The Strongest War God Chapter 784

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 784-He Can Be Compared to You!

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In the end, the powerful families remained until today and became a huge threat.

Braydon Neal wanted to completely end them in this generation.

After the sons of the Northern Army were conferred titles in the capital, the Northern King’s fangs had already been revealed last night when he massacred the 24 divisions.

Almost all of the three big shots knew about what had happened in the capital last night. Zavier Leach, Kieran Normand and Sawyer Quail knew that it was the Northern King, Braydon, who had given the order to kill.

Dominic Lowe and Sutton Wall also knew.

Did any of these giants of the capital dare to step forward?

No one dared to help the people of the 24 divisions!

Last night, Jonah Shaw had even taken out the Central Bureau, the old nest of Duke Lowe.

Duke Lowe hid in the cellar and did not dare to make a sound for the entire night. He did not dare to interfere at all.

This was no longer as simple as playing around in the past.

The hearts of the various big shots in the capital were as clear as a mirror!

Braydon had given the order to massacre the 24 divisions, revealing fangs that he had never shown in his twenty years of life.

Kieran and Zavier would not dare to step forward.

If they did, Frediano Jadanza, Jonah and the rest would surely gang up on them.

The sons of the Northern Army would definitely dare to do this.

The current sons of the Northern Army were not the same as the children of the past.

Now, they were all important officials who held great power and were in charge of various departments!

Ever since last night, the martial artists of the 24 divisions had been massacred.

It meant that the people from the powerful families and aristocratic families had completely withdrawn from the capital.

The three armies, nine departments, and twenty-four divisions no longer had people from the powerful families.

They would probably be replaced by Braydon’s men!

At this moment, there were 10,000 soldiers stationed outside the quiet village, guarding it.

At the center of the village, Braydon and Wylder Flitwick’s conversation had ended.

Braydon’s eyes were like lightning as he looked towards the southwest of the village and said calmly, “Is the eighth son of the powerful families still not planning to show himself?”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Chance Yanes held the hilt of his sword and said hoarsely, “Have the people from the Crawford family arrived?”

“Looks like he has arrived long ago!”

Cold killing intent appeared in Salvadore Carden’s eyes.

The fact that they had submitted to Braydon and joined the Northern Army must not be leaked.

If it was leaked, they would definitely be killed by the powerful and aristocratic families!

They might even be hunted down by the sects behind them.

They wouldn’t be able to withstand the pursuit of the three great entities!

Therefore, no matter who showed up today, they had to be silenced.

Braydon had long since noticed the person in the dark. That was why he had asked Wylder earlier whether only the seven sons had come today.

That was not true!

There were eight sons of the powerful families here.

The eighth person was hidden in the dark and had arrived at the same time as Wylder and the others.

Braydon had already noticed it, but he didn’t expect the person in the dark to be unwilling to reveal himself.

Now, Braydon’s words had exposed everything.

It was time for the person in the dark to show himself!

A calm and indifferent Buddhist proclamation sounded. “Amitabha. Lester

Crawford greets the Northern King!”

A handsome young man wearing monk robes and small cloth shoes appeared openly with light steps!

He had an elegant appearance and posture.

The arrival of this person caused the expressions of Wylder, Forrest Gray, and the others to change in shock. Cold sweat appeared on their faces as they warned gravely, “Commander, be careful of him!”

“Commander, he is one of the younger generation elites who can stand shoulder to shoulder with you!”

Wylder’s face was filled with fear, and there was even a trace of fear in the depths of his eyes.

“Pinnacle Lester Crawford!” Xuan said in a low voice.

Lester, the genius of the Crawford family, had been hidden for twenty-five years since he was born.

However, the names of the three geniuses of the Crawford family were known by all the geniuses of the powerful families.

Lester, one of the top three geniuses of the Crawford family, had achieved the pinnacle realm at the age of 21, stunning the entire family.

Four years ago, after Lester became a pinnacle, the people of the Crawford family became even more arrogant and overbearing.

The Crawford family produced two geniuses; it was something that was extremely rare.

One of them was Lester!

This name became the collective nightmare of the geniuses of the powerful families.

When Lester was young, he defeated the geniuses of the various sects in only half a year.

This included Wylder, Forrest, and the others.

These people’s social circles were limited.

They were all the geniuses and proud sons and daughters of the powerful families.

Therefore, for many years, the outside world did not know about the three geniuses of the Crawford family.

Only the core geniuses and higher-ups of the powerful families knew about it, and the news would not spread.

If news of any of them spread, it would expose the hidden geniuses of each family.

If the news was exposed, there was no need to talk about hiding the geniuses.

At this moment, Wylder and the others were extremely nervous.

Only Sadie Dudley was standing coldly at the side, her delicate nose slightly wrinkled as she stared at the young monk Lester. Her cherry lips opened slightly, and she said, “Lester, is that you?”


Lester stepped forward and presented a jade box with an ice ginseng inside!

This ice ginseng was filled with spiritual energy!

The entire ginseng looked like a child. Even its nose and eyes were about to grow out, and its roots were intact.

Just based on its appearance, it was probably something that was extinct!

This was at least a 300-year-old ginseng!

It was a rare treasure.

In the modern era where spirit herb was scarce, it was practically a fool’s dream to find such a healing sacred object.

“Lester?” Braydon put his hands behind his back and smiled.

“Shut up and call me Second Brother!”

Lester turned and glared at Braydon.

Wylder and the others were collectively stunned!

What was the meaning of this?

The six of them were all dazed, their eyes glazed over.

Lester glanced at them and said in disdain, “What are you looking at? When I was a lord in the northern region, the six of you were still eating baby food at home!”

“Why you! ”

Wylder was furious.

However, he did not dare to say anything!

It couldn’t be helped. Wylder’s capability was far inferior to Lester, one of the three geniuses of the Crawford family!

Keegan Webster, who was standing at the side like an invisible person, touched his nose and said in a low voice, “The moment you open your mouth, anyone can tell you’re from the Northern Army!”

No one cared about Keegan, this old invisible person.

He was not qualified to participate in the conversation between the pinnacles.

Also, when Braydon saw Cartley Yanagi at the Neal family manor, he called him Third Brother!

This meant that there were still two people missing!

The identities of these two people were each more powerful than the other.

The second was Lester, one of the three geniuses of the Crawford family!

The morning star of this powerful family!

He was known as a peerless genius that appeared once every 800 years. His talent was extremely terrifying.

Lester was so frivolous when he was young.

Being young and frivolous was a common problem for prodigy martial artists!

In the end, this guy found out that the Northern King, Braydon, was also a monster, so he secretly crossed the border and entered the northern desert!

The eight thousand miles of the northern desert was covered in yellow sand.

Regardless of whether you were an ordinary person or a martial artist, it would only take half an hour for you to lose your sense of direction in the desert.

Not to mention Lester, the young master of a powerful family, who had been living a luxurious life since he was young..

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