The Strongest War God Chapter 776

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 776-Showing His Fangs, A Profound Conspiracy Unfortunately, the capital had failed in the end!

To be precise, it was half a failure and half a success.

The capital had devoted all its national strength to secretly groom Braydon Neal.

Now, the benefits were obvious. Braydon had turned the tide when the country was in danger.

Although the various powerful and aristocratic families ruled over various places, none of them dared to be called kings!

There was no other reason but fear of the Northern Army!

Whoever dared to be the first to call themselves king, Braydon would definitely descend personally and reactivate the Northern King Sword. He would kill his entire family, including the old and weak.

It was a pity that the second son of Hansworth had died.

If he had not died young.

After today’s success, he would be able to control the country together with Braydon and push Hansworth to its peak.

Unfortunately, the capital’s hundred-year plan had not succeeded!

At this moment, Braydon stood between heaven and earth with his hands behind his back. 1–1is thin body slowly emitted a wave of pressure.

This pressure seemed to be as strong as the heavens, as if it could suppress the world.

Just a trace!

Braydon’s aura had yet to erupt!

Wylder Flitwick faintly felt an immense pressure and fully released his pinnacle aura.

The pinnacle’s vitality was the thick blood essence.

Fresh blood flowed in his veins!

A long, curved blade slowly appeared in Wylder’s hand. The blade flickered with a cold light as he said hoarsely, “Braydon Neal, you really are as conceited as the rumors say. You want me to submit to you? Dream on!” Wylder’s saber struck out like a thunderbolt, slashing sideways.

“Be careful, Commander!” Maddox shouted angrily.

“Step back!” Maddox would die if he participated in the battle of pinnacles, so Braydon asked him to step back.

Immediately after, Braydon’s white clothes danced in the air. His right hand was behind his waist, and a ball of blood Qi appeared in his left hand!

Braydon’s bones had 100,000 Na of vitality.

It had already turned into his foundation, hidden deep in his bones, unable to flow out and constantly nourish his body.

The blood Qi in Braydon’s body was only 120 Na!

Although his vitality was weak, it was probably on par with Wylder’s vitality!

But Braydon’s physique was strong!

The 100,000 Na vitality in his bones had become his foundation, allowing his basic speed to reach 300 meters per second. His basic strength had also reached a terrifying level.

A detailed evaluation was required to assess what his basic combat power.

Braydon didn’t use his body to bully Wylder. Vitality surged out of his left hand and instantly condensed. A circle of blood Qi turned into a blade form and shrunk by half.

Immediately after, the lifeblood substance shrank again.

Braydon used the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting.

Only the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting, could compress his vitality so quickly and increase his attack power by several folds.

This scene made Lavell Simpson’s pupils shrink. “He compressed his vitality twice in a row?” “Forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting!” Forrest Gray’s expression changed.

Since ancient times, it was a martial arts technique that could compress one’s blood and Qi several times.

Only the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting!

It was known as the Heaven-Splitting that was the strongest of the ten forbidden techniques.

If it was a high-level pinnacle, cultivating the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting, after mastering it, its attack power could be increased by ten times!

This was the reason why Heaven-Splitting could be ranked among the top ten forbidden techniques just by relying on its offensive power.

Each of the ten forbidden techniques had extremely powerful offensive power.

The Heaven-Splitting was the top of the ten forbidden techniques.

There was no need to think too much about how terrifying it was!

The next moment, Forrest stared at Braydon’s left hand and said hoarsely, “Triple compression!” The vitality that was released was compressed thrice.

It must be the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting!

Braydon had only just learned the forbidden technique and had already cultivated it to the third level. It was already very terrifying.

There were a total of ten forbidden techniques.

Each level of cultivation could compress one’s vitality.

The more condensed the vitality was, the stronger the attack power would be.

Ten times of compression; how terrifying would that be?

Only those who cultivated the forbidden technique Heaven-Splitting would know!

At this moment, Braydon’s left hand was a blade made of blood. The blade was the Northern Cold Sword.

The blood-colored sword swept across the sky and clashed head-on with the crescent saber in Wylder’s hand.


The two collided.

One was the manifestation of vitality, while the other was a pinnacle weapon.

The moment they collided, Wylder’s pinnacle weapon was instantly broken.

The pinnacle weapon was actually directly cut off by the vitality.

This scene shocked everyone!

“Heaven-Splitting Forbidden Technique,” Forrest said hoarsely. “There’s nothing in the world that can’t be broken. It lives up to its reputation!” The forbidden technique was heaven-splitting, shocking the past and dazzling the present!

It has its own unique features.

Wylder’s face was deathly pale. He had never thought that he would actually be so deathly pale.

The difference in strength between the two was like a chasm!

With just this exchange, the victor was determined.

Braydon clasped his hands behind his back and said softly, “If I can’t use a peerless genius, he will be killed without mercy. This is how I have always done things!

“Since you’re an enemy, I will kill without mercy!

“I rarely give people a chance, let alone a second chance.

“Wylder Flitwick, I will ask you one last time, are you willing to join the Northern Army?” Braydon knew that the aristocratic and powerful families could not be wiped out.

Perhaps a hundred years later, the Neal family of Preston would become a big aristocratic family.

Since the aristocratic families could not be destroyed or killed, Braydon acted as the overlord of the human world and subdued them all.

Those who submitted, lived!

Otherwise, they would be killed without mercy!

Braydon had finally revealed his stance of a dominant ruler where those who obeyed would prosper and those who rebelled would die!

Now that Braydon had been conferred a new title, he finally revealed his fangs.

The four major entities had wild ambitions and wanted to control the fate of the country, divide the country, and control the country.

Braydon had to punish these forces severely!

Those who messed with Hansworth would die!

This was the red line drawn by Braydon.

Following that.

Wylder held the broken saber and smiled sorrowfully. “I’m 32 years old, and I’ve achieved great success, but I’m still not your match!

“You killed so many of the Flitwick family members. Hundreds of my family members died under your blade. Hundreds of vengeful souls can’t rest in peace. I have the blood of the Flitwick family flowing in my veins. I grew up eating the food of the Flitwick family!

“How do you expect me to submit to the Northern Army?

“Impossible!” Wylder’s eyes were red, clearly unwilling to submit.

However, this pinnacle genius was a future high-level pinnacle.

It would be a pity if he died here.

Braydon was as bold as a lord. Since he had the intention of subduing the four major entities, he wouldn’t give up halfway.

Braydon didn’t give him any more reason.

He didn’t talk to Wylder about the righteousness of the country.

Braydon’s thin lips moved slightly, and he said softly, “If you submit to Northern Army, the Flitwick family will have a bloodline in the future!” A blatant threat!

Braydon did not stick to small details.

This sentence represented a shocking killing intent.

If Wylder submitted to the Northern Army, he would be a member of the Northern Army.

As long as he was a son of the Northern Army, even if he was from a powerful family, and even if his parents and siblings behind him made a big mistake, with the personality of the military commander, he would use all his connections to protect him!

The higher-ups of the Northern Army were naturally protective of their own.

On the contrary, if Wylder didn’t submit today, all the martial artists of the Flitwick family, regardless of whether they were direct or branch family members, would die in the future.

Killing them all would leave them with no future bloodline!

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