The Returning Ex Chapter 641

The Returning Ex Chapter 641-There was a moment’s pause before Matilda went on, “Hasn’t that time of the year already passed?”

Sophia furrowed her brows together. “Yeah, it has passed.”

In the meantime, Matilda seemed to have calmed down a little. “The Constances had wanted to send someone over when your grandfather passed away. However, we were caught off guard by a lot of other things, as not only did your grandfather pass away, but John’s grandfather was also hospitalized. During that period, his grandfather had been spending time in and out of the emergency department as his health was declining.”

Sophia cast her a glance before saying, “I know, so I don’t blame anybody.”

Exhaling, Matilda told her, “In fact, John wanted to go to your village back then.” Instead of looking at Sophia, Matilda turned to look out into the streets. Never once did she converse with Sophia so calmly. “He was planning on paying you a visit when his grandfather got better, but it kept dragging on without stabilizing. Due to the amount of time it would cost to go to your place, John might miss out on seeing his grandfather in case his grandfather didn’t make it, so we ended up putting the plan aside.”

They ended up putting it off until now after that initial delay. Sophia kept her silence, nor did she know what to say. Meanwhile, Matilda exhaled before turning to look at Sophia. “I recall that you no longer have any relatives over there.”

There was a moment’s pause before she said, “No, they’re all dead.”

With a nod, Matilda said nothing, whereas Robin stared at both of them in shock. During her past visits, although Matilda never initiated physical conflict, she was always arrogant and spoke in an accusatory tone. Never once did they engage each other in peaceful conversation.

After a few moments, Sophia looked toward Matilda. “Did you come to me because you need something?”

“Not really.” Matilda had a stern look on her face. “I merely want to know where you’ve been.”

Chuckling, Sophia leaned against her chair. “What are you going to do with the information? Will you tell Isabelle?” She smacked her lips. “However, even if you do tell her, it would do nothing but upset her.”

Matilda’s expression soured, but it wasn’t because of what Sophia told her. Instead, she was starting to feel a little disappointed in Isabelle. When they last met, Matilda probed Isabelle by revealing that her relationship with John was being strained. Ever since then, Isabelle seemed to have retreated into her work, as she was always busy whenever Matilda called, so much so that she didn’t seem to have time to pick up her calls.

After that, Matilda scouted out the situation at Isabelle’s company, only to see that she was working the regular hours despite constantly lying to Matilda that she had to work overtime. Although Matilda was somewhat of an idiot, it didn’t mean she couldn’t eventually come to understand complicated subjects.

Natasha had been dissecting things with her during the past few days, all the while chiding that Matilda had been so utterly blind by doting on Isabelle. Although Isabelle indeed had decent assets to her, she was not as kind as she presented herself to be.

Meanwhile, Matilda felt defeated. Although she didn’t perceive Isabelle as a malicious character, she only came to realize that Isabelle wasn’t being completely upfront with her, and seemed to have ulterior motives. Such a realization didn’t feel good at all.

Upon noticing the unnatural shift in Matilda’s expression as soon as Isabelle was mentioned, Sophia let out a laugh. “What’s wrong? Why don’t you look happy when I mentioned your sweet little girl?”

Of course, Matilda would never tell Sophia about what happened between Isabelle and her, so she let out a harrumph. “It’s none of your business.”

Sophia pouted in response, as she could feel that Matilda was somewhat different compared to the instances before that.

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