The Strongest War God Chapter 762

The Strongest War God

The Strongest War God Chapter 762-Dominic Lowe is Livid!

In fact, the people of the world respected the Northern Army as if they were Gods!

However, only Sadie Dudley knew that Braydon Neal was only twenty years old this year.

He was only twenty!

Because of the incident on Mount Tanish, Braydon had watched Sadie almost die in front of him. She was the sister who had grown up with him.

Was it wrong for Braydon to vent his anger on everyone?

That’s right!

Everyone thought that Braydon was high and mighty.

However, he was only twenty years old!

Braydon had a grudge in his heart, but what could he do? After the anger in his heart dissipated, he still had to shoulder the responsibility that belonged to him. He had to protect Hansworth for the rest of his life!

This was Braydon!

At this moment, Sutton Wall had announced the first capital Martial Emperor Order.

Tobey Lapras shrugged helplessly and took the document with both hands. “Royal guard commander, Tobey Lapras, will obey the Martial Emperor’s orders!”

“Alright, the second capital decree: Duke Lowe is old and has worked hard for the country for fifty years. He will step down from the position of Right Duke and be replaced by Westley Hader of the governor office!”

Sutton looked at the youth in black and chuckled. “Governor Hader, from now on, I will address you as the Right Duke!

“In the history of Hansworth, there has not been such a scene in a thousand years.”

Dominic Lowe’s eyes were filled with relief.

To be honest, Dominic was willing to let Westley take over his position.

Westley took up the responsibility and bowed slightly. “Duke Lowe has worked hard for the country for 50 years and is highly respected.

“The contributions of Duke Lowe will never be forgotten by the men of the Northern Army! ”

The Crown Prince, Syrus Yanagi, Commander Tobey, and the War God of Hansworth, Jonah Shaw, all bowed and cupped their hands.

Sometimes, they would chase after Dominic in the capital and even chase him into the cellar.

As a result, Dominic had lost all his dignity!

But to the outside world, this was a strong sign.

Dominic was supported by the elites of the Northern Army!

Duke Lowe was old, yet the elites of the Northern Army could bully him!

However, no outsiders would ever be allowed to bully Duke Lowe!

If they did, Jonah would definitely kill them!

Dominic slowly smiled bitterly. “I’m not as talented as Prime Minister

Yearwood, and I’m not as talented as the Northern King. I’ve been the duke for 50 years. I’m ashamed to face Martial Emperor Yanagi!

“I have limited abilities. I can only protect you children as much as I can!”

Dominic had always been brooding over his failure to suppress the powerful and aristocratic families during his 50 years in power.

It was during Duke Lowe’s time that the four great entities of the world grew.

However, the world only saw what was happening now.

Without Dominic, the speed at which the four entities developed would have been ten times more terrifying!

Not everyone in the world was like the Northern King, who could amaze the world.

Duke Lowe had done enough!

The men of the Northern Army would remember this elder’s protection for the rest of their lives!

At this moment, the Sovereign King of Perpetual Darkness, Harvey Lay, who was leaning against the entrance of the governor office, was as humble as a young gentleman when he was not wearing his Wildgoose Wing Sword. He said gently, “Old Man Lowe, don’t get emotional. We all remember what you have done for us. Three years ago, when I entered the capital, the peach blossoms within thirteen miles of Vermilion Bird Street withered. I killed the Left Duke because that old thing bullied you!” “Come in,” Dominic said softly like an elder. “There’s a decree for you inside.”

“The capital allows me to be king?” Harvey chuckled playfully.

This was a joke.

Sutton said, “Martial Emperor Yanagi promised you on Mount Tanish that if you fight a bloody battle on Mount Tanish, he will grant you 800 miles of the Qali river to fulfill your lifelong wish. He will grant you the title of king and your fief will be Qali river. That promise still stands. As long as you want it, I can report to Martial Emperor Yanagi when I return and prepare it for you.”

In the end, these words made Frediano Jadanza and the other brothers shake their heads helplessly and smile.

Because it was impossible!

As long as Braydon was alive, who among them would dare to be king?

If he dared to do this, Braydon would smash Harvey in the head!

“As long as the Northern King is alive, no one will dare to claim the throne,” Dominic said softly. “Although the aristocratic families and powerful families are restless and have spread all kinds of rumors, no one dares to claim the throne!”

‘Whoever dares to be king will be killed, and his whole family will be exterminated!”

Syrus’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

Sutton took out the third capital decree and said softly, “I will announce the third capital decree. The position of Left Duke has been vacant for several years and will be taken over by the deputy commander of the Northern Army, King Luminosa, Frediano Jadanza!”

“Is the order my brother’s idea?”

Frediano asked.

“If it wasn’t his idea, who would dare to provoke so many bad eggs like you?” Dominic nodded and explained.

Frediano nodded lightly. Since it was his big brother Braydon’s idea, he accepted the decree.

Because he knew that once he entered the capital, it would be difficult to return to the Northern Army.

However, Frediano and the others would never disobey Braydon’s words.

For this day, the million men of the Northern Army had waited for ten years!

Sutton took out the fourth decree.

Duke Lowe took out the fifth decree.

The two of them read out together. “The fourth capital decree is to appoint the

Sovereign King of Perpetual Darkness, Harvey Lay as the southern guardian!”

“The fifth capital decree is to appoint the commander of the Gray Wolf Army, Hendrix Bailey, as the southern guardian!”

The two orders were read out in succession.

Harvey and Hendrix immediately received the order.

This was Braydon’s plan. If they dared to mess it up and cause trouble, they would be beaten up in a few days.

Dominic smiled kindly and said, “From tonight onward, I’m a free man. If anything happens to you, don’t blame it on me!”

“When we were young, Duke Lowe protected us. Now that we are all grown up, we will protect you for the rest of your life!”

Westley was the one who inherited Duke Lowe’s legacy.

Sutton slowly said, “Dominic, you’re celebrating too soon. Martial Emperor Yanagi has said that you may be old, but you are strong. You will still be in charge of the cabinet and will be promoted to the head of the cabinet!”

Dominic’s gaze was dull, and he did not come back to his senses for a long time.

After all the ruckus, would he still have to deal with these Northern Army brats in the future?

Westley and the others were being all sentimental now.

However, if they had a falling out, they would chase him, Dominic, all over the capital.

“Congratulations, Grand Secretary Lowe!” Sutton smiled.

“F*ck you!”

Dominic’s face turned green on the spot, and he was about to collapse.

He thought that he would be able to wander around the country freely after being relieved of his position as duke.

But now?

The cabinet was in charge of all the important matters, but in the end, they still couldn’t avoid Left Duke Frediano and Right Duke Westley.

After going around in circles, Dominic still had to clean up the mess of the Northern Army elites.

At the thought of this, Dominic was about to break down.

Tobey said calmly, “Grand Secretary Lowe, the cabinet has been holding back the funds for next year’s military expenditure for two months. They haven’t given us a reply for a long time. Don’t you think we should settle this matter?” Dominic’s face darkened on the spot!

Tobey was full of tricks. He asked for twice as much money as he had in the past, but he did not mention the purpose.

There was no way the cabinet would approve of it!

Tobey was probably learning from the Northern Army and secretly developing his underground operations. The key was that Tobey did not have the ability to make money, unlike Cripple Carden and the others who were self-sufficient. The Northern Army’s underground operations were all over the world and did not require the capital to fund them.

Tobey, on the other hand, could not do that.. He was blatantly asking for money from the capital!

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