The Strongest War God Chapter 767

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 767-Forbidden Technique Ksitigarbha Buried Here!

The village was a little backward, but for Braydon Neal, who had seen the prosperity of the world, this was what a village should be like. It lacked the prosperity of the city but had more vitality.

The bustling city was surrounded by tall walls.

The green countryside was full of vitality.

Braydon walked on the main dirt road and looked at the houses around him. He smiled faintly and said, “Interesting!”

“Hey, what did you find?”

The coarse old man was not stupid. He was quite curious when he saw that Braydon seemed to have noticed the difference in the village.

The buildings in the entire village were arranged in an orderly manner.

Despite the passage of time, the overall layout of the village had not changed.

If one were to look at the entire village from above, it would look like an enlarged Taichi Eight Trigrams Diagram.

That was why Braydon said it was interesting!

As the youngest evil-supressing master in Hansworth, Braydon was a master of fengshui, mystic gates, and talismans.

Naturally, he could tell that this village was different.

Maddox walked around the small village and stood in front of a huge, weathered stone tablet.

The stone tablet was ten meters tall and stood on the main street. The words carved deeply on it were already blurry.

However, it could be vaguely distinguished that they were all using ancient characters.

Maddox’s sharp eyes were able to discern them, and he said, “Commander, there are stone inscriptions here. They seem to be from the First Nation!”

Braydon held Sadie Dudley’s hand and walked over. He glanced at the stone tablet that was ten meters tall and shook his head gently. “It’s not from the First Nation. The First Nation was more than 2,000 years ago. If it were from that era, it would have been weathered by the wind and rain.”

Braydon was talking about the stone tablet!

“If this village had existed since the First Nation, there would definitely be more than a thousand households here.” Maddox nodded in agreement. Even if the population flow was taken into account, and with the young people in the village moving away, after more than 2,000 years, this place would have long become a town.

Unfortunately, this village did not have such a long history.

Perhaps this land had thousands of years of history.

However, the history of the village was only a few hundred years old.

The coarse old man was surprised. “You don’t seem that old, yet you know a lot!”

“I usually like to read. I have read many books such as the scrolls of the First Nation and the books from the Morphius Dynasty about Emperor Lancelot.”

Braydon said lightly.

The grandpa’s eyes were filled with admiration. “You are indeed Imowledgeable. Not many young people in the village know about the legend of this stone tablet. Only the old guys in the village like us still remember a little. If you want to hear about it, I’ll tell you.”

Braydon and Sadie seemed to be leisurely strolling around the village, having plenty of time to spare.

The old man smoked his cigarette and reminisced, “Regarding the legend of the stone tablet, I have also heard the old people from the previous generation talk about it. These things in the village are passed down from generation to generation. They have all suffered from being passed on to uncultured people. Like us oldies, none of us are able to read!

“The young people in the village have all gone out to work, regardless of how good they are. The young people are arrogant and look down on our backvvard small village. Some of them have worked outside for seven or eight years and no longer see themselves as part of this village. They will most probably never return.”

What the old man said was not an isolated case.

It was common in the countryside.

What Maddox wanted to hear wasn’t about that, but about the stone tablet! Even though the seal script on the stone tablet was blurry, he could still vaguely make out a few words.

This was an ancient martial arts technique!

Ancient martial arts cultivation method!

Maddox was once the regimental commander of the Northern Army.

In the entire Northern Army, almost all of the hundred regimental commanders were from the Northern Military School. They had received a comprehensive education when they were young, so there was no one who was illiterate.

That was why Maddox had called out to Braydon after seeing the words on the stone tablet.

Combined with Qali’s long history, he mistakenly thought that the stone tablet came from the First Nation era.

Now, the old man was a little tired. He sat on the ground and said in a low voice, “There are martial artists among the elders in my village. You young kids probably don’t even know what a martial artist is!”

After saying that.

The corners of Maddox’s mouth twitched, but he remained silent.

Of the three people who had come today, Maddox was the weakest.

But he, Maddox, was a ninth-level king!

Sadie was the master of Kylo!

They were all top martial artists!

“Do you still have the ancient martial arts cultivation method on the stone tablet?” Maddox suddenly asked.

The old man shook his head. “No, the previous generation knew a little about it, but it was lost in the following generation. It’s too tiring to practice martial arts. In today’s society, practicing martial arts is against the law. No one would practice it!” “What a pity!”

Maddox said calmly.

Sadie walked in front of the stone tablet. Her fingers gently slid across the stone tablet, and her cherry lips opened slightly. “What a pity!”

“What did you see, Sadie?”

Braydon knew that the girl beside him was much more knowledgeable than him.

In front of Sadie, Braydon was considered far behind in terms of the knowledge he had gained.

In the entire world, no one had more complete ancient martial arts secret techniques than Kylo!

Kylo could support an era on its own!

But Sadie was the master of Kylo.

Sadie took a glance at the stone tablet before her gaze fell on Braydon.

There was a vast galaxy in her eyes. Now that she looked at the human world, she only had Braydon in her eyes.

She said softly, “Forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha!”

“One of the ten forbidden techniques, Ksitigarbha?”

Maddox’s entire body shook violently, and his eyes revealed a look of shock.

The ten great forbidden techniques existed since ancient times.

The Northern Army occupied a small half!

Braydon had mastered the Heavenly Execution.

Frediano Jadanza had mastered the sixth level of the First Emperor’s seal.

Harvey Lay had the Reversal Chaos Azure Scripture.

The Nine Yin Technique had been mastered by Luke Yates.

Half of the ten forbidden techniques were in the hands of the Northern Army.

Moreover, Braydon’s king-conferring technique was not weaker than the ten forbidden techniques passed down by the ancients.

Now, one of the ten forbidden techniques, Ksitigarbha, had appeared!

If this forbidden technique was lost, then the loss would be huge!

The ten great forbidden techniques were powerful and could create ten terrifying powerhouses. They were not weaker than Martial Emperor Yanagi or Donovan Dudley.

The potential of Martial Emperor Yanagi and Donovan was far from exhausted.

There was still a lot of room for improvement in the future!

In this era, if a pinnacle martial artist wanted to cultivate, the limitation was not their own talent.

On the contrary, what was limited was the cultivation resources!

The growth of a pinnacle martial artist’s vitality was closely related to spirit herbs.

Spirit herb was a necessity for pinnacle martial artists!

At this moment, Braydon said softly, “The successors of the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha are arch enemies of the Qilin Lord.”

His voice was very soft.

Maddox’s eyes flashed with determination as he said, “I’ll destroy this stone tablet and completely cut off the inheritance of the forbidden technique, Ksitigarbha!”

“I hope that this forbidden technique can be passed down!” Braydon secretly held the power of the world, not just the Qilin Lord.

Braydon was a strong force that shouldered the fate of the country.

He was the Garrison King!

With the fate of the country, if the inheritor of the forbidden technique Ksitigarbha reappeared in the human world in the future, he would definitely be a super pinnacle.

After all, he was a descendant of Hansworth..

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