The Strongest War God Chapter 770

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 770-News Leaked, Murderous Intent Everywhere

The entrance was square and could only accommodate one person.

Waves of cold aura emerged from below.

“Maddox!” Braydon Neal’s thin lips moved.

Maddox Johnstone immediately understood what he meant. He placed his left hand on the hilt of the cold sword at his waist and jumped down.

The ninth-level king Maddox personally went down to scout the path!

Braydon couldn’t trust the people of the civil officials!

Keegan’s arrival represented the submission of the civil officials.

However, in Braydon’s heart, he trusted his comrades from the Ministry of War more.

Maddox entered the eerie cave and followed the winding stairs down.

When he entered, the white phosphorous oil lamps in the underground space started burning as the air rushed in, illuminating the space.

It was an underground secret chamber made of green bricks. It was a hundred meters long and ten meters wide.

This secret room alone was over a thousand square meters.

It made the entire space seem extremely empty.

There were junk, spider webs, and thick dust all around.

Maddox’s entire body was filled with killing intent, and the cold sword at his waist was already half unsheathed. He was obviously very vigilant in unfamiliar places.

People who had been on the battlefield did not trust unfamiliar environments at all!

He ignored Keegan’s call from above as he ventured down the underground area.

Maddox had more combat experience than anyone else. He knew that if there was really danger in the dark, he would undoubtedly expose his position if he returned to Keegan.

Moreover, Maddox would not allow Braydon to come down before the danger had been completely eliminated.

The commander of the army could not risk his life.

This was the rule of the Northern Army!

In just seven minutes, Maddox had checked the entire underground secret chamber. Finally, he stood in front of a bronze door that was five meters tall. It was covered with mysterious runes.

Another runic formation array!

Maddox didn’t touch it. He returned to the ground in a flash like a black shadow.

This speed clearly surpassed normal kings.

Normal kings had a basic movement speed of 50 meters per second.

As for Maddox, his movement speed per second was close to 60 meters per second.

This kind of movement speed was inhuman to ordinary people.

“Commander, there’s a tomb below. Judging from its size, it’s a mausoleum. Even if it’s not a king’s tomb, in ancient times, it would at least be a noble’s tomb that occupied thousands of miles of land!”

Maddox was not exaggerating.

Just the secret underground chamber that led to the entrance of the tomb alone was over a thousand square meters.

Such a luxurious tomb could not be built overnight in ancient times where labor availability was low.

In ancient times, there were strict requirements if tombs were to be built.

If an ordinary person dared to build a burial place like this, it would be considered as overstepping the boundaries, and they would be beheaded.

“The bronze door that leads to the tomb is covered with runes. It should be a seven-layered runic formation array. There’s nothing else there!” Maddox said.

With just one sentence, Keegan could not help but be shocked. He cried out involuntarily, “Sevenfold runic formation array? A pinnacle tomb?”

Only in the great tombs of pinnacles would the doors be made of bronze with seven layers of a runic formation array.

This was the symbol of the death of an ancient martial arts practitioner!

Generally speaking, only a martial artist at the pinnacle realm of martial arts could get a talisman master to form a seven-layer runic formation array for the tomb’s door to protect it and ensure peace after death.

The seven-layer runic formation array was extremely difficult to understand.

If one made a mistake, he would be killed by the power of the runes.

Martial artists below the pinnacle realm could not withstand it at all.

As for true pinnacle martial artists, they would never lower their status and raid the tombs of martial artists of the same generation.

Doing so would only damage their reputation.

The ancients had always despised grave robbers.

However, in the modern era, martial arts had declined. Even though the ancients were no longer alive, they shouldn’t have brought Ksitigarbha, one of the ten forbidden techniques, into the tomb.

“Sadie, wait for me on the ground. Don’t go anywhere. Wait for me to come back up!” Braydon said gently.


Sadie Dudley liked to be quiet and did not ask for anything.

So what if it was one of the ten great forbidden techniques? Sadie had never cared about something like that.

Her cherry lips parted slightly as she looked at the stone tablet and said softly, “With your talent and the incomplete half of the stone tablet, you can deduce the complete forbidden technique Ksitigarbha in less than seven days.”

“If I reverse deduce the forbidden technique, I won’t be able to obtain the complete technique if there’s a slight deviation!”

Braydon knew how difficult it was to reverse engineer a complete forbidden technique.

Moreover, seven days was too long!

Braydon had a lot of things to do, and he would not let Sadie wait for him here for seven days.

In addition, there was a high possibility that the underground tomb had a complete forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha.

Rather than reverse engineering the forbidden technique, it was better to take it by force!

Braydon stepped down the stairs leading to the underground tomb.

Maddox followed closely behind.

Keegan turned around and ordered, “Everyone, be on alert and clear the surrounding area. Not a single bird is allowed to approach a ten-mile radius of this place!”

“Yes, sir!”

The 10,000 elite soldiers of the first regiment of Qali border garrison completely bowed and accepted the order. All unrelated personnel were cleared out.

Keegan had to issue such an order to ensure Braydon’s safety.

Otherwise, if the son of Hansworth was buried deep underground and fell in Qali, Keegan would surely die with him.

A thousand Keegans would not be able to match half of the Northern King!

Moreover, the tomb of the pinnacle had been uncovered, and the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha was about to reappear in the human world.

This was the forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha!

Once the news was leaked, it would definitely attract the attention of the pinnacle experts outside the borders.

Perhaps the pinnacle tomb was nothing significant.

It was only attractive to kings below the pinnacle realm.

However, the forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha, had a fatal attraction to all martial artists in the world.

Even a pinnacle high-level expert would be tempted by the ten great forbidden techniques!

For thousands of years, the martial arts civilization had gone through a period of glory and prosperity. The hundred schools of thought had contended and created a prosperous Hansworth.

However, they had also experienced a period of weakness!

The ten forbidden techniques that had been accumulated over a long period of time were extremely terrifying.

Mastering the ten great forbidden techniques meant that one had the capital to surpass the pinnacle realm.

Even the high-level pinnacles wanted it!

A hint of worry appeared in the depths of Keegan’s eyes.

What he was most worried about wasn’t Braydon having an accident in the tomb.

He had personally witnessed the Northern King’s demeanor and knew how terrifying Braydon was.

The youth in white was invincible!

What Keegan was most worried about was that news of the pinnacle tomb would leak out. When that time came, the pinnacle experts from outside the borders would cross the border to attack.

Once this place became a mess, Keegan could not help at all. If something happened to Braydon, with the capital’s Martial Emperor Yanagi’s heroic methods, he would definitely punish Keegan severely and kill him as a warning to the others to intimidate the civil officials.

Keegan thought about it and finally contacted the capital!

The person he contacted was not Dominic Lowe!

Although Dominic was the head of the civil officials, he was no longer the Right Duke. He had been promoted to the cabinet and was now the leader of the eight old men.

Keegan contacted one of the eight men, Yarrow Lake, who was over a hundred years old!

He was one of the eight old men in the cabinet, a pinnacle martial artist!

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