The Strongest War God Chapter 788

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 788-Heavenly Execution Martial Arts Technique, Heavenly Execution, Making Lester Cry!

To Luther Carden, who was in charge of the world’s hidden agents, he believed that the dead could keep secrets.

Although Luther looked weak with the gentle appearance of a scholar.

This old man was not only ruthless, but he was also extremely ruthless!

How could he intimidate his 800,000 underlings with his iron-blooded methods without the intelligence of a demon?

This was Luther’s talent!

Luther was someone who could hold the commander’s seal.

Braydon Neal left the rundown village and left a message.

There were two forbidden techniques under the pinnacle tomb!

Forbidden techniques, Ksitigarbha and Heaven-Splitting!

Braydon had asked Lester Crawford and the others to secretly take the two forbidden techniques.

Lester did not care about forbidden techniques. He waved at Braydon and said in a thunderous voice, “Dog thief Braydon Neal, give me your life!”


“What’s wrong with him?”

Maddox Johnstone carried the silver spear, his face dark.

Braydon, who was at the entrance of the village, suddenly stopped and said with a smile, “He’s smarter than you!”

Lester, the little bald donkey, was indeed very shrewd.

Earlier, he had been warned by Braydon that there were other forces hiding in this small village.

Otherwise, how did the news of the village’s pinnacle tomb get out?

Therefore, Lester already knew what he should do!

Since he had already appeared, it wouldn’t make sense if he did not fight with Braydon!

How was Lester going to explain this to the powerful families?

Could he say that he was sworn brothers with the Northern King?

If these words were said…

It was guaranteed that the entire family would go into chaos again.

The Crawford family had to kill Lester, the traitor, with all their might.

Lester’s red lips, white teeth, and phoenix eyes made him look like a Buddhist monk, but he was actually a guy who did not believe in Buddhism!

The children of the Northern Army pursued the idea of killing for protection and did not believe in any doctrine.

Therefore, Lester was not an ordinary young monk!

He was probably the most handsome little monk in the world.

At the same time, he was also the little monk who was the least like a monk in the world.

At this moment, Lester was already charging at him!

The guy who could become sworn brothers with Braydon was known as a martial arts genius that only appeared once every 800 years. His strength was definitely not ordinary.

Lester’s palm landed.

Braydon turned around and raised his fair left hand, brazenly receiving the attack.


Their palms collided, but It was like metal colliding, causing one’s eardrums to hurt.

Braydon took a step back.

Lester also took a step back.

The two of them were equally strong?

It probably wasn’t that simple.

After all, this was just a competition of physical strength. “How much strength did you use?”

Braydon placed his right hand behind his back and smiled lightly.

Lester bragged without getting overly excited. “30%!”

“Four years ago, you were pressed to the ground by me and beaten to tears. You even stubbornly said that you only used 30% of your strength!”

Braydon was the only one who understood Lester.

Even if Lester used his full strength, he would tell others that he had only used 30% of his strength.

It was a classic case of suffering because of pride.

This kind of person did not look like a monk at all!

Braydon shook his head lightly. “Use your full strength. After this, I still have to go to Mount Woolas.”

“Who are you going to kill there?”

Lester was extremely curious.

Who knew how he had lived his life as a monk for so many years. Perhaps the lonely life of a monk was not suitable for this fellow.

This kind of person was born to play with Luke Yates.

Letting him become a monk would only corrupt the Buddhist precepts.

Braydon clasped his hands behind his back and said softly, “Over a hundred schools of thought have gathered on Mount Woolas. Your families should be involved. After all, the powerful families in the world originated from the hundred schools of thought!”

The hundred schools of thought had been passed down to this day. All the powerful families in the world originated from the hundred schools!

“The declining hundred schools of thought is boring,” Lester said disdainfully. “Let’s have a fight. After we’re done, I can go home and report back to my family.”

If the old man of the Crawford family heard this, he would be so angry that his nose would be crooked.

Among the seven sons of the powerful families who had come today, Lavell Simpson had been killed by Braydon, and the other six had defected to the Northern Army.

If the powerful families found out about this, they would go crazy with anger!

Now, Lester was attacking again.

This handsome little monk was not that simple!

He was born in the Crawford family!

Now, in the world’s number one powerful family, they had been given a solid foundation of martial arts since they were young and were sent to the Buddhist sect to cultivate.

The Buddhist sect was a faction!

In all the Buddhist temples in the world, Buddhism was revered!

The three thousand temples in the world were all under the command of the Buddhist sect.

The Shaolin Temple on Mount Sheburg was no exception.

Mount Sheburg’s Shaolin was not the strongest existence among the Buddhist monks. It was more appropriate to call Shaolin the head of the Buddhist monks!

However, the strongest force was definitely the Buddhist sect!

The direct descendant of the Buddhist sect!

Commonly known as the Buddha’s son!

Lester was the young monk who was the least like a monk in the history of Buddhism.

He took a step forward, and a series of sounds rang out.

It was hard to tell if the thirteen shadows that appeared were real or fake.

More importantly, the thirteen figures had different hand gestures.

The first figure formed an orchid seal with both hands and attacked brazenly.

The second figure dragged through the sky with both hands like a King Kong with angry eyes.

The third figure put his palms together and chanted.

The thirteen figures of the Buddha Shadow attacked with different strengths.

“Buddhist Tantra Combat Technique!” Sadie Dudley said softly.

“All generations of Buddhist sons have practiced the Tantra combat technique, and Lester is no exception!”

Braydon smiled lightly.

However, Lester was furious. He said in a low voice, “F*ck you, call me Second Brother!”


Braydon placed his right hand behind his back, raised his left hand, and pointed at the air.

Nine talismans were instantly formed!

The nine sword talismans of Mount Sino were released in one go.

One talisman with nine swords, nine talismans with eighty-one swords.

The sword whistled like the wind, sweeping through the world and killing the thirteen figures.

Braydon wanted to break the Tantra combat technique with his sword!

The Buddhist Tantra technique was not unbreakable!

Back then, Lester had used the same tactic and was beaten to tears by Braydon.

Years had passed since then!

Lester, the martial arts genius who was known as a one-in-eight-hundred-year genius, always wanted to go against Braydon, the one-in-one-thousand-year genius, when he had nothing to do.

It would be strange if Lester didn’t cry from being pummeled!

“Hmph!” Lester snorted. “It’s the same old thing. Let me see the success of my hard work over the past few years!”

“Martial arts technique, Old Buddha Fist!”

Lester had tampered with the secret techniques of Buddhism again.

How was he using the Old Buddha Fist?

It was clearly a Tantra Fist Technique!

The Tantra Combat Technique that had been passed down for thousands of years was ranked among the top ten combat techniques in the world.

The Tantra contained Vedas.

The Vedas contained a forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha!

It was enough to prove that the Buddhist sect was extraordinary!

In today’s weak martial arts world, he had one of the ten great combat techniques, the Tantra Combat Technique, and one of the ten forbidden techniques, Ksitigarbha.

It was enough to allow the Buddhist sect to stand tall in Hansworth and not fall.

The sects had the longest history!

Lester’s thirteen figures all returned to one and punched at Braydon’s chest.

They were three meters apart.

Braydon was as calm as the spring breeze. “Heavenly Execution!”

Lester was shocked..

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