The Strongest War God Chapter 834

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

The Strongest War God Chapter 834-You Must Plan for a Lifetime!

UƤdɑted by BʘXNʘVEL.CƟM Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The donkey hurriedly nodded.

Luke Yates then released the rope that bound its legs. As for Kinslee Mayer, he was completely unharmed. His body gradually regained consciousness in the evening.

From now on, Kinslee feared the Northern Army like a tiger!

He could tell that there was no good person in the entire Northern Army.

They were all black-hearted people!

Including this little fool who did not do things out of common sense. He actually drugged a donkey and almost ate it.

He was simply heartless!

Braydon Neal was in the room next door, sitting cross-legged in front of the windowsill and circulating the Great Void of Kylo Art.

In the long night, Braydon was condensing purple Qi.

Braydon had spent a whole night cultivating yesterday and had condensed a wisp of purple Qi. After absorbing it, he had increased his vitality by 100 Na and his strength by 10,000 pounds!

This kind of terrifying cultivation speed was simply way too shocking!

With just the accumulation of vitality, with Braydon’s speed, he could match Sadie Dudley, the most terrifying pinnacle in the world, in less than three years!

Sadie’s vitality was 910,000 Na.

She was the strongest existence in the world!

If Braydon was given three years, he would not be weaker than Sadie. The more stunning Braydon, who carried the fate of the country, was, the more it would boost the fate of the country.

Similarly, the fate of the country was carried by Braydon.

Pushing each other to prosperity, Braydon was destined to surpass their ancestors!

Braydon had been cultivating for the whole night. He slowly swallowed a wisp of purple Qi into his stomach, facing the rising sun in the morning. He was not in a hurry to fuse it into his blood.

Refining the purple Qi and turning it into vitality was east for him.

But Braydon was not in a hurry. He opened his mouth and swallowed the purple Qi, hiding it on his body. He stood up and stretched his back. He stood in front of the windowsill on the seventh floor with his hands behind his back and looked down.

Star Tower occupied the best position on Mount Woolas. Standing on the tall building, one could see the entire mountain peak.

Building a tall building on the peak of a mountain gave off the feeling of being at a high altitude.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Someone knocked on the door.

There were three strong men standing outside the door. They were the one-armed Maddox Johnstone, Greg Jessup, and Lorenzo Hale.

Braydon stood on the balcony with his hands behind his back and said softly, “Maddox, come in!” “General, Lester Crawford is here!” Maddox said.

Maddox had already found out about Lester’s identity at the pinnacle’s tomb. He was an S-rank hidden agent in the Northern Army. He was extremely powerful and was a Buddhist son in Buddhism. He was also a direct descendant of the Crawford family. He had a strong background and was a rare genius that appeared once every 800 years.

“Where is he?” Braydon asked with a smile.

“The old pinnacle of the Crawford family followed him. He doesn’t have the chance to come see you. He’s staying next door.” Maddox had found out that the people from the Crawford family lived on the seventh floor.

Braydon sat down calmly. He was about to make tea, but when he saw the black tea in the teapot, he frowned slightly and put down the teapot. It was obvious that he had given up on the idea of drinking tea.

Braydon raised his head and said calmly, “The summit was originally meant to be a grand gathering for the aristocratic families. It’s not good for us if the powerful families are part of this.” “Commander, do you think that the powerful and aristocratic families will Greg frowned slightly.

Maddox was filled with killing intent as he said in a low voice, “I will inform Second Master to mobilize the Northern Army to raze this place!” “There’s no rush. Did you find anything on Mount Woolas?” Braydon looked at Greg and Lorenzo.

The two of them had arrived at Mount Woolas a few days earlier, so they should have gotten some information.

“The aristocratic families originated from the hundred schools of thought…” Lorenzo said.

“To be precise, the martial arts of the world flourished in the hundred schools of thought. The ancient martial arts began in the period before the First Nation was formed. The hundred schools of thought contended and opened the curtains of the ancient martial arts.” Braydon shook his head lightly. Even the Ministry of War had sent people to attend the hundred schools of thought summit!

The militarists were one of the most important schools of thought.

Stone Normand and the other 71 generals were the representatives.

These 72 young kings were definitely a huge force on Mount Woolas, and few could afford to offend them.

However, everyone already knew.

The 72 generals of the Ministry of War were all hidden agents of the Northern Army.

This was the era of the Northern Army!

The Northern King controlled the entire country, and his words were the orders of the Garrison King.

It could be said that he had monstrous power!

Therefore, everyone accepted the news that the 72 generals of the Ministry of War were all secretly stationed in the Northern Army.

Lorenzo said in a low voice, “According to my investigation in the past two days, there are 189 schools of thought. 117 of them disappeared in the thousand years of history, leaving only 72 schools. Each school has an orthodox inheritance. There are even rumors that hundred clothes successors have come to Mount Woolas!

“Among them are the giants of Confucianism, the heirs of legalism, the heirs of Daoism, the geniuses of the yin and yang, the young master of the Mayer family, Kinslee Mayer, and so on!” Lorenzo told him everything about Mount Woolas and the major forces that were currently occupying it.

The top ten families of the aristocratic families had all gathered for a summit of the hundred schools.

There were also many pinnacles hiding in Mount Woolas.

Braydon closed his eyes as if he was resting, quietly listening to Lorenzo’s story. He asked softly, “Are all the elites of all the hundred schools of thought here?” “No one is absent!” Lorenzo was certain.

Greg added, “The young geniuses of the aristocratic families are here for the purple Qi in the heaven-gazing roaring stone statue. Even the young master of the Mayer family, Kinslee Mayer, is tempted, let alone others!” “A wisp of purple Qi can increase a martial artist’s talent and increase their vitality, saving them ten years of effort. This is extremely tempting to martial artists!” Maddox explained the importance of the purple Qi.

A wisp of purple Qi could save ten years of hard work.

To young people like Kinslee, that was ten years.

As long as one could obtain this wisp of purple Qi, they would be able to stay ahead of their peers for up to ten years.

In the modern era where spirit herbs were scarce, it was extremely tempting. The purple Qi could even allow some young people who were behind their peers to gain equal footing, or even surpass them.

Braydon had grown up in the northern territory.

However, everyone in the world knew that the Northern King had suffered all kinds of hardships, but he had never suffered grievances!

Suffering and grievances were two different things!

In the entire world, who could make Braydon feel grievance?

Look at the people standing behind him!

Sadie, the master of Kylo, was always by his side. No pinnacles would dare to make the Northern King suffer any grievances.

He also had Martial Emperor Yanagi protecting him.

That was why Braydon had been killing the martial artists of the powerful families in the capital.

Did Martial Emperor Yanagi blame Braydon?

Martial Emperor Yanagi turned a blind eye and a deaf ear, which meant that he was biased toward Braydon.

Braydon was also the young master of Kylo. He cultivated the Great Void of Kylo Art, and condensing purple Qi was as easy as ABC for him. Therefore, since he was young, Braydon had never been worried about cultivation resources!

Braydon’s background was truly terrifying!

Martial Emperor Yanagi and the others had raised Braydon since he was young. They would not let Braydon suffer after having nurtured him for so many years. However, Braydon had never lacked the items he needed for his cultivation!

This was how superpowers nurtured their younger generation.

Thus, Braydon had never paid any attention to the purple Qi within the heaven-gazing roaring statue.

Braydon closed his eyes and rested. He leaned back in his chair and did not speak for a long time..

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