The Strongest War God Chapter 772

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 772-The Sixth Forbidden Technique

With Braydon Neal’s intelligence, he knew that the news of the appearance of the pinnacle tomb and the reappearance of the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha could not be hidden from the outside world.

He and Maddox Johnstone had to hurry up!

In order to avoid more trouble, it was better to find the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha as soon as possible.

After obtaining the forbidden technique, even if outsiders came, they wouldn’t be afraid.

Braydon’s left hand landed on the bronze door, and he exerted force.


The door of the bronze tomb slowly opened.

Behind the five-meter-tall bronze door was a spacious tunnel.

It was a straight tunnel that was ten meters wide and five meters high.

This was no longer a tunnel!

It was like a spacious street in a city.

After the door of the bronze tomb was pushed open.

The passage behind them was as bright as day.

Maddox watched with wide eyes, and he was completely stunned.

Braydon was slightly absent-minded. He was also shocked by the scene in front of him.

What was inside the tomb?

It was a seemingly bustling scene!

On the spacious street, there were all kinds of stalls on both sides. The small stall owners of the ancient market were wearing coarse clothes and patches, and their mouths were open as if they were shouting.

These people were all made of clay and could live for thousands of years!

There were children playing and catching butterflies, officials and nobles in gorgeous clothes, and even beautiful women.

The underground tomb path was filled with all kinds of life!

“The tomb owner has copied all the glory of his life into the tomb!” Maddox exclaimed in shock.

Braydon walked in the tomb with his hands behind his back, brushing past these terracotta warriors from hundreds of years ago.

The clothes of the terracotta figures were most probably from the Morphius


It had been at least 500 years since then!

Braydon would be meeting a person from 500 years ago.

At the end of the 1,300-meter-long tomb, there was a statue of a horse with a sword.

The statue was three meters tall, wearing armor and holding a spear. Its face was like a red date, and its hair was lifelike. It stood at the end of the tomb, holding a spear with both arms. The tips of the spears were touching.

The tips of the spears were aimed at the uninvited guest, Braydon!

Braydon chose to stop when he was one meter away from the spear.

“Commander, is this the tomb owner?” Maddox asked softly.

“The tomb owner is in the coffin. This is probably his trusted general when he was alive.”

Braydon stopped in front of the spearhead. He didn’t care about anything else. His gaze fell on the stone spear in the statue’s hand.

He gently raised his left hand and touched the tip of the spear with his index finger.


The stone spear in the statue’s hand cracked and then shattered, revealing the thing wrapped inside.

It was a silver spear!

The stone layer was wrapped around the silver spear and had sealed this weapon.

In the end, Braydon saw right through it.

Braydon grabbed the silver spear and gently pulled it out. With a slight wave, the tip of the spear instantly pierced through the stone statue’s chest.

With a light cracking sound, it was as if a mechanism in the tomb had been activated.

Behind the statue, the floor tiles cracked open, and a coffin slowly rose up.

The coffin was not made of gorgeous wood. Instead, it was made of white marble.

Braydon ignored the coffin and looked at the silver spear in his hand. He saw two small characters on the spear shaft.

Soul Shaker!

The name of the silver spear was Soul Shaker.

It was a true pinnacle weapon, but unfortunately, it had been sealed for 500 years, and the tip of the spear was a little blunt.

Braydon said softly, “Fourth Brother has the Ice Spear, and Syrus has the Black Dragon Spear. This Soul-Shaking Spear will be sent to the northern territory for future generations to use.”

“Yes, sir!”

Maddox took the silver spear and lowered his arms. His expression changed slightly.

This silver spear was at least 300 pounds!

Even kings would struggle to use such weapons.

Only pinnacles were worthy of it.

Maddox carried the silver spear and walked behind the statue. He looked at the coffin and saw that there were small characters written on it in small seal script.

The coffin was the carrier that recorded the life of the coffin’s owner.

It also recorded a forbidden technique!

The Heaven-Splitting Forbidden Technique was engraved on the side of the coffin.

What was recorded on the coffin was not one of the ten forbidden techniques, Ksitigarbha.

Instead, it was the Heaven-Splitting Forbidden Technique, which was also a forbidden technique!

This discovery surprised Braydon!

What was the background of this small village on the surface?

The stone tablet recorded the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha.

The underground coffin recorded the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting.

Two forbidden techniques had reappeared in the human world.

Even in the ancient martial arts era, it was a rare event.

Yet, all of this was happening right before Braydon’s eyes!

In the coffin underground.

On the front of the coffin was the life story of the owner of the coffin.

Braydon stood in front of the coffin with his hands behind his back. Looking at the tiny words on the coffin, he knew that the statue standing outside was the owner of the coffin!

The owner of the coffin was called Javonte Zapien, also known as Shiloh. He was a famous general of the Morphius Dynasty, commanding over a hundred thousand soldiers and was the most valiant general under Tenzin Morphius. This was a super pinnacle expert who was loyal to the Morphius Dynasty.

When Javonte was young, he cultivated the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting, and showed off his abilities. Later on, he became a general under Emperor Tenzin of the Morphius Dynasty and achieved outstanding military achievements!

“Commander!” Maddox exclaimed in surprise, “There’s another forbidden technique, and it’s the Heaven-Splitting Forbidden Technique!”

“Make a copy of it and send it to the northern territory.”

With a wave of his hand, Braydon decided the use of this forbidden technique!

The forbidden technique could split the heavens, and everyone in the Northern Army could cultivate it.

Maddox couldn’t help but bow with cupped fists. “Commander, if we do this, there is a risk of the forbidden technique being leaked. If even ordinary soldiers can cultivate it, and with more than a million men in the Northern Army… If such a precious forbidden technique were leaked…”

“Outsiders who touch the Northern Army’s things will be killed!” Braydon put his hands behind his back and smiled.

Maddox’s body trembled slightly. He immediately understood what Commander Braydon meant.

The forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting, could be cultivated by everyone in the Northern Army.

Everyone could cultivate it.

If outsiders dared to cultivate it, they would definitely be killed by the Northern Army Sword.

The Northern Army was just so overbearing!

Braydon gently stroked the coffin with his fingers and said softly, “The forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting, is the strongest of the ten forbidden techniques. If a martial artist cultivates it, they can use their force to turn into a beam that can destroy everything!”

This was the only terrifying aspect of the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting.

This was the only characteristic!

After cultivating the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting, a martial artist’s offensive strength would be considered invincible among those of the same level.

No martial artist in the world could withstand a heaven-splitting attack with their physique.

This was the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting.

Braydon was crazy and wanted to spread this forbidden technique to all the members of the Northern Army.

This meant that the overall strength of the Northern Army would rise to another level.

No martial artist could resist the temptation of a forbidden technique.

Maddox stood behind him and secretly clicked his tongue. In the entire world, only his commander had the courage to teach one of the ten forbidden techniques, Heaven-Splitting, to others.

Sadie Dudley didn’t care about the ten forbidden techniques at all.

Similarly, as the young master of Kylo, Braydon didn’t think much of it.

The nine techniques that Braydon had created were no weaker than the ten forbidden techniques.

The ninth technique of the eight combined into one had even surpassed the ten great forbidden techniques!

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