The Strongest War God Chapter 920

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 920-The Stubborn Braydon Neal!

Although the Sovereign Lord, that stubborn old man, was at odds with Old Devil Yanagi, the Sovereign Lord was still Braydon Neal’s teacher!

With the Sovereign Lord’s protection, even if Shayan Zehner and Old Devil Yanagi all died in battle…

Braydon still had someone protecting him!

With the protection of the Sovereign Lord, how many people in the world dared to kill Braydon?

None of those old fogeys would dare to touch Braydon.

The one-armed man Justus Grimes was obviously one of the Sovereign Lord’s men. Now that he had appeared in the dark, he was obviously following Old Devil Yanagi and the others.

The enemy that Shayan mentioned was Justus!

Justus had yet to enter the supreme pinnacle realm.

However, his aura was much stronger than those two old antiques.

Justus was once defeated by Shayan and lost an arm.

Now, he was here again!

Shayan held the bronze sword, and his pressure enveloped the entire sky above


Justus was filled with killing intent. He was carrying a sandalwood box wrapped in black cloth on his back. There was obviously something inside.

A killing weapon that could rival a supreme pinnacle!

Justus knew that Old Devil Yanagi and Shayan of the Northern Army were both supreme pinnacles, yet he still dared to come alone.

Do you think he’s a fool?

On the eve of the battle.

Braydon stood on the bronze throne between the two of them and said in a low

voice, “Stop!”

“All martial artists who collude with them will be killed!”

Justus glanced at Braydon and said coldly.

Shayan laughed. “Justus, even if I gave you ten guts tonight, you wouldn’t dare to touch him. Do you know who he is?”

“The Sovereign Lord has ordered that anyone who is your companion will be killed without mercy!”

Justus insisted on what he had said.

Shayan chuckled. “He is not only the young master of the Northern Army. He is also that old dog Sovereign Lord’s student. Do you dare to kill him?”

Justus’s body shook violently at those cold words.

His eyes revealed a hint of shock as he muttered, “The Sovereign Lord has no children. His seven disciples have all been crowned and addressed as Your Holiness. I know all of them…

Justus felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

He seemed to have thought of something!

The seven students under the Sovereign Lord were all geniuses.

But he had only seen six of them!

Other than the Sovereign Lord, no one knew the identity of the seventh person.

More importantly, the coronation ceremony of the seventh person was personally and secretly held by the Sovereign Lord.

Justus called this mysterious seventh person Holiness Neal.

“You know all seven of them?” Shayan teased.

“You are…”

Justus’s eyes were filled with shock.

Braydon slowly turned around and raised his left hand. He said softly, “Are you familiar with the Spirit Summoning Art?” “What? Spirit Summoning Monarch Art!”

Justus paled.

How could he not be familiar with the Spirit Summoning Art? It was a technique cultivated by the Sovereign Lord and was taught to his seventh student, Holiness Neal.

At this moment, the mighty sovereign pinnacle Justus placed his left hand on his knee and his right fist on the ground. He bowed to Braydon, who was standing on the bronze throne, and shouted, “Justus Grimes greets Young Master!”

The Sovereign Lord’s student, Braydon, was the most mysterious Holiness Neal!

He was the one who inherited the Sovereign Lord’s legacy!

One of the eight pinnacle techniques, the summoning technique, evolved from the Spirit Summoning Art that the Sovereign Lord had taught him. The Spirit Summoning Art was called the Spirit Summoning Monarch Art!

For many years, Braydon had never cultivated it.

This was because the Spirit Summoning Art that the Sovereign Lord had taught him was too tyrannical and terrifying.

Once he cultivated it, he could suppress everyone!

He would be invincible in the world.

Braydon had the Northern Army elites by his side. As the elder brother, Braydon had protected his younger brothers since they were young. How could he bear to suppress them?

Therefore, Braydon cultivated the Great Void of Kylo Art. Not only did he not suppress the Northern Army elites, but he also often used purple Qi to help them nourish their bodies.

This was what a brother should do!

Therefore, as long as Braydon was alive, the elites of the Northern Army would respect him for the rest of his life.

It was not without reason!

Braydon stood in the dark night and looked at Justus. He said calmly, “No killing is allowed in Preston tonight!”

“Young Master, no one can defy the killing order given by the Sovereign Lord!”

Justus stood up slowly, reminding Braydon that even the seven disciples had no right to change or stop the Sovereign Lord’s orders.

“What if I insist on stopping you tonight?” Braydon said calmly.

“Then, I’ll just have to offend the young master!”

Justus’s eyes were firm. With his strength as the sovereign pinnacle, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to suppress Braydon!

As for killing Braydon and even injuring him…

Justus wouldn’t dare to do that even if he had ten guts!

Among the seven students under the Sovereign Lord, only the white-robed youth before him had inherited the Sovereign Lord’s mantle.

Killing the successor of the Sovereign Lord?

Justus didn’t even dare to think about it.

Thus, Braydon stood in the dark and said softly, “When I entered the northern territory at the age of seven, my teacher treated me like his own son. Uncle Shayan and the others accompanied me for several years and did their best to protect me as I was growing up!

“They protected me for a while, and I will protect them forever!

“Even if they have committed heinous crimes, so what? I’ll use my ten years of achievements to offset their crimes.

“If it’s not enough, then I’ll use my life to pay for it!”

Braydon’s hair fluttered in the wind, and his voice was like a bronze bell, resounding throughout the entire Neal family manor.

These words shocked Justus!

He had never expected to encounter such a situation tonight.

Justus had never known Braydon’s identity!

After hesitating for a moment.

“Young Master, no one in the mortal world can defy the Sovereign Lord’s killing order!” Justus said slowly.

“Then, let’s fight!”

The bronze chain was wrapped around Braydon’s waist, and the heavy snow in the dark night could not calm his blood!

There were very few people that Braydon cared about the most in his life.

However, these people from the Northern Army were people that Braydon would protect at all costs.

Tonight, none of them could die!

Having to say goodbye after finally meeting after ten years?

How could Braydon, who was extremely sentimental, accept this?

Tonight, unless the Sovereign Lord came personally, no one could stop Braydon.

Between Old Devil Yanagi and the Sovereign Lord.

Who did Braydon choose?

It was clear at one glance!

Braydon spread his arms, his white robe fluttering without wind. He said, “Spirit Summoning Monarch Art, summon seven stars to help me kill the enemy!”

Who was Braydon’s enemy?


Justus was furious. He had a natural fear of the Spirit Summoning Monarch

Because in this world, only the Sovereign Lord had the Spirit Summoning

Monarch Art!

Braydon was the second!

It had been 300 years since the Spirit Summoning Monarch Art had appeared in the human world.

Now, it had reappeared.

Justus said angrily, ‘Young Master, you can’t fully activate the Spirit Summoning Monarch Art before you reach the supreme pinnacle realm. You can’t use external forces to fill your body. The power that surpasses your body will destroy you!”

This was the terrifying aspect of the Spirit Summoning Monarch Art!

In the night sky, seven large stars were emitting dazzling light.

It was the Big Dipper!

The seven-star light had reached a brightness that had never been seen before in nearly a hundred years.

At the same time, seven beams of light shot out from the night sky, descending from the sky and landing in the human world..

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