The Return of God of War Chapter 991-1000

The Return of the God of War Chapter 991

“He’s just so lucky. He managed to escape our attacks unharmed every time we tried anything.”
Edward then went on to explain everything that had happened.
“Hmm. Logically, the bastard should’ve been starved to death much earlier. Yet, this lowlife lives longer than I expected.”

Damien abruptly changed the subject. “But it’ll be such a disgrace that the Garrison clan can’t even kill a bastard. Do you know that? You’ve ruined our family’s reputation! Kill Levi and his mom, or you’ll die! By hook or by crook, you must get this done. Do you understand me? Kill whoever from South Hampton tries to stop you too! If anyone of them spread the news, massacre the entire city! Spare no one who knows about the past incident.”

His violent voice echoed on the other side of the phone.

Edward gasped in shock.

Massacre the entire South Hampton?

“Mr. Damien, at least a few thousand people in South Hampton already know about this. Do you really want us to kill them all?”

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard.

“Yes, kill them all! No one shall know about this! Plus, those people in South Hampton are a lost cause anyway,” Damien instructed resolutely.

How brutal! Mr. Damien is way crueler than his father and grandmother. A man like him is surely meant to do great things. He will certainly be more accomplished than Master Tyrone.

“I got it, Mr. Damien. We’ve only one night to do this as Levi and his mom will be going back tomorrow,” Edward informed.

“Alright. Kill them at all costs! I know our family has many fighters in the South. I’m now giving you the authority to mobilize them,” Damien told him.


Two hundred fighters gathered in front of Edward at midnight.

The Garrison clan had been secretly training and keeping these men at various places in the South.

Such training was to ensure the influence of the most powerful ancient family across the whole of Erudia. It was also a backup for any unforeseen circumstances.

“Kill them all!” Edward ordered.

“Xabian Goel, none of you will be able to escape this tonight. You shall all rot in hell! This is the price you shall pay for going against the mighty Garrison clan!”

A glint of malice flashed across Edward’s gaze.

The fighters were soon on the move, aiming to slaughter everyone in South Hampton.

It showed how influential the Garrison clan was.

Anyone who messed with them had a death wish.

In the Edburg Manor.

Emma was busy catching up with her family while Levi stood outside, puffing away at a cigarette.

Just then, Ezra called from the West Warzone.

“Boss, I think I’ll be able to make it to your wedding because the mission will be ending earlier than expected,” he informed excitedly.

“Great, I’ll be waiting!”

It’s great that Ezra can attend my wedding.

“I’ll be coming with Wyatt from the North, Rogier from the South, and Colton from the East. Someone from each of the Nine Warzones must attend your wedding. Despite our status, you’re still our boss and master. Hence, we can’t be absent,” Ezra continued enthusiastically.

I’m going to attend the boss’ wedding together with the Commander-In-Chief of the Nine Warzones. We have to be there to witness the most important moment in our boss’ life.

“Okay, I’ll be sure to prepare a ton of wine for you guys.”

At that thought, Levi grew more eager for his wedding day to come.

“By the way, boss, there’s one more thing…”

Before he could finish his sentence, however, Levi interrupted him. “Hold on. Something’s not right.”

He had sensed something unusual happening around him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 992

Tension quickly escalated when some fighters appeared around Edburg Manor.
“Mr. Garrison, it seems like there are many of them,” Shadow from the Jones family noted as he came closer to Levi.
Over on the phone, Ezra’s voice rang loud and clear in Levi’s ears. “Boss, did you bring anyone along?”

“No, I came alone,” Levi replied.

“Come on, there’s no need to tackle these scums on your own. By the way, as I said, I’m done with the Beasts. They’re now at South Hampton. As for the Amethyst Guards of the West, they are on the way back with the Beasts. I’ll ask them to go over to assist you,” Ezra reported.

“Good. I was just wondering if I’ll have to dirty my hands getting rid of these people,” Levi replied with an approving nod.

The Amethyst Guards of the West were known for striking fear in their enemies. Every single member of the group had impeccable skills – they were on par with the Beasts.

Outside the Edburg Manor, a good two hundred fighters besieged the building; they were all ready to break their way in.

“Make sure you spare no one, especially those on the list!” A commanding voice rang out from the multitude.

Just as the two hundred Garrison clan fighters were about to launch the attack, shadows fleeted across their view, and the ambiance chilled.

The smell of death pervaded the air as the fighters saw members of the Amethyst Guards and the Beasts appearing before them.

Their gazes hardened as they moved around, eyeing the two hundred men, looking like predators waiting for an opportunity to dig their blood-thirsty fangs into their prey.

Fighters from the Garrison clan shuddered at the sight and began to cluster together.

“What should we do?” someone whispered.

Everyone was reluctant to make the first strike.

The fighters had definitely not foreseen such formidable enemies from South Hampton.

And it was not just one of them they had to fight — there was a whole group of them ready for battle.

They were fighting against the entire coalition of the Beasts and the Amethyst Guards—how could they not feel afraid?

“Kill them! Protect the God of War!”

With a shout of command, the Beasts and the Amethyst Guard charged towards their enemies like a pride of roaring lions.

In no time, the two sides clashed in a fierce and intense fight.

The Beasts and the Amethyst Guards fought like animals with an insatiable appetite, slaughtering fighters of the Garrison clan without showing the slightest mercy.

Never had those fighters seen anything like that.

The coalition fought like madmen. Every blow they dealt was fatal, and every step they took was calculated.

It was obvious that they were well-trained – the team worked together seamlessly.

In the face of such relentless opponents, the fighters from the Garrison clan crumbled in less than five minutes.

Some of them collapsed while some of them fled.

“Go after them! Don’t lose any of them!”

The Beasts and the Amethyst Guards pursued their enemies like wolves hunting down headless sheep.

In no time, the fighters from the Garrison clan were nailed down and brought back.

Even in their defeat, they still had not wrapped their heads around who they were fighting against.

Not far away, Levi stood watching the bloody commotion from above as his lips curved in a proud smile.

As expected, the Amethyst Guards never let me down.

Their fighting capability is indisputable.

As for the Beasts, they’ve gotten more skilled with more experience. They instill fear wherever they go.

“Make sure you don’t lose any of them!” Levi shouted an order.

“Roger that!” the Amethyst Guards and the Beasts cried out in unison.

Over on the other side, Edward sat deep on his couch with his legs crossed. He hummed a tune leisurely, anticipating good news.

He had sent out the best fighters he had, so there was no way anything could go wrong.

“There will be a bloodshed in South Hampton tonight,” he jeered.

“This is what you get for crossing the Garrison clan! Now you know we mean business if you ever go against us!”

A smug smile spread across his face as he crossed his hands before his chest.



Edward and his company jerked at the loud noise that was coming from the outside. The gate of the residence was knocked down, and the glass windows were in pieces.

A few hundred men in black battle suits planted themselves right in front of the unguarded residence.

Sensing an intrusion, Edward and the others got on their feet as their blood ran cold.

Edward rushed outward and questioned, “Who are you?”

“Surrender yourselves! Or we’ll strike!” the group warned.

The butler smirked and pursed his lips. “Surrender? Do you even know who I am? There’s nothing you can do to us!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 993

Edward and the others showed no signs of retreat in the face of the Beasts and the Amethyst Guards.
After all, they were members of the Garrison clan from Oakland City. No one would dare do anything to them.
Everyone from the family stood unfazed as they stood guard over their residence.

“We don’t care who you are! Seize them all!”

The Beasts and the Amethyst Guards stormed in at the command.

Although Edward and the others were skilled fighters, they were no match for the Beasts and the Amethyst Guards. They dropped to the ground in no time.

“Do you know what sort of crime you’re committing? We’re the Garrison clan from Oakland City! Tyrone Garrison is the family’s heir and I’m his personal attendant! Let me go and I’ll spare you!” the butler yelled at the top of his voice, trying to affright the enemies.


Before Edward could utter another threat, one of the fighters from the Beasts kicked him in forcefully in the face.

“Do you think we care about who you are in the Garrison clan?” a voice followed.

The only order the Beasts and the Amethyst Guards received was to protect the God of War.

They were not asked to kneel to anyone—regardless of which family they were from.

They would do anything to eliminate anyone who had plans to kill the God of War.

“Who are you people?” Words seethed through Edward’s mouth as he stumbled and recovered from the blow.

He guessed that these people must be related to Levi, but he had no idea who they were.

But the Beasts and the Amethyst Guards did not answer his question. Instead, they bound them and brought them to a rugged warehouse, where all the defeated fighters from the earlier confrontation were all locked up.

When Edward saw the injured and wounded fighters he had sent out there, he instantly knew that his plan had failed.

They had lost to their enemies.

Who are these people? Think, Edward! Wait… They’re all wearing the same uniform… This can only mean one thing…

Edward’s blood froze, and he looked around in fear.

Just as he wrapped his head around who the group of men was, the door swung opened, and a familiar figure appeared at the entrance of the warehouse.

Why does this person look familiar?

Edward poked his head out to get a closer look.

Levi Garrison? It’s actually Levi Garrison! What? How?

Is this all his doing?

No way… This is impossible!

Terror gripped Edward, and he started stuttering. “You… Why… How…”

“You want to know my identity?” Levi finished his sentence for him.

“Those fighters who subdued you are all my men. And yes, just in case you’re wondering, I’m the one who stopped the top 100 prominent families in South Hampton. I’m also why the five hundred skilled fighters you gathered on the dark web went missing.”

Levi’s answers to all the burning questions boiling in Edward’s mind hit him like a bolt from the blue.

When did this bastard become so powerful?

I bet he didn’t achieve all these on his own.

After all, he’s just a bastard who has Garrison’s blood running in his veins.

Why am I even surprised?

“Master Levi! Your servants are so glad to see you again! I always knew you would do something great one day!”

Knowing full well that he could not afford to get on Levi’s bad side, Edward instantly changed his tone, even going as far as calling Levi “Master.”

“Yes, Master Levi! We’re so happy for you! We can’t wait to share the good news with Master Tyrone and the Grand Master!” the other servants quickly flocked over and agreed.

“Really? You guys don’t seem very happy though,” Levi sneered as he looked at the butler from the corner of his eyes.

“Give me a chance to explain myself, Master Levi. The whole family was against you last time because we didn’t know you would achieve something this great. But lo and behold, you’re a man of impressive accomplishments now. This is a pleasant surprise for all of us! You’ve surpassed a lot of the Garrisons, and the whole family is extremely proud of you! I’m sure they will invite you back to the family in the most honorable fashion possible!”

Edward paused and surveyed Levi’s face before he carefully continued, “I’m sure Master Tyrone and the Grand Master will welcome you with open arms if I share this piece of good news with them! You’ll return with the greatest honor!”

“Welcome me back to the family? Who do you think the Garrison clan is? They are not worthy of me,” Levi rejected crudely.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 994

Everyone was dumbfounded. No one could believe what they had just heard come out of Levi’s mouth.
The Garrison clan is not worthy of you? Who do you think you are?
Not a single person in Erudia dares mention the name of Oakland City’s Garrison clan without holding their breath.

“Master Levi, I’ll admit you’re a man of capability. The fact that you managed to catch me speaks a lot about your ability. But you shouldn’t insult the family like this. Ultimately, the Garrison clan is still a powerful family. Even among the younger generation of the clan, there is easily a handful of them who are far better than you. Take Mr. Damien for example – he’s way better than you are in every way. He’s humble although he’s capable,” Edward reminded Levi.

“Yeah. Master Levi, humility is a virtue. A humble man goes a long way! Besides, given the clan’s enormous resources and extensive connections, we’re sure you’ll achieve something greater if you return to the clan!” the other servants agreed.

“Bullshit!” Levi stared at them with a contemptuous glare.

“Humility? Keep your advice for the Garrison clan! The family is powerful? What a joke. Don’t even talk about the younger generation of the clan—the entire family is no match for me!”

Levi straightened his back and cocked his head as he stood his ground before the servants, his gaze hard and unyielding.

The Beasts and the Amethyst Guards stood upright in an assertive position at the voice of the God of War.

The two groups knew the man came in second to none.

Levi was the one and only in the whole of Erudia. Never had there been anyone like him—and there would never be.

He was the only Five-Star God of War.

The man was way out of the league of the youngsters from the Garrison clan.

Edward’s body shook subtly as he sensed the shift in the atmosphere.

He soon got lost in Levi’s commanding aura, which compelled him to revere the man standing before him.

“Yes, Master Levi, we know you’re powerful like no other. We are at your mercy. Please, let us go so we can bring the good news home. The family will definitely await your glorious return,” Edward begged.

The other servants trailed their gaze towards Levi, looking at him imploringly.

“Oh? So you guys are not interested in killing me anymore?” Levi questioned.

The butler flashed him a servile smile and shook his head nervously. “Of course not! I’m sure the family will give you a warm welcome! You’re a great asset to our family!”

“What about my mother?” Levi asked coldly.

“Ms. Jones is your mother, so how can we not treat her with respect? Things might indeed be a little awkward since Master Tyrone is already married, but I’ll try my best to persuade him. I’m sure he’ll allow Ms. Jones to come back. As long as you agree to return, there’ll always be a place for your mother in the family,” Edward replied.

The man believed that he had made a proposal good enough to leave no room for rejection.

Once Levi agreed to come back, he would have a place in the Garrison family—the most prominent family in Erudia—the Head of Erudia!

There was no way Levi would turn this offer down.

Levi would be able to clear Emma’s name and give the woman a legitimate place in the Garrison clan.

“Master Levi, please let us go. I’m sure your mother will be happy to hear that the family is finally acknowledging her. Doesn’t she want to marry Master Tyrone? All this is not impossible! You only need to let us go. Now that you’ve made a name for yourself, your mother will definitely regain her place in the family. This is a chance to help her realize her dream!” Other servants chimed in, trying to convince Levi.

They were taking every opportunity they could to free themselves; they knew Emma Jones would be their best shot to move Levi.

However, the man was clearly not buying it. His face remained unperturbed as he looked at them in a detached manner. Yet Edward was not planning on budging either. “Master Levi, I’m sure you don’t want to live in the shadow of the past anymore. This is a golden opportunity for you to undo that shameful title of a bastard. All you need to do is say yes—and I will make sure you become a legitimate member of the Garrison clan!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 995

Levi burst out laughing upon hearing their solemn advice and desperate pleas.
In front of him, the butler and the other servants exchanged startled looks in complete silence.
They knew Levi was mocking them. Before long, Edward finally spoke up, “Master Levi, are you doubting what I just told you? I’m dead serious. If you let us go, we’ll guarantee your glorious return, and your mother will regain her status. The Garrison clan will never let go of someone as powerful as you are!”

“I’m not doubting you—I just find your stupidity amusing. I’ve never taken the Garrison clan seriously, so why would I covet a place in the family? Also, I don’t know where you got the idea from, but my mother couldn’t care less about the Garrison clan. Marrying Tyrone Garrison? Who does he think he is? He doesn’t deserve my mother—the entire Garrison family doesn’t deserve her!”

Levi’s voice bellowed in the spacious warehouse as he recalled the shame and pain he and his mother had gone through all those years.

Edward and the others shook their heads in disbelief when they heard what he had to say.

Did you just say Tyrone Garrison doesn’t deserve Emma Jones?

The Garrison family is the most prestigious family in all of Erudia. You should be thankful you have Garrison blood in your veins! This noble bloodline carries thousands of years of an ancient legacy.

The Garrison family doesn’t deserve Emma Jones? Who is she?

She’s from a mere royal family in South Hampton!

She’s nothing compared to the Garrison family! She’s despicable in our eyes!

She’s the one who is not worthy of the Garrison family!

You must have lost your mind to say something this ridiculous!

But just as they thought that that was all he had to say, Levi let off a scoff and continued dispassionately. “You said this is an opportunity for me to give my mother a better life? It’s exactly because I want a better life for her that I won’t allow the Garrison clan to ever come near her again. The family doesn’t deserve her, and neither does Tyrone Garrison.”

Opposite him, Edward’s jaw dropped at Levi’s impudence. The others frowned and squinted their eyes, appalled by how the latter had butchered the family’s honor.

Geez, I can’t believe you have no regard for the Garrison family.

Yes, you’re indeed much more powerful now, but your accomplishments amount to nothing compared to the family!

Who do you think you are? Your position in the family is only slightly higher than a mere butler; you’re in no way close to the important figures in the family!

So don’t even dream about comparing yourself to the entire Garrison family!

Edward’s patience was wearing thin under Levi’s constant bashing. “Don’t be too arrogant. You’ll regret it when you see a glimpse of what the Garrison family can actually do!”

“Ha! I can’t wait to see that!” Levi ridiculed.

Edward’s glare intensified, and his blood boiled as he faced the haughty man.

He could not wait to let him experience what the Garrison family was capable of.

“Master Levi, I dare you to let me go. I’ll show you what the Garrison family can do! You will regret not joining us when we extend an olive branch!” the butler challenged.

“Well, I don’t mind sparing your worthless life. I only need you to bring Tyrone and the others a message—they won’t even have a chance to regret not killing me when I eventually set foot near the Garrison family.”

A confident smile broke across Levi’s face as he drilled his gaze into Edward’s fierce glare; the butler did not shun his stare.

“I’ll make sure your insolent remarks reach their ear. It’s time you start counting down to your death!”




Edward’s smirk disappeared as his face contorted in pain. Levi had pushed him to the ground and broken all of his limbs.

Before the other servants could react, they were also pinned to the ground.

Agonizing shrieks echoed through the warehouse as the servants groaned in unbearable pain.

“I’ll let you all go, but everyone will have to crawl back!” Levi sneered as he looked at the bunch of crippled servants who were now wallowing in a pool of their own blood.

It would be difficult for them to crawl their way back judging from their injury—but they did not have to—because the servants were all thrown out of South Hampton like stray dogs at the end of the day.

As Edward struggled to move, his phone rang, and a clear voice came through. “Is he gone?” Damien demanded.

“Mr. Damien, we’re good as dead. Levi is not as useless as we thought he was!” the butler replied, his voice almost breaking in tears.

“What? That bastard was able to do something to you lot?” Damien questioned, his tone betraying his disbelief.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 996

“Yeah! He’s the one behind everything that has happened recently! We thought he simply got lucky, but it turns out that he has a trick or two up his sleeves!” Edward said while panting in excruciating pain.
Damien refused to believe what he had just heard from the butler. “Are you sure? He’s just an orphan! He doesn’t have any connections and resources. It’s impossible that he’s the one behind all this! I can’t believe he managed to defeat you!”
“I’m just as surprised as you are, Mr. Damien. But remember that the man still has Garrison’s blood in him. He’s bound to do exceptional things! As long as he has our bloodline, he’ll definitely shake up the world one day!” Edward tried registering the gravity of the problem to his skeptical master.

“True that. He’s a Garrison, after all. How bad can someone from our family turn out to be? Even a Garrison bastard is better than an average person,” Damien conceded.

To people like him who grew up in a prominent family, they had always attributed success to one’s bloodline.

It was never a matter of individual effort whenever someone did well in life.

Thus, it was natural for them to give credit to the Garrisons instead of acknowledging Levi’s own capability.

“I’m sure Father and Grandpa will welcome him back to the family after they find out about his success. Yes, everyone in the family has great achievements, but we won’t say no to another genius like him joining us. There are still ways in which the bastard can be of service to the family,” Damien noted.

The younger generation in the Garrison clan was talented and competent, and they were at the very least, top fifty in Erudia. All of them were deserving of the family name.

The fact that Levi could outdo them meant that he was not to be underestimated at all.

“Mr. Damien, he might be accomplished, but he’s too arrogant for his own good. He has no regard for the Garrison family—not even you or Master Tyrone! He even wanted me to convey a message to Master Tyrone. He said we would regret it when he made his way to the Garrison family’s residence!” Edward complained.


Over on the other end, Damien slammed his fist on the table. “Come again? What did he say? Sure enough, a bastard’s always a bastard. He might share our noble blood, but he’s obviously unrefined! I shouldn’t have expected something good to come out of a bastard who grew up in a questionable environment. He’s nothing compared to us! And since he has no respect for the family, I can only say it’s his loss. He won’t go far with his haughty attitude. His pride and his narrow-mindedness will be his undoing!” Damien shouted into the phone.

Damien nodded his head weakly at the man’s outburst. “I agree, Mr. Damien. His pride is way bigger than his accomplishments. He needs to know that South Hampton is just a small part of the world!”

Hearing this, the other man chuckled in pride. “Of course. He’ll shut up once he’s seen what Oakland City’s Garrison clan can do with his own eyes. This bastard needs to broaden his horizon instead of being so full of himself. Wait till he faces someone more powerful than himself.”

“What should we do then, Mr. Damien? Should we still kill him?” Edward asked.

“No. Given his ability now, he won’t be a shame to the family anymore. We shall spare him for now,” Damien replied.

“Then what should we do about him, Mr. Damien?”

A slight pause came from the other side before Damien finally spoke, “Since he’s so egoistic and treats the family as a joke, I’ll teach him a lesson myself!”

The butler’s eyes glistered in hope when he heard Damien was handling this himself.

Edward had had enough of Levi Garrison and his conceited attitude. Now that Tyrone’s son was getting involved directly, someone could finally avenge what Levi had done to him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 997

“Aha! That’s why that bastard has the guts to challenge us. He’s Morris Group’s boss!” Damien exclaimed after doing some digging into Levi’s background.
He finally understood why Levi had the guts to be so obnoxious.
Although few people knew Levi was the head of Morris Group, it did not take the Garrison clan long to obtain that piece of information.

Hearing the name, Edward widened his eyes in surprise. “Morris Group? Even Triple Group in Keerea is no match for that company! It practically dominates everything.”

“Well, it’s true that Morris Group has got some substance. But that doesn’t mean Levi can take the Garrison family lightly. Father’s Pinnacle Group in South Hampton is far superior! I’ll tell the company to acquire Morris Group. I bet Levi Garrison will come begging on his knees in no time. This will be the price he has to pay for messing with the Garrison family!” Damien let out a confident laugh as he imagined Levi begging for mercy.

The next day, Levi and his mother began their journey home along with the Beasts and the Amethyst Guards.

Levi was deep in thought, thinking about the encounter he had yesterday. A frown settled on his brows. Before long, he finally broke the silence. “Mother, do you miss him?”

Emma was startled by his sudden question. She turned towards her son reluctantly, trying to think of how she should answer in an appropriate manner.

“Do you still want to marry Tyrone? The family will finally accept you after all these years,” Levi continued.

“No. I don’t harbor unrealistic expectations like that anymore. That’s no longer what I care about,” she replied firmly as she looked at Levi in the eyes.

“What do you care about then?” he asked.

A warm and gentle smile slowly spread across her face.

“Well, it’s not anything important that you need to know.”

“Come on, Mom. I will try my best to make your dream come true!” he insisted.

“I hope you can stand in front of the Garrisons one day and proudly tell them that you’re my son—and that you’re a man worthy of their respect!”

But she quickly regretted what she said when she saw her son’s solemn expression. “You don’t have to get all stressed out about it, Levi. This is just a thought I have, don’t take it too seriously.”

The last thing she wanted was to pressurize her son and make things difficult for him.

She knew how difficult and dangerous such an action could be for Levi.

But that was not what her son thought. “No, Mom. You will live to see that day. I promise,” Levi pronounced.

Yet, Emma knew he was just trying to make her feel better. She knew better than to set her expectations too high.

Besides, Levi was not even thirty yet. He still had a long way to go before he could actually do something substantial.

It was impossible that someone of his age would earn the respect of the Garrison family.

When they arrived, Zoey was already waiting for them. She had put aside work to pick Emma up.

“How’s the prep coming along?” Levi asked when he saw the woman.

“We’re almost done. We’ll go over and bid for the project tomorrow,” she replied.

He nodded approvingly and let out a small smile. “Remember to be careful of Lyndsay Granger. She’s not an easy character.”

“Don’t worry; I already have it all planned out. Iris and I will travel separately tomorrow,” Zoey assured.

“That’s great. All the best for tomorrow then.”

Levi knew Zoey must have made adequate preparation, but he was still worried that something unexpected would pop up.

Over at Golden Plaza, Jayden hung up the phone after a long call.

“Do you know who just called me? Damien Garrison! The actual Mr. Damien!” he exclaimed at the top of his voice.

Around him, everyone looked at him enviously.

Damien was well known to be the potential next heir of the Garrison clan.

It must be an urgent matter for a man of his standing to actually call Jayden.

“What did Mr. Damien say?” Lyndsay asked as she scooted closer to Jayden.

“Mr. Damien wanted one thing done—we are to crush Morris Group as soon as possible,” the latter replied.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 998

“That’s good news. We’re competing for a project with them tomorrow anyway. That’ll be our first chance,” Lyndsay commented.
Jayden nodded, rolling his eyes schemingly. “Exactly. Make sure you deal with them accordingly. I don’t want anything to go wrong tomorrow.”
Lyndsay and the other council members exchanged cunning glances with each other, and sinister smiles curved on their lips. “Don’t worry. They won’t even make it to the venue tomorrow.”

The big day soon arrived. Sylas and her team escorted Zoey and Oriental Star Group’s council members as they headed for the venue.

“Sylas, make sure nothing happens to anyone. Someone might try and stop us on the way,” Zoey reminded before they departed.

The woman refused to allow the same thing to happen again. She had once been held up by her competitor when she was on her way to the venue and had missed the bidding event because of that incident.

She had been fooled once; she would not fall into the same trap again.

“Ms. Lopez, rest assured that everything will be okay. We will make sure everyone arrives safely,” Sylas replied calmly.

In no time, Oriental Star Group’s convoy departed for the venue.

To ensure nothing would happen, Iris took a different route towards the destination.

No one else in the company knew about it except for Zoey.

Although everything had been meticulously planned out, Zoey still had a premonition of imminent danger as she sat in the car.

Her eyelids kept twitching, and she could not hold it in any longer—she needed to double-confirm everything.

“Sylas, could you check and see if everything is fine out there?”

“Everything looks fine,” her bodyguard answered after surveying the surroundings.


Suddenly, a vendor on a trishaw came out of nowhere. One of the cars did not manage to stop in time, running into it at full force.

The collision sent the vendor flying three to four meters away before the man finally hit his head against the cold tar road. The grey road was soon stained red as blood gushed out of the man’s body.

The whole Oriental Star Group fleet pulled the emergency brake – everyone was stupefied.

Zoey’s face turned pale—something had happened just as she expected.

She knew Pinnacle Group would not let her off the hook that easily.

“Is everyone okay?” Zoey turned around frantically, checking to see if anyone was hurt. Their schedule had been affected because of the accident, and Pinnacle Group managed to have their way, but Zoey did not want anything to happen to anyone, be it friends or foes.

Everyone got out of the car, and some people rushed towards the vendor lying on the ground.

Sylas checked the man’s pulse and her frightened gaze slowly trailed towards Zoey.

“Ms. Lopez… He’s gone…”

Zoey’s steps faltered, her knees going weak at the news.

She could not believe Pinnacle Group would kill someone in order to stop her.

Did they really plan all this?

How cruel can those people get?

This was not the first time a competitor had targeted her, but no one had ever gone to such length to get in her way.

Pinnacle Group was the first to do so.

“Somebody help! They just hit someone! And the man is now dead!” a passerby shouted.

Soon, a huge crowd hurried over, encircling Zoey and the others. They had come forward with kitchen knives, ready to get revenge on behalf of the man.

“You’re not getting away with this! We will make sure you pay for it!” the angry men shouted.

“It wasn’t our fault! He’s the one who came out of the junction all of a sudden! He’s the one who ran into us!” Zoey tried to explain the situation.

However, her pleas only made the situation worse; she had angered them all even more.

There were no surveillance cameras around that area, and it so happened that the trishaw had rushed out at the car dashcam’s blind spot.

There was no proof to whatever she claimed.

“Bullshit! We saw everything with our own eyes. You guys hit him! Don’t blame a dead man for what you did!” one of the men yelled.

“Yeah! We’re all witnesses! You won’t get away with this!” another cried out.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 999

Sylas’ blood ran cold at the sight of those furious men.
This is all my fault.
I clearly saw that man there. But I didn’t expect him to dash out just like that! Gosh, what should I do?

“Ms. Lopez… What should we do now…” she asked in a frail voice.

Her mind went blank; she could not think of any way of getting them out of this mess.

“There’s nothing we can do. This was all premeditated. They did it to keep me away from the event,” Zoey stated with a resigned sigh.

The only thing she was concerned about now was that an innocent man had lost his life because of the strife between Pinnacle Group and her.

If she knew that all this would come at the expense of a man’s life, she would have given up on this project readily.

But she also knew that Iris would still make it to the event.

She and Iris had foreseen something bad happening, and they already had a bulletproof plan laid out.

Even if Zoey did not make it to the venue, Iris would still be there.

“You guys have nothing to worry about. I won’t run away. I’ll settle this properly,” Zoey told the crowd.

After all, this man had died because of her. She took it on herself to look into the accident.

Meanwhile, a car sped by along a road in the suburb.

Iris cried out when she was informed that something had happened to Zoey.

The woman had been on the way using another route when she got news of the incident.

The car she was seated in braked to halt when a few men in black suddenly appeared before her, blocking her way in the middle of the road.

“Ms. Anabelle, I’m sorry, but we have to cut your trip short. Don’t worry; it’ll only take two hours, that’s if you cooperate with us,” one of them said as he leaned closer to the car window.

Iris knew exactly what they were up to.

It went without saying that all they wanted was to stop her from bidding for the project.

The fact that these people had found out about her route surprised her.

Now that these men were in her way, it was impossible for her to get herself out of this.

The only thing she could do was to do as they demanded.

“I’m so sorry, Zoey.” Iris sighed.

Over at the venue, all the council members from Pinnacle Group had already gathered in a timely manner.

Jayden and Lyndsay held their heads high as they looked around. The event was about to commence.

Many big companies had convened after knowing that the project was open for bid.

Jayden approached some of the heads, putting up a smug smile. “You guys won’t stand a chance against us today. Pinnacle Group will win the project. All of you’d better back off. Try us, and you’ll end up dead!”

He was rude and overbearing—yet there was nothing those people could say.

Jayden was from Pinnacle Group; no one had the guts to challenge that company.

Since they were here at the event just for the sake of it, there was no need for them to incur the wrath of Pinnacle Group unnecessarily.

“Mr. Yolander, Ms. Granger, we’ve handled Zoey and Iris as instructed. They won’t be able to make it,” an assistant reported.

A smirk crafted Jayden and Lyndsay’s faces when they received the news.

There was no way a small company like Morris Group could threaten Pinnacle Group.

It was foolish for Morris Group to think that they stood a chance to win.

“Did you leave any traces?” Lyndsay asked.

“No. No one will be able to track it back to Pinnacle Group. Also, we’ve blocked all the roads, so no one from Morris Group will reach this place,” the assistant added with a sly smile.

Beside him, Lyndsay nodded as an evil smile broke out on her face. “Now that I think of it, it’s actually not a bad idea for Morris Group to come. They can well amuse us if they’re humiliated here today. But, oh well, they can’t even make it here now. What a pity.”

“Yeah, they’ll lose the project to us even if they came. It’s just a matter of time before Morris Group belongs to us!” Jayden agreed.

Just as the two were busy talking about taking Morris Group down, Yale Freeman, the person in charge of the project, walked over.

“Mr. Yolander, Ms. Granger, we’re about to start. Shall we take a seat?” he inquired politely.

Jayden shot the man an innocent smile and asked, “Oh, aren’t we still waiting for Morris Group?”

Yale gestured to invite them in as he cleared his throat. “Actually, Morris Group met with an accident when they were on their way. I don’t think they’ll be able to make it.”

Just as Jayden and Lyndsay were about to walk in, a deafening noise rang out from above, causing everyone to tilt their heads towards the sky.

“Quick! Look up! Look at the sky!” someone exclaimed in shock.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1000

A choppy noise resounded through the place as a few private helicopters hovered in the sky.
The rotor blades spun incessantly, and the sound grew louder as time passed.
Everyone looked up and squinted their eyes at the sight of the helicopters flying in weird patterns in the sky.

It turned out that those helicopters were making a skywriting.

“Morris Group?” Everyone was surprised when they saw what was written in the sky.

Are these helicopters from Morris Group?

Jayden and Lyndsay exchanged worried looks as they watched everything play out before their eyes.

They had done all they could to stop Morris Group from reaching the venue, but never in their wildest imagination would they expect them to arrive in private helicopters.

The private helicopters pitched forward and finally got ready to descend, creating ripples of strong winds as the pilots lowered the machines on the ground.

Everyone tried standing their ground, lowering their heads as the helicopters got closer. The wind sent all the dust blowing in their faces, and people were forced to close their eyes as the wind got more forceful.

Many began taking refuge and sought shelter as the wind intensified.

Ironically, Jayden, who claimed to have noble blood, was the first to flee. In fact, he was crawling away like a coward because he knew he would die if he didn’t get away quickly.

His jaw dropped when he saw workers of Morris Group descend from the sky.

His men had blocked all roads leading to the venue—yet he had still miscalculated.

Morris Group had flown people in private helicopters to get to the venue.

Once the helicopters landed and positioned themselves in front of the place, Levi and Kirin came down and walked towards the disheveled lot.

“Levi… Levi Garrison…” Lyndsay mumbled in disbelief.

“He’s Levi Garrison? Mr. Damien told me he’s the man who owns Morris Group. But regardless, Mr. Damien has told us that he’s a nobody. Morris Group will be ours soon,” Jayden scoffed.

Lyndsay did not answer him. Hatred and spite sparked in her eyes as her glare traced him. “Levi Garrison… Things are gonna get interesting.”

“Just in time!” Levi exclaimed as he stood before the crowd.

However, Yale did not seem happy to see him.

The man personally preferred entrusting the project to Pinnacle Group; he knew he could not afford to get on the wrong side with that company.

Now that Morris Group had arrived, Yale was caught in a difficult position.

But the bidding process still had to go as planned. “Alright, since everyone’s here, let’s get started!”

Yale led everyone in.

Behind Levi, Jayden and Lyndsay came close enough so he could hear them.

“You’d better stop before things turn ugly. You have no idea who you’re going up against. Pinnacle Group is not a company you can mess with!” Jayden warned.

“We will acquire Morris Group in no time. It’s useless to compete with us!” Lyndsay added as she tried to keep up with Levi’s pace.

However, Levi’s nonchalance enraged her. “Did you hear me? Give up now! It’s for your own good! I know you’re Morris Group’s boss, but don’t overestimate yourself. The enemy you’re facing is much stronger than you think, and the world is much bigger than your tiny brain can imagine!”

Jayden also interjected, “I heard that you have no regard for the Garrison family. Don’t be childish! You’ve only seen a tiny bit of what they’re capable of. You need to be realistic. Stop being so arrogant!”

Levi stopped abruptly at the entrance of the venue and shifted his contemptuous gaze towards them.

“I think y’all should stop here. There’s no way you guys are getting in,” he stated.

Jayden and Lyndsay’s eyes widened in astonishment as they stared at him. Everyone who heard him all turned around in bewilderment.

“What? Who are you to bar us from entering?” Lyndsay interrogated.

In front of them, Yale halted his step and walked over.

He knew Levi had no right to stop Jayden and Lyndsay.

“Kirin, keep an eye on them. Make sure they stay away,” Levi ordered in a domineering tone as he looked at the two from the corner of his eyes.

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