The Strongest War God Chapter 850

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 850- Then, Miles Jansky and Lothario Jansky bowed down and said hoarsely, “A nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark marks the ruler of the family, and the name of the leader will forever be recorded in history!” The Jansky family would never forget Braydon Neal, the person who broke the blank period of history.

Did the three of them really think that Braydon was crippled?

Trevor Jansky and the other two believed that Braydon had lost all his vitality, destroyed his foundation, erased the nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark, and become a cripple.

However, Braydon’s foundation was never that small amount of vitality in his body.

On the contrary.

Braydon’s foundation was the 100,000 Na vitality hidden deep within his bones!

That was his foundation.

From beginning to end, Braydon’s foundation had never been touched.

Braydon brushed past Trevor and returned to Star Tower.

He didn’t leave Mount Woolas because he had promised Kinslee Mayer that he would help him retrieve the purple Qi from the heaven-gazing roaring statue.

Following Braydon’s instructions, Lester Crawford invited the young leaders of the various aristocratic families to gather at Star Tower tonight.

The direct descendants of the 72 schools of the were present.

There were also the young leaders of the various aristocratic families.

On the seventh floor of Star Tower, in the elegant living room.

Braydon had already returned to his room. The wound on his left hand had already healed.

The powerful self-healing ability of pinnacle martial artists was unimaginable to ordinary people.

Moreover, Braydon cultivated the eight techniques, and his self-healing ability was even more shocking.

The wound on the back of his left hand had already healed. The flesh and blood had grown. After the scab had fallen off, the entire back of his hand was fair and tender. The skin color was even more delicate than the skin on his wrist.

A nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark slowly appeared on the back of his hand.

The nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark was fully bloomed, and the patterns of the stamen were clearly visible.

The nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark appeared on the back of his hand once again!

When he was outside, Braydon had clearly used up all of his vitality and removed the mark on his skin.

However, as his flesh and blood grew, this mark appeared again!

How could it be so easy to completely remove a mark that one had been born with?

Even if he used up all his vitality, this mark would not disappear.

That was because Braydon had been poisoned by the seven insects and seven herbs poison in the northern territory. The poison had attacked his heart and meridians. When he was expelling the poison, he wanted to expel his poisonous blood and the Jansky family bloodline together to completely erase this secret.

The result was obvious.

The mark returned after the incident!

His teacher, Finley Yanagi had said that the Fiery Lotus Mark would accompany Braydon for the rest of his life.

He was born with it. Even if he died, this mark would still be there!

The Jansky family bloodline in Braydon’s body was not as simple as what Trevor and the other two had seen.

There were other people in his room in Star Tower.

Kinslee’s face was bitter as he looked at Braydon, who was standing in front of the balcony, and asked in a low voice, “You promised to help me snatch the wisp of purple Qi from the heaven-gazing roaring statue. Don’t go back on your word! ” “Even you think I’m crippled?” Braydon slowly turned around, his face expressionless.

The moment he turned around.

Kinslee’s face was filled with horror as he took a few steps back. He said in a dumbfounded manner, “You, you…” “Commander, your forehead!” The one-armed Maddox Johnstone’s pupils constricted as he was shocked.

Greg Jessup and Lorenzo Hale were also in the room.

Luke Yates sat on the ground and mumbled, “You’re making a fuss over nothing. I’ve eaten that thing when I was young!” When he was young, the little fool had bitten Braydon’s forehead while he was sleeping.

Braydon turned around, and a mark appeared between his eyebrows. It was like a cluster of flames, but it was actually a stamen symbol!

The stamen of a lotus!

There were stamens but no petals.

This stamen symbol had appeared before when Braydon had broken through to the pinnacle realm on Mount Tanish.

Later on, Trevor and the others heard the news and went over.

Even Trevor and the others probably would not be able to give an explanation for the second mark.

There were only a few records of this in the secret scrolls of the Jansky family.

To be precise, it was the overflow of bloodline!

The limit of the bloodline power far exceeded the limit of the nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark, which was why the second mark appeared.

This kind of situation had never happened before in the Jansky family.

The ancestor of the Jansky family had seen a genius like Braydon in another family. His bloodline had seeped out of his body and formed a second mark.

Therefore, the Jansky family’s ancestor had left a few words in his notebook in his later years. In his words, he had hoped that the descendants of the Jansky family would have such a genius that would amaze the world.

Such a situation had indeed occurred.

It appeared on Braydon’s body.

In the guest room, Kinslee said in horror, “Didn’t you dissipate all your pinnacle vitality and have become a cripple?” “Who said I’m a cripple!” Braydon gently stroked the back of his left hand with his right hand and said faintly, “I carry the fate of the country and am the son of Hansworth. I can’t have anything to do with the aristocratic families for the rest of my life!

“Unfortunately, my grandmother is the daughter of the Jansky family. In order to draw a clear line between us, if I don’t disperse all of my vitality and remove the mark of the nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark, the elites at the border will lose their morale and the defensive wall’s defense line will be in danger of being destroyed!

“I had no choice but to do this!” Braydon said calmly.

“You’re so dangerous! You’re too cruel to yourself!” Kinslee said.

“The leaders of the Military Department are all iron-blooded people. I command the armies in all four directions, and the seven elites respect the Northern Army. The leaders of the various armies respect me. How can a soft-hearted person be a commander?” Braydon’s faint words could not hide his weakness.

Earlier, he had used up all of his pinnacle vitality to help Trevor condense the nine-petal Fiery Lotus Mark.

How could Braydon not be injured?

While they were talking, Braydon’s face turned pale again. A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his lips. The weakness in his body made him slowly sit down.

Kinslee looked worried. He took out a small black gourd from his pocket and said in a low voice, “This is the last bottle. I’ll give it all to you to nourish your body. Make sure you’re ready for tonight.” Braydon didn’t turn down the gourd. The moment he took the gourd, his eyes were as sharp as swords as he looked coldly at the door.

Luke was lying on the ground with his legs crossed. He suddenly sat up and held the two daggers at his waist with both hands. He said warily, “A stranger is approaching!” “She’s here!” Braydon wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and let the little fool support him.

Luke held Braydon’s arm and stared at the door.

The door opened, and the woman who entered was Whitney.

She held a jade bottle in her hand and slowly said, “Looks like I’m too late. Someone has already sent medicine over!” “Grandma!” In the room, it was different from outside. Braydon exhaled lightly and called her grandma.

As an elder, Whitney didn’t care about what happened before. She put down the green jade bottle, which contained a milky white pill, and said, “Sigh, after exhausting your vitality, your vitality has definitely been greatly damaged. If you want to recover, it will take at least half a year or at most a year. If it were an ordinary pinnacle, they would have died long ago..”

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