The Strongest War God Chapter 778

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 778-He Concealed His Strength!

Braydon Neal held the Soul-Shaking Spear in his hand and looked at Lavell Simpson.

The Simpson family’s pinnacle genius responded forcefully!

He released his pinnacle aura and swept it toward Braydon. He said coldly, “Why can’t I kill your people?” “I killed seven hidden agents of the Northern Army!

“There was also a War God level martial artist named Pearce Ledford. He was killed in a pond outside the capital with three blades!

“In my eyes, the legend of the Northern Army’s invincibility is not unbreakable!” This was Lavell Simpson.

He was a martial artist on the Northern Army’s wanted list.

None of the martial artists on this list were innocent.

However, Lavell did have the right to be arrogant.

To be able to become a pinnacle martial artist before the age of 50 was definitely considered a genius!

If a martial artist became a pinnacle martial artist before they reach a hundred years old, as long as there were no hidden diseases in their body, they would definitely become a high-level pinnacle martial artist in the future!

Lavell held his long sword in his right hand. A cold light shone on the edge of the sword, and the blood in his body flowed.

On Wylder Flitwick’s wrist was a silver watch. The watch beeped, and a red number appeared!

[Vitality: 530 Na] Such rich vitality was comparable to the older generation of martial artists!

Spirit herb was lacking in the modern era. If the pinnacle wanted to increase their Qi and blood, they needed the help of spirit herb. No one had expected Lavell’s vitality to exceed 500 Na!

He was hiding his strength!

The seven sons of the powerful families had thought that their strengths were about the same.

Their vitality was only around 100 Na.

They all thought that each other had recently broken through to the pinnacle realm!

Ever since Braydon received the fate of the country on Mount Tanish, it was ten times easier for a ninth-level king to break through to the pinnacle realm.

This kind of environmental change would make the martial artists in the world think that the heavens had opened a line, giving the martial artists in the world a chance of survival.

Little did they know that Braydon was carrying the fate of the country and using his stunning appearance to boost the fate of the country.

Those who carried the fate of the country were all at the pinnacle realm.

Unknowingly, all martial artists in the world had a chance to reach the pinnacle realm.

This was why Martial Emperor Yanagi and the others wanted Braydon to carry the fate of the country at all costs.

“You kept your strength hidden!” Wylder said in a low voice.

“I thought you were all hiding your true strength. Now, it seems that I’ve overestimated you!” Lavell showed a hint of arrogance and said proudly, “Pinnacle cultivation is a competition of the power behind you and resources. Without spirit herb resources, how can you cultivate and increase your strength?” nothing wrong with this sentence.

The low-level pinnacle realm was a process of accumulating vitality.

Once one had reached the high-level pinnacle realm, the second door of vitality in one’s body would be opened. The vitality in one’s body would be released, and one would master the method of vitality transformation. One would be able to roam freely between heaven and earth and live for 500 years.

That was freedom!

This was the realm that martial artists spent their entire lives pursuing.

With this strength, no one could restrain them.

He could look down on all the rules of the world.

Lavell held his sword in his right hand, his entire body exuding a peerless pressure as it pressed down on Braydon. He sneered, “Braydon Neal, when you fought with Wylder just now, you completely exposed your vitality. It’s only a mere 120 Na!” Lavell took out a smart wristwatch.

The watch was used to test the opponent’s vitality.

Of course, he could also detect it with his own perception.

However, it was not as accurate as the equipment.

The vitality testing technology was not a secret to the hundreds of countries outside the borders!

Moreover, with the background of the powerful families, it was not difficult for them to produce such products, let alone buy a batch of such watches.

The influence of the powerful and aristocratic families was not limited to the martial arts world.

Their connections were spread across all industries.

At this moment, Lavell was holding his watch. When Braydon and Wylder fought earlier, he had revealed that his vitality was indeed 120 Na.

Braydon’s vitality was indeed at this value.

But Lavell didn’t seem to have detected the vitality in Braydon’s bones!

Braydon was probably the only person in the entire world who could refine vitality into his bones!

Lavell sneered. “The difference between our vitality is more than four times. Today, I shall break the legend of the Northern King’s invincibility!” In an instant, Lavell brandished his sword.

His movement speed exceeded 170 meters per second!

This speed was like the howling of the wind as it swept across the ground, bringing with it a huge amount of dust.

Braydon held the Soul-Shaking Spear in his left hand.

He was like an invincible young man.

Braydon did not dodge. He sensed Lavell waving his sword from the left side of his body and said indifferently, “As a martial artist, you can’t rely too much on electronic devices!” “Die!” Lavell held his sword with both hands and was already slashing sideways.

The blade had already reached the left side of Braydon’s neck.


The blade cut Braydon’s neck. Lavell was slightly stunned. He had never thought that he would succeed so easily! Maddox Johnstone was shocked.

In the next moment.

Lavell’s right blade swept across the target, but he realized that it was only an afterimage.

The afterimages dissipated, and everyone’s pupils constricted.

Everyone present was a martial artist. Everyone understood what this meant!

Braydon was moving way too fast, leaving behind a shadow.

Lavell’s face was covered in cold sweat. He put away his sword and looked around warily before turning around to look behind him.

Braydon had actually abandoned him and gone up to Forrest Gray and the others.

Cold sweat trickled down Forrest’s temples as he stared at King Braydon, who was dressed in white and wearing a silver spear. His body moved, and his fist carried a weight of 10,000 pounds. He wanted to force Braydon back and create a safe distance between the two.

The moment Forrest raised his fist.

Braydon moved his left hand slightly, and the Soul-Shaking Spear in his hand shone with a cold light.

Forrest’s fist stopped in the air, and his hair stood on end. His life and death were in the hands of Braydon. A bitter smile appeared on his lips. “We’re both at the pinnacle realm, but the difference is like a chasm!” “Submit to me and you will live today!” Braydon replied placidly.

Forrest’s life was in Braydon’s hands.

Rejection was equivalent to death!

The four people beside him were not fools!

They knew very well that Braydon’s strength was incomparable among those of the same rank.

If he were to break them one by one, the few of them would probably not be able to escape death in the end.

Lavell stood right behind him, brandishing his sword and said in a low voice, “Braydon Neal, you’re ambitious and want to take in all the sons of the powerful families. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be stuffed to death?” “I told you; martial artists shouldn’t rely too much on electronic devices!” Braydon pointed his spear at Forrest and slowly turned to look at Lavell, who was charging at him with his sword. He slowly raised his right hand and spat out another word, “Suppress!” Boom!

Braydon’s thin body released an even more aged and magnificent aura.

This aura was like the might of heaven!

After this aura erupted.

The silver wristwatch on Lavell’s body immediately beeped.

Then, the entire watch exploded!

The wristwatch exploded, causing Lavell to be dumstruck.

This was because Lavell’s father had given him this watch nine years ago. He had also told him that the upper limit of the vitality test for the silver watch was 10,000 Na..

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