The Strongest War God Chapter 786

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 786-He Should Have Been the Leader!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation In fact, Lester Crawford’s strength had indeed improved rapidly in the northern region in that half a year.

His battle strength had been greatly improved, which shocked all the elders of the Crawford family.

Feeling that Lester was not telling the truth, they secretly investigated the people in the village.

In the end, the entire village was filled with the Northern Army’s hidden agents. Even the pigs in the pigsty and the dogs on the streets were the Northern Army’s pigs and dogs.

Who would betray Lester?

No one let it slip!

Almost all the villagers in the village had their own versions of the secret operation. However, they shared one thing in common, which was that Lester was an idiot who was the kind of rich young master who would give money to the villagers at any time.

This showed that where wealth was, people would gather.

Therefore, the Crawford family believed that Lester had been cultivating in seclusion in this place for the past half a year.

As for Lester giving money to the villagers, the Crawford family did not care at all.

Even if Lester spent one or two hundred million dollars in the past six months, the elders of the Crawford family wouldn’t even blame him.

To be precise, they would not even mention this matter!

As a martial artist genius of the Crawford family, this amount of money was nothing to the Crawford family.

Every year, the Crawford family spent an astronomical amount of money on Lester’s cultivation!

In the end, Luther Carden planned everything himself and created half a year of fake life for Lester. The old man of the Crawford family was fooled!

Until now, that small village still existed. The people there were all hidden agents of the Northern Army.

If the Crawford family wanted to investigate, they would go to the small village and ask. The answer was the same as before.

This was the reason why Luke Yates always called Luther a cunning person!

Luther was way too scheming!

After so many years, the old friends met again.

Lester had traveled thousands of miles to bring a gift for Sadie Dudley.

A 300 -year-old ice ginseng!

Sadie said softly, “I haven’t seen you for a few years, but you’ve already become a pinnacle!” “Yeah. The family and the outside world have issued an order to kill him!” Lester turned around and stared at Braydon Neal. “A tree that stands out in the forest will be destroyed by the wind. In recent years, the four great entities in the country have wanted you dead, and the hundred foreign countries have also wanted you dead. Just thinking about it gives me a headache!” After saying that, he touched his bald head!

He was like a little novice monk.

Geniuses that were hidden in the powerful families would be sent to various sects to cultivate martial arts when they were young.

Lester was no exception. He was sent to Mount Sheburg at the age of five and devoted himself to Buddhism.

However, looking at his sloppy appearance, one would know that he was a fake monk who was attached to the mortal world. Why would he be willing to enter the sect at such a young age and be detached from the desires of the mortal world?

From what Braydon knew, Lester, that idiot, had lost his virginity at the age of fourteen!

God knows who he gave his first time to!

Braydon had heard from Luther that the girl who had made Lester lose his virginity was very beautiful and had a powerful background.

As for who it was, even the hidden agents in the Northern Army couldn’t find out.

Lester, the young monk, did not mention anything about it.

Braydon put his hands behind his back and smiled. “The powerful families sent eight sons to kill me. The Crawford family even sent you to hold the fort. It seems that you have a strong desire to kill me!” “What do you think? The scions of the powerful families have been frozen for decades. Also, the powerful families are now divided into one region and need to send a powerful signal to the outside world to intimidate the capital. This matter has undoubtedly fallen on us.” Lester’s Buddhist name was Lawless!

Although he was a monk, he was a ruthless person.

Since ancient times, the Northern Army had produced ruthless people.

This was the law.

Braydon couldn’t help but laugh.

The powerful families were really arrogant!

They actually wanted to intimidate the capital.

Little did they know that those few big shots in the capital wouldn’t fall for this.

If the various powerful families became kings, the capital would definitely go to war!

This was their bottom line.

Whoever dared to overstep their boundaries would die.

Once the powerful families became kings, Martial Emperor Yanagi would definitely give the order to the Northern King, Braydon, to lead the Northern Army south and start a war!

Now, both sides were wary of each other!

The capital would not do that until the very last moment.

Right now, the enemy armies outside the border were unwilling to retreat.

Braydon sealed the Northern King Sword and brought Sadie around to heal her wounds and relax.

For the Northern Army, they only listened to the Northern King’s order!

Even if the capital gave the order, if the Northern King did not say anything, the Northern Army would not go south.

At this moment, Braydon said softly, “The powerful families are playing with fire by intimidating the capital!” The consequence of playing with fire was to draw fire upon oneself.

In the end, they would end up getting burned.

“If the Neal family were still around, the powerful families wouldn’t have weakened to this extent!” Salvadore Carden said in a low voice.

“Unfortunately, the entire Neal family died in battle a hundred years ago and did not leave behind any descendants.” Chance Yanes sighed lightly.

“What are you mumbling about?” Lester asked with disdain. “Who said that the Neal family has no successor? Do you know the name of the person standing in front of you?” “The commander’s surname is Neal, and his name is Braydon. Of course, we Imow… Wait, his surname is Neal?” Wylder Flitwick was halfway through his sentence when his pupils constricted. He looked at the white-robed youth in front of him with slight horror. “The commander originated from the Neal family?” Xuan was shocked.

‘What… Forrest Gray and the others were shocked.

The bloodline of the Neal family had not been completely cut off!

“What’s wrong?” Braydon chuckled.

Salvadore and the others couldn’t help but fall silent.

If this was true!

Their families had really become a joke!

The king of the northern territory originated from the Neal family.

What did this mean?

It meant that Braydon, the Northern King, should have been the leader of the powerful families.

However, due to a strange combination of factors, Braydon was not part of the powerful families. He was a tiger in the north and had millions of soldiers from the Northern Army under him. With the power of a tiger, they could go south at any time.

Over the past ten-some years, the four entities had been unable to rest at night!

The Northern King used his blade to suppress the people in the country and the world.

But who would have thought that Braydon was supposed to be a peerless prodigy from a powerful family!

This was undisputed!

The Neal family was the number one family in the world back then.

The Neal family was the leader of the powerful families!

Beckett Neal was the leader who controlled the people with his seven-foot tiger body and three-foot sword. When he gave the order to kill, all the martial artists of the powerful families dared not disobey!

If the Neal family did not fall, the Crawford family of Konnaught and other strong powerful families of other areas would not dare to cause trouble. There were 76 pinnacles in the Neal family. How terrifying was that!

And do you know who the previous Garrison King was?

It was Beckett Neal!

A hundred years ago, there was a total of three people who carried the word ‘Garrison’. The word represented a person who guarded the country and was the stronghold of the country.

They were known as the three sons of Hansworth who guarded the capital!

The first person was Garrison King, Beckett Neal.

The second person was Garrison Master, Clay Neal.

The third person was the Garrison Marquis, Truett Neal.

Among the three great figures of the Neal family, the weakest of them, the Garrison Marquis, Truett Neal, was an eminent pinnacle!

The eminent pinnacles had at least 80,000 Na of vitality, and the strongest had 160,000 Na of vitality.

This was the Neal family!

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