The Strongest War God Chapter 765

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 765-Jonah is the Big Boss!

No matter how stupid the young man was, he had heard of this name before.

At this moment, he was not the only one who was afraid.

The three hundred people kneeling on the Vermilion Bird Street were all terrified.

Perhaps many people were seeing Jonah Shaw for the first time tonight.

However, there was one thing that they were all very clear about.

The words ‘Jonah Shaw’ represented Hansworth’s War God!

The War God was the highest honor in the military.

After all, protecting the country was not that simple.

His glory, status, and power were all at the highest point.

The pinnacle martial artists of Hansworth had to be respectful when they met the War God.

The young man who spoke up was the illegitimate son of Laramie Gray from the Gray family.

But it did not matter!

Tonight, this hedonistic son of a rich family would still die on Vermilion Bird


In the next moment.

Jonah raised his left hand and made a killing gesture. He said coldly, “Kill!

Leave no one alive!”

There were more than 300 martial artists in the Mountain Division, and none of them were innocent people.

Tonight, no one could save them.

Cayson Stark turned around and said coldly, “Kill them all and defend the law of the land! ”


More than 1,000 War Gods drew their battle swords.

The shining blade swept across the world.

Blades rose and heads fell.

The Mountain Division’s minister, Landen Flitwick’s head fell to the ground, and his blood splattered three meters high. He was killed on the spot.

The street was a hundred meters long, and blood was flowing like a river.

The smell of blood filled the air, and the birds and beasts did not dare to approach this area.

At the same time, on this night.

The southern guardian Harvey Lay once again massacred the Vermilion Bird

Street. The Venerate Heavens Bureau and the Central Bureau were killed by the Wildgoose Wing Sword.

No one dared to interfere with tonight’s matter!

The three big shots of the capital, Zavier Leach, Kieran Normand and Sawyer Quail, received dozens of calls for help overnight.

None of them responded!

The three of them were not the only big shots in the capital!

None of the eight elders of the palace and cabinet dared to show up.

The War God of Hansworth, Jonah, was one of the big shots in the capital!

If the War God of the nation was not even considered a big shot in the capital, then who in the capital dared to call themselves a big shot?

There was also the southern guardian Harvey, the northern guardian Hendrix Bailey, the Right Duke Westley Hader, and the Left Duke Frediano Jadanza. They were all big shots in the capital.

The Northern Army’s elites were given great power.

They were not afraid of any enemy in the world.

In the dark division, one of the nine departments of the capital.

Marvin Townsend did not sleep for the entire night. He sat at the head of the dark division’s main hall. Below him were hundreds of people, all of whom were the higher- ups of the dark division.

Marvin sighed faintly. “The Northern King has ordered the 24 divisions to be massacred. Mobilize manpower to clean up the Vermilion Bird Street. I don’t want to see a single corpse in the morning.”

“Yes, sir!”

The dark division immediately dispatched people to clean up Vermilion Bird


There were more than ten thousand corpses floating on Vermilion Bird Street!

They were all martial artists!

They belonged to the two major entities: the powerful families and the aristocratic families.

In just one night, the martial artists of the powerful families and the aristocratic families in the capital had been cleaned out.

It was difficult to find a martial artist from a powerful family in the 9 departments and 24 divisions.

Braydon Neal, who was far away in Lark, slept in the living room for the night.

In the early morning, Braydon quietly entered Sadie Dudley’s room and looked at Sadie who was sleeping soundly by the window. He gently lifted the white blanket and placed his left hand on her flat stomach.

Sensing carefully, the power of the national fate’s heavenly blade in Sadie’s wound had weakened a little!

Time was indeed the most terrifying power to exist.

How many geniuses and beauties in the world had lost to time in the end?

Time could obliterate everything in the world.

The power of the national fate was no exception!

Braydon quietly tucked her in and left the room.

In the living room.

The one-armed Maddox Johnstone who was dressed in black, quietly entered the room and said in a low voice, “Commander, last night, the capital has already conferred titles upon Commander Jadanza and the other four!”

“Five of them?”

Braydon looked over.

Maddox quickly explained, “King Tobey has been conferred the title of commander of the royal guards. He will be in charge of 200,000 elites of the royal guards. He will be assigned to the Northern Army and will obey the Northern King’s orders!”

Braydon’s eyes flashed.

This would be crucial to the future of the Northern Army.

Only when the elites of the Northern Army are in power can they protect the millions of men in the northern region.

On the contrary, who could guarantee that the Northern Army would not end up like the Ludwig Army?

Now, it was time!

Maddox continued, “Last night, the Right Duke Hader initiated the massacre of the 24 divisions of the capital. All the martial artists of the powerful families were killed on the Vermilion Bird Street.” “I gave the order to kill.”

Braydon smiled lightly after washing up.

Maddox couldn’t help but be shocked. He then lowered his head.

Although he was a little surprised, he was not really that surprised!

Even though the commander had sealed the Northern King Sword, he was still the king of the northern territory!

As long as Braydon was alive, he alone could suppress the three armies and nine departments!

As long as he gave the order, there would never be a lack of executors.

Sadie soon woke up. It was rare to see her being sleepy and in a daze.

For so many years, only Braydon had seen the innocent and pretty appearance of the master of Kylo after waking up.

Because no one in the world could get close to the bed of the master of Kylo.

Braydon was an exception.

Sadie rested for a night and looked much better. She said quietly, “I’m a little hungry!”

“The food has already been prepared!”

Braydon brought over a white plate with a single green fruit on it.

Green duckweed spirit fruit.

A fruit rich in spiritual power.

This was Sadie’s breakfast.

Braydon knew that Sadie did not eat earthly food. Every time she ate, she would eat some spirit fruits.

“If you were at your peak, you wouldn’t feel hungry at all,” Braydon said softly.

“Do you not like me now?”

Sadie looked over calmly with her clear eyes.

Braydon’s face darkened and he asked in a low voice, “Did you watch a TV drama last night?”

“I watched two episodes!” Sadie was honest.

“Don’t watch too many TV dramas. it’ll lower your 10.” Braydon said expressionlessly.

Sadie ate the fruit lightly and did not say anything.

Because Braydon knew that Sadie was not like this in the past.

She was asking such a question so early in the morning.

This had never happened before!

Sadie had the scent of an ordinary girl.

Her words just now made Braydon feel rather helpless.

With Sadie’s beauty, even if she didn’t know ancient martial arts, she would be able to make all the heroic men in the world kneel before her.

Unfortunately, Sadie was the master of Kylo.

No matter how outstanding the geniuses in the world were, they would not dare to covet her beauty.

Braydon waited for her to finish her breakfast before leaving the hotel with her.

The one-armed Maddox followed them and left together.

The news of Braydon leaving Lark spread throughout the world.

There were too many forces in Lark. Any big news would spread across the world in an instant.

Braydon held Sadie’s cold and soft hand and did not turn back. He sensed that there was a tail following behind him and said indifferently, “Maddox, get rid of the tail..”

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