The Strongest War God Chapter 771

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 771-Pinnacle Tomb Completely Unveiled!

Yarrow Lake and the others, the eight old men of the cabinet, were stationed in the capital. Their status was not inferior to Zavier Leach and the others, and they were highly respected.

Keegan Webster then informed the capital.

In the small village, the hidden agents of the Northern Army had never left Braydon Neal’s side.

A piece of top-secret information was sent directly to the main camp of the northern desert, and it was read by Second Master Luther Carden.

However, Keegan had underestimated the speed at which the news was leaked!

In just ten minutes.

The frequency of electronic messages being transmitted from the small village to the outside was thirteen times as high!

Other than Keegan and the Northern Army hidden agents, there were others!

There was no way to hide the news of the emergence of the pinnacle tomb in Qali.

Outsiders already knew!

To the great figures of the world, the appearance of the pinnacle tomb was a major event.

Moreover, there was a high possibility that the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha was hidden in the pinnacle tomb!

It was this forbidden technique that alarmed many pinnacle martial artists.

Braydon walked down the steps and glanced at the underground secret room. It was empty and filled with a dense, damp aura. The walls were covered in green moss.

“Commander,” Maddox said softly, “there’s nothing special in the secret chamber. There’s only a bronze door with a seven-layered runic formation array on it.”

“It’s not seven layers, it’s fifteen layers!”

Braydon approached the bronze door with his hands behind his back.

Maddox’s pupils constricted. He obviously didn’t expect it to be a fifteen-layere runic formation array.

“A seven-layer runic formation array is already the standard of a pinnacle tomb,” he said in a low voice. “If it’s a fifteen-layer runic formation array, then the person buried here is definitely not an unknown person!”

“According to the ancient martial art standards, with a seven-layer runic formation array placed in front of the tomb door, it indicates that this is a pinnacle tomb!”

Braydon was familiar with ancient martial artists.

Maddox said seriously, “When I was in the Northern Army, I read an ancient book about the burial process of the ancient pinnacle. If there are seven layers of runic formation in front of the tomb, it is a pinnacle tomb. Nine layers or thirteen layers indicate a high-level pinnacle tomb!”

Maddox didn’t dare to say anything else.

There was a total of fifteen layers at the entrance of this ancient tomb!

Generally speaking, no one in the world could solve a fifteen-layer runic formation array.

There were fifteen types of runes that complemented each other intertwined together. A slight change could affect the entire array, and there were thousands of changes at any moment.

A slight deviation would activate the entire runic formation array.

Not long ago, Braydon had encountered a runic formation array on the snowy cliff that was even more terrifying than this. It had almost caused Braydon to lose his life there.

There was definitely a Qilin Lord buried behind the ancient bronze door at the bottom of the snowy cliff!

As for which Qilin Lord it was.

Braydon did not know either.

Now, in Qali, another large tomb had been unearthed.

There were fifteen layers of runic formation on the tomb door.

“Commander,” Maddox probed, “could the owner of this tomb have surpassed the pinnacle realm when he was alive?”

“Beyond the pinnacle realm, the tomb would be as big as an emperor’s tomb. The ancient emperor would personally supervise the construction of the tomb for that person. There would be nineteen layers in front of the tomb door!” Braydon revealed a secret that no one knew.

Even ancient emperors had to respect martial artists who surpassed the pinnacle realm as their masters.

The standard of the tomb after death was not inferior to that of the human emperor!

After the death of such a person, the lowest standard of the runic formation array at the tomb gate was nineteen layers.

Maddox was deep in thought and stopped talking.

Braydon raised his left hand and was about to undo the fifteen-layer runic formation array on the bronze door.

Maddox only had an understanding of a maximum of seven layers, and so he had thought that it was a seven-layer runic formation array!

Braydon stood in front of the five-meter-tall bronze door. Traces that seemed to have no pattern formed a huge rune.

The path of talismans originated from the Dao system.

Among the eight techniques created by Braydon, the talisman technique represented the path of talismans.

He had long cultivated this path to great success.

Braydon’s left hand brushed past the bronze door. His fingers were only ten centimeters away from the bronze door before they stopped in mid-air.

Then, a red light appeared on his left index finger.

This was the power of vitality!

The vitality was as concentrated as cinnabar, leaving a long, slanted mark in the air.

Then, the second mark fell.

Maddox couldn’t help but be stunned. Even a layman like him could tell that his commander wasn’t cracking the runic formation array.

On the contrary, he was drawing talismans!

Braydon was copying the runic formation array on the bronze door.

Maddox didn’t dare to disturb him and just watched quietly from the side.

Braydon used his left index finger to perfectly copy the runic formation array in front of the bronze door.

What happened next was out of Maddox’s expectations.

Braydon’s left palm struck the bronze door.


The entire bronze door shook as it was struck by a huge force, sending a large amount of dust into the air.

At the same time, the fifteen-layer runic formation array on the bronze door seemed to have been activated!

In an instant, the bronze door lit up with a dazzling white light.

A white light lit up, and a sharp intent appeared.

This was a soaring spear intent!

The spear intent was released from the runic formation array inside the bronze door, and the invisible spear Qi exploded.


An invisible spear emerged from the bronze door.

This was the power of a talisman!

It was also the charm of talismans.

The shapeless spear was 18 feet long and was filled with offensive power.

In an instant, hundreds of invisible spears exploded on the spot!

Maddox’s expression changed drastically. He understood why the entrance to the tomb was built with such a large secret chamber.

The tomb owner had clearly lured a large number of outsiders in and then used the power of the runic formation array to slaughter them all in the underground secret chamber!

One could imagine that the tomb owner, who could be equipped with a fifteen-layer runic formation array after death, was definitely an expert of the era he was in.

This was an iron-blooded person!

“Retreat, Commander!” Maddox roared angrily. “I’ll cover the rear!”

“Don’t worry! ”

Braydon smiled faintly and stood to the side with his hands behind his back. He had no intention of blocking these invisible spears.

Immediately after, the runic formation array that Braydon had copied with his vitality also emitted a dazzling red light.

The blood-red spears were all formed from blood and Qi. They flew out of the runic formation array and attacked the bronze tomb door.

Waves of powerful spear intent exploded in the underground secret chamber.

Keegan and the others above ground could feel the terrifying killing intent underground.

If it was a low-level pinnacle, they would probably be killed and retreat with serious injuries if they were deep inside.

If he didn’t retreat, he would lose his life.

However, Braydon took the unconventional path and countered the runes. He copied the runic formation array on the ancient bronze door and weakened the power within.

It seemed simple, but if one wasn’t a master of the path of talismans, how could one copy a fifteen-layer runic formation array so easily?

The consumption of energy between the two runic formation arrays did not require any effort at all.

Maddox was stunned.

While waiting for the dust to settle.

The red runic formation array in the air dissipated. The 72 rune marks on the runic formation array on the bronze door had nearly been obliterated.

The fifteen-layer runic formation array was broken by Braydon with brute force.

Braydon gently pushed open the ancient bronze door and said softly, “With my attainments in the path of talismans, it would take me three hours to break down the fifteen-layer runic formation array.. Using talismans, it would only take me three minutes!”

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