The Strongest War God Chapter 777

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 777-Abandoning the Dark for the Light!

This was the way Braydon Neal did things.

After all, Martial Emperor Yanagi was the one who had taught Braydon since he was young.

Immediately after.

Braydon’s last sentence was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back. “I was the one who gave the order to massacre the 24 divisions last night!” Just one sentence made Wylder Flitwick’s pupils shrink.

In an instant, the faces of the seven seeds turned pale.

They all understood!

Braydon sealed the Northern King Sword and appeared nonchalant.

It was all fake!

This demon in white had once again deceived everyone!

Everyone thought that the sons of the Northern Army were conferred titles in the capital because of the big shots of the capital.

In reality, all of this was Braydon’s final decision.

Braydon had already secretly taken control of the country!

Last night, when the time was right, he decisively issued a secret killing order and massacred all the martial artists of the aristocratic families and powerful families in the 24 divisions.

There was basically no one left alive.

This was his attitude.

Once the Northern Army made a move, they would kill all the martial artists of the four major entities.

Wylder also understood what Braydon’s words meant.

Today, if Wylder submitted.

Someone from the Flitwick family could live in the future.

Wylder would choose who to let live.

These seven geniuses had been hidden for decades. They represented the powerful families and came to fight with the intention of defeating Braydon.

This demonstrated the foundation of the powerful families!

In the end, the carefree Braydon seemed to be waiting for the people from the powerful families to arrive.

Braydon put his hands behind his back and smiled lightly, “Wylder, what do you think?” This was the third chance Braydon was giving Wylder.

It was also the last!

The fact that Braydon was willing to give him three chances proved that he had a great plan in mind.

Wylder was only a breakthrough point!

At this moment, Wylder’s eyes revealed despair.

He was a genius talent. At a young age, he had achieved great success and reached the pinnacle realm. He should be standing on the top of the world.

Pinnacles were the top martial artists in the world.

But now, he was forced into a life and death dilemma by Braydon.

So what if Wylder wanted to die today!

To Braydon, all it took was one slash to kill Wylder.

Just one blade was enough to behead him.

It was easy for one person to die, but Braydon had set his eyes on the entire Flitwick family.

If Braydon attacked the Flitwick family again, the remaining Flitwick family members would be killed by the Northern Army.

The Flitwick family that had been passed down for hundreds of years had been born since the Morphius Dynasty.

The long history would be completely turned into smoke!

Braydon understood the martial artists of the powerful families the best. There were five or even seven generations in a powerful family.

Seven generations under the same roof!

Self-interest first!

The idea that the family came first had been instilled in the martial artists of the powerful families since they were young.

The family was above all. For the family, they could sacrifice everyone and break through some boundaries.

It was like how the powerful families and aristocratic families joined forces with foreign enemies to bury the 700,000 men of Ludwig in the Ludwig Mountain Range!

Not long ago, the powerful families in the capital had leaked the contents of the hundred generals meeting to Banko outside the borders.

They intended to use the hands of foreign enemies to kill the Northern King!

Such an act was treason!

They had broken through this bottom line.

It was not an exaggeration for Braydon to use any means to deal with the powerful families.

At this moment, Sadie Dudley, who was sitting on a stone bench not far away, opened her cherry lips and said in a heavenly voice, “Young Master is becoming more and more like Martial Emperor Yanagi!” “The commander is young and has the spirit of a leader.” In Maddox Johnstone’s eyes, Commander Braydon was the faith of the men of the Northern Army.

The commander in their hearts was flawless!

Braydon placed his right hand behind his waist and slowly raised his left hand. He held the three-foot long blood Qi sword and pointed it at Wylder.

It was obvious that Braydon’s patience was limited.

Wylder was a pinnacle genius.

If Braydon could not use him, he would be killed.

Braydon’s killing intent was still there!

He had already given Wylder an option.

If Wylder was still unwilling to submit to the Northern Army.

Today, his blood would spill all over the village.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Wylder slowly closed his eyes and threw away the broken saber in his hand. He said hoarsely, “If I submit, can you give the Flitwick family a way out?” “How many people can survive in the future depends on their own choices. The powerful families have become a disaster, and the aristocratic families have become a disaster. This disaster must end in my hands!” Braydon withdrew the long sword in his left hand, and the blood Qi surged into his body.

Wylder fell silent.

He naturally understood what Braydon meant.

How many people could live in the Flitwick family in the future?

It would depend on whether the martial artists of the Flitwick family were willing to submit to the Northern Army.

If they were stubborn and followed the way the powerful families did things, Braydon wouldn’t tolerate them, so he would definitely kill them without mercy and suppress them all.

Wylder stared at Braydon and said hoarsely, “I want my sister to live!” His younger sister was Leah Flitwick!

She was also a seed genius of the Flitwick family.

Braydon was no stranger to this girl. He had seen her before.

Braydon smiled brightly and nodded. “Sure!” “I don’t believe you!” Wylder didn’t believe Braydon.

Since ancient times, most people had no faith in their emperors.

Braydon was young and had the means of a hero.

Wylder was worried that Braydon would go back on his word in the future.

Braydon said calmly, “The Northern Army can accommodate a girl in a wheelchair. If you want to protect her for the rest of her life, you have no other choice but to join us!” Braydon’s words didn’t leave Wylder any way out.

Every word was forcing him towards one direction!

It was because Wylder was born into a powerful family.

Wylder and the others had to bear the responsibility for the evil that the powerful families had done for hundreds of years.

Under everyone’s gaze.

Keegan Webster’s eyes were filled with shock. He knew that Wylder was a pinnacle expert.

He was a pinnacle genius!

However, in front of Braydon, he was completely suppressed.

In front of Braydon, a pinnacle martial artist did not even have a second choice. Tonight, he had to submit to the Northern Army.

Wylder slowly lowered his proud head and said hoarsely, “Wylder Flitwick greets the commander!” One sentence announced Wylder’s submission!

A hundred years ago, the first disciple of Kylo, Donovan Dudley, said that the world’s pinnacle experts were all slaves! Braydon had never said this before.

But he made it happen!

It was something that Donovan could not do back then.

Now, Braydon had made it happen!

Wylder’s words caused the six people beside him to be shocked and furious.

One of the seven pinnacle figures of the powerful families had surrendered to the Northern Army.

It was a great humiliation to the families.

Don’t forget that the seven of them had come today because they had been hidden for decades. Together, they wanted to defeat the Northern King.

They wanted to step on Braydon’s shoulders and become famous.

However, they did not expect that things would turn out like this.

“Wylder,” Lavell Simpson said hoarsely, ‘You’ve gone mad. How dare you betray the powerful families!” “He is abandoning the dark for the light!” Braydon slowly turned around and raised his left hand. An invisible force sucked in a silver spear. It was the Soul-Shaking Spear.. He pointed it at Lavell and said softly, “Have you ever stained your hands with the blood of our soldiers

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