The Strongest War God Chapter 835

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

The Strongest War God Chapter 835-Don I t Call Me Lestie!

r: EndlessFantasy Translation Maddox Johnstone and the others thought that Braydon Neal had fallen asleep. They silently prepared to leave the room for the commander to rest.

“Secretly order Lestie to invite the elites of the hundred schools the day after tomorrow!” Braydon said.

“Yes, sir!” Maddox and the other two bowed and left the room without asking what it was for.

Commander Braydon had his own reasons for doing things.

If it wasn’t something that Maddox and the others should ask, they would never ask.

Braydon had asked Lester Crawford to invite the elites of the hundred schools. It was Drobablv a traD.

With Braydon’s personality, him gathering all the elites of the hundred schools together was probably to do what he did at the pinnacle’s tomb: suppressing the elites.

Maddox quickly sent the news to Lester.

Lester had a unique way to contact the Northern Army.

He could even contact Braydon directly!

No matter what, Lester was Braydon’s second brother. If he couldn’t get in touch with Braydon, it wouldn’t make sense.

Lester was a tiger.

He used his Northern Army communication watch and called Braydon.

The video call request was connected immediately.

Braydon took out his commander-level wristwatch. After picking up the call, he smiled faintly and said, “Lestie!” “Call me Second Brother, not Lestie!” Lester’s face was dark as he snapped, “What do you mean by asking the hidden agents to pass on the order to me? Inviting the elites for a banquet? Do you want to kill them?

“Little Braydon, I’m telling you, you can’t do this!

“If you do this, won’t I be exposed? If those old things in my family know that I’ve joined the Northern Army, they will beat me up!” Lester mumbled.

Braydon played with his teacup and smiled faintly. “The Northern King Sword is about to be reactivated. I’m twenty years old this year, and I’m able to quell the troubles of the powerful families at the age of twenty. In three years, I’ll destroy the four entities and ensure that when Syrus sits alone on the emperor’s throne in the future, all borders of the country will be peaceful and the foreigners from overseas will come to congratulate Hansworth!” “Why are you in such a hurry? You’ve already decided to take action!” Lester was not stupid. He was shocked.

“The time has come!” Braydon said softly.

“You plan to push Syrus to sit on the emperor’s throne alone. He is the eldest son of Martial Emperor Yanagi, so it is right for him to succeed the throne. But can he control the world?

“Syrus couldn’t even suppress the people of the Northern Army,” Lester said with a serious look in her eyes. “How can he sit on the emperor’s throne alone and intimidate the world?” “Syrus is from the Northern Army. If he sits on the emperor’s throne alone, the people of the Northern Army will definitely support him!” Braydon answered Lester’s question.

For as long as Braydon was alive, no one in the Northern Army would dare to make a fuss!

Harvey Lay, Frediano Jadanza, and the others had to listen to their eldest brother.

“Once I invite the hundred schools of thought to a banquet the day after tomorrow, I won’t be able to return to the Crawford family!” Lester said with a dark face.

“At the banquet the day after tomorrow, after I help Kinslee Mayer retrieve the purple Qi from the heaven-gazing roaring statue, I will reactivate the Northern King Sword and declare war on the Crawford family!” Braydon stretched his waist lazily and told Lester about the thoughts in his mind.

Lester smiled bitterly. “With the power of the Northern Army, the Crawford family will not be able to compete with us. Please give us a way out!” “Surrender to the Northern Army and you can live!” Braydon stared at Lester.

This was a way out that the Northern King had given to the Crawford family.

As long as the Crawford family submitted to the Northern Army flag, Braydon would not harm them.

Lester rolled his eyes and said, “You’re becoming more and more like the Martial Emperor!” “I’m deeply indebted to my teacher. I was taught wholeheartedly by my teacher when I was young, and I grew up under his influence. There’s nothing wrong with being similar to him!” Braydon didn’t care about these outsiders’ comments, and it didn’t affect him.

Instead, he openly admitted it!

Lester was rather melancholic. He asked, “The day after tomorrow, I’ll invite the hundred schools of thought to a banquet. Are you going to kill them or keep them as hostages?” “If I can’t use the elites of the aristocratic families, I will kill them without mercy!” Braydon hung up.

This was his attitude.

Braydon would give the young martial artists of the aristocratic families a way out. They would have to submit to the Northern Army and follow their orders to rush to the border of Hansworth to fight to the death with the foreign armies.

Braydon would then give them a way out!

Otherwise, they would all be killed without mercy.

Currently, the elites in the country were guarding every border, yet the aristocratic families and powerful families were hiding in the rear and causing trouble. How dare they covet the land of Hansworth?

Such actions were tantamount to treason!

Their direct family would be killed for that.

The thousands of miles of mountains and rivers guarded by the Northern Army men could not tolerate these people.

In addition, due to the failure of the plan to nurture the son of the civil fate, Braydon was left alone to support this era.

Braydon mobilized the seven elites to defend the borders while he needed to defend the country alone.

He had to first quell the internal problems before he could focus on dealing with the hunting plan of the hundred countries outside.

Otherwise, if Braydon ignored them, the four entities would stab Braydon in the back at a critical moment.

At that time, not only would Braydon die.

The million soldiers of the Northern Army would probably follow in the footsteps of the Ludwig Army!

What happened to the Ludwig Army must not happen the men of the Northern Army.

This was something that Braydon would never allow to happen for the rest of his life.

Therefore, after Sadie Dudley left, Braydon returned to his former self as the overlord of the Northern Army. He was ruthless and gave the four entities an ultimatum.

Those who respected the Northern Army could live!

Those who submitted to Northern Army could live!

If they turned their back against the Northern Army, they would perish.

This was Braydon’s attitude!

Braydon stayed in his room alone and did not leave his room for three consecutive days. He cultivated the Great Void of Kylo Art and condensed purple Qi to hide in his body.

It was only when Star Tower was filled with people and had gathered would the summit commence on the ninth floor of the tower.

There were no guest rooms on the ninth floor. There was only a huge conference room that could accommodate 500 people.

There were no empty seats, and the entire hall was filled with famous figures.

500 seats seemed like a lot!

But for the hundred schools of thought, there were not enough seats.

Other than the 72 schools of thought, there were also the more than hundred aristocratic families.

Of the 72 schools, the giants were Confucius and Mencius!

They were not included in the aristocratic families!

They were known to represent the hundreds of schools of thought in the period before the First Nation was formed and were above the aristocratic families. They were the origin of the aristocratic families.

Naturally, their status would be higher!

However, for the powerful families and aristocratic families, whoever had the most pinnacle martial artists was the most powerful.

The past did not matter!

The present mattered the most!

At the same time, the Jansky family was the leader of the aristocratic families!

The branches of the Jansky family were spread across the 23 provinces of the country, and they all had pinnacle martial artists. However, the Jansky family was extremely low-key, hiding in the mountains or among the people. They did not reveal their strength!

A hundred years ago, after the riot broke out, a pinnacle of the Alpha Empire crossed the border and arrived in the city of Jover. With the strength of a high-level pinnacle, he accidentally killed a young son of the Jansky family in Jover.

That night, the head of that high-level foreign pinnacle was cut off by someone. The Locke family behind him was known to the public as the family with seven great powerhouses in the Calista region of the Alpha Empire.

In the end, in one night, a black-robed youth had wiped out his entire family

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