The Strongest War God Chapter 766

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 766-The Mysterious Village

“Yes, sir!”

Maddox Johnstone also noticed that the tail behind them were not the hidden agents of the northern territory.

The Northern Army’s tracking skills were not that bad.

In a flash, Maddox disappeared from where he was.

Nine hundred meters behind Braydon Neal, under a tree, there were two middle-aged men in tunic suits. They looked nervous as they followed Braydon. They did not dare to let their guard down.

But behind them, a breeze blew past. “Have you seen enough?” Maddox asked calmly.

“Who is it?”

The middle-aged martial artist’s face was pale, and cold sweat covered his entire body.

They were all martial artists. If someone sneaked up behind them without them knowing, it meant that there was a huge difference in strength.

Maddox looked at the two of them and said, “You’re just beginner warlords, yet you dare to tail the commander? Should I commend you for your courage or say that you are ignorant?”

“You are the one-armed Maddox Johnstone!”

The middle-aged martial artist looked at Maddox’s empty right sleeve and immediately thought of a terrifying figure in Lark.

The owner of the Lark Hotel was Maddox!

He was the overlord of Lark, and few forces dared to provoke him.

Outsiders were not only afraid of the black Northern Army flag raised above the hotel, but they were also afraid of the rumors that were saying that

Maddox was a Icing

No one dared to provoke him.

“Tell me which faction you belong to,” Maddox said softly. “I’ll give you a quick death!”

“Lord Maddox, the two of us are just passing by…

Before he could finish his sentence.


Maddox pulled out the black blade from his waist with his left hand.

The sword was unsheathed like a black ribbon.

The sword Qi was overbearing. It was obvious that he had inherited Braydon Neal’s legacy.

The blade came out and arms fell.

With just one slash, he cut off the left arms of the two men.

Bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down their foreheads as they groaned in pain, “Lord Maddox, the two of us are really just passing by…”


The second slash landed, piercing the right shoulder of the person who spoke.

The black sword nailed him into a thick tree.

Maddox was iron-blooded and cold. He was a veteran commander of the Northern Army.

All the old men who followed King Braydon were iron-blooded people!

He showed no mercy to his enemies.

Only then did it look like it had been tempered by the flames of war.

“My patience is limited!” Maddox said calmly.

His words were like the sound of death.

The two beginner warlords looked at each other and saw the determination in each other’s eyes.

Today, they would be killed by Maddox!

It didn’t matter whether they said anything or not!

All martial artists had tenacious personalities.

Cultivating martial arts was an extremely difficult thing in itself.

Without a tenacious heart, it would be difficult to achieve anything!

When Maddox saw this, he grabbed the hilt of his cold sword and slashed it across their necks. He sheathed it and let their bodies fall to the ground. He said indifferently, “Clean this up!” “Yes, sir!”

Six voices came from the surroundings.

It was the Northern Army’s hidden agents!

The hidden agents followed in dark, quiet and undetectable!

In the end, Luther Carden was still worried about his big brother Braydon, so he chose to have the hidden agents follow him day and night. Once something happened, the northern territory’s main camp would know in an instant.

Maddox caught up to Braydon, who was walking ahead. He didn’t say a word about what had just happened and said softly, “Commander, at our speed, it will take us three months to reach Mount Woolas.”

“I’ll be taking it easy with Sadie today. Tomorrow, get a private plane from Qali so that we can head toward Mount Woolas!” This was Braydon’s wish.

Maddox stood behind him and bowed. “Yes, sir!”

The northern territory was adjacent to four provinces. Braydon and the other two had left Lark and were already in the Qali province.

Qali was 800 miles long, and the people were simple and honest. They had a deep history.

A thousand years ago, the First Emperor had once set his capital in Qali.

Braydon stepped in this area as if he was touring the mountains. He did not care about the chaos in the outside world.

Maddox knew that even though the commander in front of him seemed to be accompanied by a beautiful woman and here to have fun, Braydon held the world in his hands!

Just last night, Braydon had issued a killing order, allowing the elites of the Northern Army in the capital to massacre the 24 divisions.

In the early morning, all the powerful families and aristocratic families were furious and reported to the capital, wanting to punish the sons of Northern Army.

However, Dominic Lowe, the head of the eight cabinet ministers, took the opportunity to announce a piece of shocking news.

It was about the titles conferred upon the sons of the Northern Army last night.

The various sons of the Northern Army were all conferred titles and were given control of the world.

In the capital palace, the two dukes were the leaders of the hundred officials.

More importantly, the southern and northern guardians were in charge of the south and north respectively.

The capital’s attitude was very clear.

They would support the sons of the Northern Army and suppress the four major entities.

Who would dare to declare himself king in public?

If they did, they would surely be pointed at by a cold sword.

However, all the major powers in the country thought that the king of the Northern Army had gone into seclusion.

Little did they know that Braydon was still firmly in control of the situation!

Braydon had always been part of the war between the Northern Army and the four major entities.

At this moment, the rippling of disturbance and chaos in the world could not bother Braydon.

Braydon arrived at a small village in Qali.

Fortunately, the capital had placed great importance on the environment in recent years.

Although this small village was not beautiful, the environment was pretty good.

The villagers’ daily job was to deal with the fields. It was early in the morning, and the weather was refreshing. The villagers had already carried their hoes and went to the fields.

Braydon arrived at the village. Most of them were old people and children. They were gathered at the entrance of the village and were chatting leisurely.

However, the arrival of outsiders like Braydon attracted the attention of the elders in the village.

For a small village, every family knew each other.

This was how a village was like. They were very sensitive to outsiders entering the village.

“Child, what are you doing here?”

An old man with a white scarf on his head and a cigarette in his mouth went to talk to Braydon.

Braydon smiled brightly and said, ‘Grandpa, I’m here for a vacation with my sister! ”

“Child, you’re so silly. Why are you here empty-handed?” The old man lectured. Maddox grabbed the hilt with his left hand and said angrily, “Impudent!”

In the entire world, only this old man dared to say that the king of the Northern Army was silly!

No wonder Maddox was so angry!

The sons of the Northern Army saw Braydon as their faith.

Yet here this old man was, saying that Braydon was silly.

Braydon raised his left hand, sizpaling for Maddox to step down.

Since they had come to the village, they had to do as the locals did. There was no need for all this fanfare.

The old man had lived for most of his life and had seen all kinds of storms, so he wasn’t scared by Maddox. He asked suspiciously, “Child, where are you guys from?”

“Lark!” Braydon replied softly.

The grandpa smoked and said, “It’s not that far. You must be tired after having walked so far. Come home with me and drink some water to quench your thirst.”

“Then, I’ll have to trouble you, sir!”

Braydon was rarely able to relax, so they entered the village together.

There were cave dwellings and brick houses in the village..

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