke felt that the Crown Prince of Song had a sinister aura about him, and he instinctively felt that this guy was trying to trick him!

This kind of conditioned vigilance.

The Crown Prince of Song was stunned!

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