The Strongest War God Chapter 927

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 927-The Inheritor of the Northern King’s Legacy The person that Braydon Neal wanted.

Who in the capital would dare to detain her?

The cabinet bigwigs, Dominic Lowe, and the other old men, or the big shots of the nine departments in the capital?

Probably no one would dare!

Tobey Lapras took out his communication wristwatch and secretly contacted Dominic to inform Heather Sage to return to Preston.

“I haven’t seen her for a few months, and I miss her a little!” Braydon said faintly.

Braydon muttered to himself.

Harold Sage didn’t care at all and asked in shock, “Heather has already become a martial artist. How strong is she now?”

“I don’t know!”

Braydon rarely pried into other people’s privacy.

However, Harold did not give up and asked again, “Warlord level?” Hearing this, Tobey sneered.

Outside the pavilion, a ten-year-old boy walked over in the snow and said calmly, “That’s just underestimating the foundation of the capital!”

Harold looked at Colton Jansky outside the pavilion, his eyes revealing some doubt.

Colton put his hands behind his back and looked like an adult. He said seriously, “The capital represents Hansworth. It’s more than enough for Hansworth to use all its strength to nurture Heather!”

“The capital is probably already nurturing Heather at all costs!”

Braydon smiled faintly.

Martial Emperor Yanagi and the others wanted to see a genius who could shoulders Hansworth’s martial arts fate.

Therefore, they wanted Heather to catch up with the elites of the Northern Army.

Heather was not a martial artist who had been cultivating since she was young. She had only stepped onto the path of martial arts six months ago.

Braydon had planted a seed in her body, and she had inherited a portion of his talent.

It was enough to make Heather the top genius in Hansworth!

Far away in the capital.

There was a beautiful girl dressed as a man. Her eyebrows were as beautiful as a painting, her nose was tall, and her clear eyes revealed a hint of coldness.

She was born beautiful, her jade-like legs long and slender. She stood in front of the capital’s southern gate.

This girl was Heather.

She stood coldly in the mortal world, her fair left hand holding a sword.

The sword was the heavenly sword!

He raised the heavenly sword slightly and pointed it at a white-bearded elder below.

The old man had a noble status. He stood in front of the capital’s southern gate, his eyes filled with anger.

Heather’s cherry lips moved slightly as she coldly said, “One of the eight elders of the cabinet, Yarrow Lake!”

“Heather Sage, what do you want?”

Yarrow was over a hundred years old, but he was a pinnacle.

His vitality was 500 Na!

He was not weak.

Before the Kylo ban was lifted, the pinnacle martial artists were all legends.

However, ever since Braydon lifted the ban, many pinnacle martial artists had fallen recently.

Heather raised her snow-white arm and pointed her sword at Yarrow. She said softly, “I want to ask you something. On the night of July 15th, during the title conferment ceremony on Mount Tanish, why did the Sky Shooting Bow of the Lake family appear on Mount Tanish?”

That night, a martial artist had secretly used the Sky Shooting Technique and shot a golden arrow at Braydon!

In the end, the arrow hit the Nine Prefecture Cauldron and shattered it.

It was that arrow that almost killed Braydon.

Heather remembered that scene to this day.

Ever since Braydon returned to Preston, Braydon had protected Heather the whole time.

She, Heather, was not a plant, so how could she be heartless?

Heather had been in the capital for half a year and understood how dazzling Braydon had been in Hansworth for the past 13 years!

At the same time, several months had passed since the ceremony on the 15th of July.

Braydon could forget everything that had happened.

But some people couldn’t forget it!

Just like Heather who was meticulous. That night, the golden arrow had injured Braydon and almost killed him.

Heather remembered it until now and learned about it from Marvin Townsend from the dark division.

That golden arrow was from the Sky Shooting Bow.

These two items belonged to the Lake family.

Coincidentally, Yarrow, one of the eight ministers in the cabinet, was an ancestor of the Lake family.

That was why this was happening right now.

Heather was blocking Yarrow at the southern gate of the capital. Yarrow’s expression changed slightly, and he snorted coldly. “Nonsense,

quickly move aside. I have something important to do back in the capital.”

“It really was you guys who did it!”

Heather’s cold eyes revealed a hint of killing intent.

“Those who hurt others should die!”

Her cold words fell.

Heather stood on the city wall of the capital’s southern gate, holding the heavenly sword in her left hand. She took a step forward, her speed increasing rapidly. The sky was filled with white afterimages!

Forbidden techniques ruled the world.

The powerful cultivation technique that Colton, the son of the civil fate, could cultivate was once again passed down to Heather in the capital.

This girl was the person who carried the civil fate of this era.

“Son of Heaven Combat Technique, Nine Strikes!” she said softly.

The Nine Strike Technique was terrifying.

This ancient martial arts cultivation method was stored in the depths of the palace in the capital.

There were only two people in the world who knew how to do it.

One of them was Colton.

The other person was Heather.

Heather only used four months to completely master the Son of Heaven’s Nine Strikes.

The reason was probably because Martial Emperor Yanagi and the others allowed Heather to bear the civil fate and stimulated the rooted power hidden in her body to quickly fuse with her body.

Braydon planted the seed.

Those who were forced to accept the spell would inherit a part of the caster’s talent and even personality!

The two of them could sense each other from thousands of miles away!

Braydon had planted a root for her in the past because he wanted to protect her for the rest of his life. If there was any danger, Braydon would be able to sense it in an instant.

The Forbidden Root Technique connected two people!

The stronger Braydon’s talent was, the more terrifying the portion of the talent the person he planted his roots in would inherit!

How strong was Heather, who had inherited part of Braydon’s talent?

At this moment, after this lady displayed the Son of Heaven’s Nine Strikes, the heavenly sword in her left hand enveloped the pinnacle at the capital’s southern gate.

The sword unleashed the original power of the heavenly sword.

The heavenly sword was a national treasure of Hansworth, similar to the bronze throne.

The most important weapon of the country!

The heavenly sword itself was extremely powerful.

At this moment.


Dominic hurried to the southern gate and shouted, “Heather, stop!” Swoosh!

Dominic arrived at the southern gate, and a streak of sword Qi landed at his feet.

The sword Qi was ten meters long.

It was as if it could kill Dominic with a single sword strike!

Dominic’s face turned green on the spot, and he took a few steps back in horror.

He watched as Yarrow, who was also a cabinet minister, unleashed all his strength and even his pinnacle pressure, but was unable to suppress Heather, the daughter of the civil fate.

The power of the heavenly sword erupted, accompanied by the Son of Heaven’s Nine Strikes.

The sky was filled with Heather, who was disguised as a man. There was a total of nine figures, and each figure seemed to be real.

One man with one sword, killing the pinnacle!

The sword passed without leaving a trace, bringing with it a handful of blood.

A sword piercing through the heart!

Holding the heavenly sword in her left hand, Heather turned around and brushed past Yarrow.

A sword scar appeared on Yarrow’s forehead and chest.

He died on the spot!

Yarrow, one of the eight elders of the capital cabinet, lay dead at the southern gate of the capital.

“Sigh, Heather, you’re in big trouble!” Dominic sighed heavily.

“If the Lake family wants to hurt him, and the capital doesn’t do anything about it, then I will!”

The him that Heather was talking about was Braydon!

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