The Strongest War God Chapter 769

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 769-The Hundred Year Stone Tablet Contained a Great Secret!

The civil officials and generals of the two sections in the capital were all officials under the Garrison King.

Under such monstrous authority, those who disobeyed would not be able to escape death!

Keegan Webster’s arrival today was undoubtedly a compromise on behalf of the civil officials. From now on, they would definitely respect the Northern King.

Braydon Neal gently brushed the stone tablet and asked softly, “Commissioner Webster, you have been in charge of Qali for twenty years. Are you familiar with this small village?”

“I… I’ve never been here before!”

Keegan looked a little embarrassed.

He was in charge of 800 miles of Qali and shouldered the responsibility of ensuring the survival of tens of millions of people. He truly had never cared about a small village.

“If you had discovered it earlier,” Maddox Johnstone said calmly, ‘You wouldn’t have stayed in Qali for twenty years!”

Keegan was stunned!

What did he mean?

A hundred years ago, the capital had secretly ordered the commissioners of the 23 provinces to secretly search for lost ancient martial arts.

This was to revitalize martial arts!

Searching for an ancient martial art was an achievement, a contribution to Hansworth!

Let’s not talk about ordinary martial arts techniques for now!

Just the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha alone was one of the top ten forbidden techniques.

It had been lost for nearly 700 years!

Seven hundred years ago, the world had never stopped searching for the successor of the forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha.

However, the effect was minimal.

No one would have thought that the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha was in this small village.

Keegan had been in charge of Qali for twenty years. If he had discovered the secret here earlier, with this contribution, it would be enough for him to be promoted to the capital!

Keegan cupped his hands and asked tentatively, “Please tell me!”

“This stone tablet records a lost secret technique. Its name is Ksitigarbha. You should be familiar with it, right?”

Even though Maddox was one-armed, no one dared to underestimate this ruthless man.

Those who could be by the Northern King’s side were not ordinary people!

“The Ksitigarbha, one of the top ten forbidden techniques since ancient times?” Keegan was horrified.

The ten forbidden techniques were things that the capital had secretly ordered the commissioners of the 23 provinces to search for.

A few years ago, Keegan had even exhausted his manpower to search for it.

After that, there were no more clues, so he had not done much over the years.

However, he did not expect that there would really be a forbidden technique in Qali.

“It’s a pity that it’s lost,” Maddox said indifferently. “Otherwise, if the commander had obtained it, he would have definitely recreated the grace of the forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha!”

Keegan’s eyes dimmed when he heard this.

If the complete forbidden technique was found in Qali, Keegan would be credited for it.

However, if it was an incomplete technique, it would be useless!

Just as everyone was disappointed.

Braydon smiled lightly and clasped his hands behind his back. “The forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha, recorded on the stone tablet on the ground has been lost. But who knows, there might be one underground!”


Keegan was shocked.

Braydon crossed his hands behind his back and stepped into the sky. He rose into the air and scanned the buildings in the small village with his sharp eyes.

All the scenery was captured in his eyes!

As Braydon had expected, the entire village was arranged according to the Taichi Eight Trigrams.

It should be the work of the ancients!

Braydon calmly said, “The Eight Trigrams is a common Mystic Gate technique. The stone tablet is the foundation. What is it suppressing?”

“Commander, are you saying that something is buried below?” Maddox couldn’t help but be shocked.

Braydon nodded lightly. Keegan should know what to do next.

If there was something buried underground and the complete forbidden technique Ksitigarbha was there, there was a chance for Keegan to be promoted to the capital!

“Men, move the stone tablet and clear the path for His Highness the Northern King!” Keegan said decisively.

This old fox was using Braydon’s name to do things.

If anything were to happen, Braydon would be the one to bear the responsibility.

Braydon stood at the side with his hands behind his back. He didn’t care about these considerations at all.

The first regiment of the Qali border garrison had a total of 10,000 elites. It was not difficult to move this stone tablet.

The real problem was the people in this small village.

The grandpa was furious and said angrily, “What are you doing? The ancestral tablet passed down by our ancestors can’t be dug up!”

“Brother, how about this? We can give you appropriate compensation and allocate 5 million dollars for the construction of the village!” Keegan was like a businessman. He was talking about compensation.

He was an old expert in this kind of problem.

The grandpa had never seen so much money before. He was shocked and said, “5 million?”

In this village, the person in charge was not the old man.

It was the village chief!

A short and fat middle-aged man with a rather greasy face and a beer belly strode over.

It attracted everyone’s attention!

Keegan frowned slightly. There was a dignified aura between his brows. He asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m the village chief, Shimon Zell. Are you in the demolition business?” Village Chief Shimon didn’t seem to understand the situation. “Do you think we’re in the demolition business?” Maddox asked coldly.


Shimon responded.


Maddox’s eyes turned cold. If Shimon was a martial artist, he would have been killed by him.

Keegan saw that there was a problem and wanted to solve them as soon as possible. He said, “Link, talk to him.”

The man in a suit with black-rimmed glasses next to him was Keegan’s secretary general.

At this moment, Shimon rubbed his eyes. He vaguely felt that these people in front of him were somewhat familiar!

To Keegan, the old men did not use the internet, so it was understandable that they couldn’t recognize such a big shot.

However, if Village Chief Shimon didn’t find him familiar, then that would be weird!

At this moment, Shimon started panicking!

He felt that Keegan was becoming more and more like the big shot that was often interviewed on the news portal in Qali.

The black-rimmed glasses man took out his work pass and handed it to Shimon. He said calmly, “Village Chief Zell, this is my work permit. Let’s talk!”

“He is…”

Shimon took the work permit without looking at it. He was wondering who Keegan was.

The man adjusted his glasses and smiled faintly. “He is Commissioner Keegan Webster of Qali.”


Shimon’s face was pale. He looked down at the work permit and almost fainted.

He finally confirmed Keegan’s identity!

Shimon was sweating profusely as he went up and said, “Commissioner

Webster, I didn’t recognize you at first glance.”

“As for the compensation for the village, I will get someone to settle it as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry.”

Keegan replied, then turned to Braydon and said respectfully, “Your Highness, we can start work now!”

Braydon held Sadie’s hand and stood quietly at the side, nodding slightly.

A large number of young men in military attire immediately stepped forward, preparing to move the stone tablet away.

Shimon’s eyes were filled with bewilderment. He could not help but glance at the white-robed youth. He could sense that this was an existence that Commissioner Keegan revered.

He did not dare to go up and speak nonsense.

No one cared about Shimon’s existence.

Braydon and Keegan’s attention was on the stone tablet.

As the huge stone tablet was dug out, the ground was seven meters deep when it was moved away. The original appearance of the underground area was finally revealed.

It was a stone staircase entrance!

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