The Strongest War God Chapter 789

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 789-I Can Kill Him With One Punch!

“Neal, you win!”

Lester Crawford’s eyelids were twitching. He knew what the Heavenly Execution was!

It was the forbidden technique of the past Qilin Lords.

It was ranked among the top ten forbidden techniques in the world.

It had long been lost!

However, Braydon Neal’s comprehension ability was heaven-defying. In front of the bronze gate of the snowy cliff, he comprehended the forbidden technique, Heavenly Execution, and used it for himself.

In an instant, the hundreds of swords in the sky merged into one sword.

This sword was the Heavenly Execution!

The Heavenly Execution formed and landed on the ground!

Lester’s eyelids twitched. He leaped up and unleashed his fist force toward the sky.

Fist striking the sword tip!

When the two collided, Lester was not at a disadvantage.

Lester was a pinnacle martial artist after all!

He was able to resist the forbidden technique, the Heavenly Execution!

The key was that Braydon was also a pinnacle!

As both of them were at the pinnacle realm, it was impossible for Lester not to be injured when he used the forbidden technique, Heavenly Execution, no matter how strong he was.

Now, Lester had easily withstood the forbidden technique.

The only possibility was that Braydon had gone easy on him!

The fight between the two of them was an act for outsiders to see!

After the Heavenly Execution, a mushroom cloud rose from the ground.

As the dust settled, a hundred-meter-wide crater appeared!

This was the destructive power of the Heavenly Execution.

Lester walked out limping. The handsome little monk had become a dirty little beggar.

Braydon had already left the village.

As soon as he left, an old man appeared in the village. His hair was sparse and was about to fall out. His age was probably shocking.

The two old men were both pinnacle experts!

Affected by Kylo’s ban, they had not appeared for a hundred years.

Now, with something in mind, they came out for a walk!

After the two elders appeared.

Salvadore Carden and the others all revealed fear in their eyes.

These were two pinnacle experts who were nearing the end of their lives.

The most dangerous of all pinnacles!

In order to prolong their lives, such experts would definitely dare to violate the rules and commit great crimes.

Pinnacle martial artists could live for five hundred years.

One could imagine how much an old antique like this coveted the mortal world after living for hundreds of years.

If he could extend his life, he would pay any price.

These two old men were from the Crawford family!

To be precise, they had come here together with Lester.

However, the two old geezers were very cautious. They asked Lester to hide his aura and enter the village alone, while they hid five miles away from the village.

They probably knew that Braydon’s senses were superb.

If they got too close, they would definitely be able to sense the two old fellows.

At that time, a world-shocking battle would probably be inevitable.

Wylder Flitwick and the others stood at the side and did not take the initiative to speak.

Limping, Lester questioned with a dark face, “The two of you just watched me get beaten up in secret?”

“The family wants you to come here today to see how terrifying the king of the northern territory is. We want you to know that there’s always someone better than you!”

On the left, the old man, Silverius Crawford, spoke very slowly. If this old man couldn’t breathe properly, he would die on the spot.

“The Crawford family gathered all the powerful families and used us, who have been hidden for many years, to order us to kill King Braydon!” Salvadore said calmly.

“How naive. You kids are young and arrogant. You don’t understand how terrifying the Northern King is. I let you all come together this time to let you know how terrifying your future opponent is!”

The second old man, Welch Crawford, looked at Lavell Simpson’s corpse and said, “What a shame.”

It was as if the Crawford family didn’t care about the death of Lavell, a seed genius of the powerful families!

The internal strife of the powerful families was more serious than outsiders imagined!

Ever since the Neal family turned into smoke a hundred years ago.

The Crawford family was the number one family in the country. They wanted to control the powerful families and command the martial artists of the powerful families.

It was a pity that the Crawford family was nothing compared to the Neal family.

The difference was too great!

The Crawford family was unable to convince the masses!

This caused the hundred schools of thought to unite and balance each other out.

However, the Simpson family was a dissident in the eyes of the Crawford family.

The Crawford family had always been suppressing dissident forces.

Therefore, the Crawford family did not pity Lavell’s death at all and had benefited indirectly.

It was precisely because of this complicated relationship that the powerful families that had been passed down for thousands of years had fallen to this point, and they were at the bottom of the four great entities.

At their peak, they could stand shoulder to shoulder with the sects and suppress the aristocratic families.

Unfortunately, all of this had already become a thing of the past.

Ever since the fall of the Neal family.

The powerful families were all gathered in the capital by Martial Emperor

Yanagi and suppressed for hundreds of years.

This was completely incomparable to the era when the ancient powerful families secretly controlled the imperial power!

With his hands behind his back and his back hunched, Silverius asked Lester slowly, “Lestie…”

“Call me by my full name. If you dare to call me Lestie again, I will beat you to death!”

Killing intent was vaguely emerging on Lester’s dirty, handsome face. Lester did not care for his childhood nickname, which sounded like a girly name.

If Lester and Harvey Lay were placed together, outsiders would definitely suspect that the two of them had a thing for each other!

After all, these two pretty boys were definitely considered beautiful.

Just based on their looks, they would not starve to death.

Silverius shook his head slowly and sighed helplessly. “Lester, what did you think of Braydon when you fought him just now?”

“I only used 30% of my strength!”

Lester had only used 30% of his strength in the battle just now.

Lester was definitely a young monk who liked to brag.

“What are the chances of winning in a life and death battle?” Welch asked. “If he hadn’t run away, I would have killed him with one punch!” Lester was spouting nonsense with a straight face.

A little monk like him wanted to kill Braydon with one punch?

Braydon’s full-strength punch could make him cry!

Back then in the northern dessert, who knew who it was that was pressed to the ground and was beaten to tears.

Welch and Silverius looked at each other and took Lester away.

Every time Lester left home, these two old geezers would follow him.

The Crawford family had long suspected that there was something wrong with Lester!

Four years ago, Lester went missing for half a year. What exactly had he been doing?

The Crawford family had yet to find out!

When they found Lester back then, they could not hide the intense killing intent at all!

Lester had been sent to the Buddhism sect since he was a child. He had been cultivating Buddhist scriptures and mental cultivation methods. Although his temperament wasn’t very masculine, he was definitely a novice monk with a strong ethereal aura.

However, Lester had only been missing for half a year, but he came home filled with an extremely heavy killing intent.

This kind of aura could only be cultivated on the battlefield. Moreover, he must have experienced dozens of battles, big and small, and climbed out of a pile of dead people to have this kind of aura.

Therefore, the Crawford family had reason to suspect that Lester had joined the military after having gone missing for half a year.

The guardian of the Military Department was the big shot Zavier Leach!

Zavier Leach, Kieran Normand and Sawyer Quail were the three big shots who helped Martial Emperor Yanagi suppress the powerful families in the capital..

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