The Strongest War God Chapter 955

The Strongest War God Chapter 955-One-Finger Heavenly Execution, Killing a Conferred Pinnacle!

If those people dared to interfere.

Braydon Neal didn’t mind wiping out all the powers in the western region where the Western Arbitration Council was located.

In order to curb the Western Arbitration Council, Braydon had secretly helped some eastern martial artists to establish the Eastern Arbitration Council.

The motive behind this was very simple.

The Western Arbitration Council only needed to manage the western countries. It was not their place to interfere in the affairs of the eastern countries.

At this moment.

Luke Yates handed over the Northern King Sword and openly walked into the building on Junko Island.

Braydon had issued a secret order to kill.

The Crown Prince of Song would definitely die today!

Fred Marcus stood in the sky above the building and stared coldly at King Braydon, who was holding a sword. “Braydon Neal, you can still make it if you retreat now. Don’t make a mistake!”

“Conferred pinnacle?”

Braydon asked.

“What do you think?” Fred sneered.

Fred had a vitality of 29,000 Na!

However, he seemed to be a little weaker than Bret Veblen, who had died today.

In front of Braydon, Bret even addressed him as His Highness.

But Fred called Braydon by his name. How gutsy!

Braydon slowly walked over, his left hand holding the hilt of his sword. He drew his sword out of the scabbard, and a murderous aura filled the air.

“Is a conferred pinnacle strong?”

Braydon wanted to kill Fred.

In the end, this western pinnacle seemed to have heard the biggest joke of the year!

“I’ve been in the pinnacle realm for two hundred years,” he said proudly. “Braydon Neal, you’re a new pinnacle, yet you dare to challenge me, a conferred pinnacle? How gutsy of you! You must really want to die!”

It was an extremely confident statement.

Braydon’s lips curled into a faint smile as he stared at Fred. A phrase that the little fool often said rang in his mind. This person in front of him really deserved a beating!

Braydon took a step forward, and the Northern King Sword was finally unsheathed. The terrifying sword power covered the entire arena.

“Overpowering Sword!”

When Braydon held the Northern King Sword and used his ancient martial art sword technique.

This was the Overpowering Sword that originated from the Jansky family, not the Neal family Overpowering Sword that Braydon had learned.

When the real Overpowering Sword was used, its power was ten times stronger than before!

“Braydon Neal, you sure about this?!” Fred said angrily.

What did Braydon not dare to do!

So what if he was a conferred pinnacle from the Alpha Empire?

Just today, two powerful pinnacles of the Alpha Empire had died 80 miles away from the capital.

Now, Braydon didn’t mind killing another one!

The Northern King Sword’s sword light was incomparably sharp.

The seven styles of the Overpowering Sword was controlled by the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting. The ten-meter-long red sword light shrunk to five meters, then to two meters.

The sword light condensed and turned to the side.

Fred also had a weapon. It was a western broadsword that was longer than an ordinary sword, almost two meters long. The blade was as thick as three fingers, and it looked like a guillotine used by farmers to cut grass.

This kind of weapon was powerful and heavy, not to mention that it was used by a conferred pinnacle like Fred, so there was no sense of awkwardness. Instead, it was even more powerful.

“You’re seeking death!” Fred snorted coldly.

In response to Fred’s repeated provocations…

Braydon’s expression was calm. The sword light had already arrived, and he was facing off against Fred.

There was a huge difference in strength between the two!

Braydon had yet to reach high-level pinnacle realm, while Fred was already a conferred pinnacle.

The two collided with force, and in the blink of an eye, they had already started fighting.

The broadsword released a huge amount of power.

Braydon’s hand split open as the sword touched him. Blood splattered everywhere.

Braydon was injured!

In the end, the difference in vitality caused the difference in strength to be several times stronger!

The Northern King Sword flew out of his hand. It was not surprising at all.

“A low-level pinnacle challenging a conferred pinnacle will only lead to death!” said Fred disdainfully.

Blood flowed out of Braydon’s left hand. In the next second, a white light appeared on his body. The blood flowed back and the wound instantly healed.

He had wanted to test his strength with the help of a conferred pinnacle.

After half a year of seclusion, Braydon wanted to understand the limits of his own strength.

But Fred seemed to think that Braydon was weak and easy to bully.

Since that was the case.

Then, he would send him on his way.

Braydon stood with his hands behind his back. He soared into the clouds and stood a thousand meters above the ground. His hair fluttered in the wind. He said expressionlessly, “It’s not difficult for me to kill you. Since you insist on dying, how can I not grant you your wish?”

The soft sentence fell.

The eight pinnacle techniques were activated!

When the techniques were activated, Braydon’s body was covered in white light, and his aura increased sharply.

Braydon’s forehead emitted a faint light.

The location of this light was actually the spiritual aperture between his eyebrows.

Don’t forget, Braydon had already opened his spiritual aperture and developed his spiritual power at the Lenver Pond.

However, Braydon was unfamiliar with this power and was not used to using it.

But today, Braydon wanted to give it a try.

The activation of the eight techniques made Braydon’s body glow like a white light. He bent down from a thousand meters in the air, his hands behind his back, and his body turned into a sword.

The speed of his descent had exceeded the speed of sound.

More than 500 meters per second!

At this speed.

He was descending from a thousand meters in the air.

Braydon slowly raised his left hand. His hand was like a sword, and he pointed at the top of Fred’s head. He said softly, “I’m invincible in the human world!”

Spirit Surge Sword!

Ever since Braydon had opened his spiritual aperture, his talent had already surpassed that of a gifted spirit cultivator.

In the unseen world, there was a majestic power between heaven and earth.

Braydon could sense their presence.

The sun, moon, and stars were the great powers that existed in the world.

Braydon could vaguely sense their existence. This feeling became clearer after he opened his spiritual aperture.

Today, Braydon wanted to give it a try!

This was the first attempt.

It made Braydon understand how terrifying a supreme pinnacle was, and also how strong his teacher, Old Devil Yanagi, and Shayan Zehner were at their peak before they were injured!

Braydon swooped down from a thousand meters high, his body turning into a sharp sword.

Fred’s eyes were filled with fear as he looked up at Braydon, who was descending from the sky. The white light around the body of this white-robed youth transformed into a huge sword that reached the sky, and the sword fingers on his left hand were like the tip of a sword.

He was like a banished immortal who had descended upon the human world!

Fred gathered all of his vitality, covering the top of his head. He felt as if his shoulders were being pressed down by a huge force of ten thousand tons.

Before Braydon’s sword arrived, Fred could no longer withstand it.


He knelt on the ground and lowered his head slowly. His eyes were red as he said hoarsely, “Opening the spiritual aperture, transforming into heaven and earth. This is a supreme pinnacle technique!”

At this moment, Fred was completely in despair.

He knew very well that the white-robed youth who descended from the sky had formed a resonance with the world.

The pressure of heaven and earth appeared on his body!

Just a trace of pressure.

Fred was forced to kneel on the ground, and a barrier formed by his vitality enveloped his head.

Braydon descended from the sky. His body was like a giant sword, and his fingers were like the tip of a sword. He tapped on the blood-red barrier.

With just a finger, the blood-red barrier shattered like glass.

A crushing force had already formed!

Braydon pointed at Fred.


The entire ground, within a radius of fifty miles, sank ten centimeters.

Junko Island was quaking!

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