The Strongest War God Chapter 785

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 785-This Person is Not Very Serious!

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It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Crawford family had a wealth of influence and had a heritage of more than 1,800 years.

After Lester Crawford was born, six girls took care of him.

Moreover, they were girls from the branch family of the Crawford family. Their identities were clear, their skin was fair, and they had long legs.

They could not find outsiders to take care of Lester.

If outsiders had evil intentions, they would suffocate this genius of the Crawford family while he sleeps.

If that were to happen, the Crawford family would surely regret it.

Lester, who had been living in luxury since he was young, had entered the desert in the north.

Unsurprisingly, he got lost!

This idiot was trapped in the yellow sand for seven days. He had eaten a stomach full of sand and was dehydrated to the point of fainting. He had relied on his martial artist physique to survive.

When the Northern Army patrol team found him.

This guy’s mouth was filled with sand as he cursed Braydon Neal in a daze, wanting to set up a trap to kill him…

In the end, the Northern Army patrol team took the hotheaded youth back and locked him up in the stable.

No matter how bad the environment in the stables was, it was much better than being in a pile of sand.

Lester was locked up. Before the military doctor went to see him, the guy had drunk horse urine in a daze!

For someone who had been thirsty for seven days, the patrol team had only fed him a mouthful of water. It did not quench his thirst at all!

In addition, this guy was still cursing the Northern Army’s commander while he was unconscious.

It was already good enough that the patrol team did not kill him on the spot!

It was already a miracle that they had even fed him a mouthful of water.

After Lester was thrown into the stable, he subconsciously hugged the horse’s butt and nibbled on it. He also drank a stomach full of horse urine. Luke Yates happened to see him and was stunned. He went up and licked the urine. In the end, he said that it was not drinkable!

Something that Luke disliked must be very unpleasant to drink.

Luke said that horse urine was fishy and smelly. When it entered his mouth, it was not only salty but also bitter. It was not even as delicious as bone ash!

This became a strange story in the Northern Army.

It was only when Braydon gave the order to keep quiet that this matter was finally settled.

When Lester recovered, the first thing he was mad about was not the fact that he had drunk horse urine, but that he was saved by the Northern Army!

He owed the Northern Army his life for no reason!

Later on, Lester went to Braydon and wanted to use martial arts to determine who was better. He also said that if Braydon lost, Lester would show mercy and not harm Braydon.

This would be considered as paying back the life he owed the Northern Army!

If Braydon won, he could kill Lester with one strike.

The result was obvious.

Lester, who was known as a genius that appeared once every 800 years, had kicked Braydon, a genius that appeared once every 1000 years. Of course, he would be beaten to a pulp!

In fact, Lester was indeed beaten to the ground by Braydon in that battle.

He was beaten to tears!

The price of the battle between the two was that Lester was beaten by Braydon to the point where he doubted his very own existence.

In the end, Braydon didn’t kill him, which caused Lester to owe the Northern Army two lives.

At that time, the Northern Army was on guard against the attacks of the eight countries of the north day and night. They were not at great odds with the powerful families in the country.

The struggle between the two great forces entered a life-and-death struggle due to Frediano Jadanza’s death.

Later, after Lester was beaten to tears by Braydon, he gave up on himself in the Northern Army and indulged in food and drinks for seven days. Finally, with the help of Braydon, his spiritual mentor, he regained his confidence and fought with Braydon again.

In the end, Lester was once again beaten into a pulp.

After that, Lester was in complete despair. He realized that he couldn’t do anything to the most vicious man in the Northern Army.

Under Braydon’s spiritual guidance, Lester put on the black uniform of the Northern Army and charged into the battlefield with his sword. He became a soldier of the Northern Army and defended the beacon tower with his body for half a year.

Lester had also become a super soldier whose military merits were comparable to a regimental commander!

In those six months, Lester had not been promoted in the Northern Army.

This was all for his own good.

Otherwise, the news of Lester’s promotion to the regimental commander rank of the Northern Army would have been exposed.

The regimental commanders’ names had to be recorded in the Ministry of War and the Military Department, and they would be awarded a general star. In the future, they would be honored in the palace and enjoy the benefits of the title.

If news of this spread to the powerful families, the Crawford family would definitely kill Lester!

The child raised by the Crawford family was abducted by the Northern Army in the end!

The Crawford family would probably be angered to death!

Therefore, Lester became the most special super soldier of the Northern Army during that half a year.

As a soldier, he was an existence who could do whatever he wanted in the Northern Army. He did not bow to anyone he saw and often fought with the commander, Braydon, causing the soldiers of the Northern Army be extremely puzzled.

Everyone knew that Lester had fought Braydon more than a hundred times in the past half a year, and he had been beaten to the ground every time.

However, everybody respected Lester even more!

No one in Northern Army dared to be so stubborn.

And no one would be like Lester who was able to grow stronger each time he fought Braydon.

Cole Colbie and the others were childhood friends with Braydon, so they knew just how monstrous their big brother was, so they had long since given up on competing with him.

Luther Carden and the others had always been trying their best to shorten the gap between them and Braydon.

Later, Lester left the northern territory.

He had to leave.

Because the Crawford family was going crazy at that time.

Their precious genius, which appeared once every 800 years, had gone missing!

One could imagine how much chaos he had created!

The Crawford family had used all their connections to search the entire world, but they couldn’t find him.

Lester seemed to have vanished into thin air.

In half a year, all the martial artists of the Crawford family tried their best to infiltrate the northern desert.

This was because the 8,000 miles of the northern desert was the territory of the Northern Army.

The people who infiltrated would be purged.

To the forces inside and outside the country, the northern desert was a forbidden area and also a mysterious place.

The young Northern King managed the northern territory in such a way that it was impregnable.

That mysterious place became the target of the Crawford family’s suspicion. They suspected that Lester was in the northern desert and sent people to infiltrate the place. They even sent people to infiltrate the place with a fake capital decree.

In the end, Braydon could only chase Lester away.

Lester even said that he didn’t want to leave with tears and snot on his face.

In the end, he was pressed to the ground by Braydon and beaten up. Only then did he give up and followed the arrangements, secretly leaving the northern desert.

The second master of the Northern Army, Luther, had personally made the arrangements!

Lester would never tell the Crawford family what he had experienced in the Northern Army.

If the news was leaked, Lester’s fate would be unimaginable.

The Crawford family would probably kill him!

Luther secretly ordered 3,000 hidden agents to form a small village in Lowell and sent Lester there. Then they leaked the news.

The Crawford family members arrived there that night, only to find Lester enjoying the scenery there. They were so angry that they almost lost fainted from anger.

The Crawford family had spent a lot of manpower and resources to find him in the past half a year.

But he was hiding in a paradise and enjoying the scenery there?

Lester’s explanation to his family was that he had been confined at home for too long and was suffering from constipation. Coupled with the bottleneck in his martial arts, he had deliberately left to cultivate..

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