The Strongest War God Chapter 910

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 910-To Cut Grass, It Must be Removed by the Roots!

An eminent pinnacle was extremely powerful, but if they provoked the Northern King, he could really destroy the entire Simpson family!

However, he needed to use external forces.

The Kylo Ruins was the external force that Braydon Neal was talking about.

Braydon was the young master of Kylo, the next master of Kylo.

It was not difficult to mobilize a high-level pinnacle from Kylo!

At this moment, Kentrell Simpson’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He knelt on the ground, feeling that he had said something he shouldn’t have.

Braydon asked how strong the Simpson family’s oldest pinnacle martial artist was.

It was obvious that the Northern King, Braydon, had already decided to kill him!

The Simpson family must be destroyed!

Braydon turned around and sat back on the bronze throne. He said softly, “I’ve finished asking my questions. You can leave now!” “I’ve never heard of anyone escaping unscathed when a martial artist of a powerful family falls into the hands of the Northern Army, including a pinnacle martial artist!” Cairo Simpson’s eyes were fixed on Braydon, who was sitting on the throne.

As a martial artist of a powerful family, he knew the Northern King’s methods all too well.

If the people of the powerful families were to fall into the hands of the people of the Northern Army, it would be difficult for them to survive!

Or rather, there was no way out at all!

Braydon closed his eyes and sat quietly, allowing the snow to fall in the dark night. He stood still like a young emperor.

Cairo broke out in a cold sweat and said hoarsely, “Let’s go!” In an instant, the three people from the Simpson family stood up and turned to escape.

Escape from Preston!

They didn’t dare to turn around. It was as if the white-robed youth on the bronze throne was the most terrifying person in the world.

Braydon slowly opened his eyes and sighed. “If the three conferred kings could become generals in the Northern Army and guard the borders of Hansworth, they would definitely be three great generals who would make great contributions and go down in history.” Braydon sighed softly.

Tobey Lapras, who was standing next to him, nodded slightly. He understood what he had to do!

They must be silenced!

To cut grass, one must remove it by the roots!

Evil must be eradicated!

This was what Braydon had taught Tobey and the others since they were young.

In a flash, Tobey disappeared into the dark night to chase after the three. Braydon didn’t stop him. He knew that there was no need for Tobey to chase after them.

That was because there was someone waiting for the three of them!

That person was Colton Jansky!

Colton, who appeared to be only ten years old, stood at the end of the Yara River Road. His small body was wearing a black raincoat and a big hat. He stood quietly on the road, allowing the heavy snow to hit him.

Colton looked young, but he was actually a pinnacle martial artist!

A pinnacle martial artist with a vitality of 3,000 Na.

One punch could unleash a terrifying force of 300,000 pounds.

He guarded the Yara River Road alone and stood quietly, watching the three people from the Simpson family who were moving quickly in the dark night.

He said softly, “The three of you have made me wait! ” “Who’s there?” Cairo was shocked and immediately stopped.

Before Colton said anything, the three brothers did not sense anyone in front of them at all.

Under the gazes of the three of them, Colton took off the big black hat on his head, revealing a slightly childish little face.

His appearance was still childish, but his clear eyes revealed a maturity that did not match his age.

Kentrell heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t expect that the person blocking the way would just be a ten-year-old boy.

“Get out of the way, little brat!” he snorted coldly.

Cairo’s face was pale. He stared at Colton’s small face and clenched his fists as he said hoarsely, “Young Civil Emperor, Colton Jansky!” “Oh? It has only been a few months since I broke the seal on Mount Hans, and I haven’t gone out yet, but you can actually guess my identity so quickly.” Colton did not hide his identity at all.

Such a generous admission.

The faces of the three members of the Simpson family turned pale.

Young Civil Emperor Colton had been sealed on Mount Hans by Martial Emperor Yanagi for ten years. Four months ago, he broke out of the seal and stepped into the pinnacle realm after taking three steps.

At the age of ten, he was a pinnacle!

H was comparable to the Northern King.

The two sons of Hansworth.

Young Civil Emperor Colton, Young Martial Emperor Braydon!

The legend of the two sons had long ago spread throughout the entire capital. “The Northern King has promised to let us leave Preston!” Kentrell said in horror.

“He promised to let you go, but I didn’t. Moreover, this is the suburbs and no longer belongs to Preston!” Colton placed his small hands behind his back and stepped on the snow with his small feet in the dark night. His gaze gently looked five miles in the southeast corner and said, “Is the Simpson family’s pinnacle not going to show himself?” The Simpson family had sent a pinnacle to Preston?

In fact, the Simpson family pinnacle didn’t dare to enter Preston.

That was why this hidden pinnacle had been outside Preston for several months, waiting for Cairo and the other two to get Ginny Neal while he waited outside to take over.

Although the plan was meticulous, if Braydon noticed it, they would have no way out!

Colton’s words resounded throughout the night.

A majestic force that was as powerful as the heavens erupted from the southeast.

It was the Simpson family’s pinnacle!

His vitality was as vast as the heavens.

A high-level pinnacle!

When one’s vitality reached 10,000 Na, one could break free from the restraints of a low-level pinnacle and become a high-level pinnacle!

A high-level pinnacle had opened two doors!

The first one was the door to the pinnacle that could transform force into spiritual energy and fuse it with one’s blood.

The second one was the door to the pinnacle that released vitality!

This high-level pinnacle stood in the dark night and spread his blood-red wings. The red wings were three meters long and flew over at a low altitude.

The pinnacle might of 10,000 Na of vitality was indeed terrifying!

Colton was only ten years old and did not show any fear. On the contrary, he said softly, “The Simpson family is truly on another level. You sent a martial artist with a vast amount of vitality to plot against my brother’s family. Who gave you such courage?” “The Simpson family’s Elliot Simpson greets His Highness Colton!” The skinny middle-aged man was probably over a hundred years old. He placed his hands behind his back and released his pressure. He said indifferently, “In the battle between the powerful families and the Northern Army, what the powerful families fight for is the future, and what the Northern Army fights for is power!

“The rise of the Northern Army family will definitely cut off the future of the powerful families!

“If the powerful families rise up, we will definitely stop the rise of the Northern Army!

“The battle between the two sides is like fire and water. His Highness Colton had been sealed in ice for ten years and does not know the situation in the outside world. ” The middle-aged man, Elliot, calmly looked at Colton.

Colton smiled lightly. His smile made people feel extreme danger.

“The battle between the powerful families and the Northern Army? Interesting, do you know that I am also from the Northern Army?” The light sentence made Elliot’s eyes reveal a look of shock.

Young Civil Emperor Colton had openly admitted that he was from the Northern Army!

Based on what the powerful factions knew, Colton was someone trained by Martial Emperor Yanagi. The person who would wield the heavenly sword in the future belonged to the capital’s lineage!

Colton stepped into the night and displayed the courage of a young emperor.

“My brother is the commander of the Northern Army. What lineage do you think I am from?” he asked.

“In the vast human world, anyone who dares to compete with the Northern Army will be killed!

“Those who dare to draw their blades at the Northern Army will be beheaded!” Colton’s words resounded throughout the night..

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