The Return of God of War Chapter 981-990

The Return of the God of War Chapter 981

Levi was already serenely asleep in his bed.
He knew nobody would be able to get close to his manor that night.
At the warzone compound, Phoenix was busy controlling a few computers. There were dense red dots on the map above.

The red dots indicated their targets – the elite fighters who had heeded the Garrison clan’s call to assassinate Levi.

“They have started to take action!”

Through the Skynet surveillance, all the assassins were clearly seen moving towards the city center.

“Alright, let the Cavalry Regiment begin action!” Phoenix ordered.

“On top of that, there are other people who are still trying to get into South City!” she informed.

“Leave that matter to us! From now on, we will not allow anyone to enter the city.”

Azure Dragon and Kirin, together with their team, soon began to take action, keeping all the elite fighters from entering the city to join the hunt.

Amongst these elite fighters, the speediest team had to be the Southeastern Tigers. These three brothers had been practicing martial arts since they were young and were incredibly skilled.

They made their way near Levi’s manor very quickly.

“We’re the first to arrive here. Once we kill Levi and his mother, the reward of three billion will be ours.”

With excitement in their eyes, the Southeastern Tigers rushed into the manor.

However, at the very next moment, two figures appeared in front of them.

The two of them were Lionfang Knights.




In an instant, the Southeastern Tigers lost their consciousness and fell onto the ground…

More assassins soon emerged around the manor. The moment they attempted to enter the residence, a few more figures appeared before them.

They all shared one similarity – they were all Lionfang Knights.

One by one, they disappeared.

For each assassin that popped up, another would definitely vanish.

The number of assassins who arrived was rising rapidly…

One hundred…

Two hundred…

Five hundred….

Five hundred thirty eight…

In the end, more than five hundred people had disappeared – none of them had managed to get close to the manor.

Once all the assassins had been taken care of, eighteen figures around the manor dissipated immediately.

The Cavalry Regiment had completed their mission.

At the Golden Plaza.

Jayden and the rest could not help feeling a little anxious.

“It’s already been half an hour. Why has there been no news at all?”

They began pacing up and down the room.

Lyndsay was not present there. She had left when she found out that the elite fighters were headed to kill Levi.

“Mr. Edward, should I send someone there to check what’s going on?” Jayden asked worriedly.

“There is no need for that. Such big movements will only attract attention. We cannot reveal our identities,” Edward cautioned.

“Can’t you all have a little patience? What are you afraid of? You think Levi did not die? That’ll be impossible!”

Edward shot daggers at all of them.


So, everyone continued waiting with bated breath.

However, another hour soon passed, and something had yet to happen.

By now, Edward could no longer maintain his calm composure.

How could five hundred elite fighters take so long to kill Levi and his mother?

Something must have gone wrong…

Someone analyzed the situation and insinuated, “Let’s wait a little longer. There could have been a conflict when they were fighting over the job. After all, the killer gets three billion. Anyone would fight for this!”

“That’s true! Out of more than five hundred people, there will only be one person or one team that will end up with that three billion. They must all be fighting to murder Levi right now!”

Edward agreed with such an analysis.

Hence, everyone continued waiting.

However, another hour passed with no news being reported.


Edward was growing increasingly impatient.

“Oh no, oh no…”

At that moment, someone ran in bearing bad news.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 982

“What happened?” Edward immediately questioned.
“The experts have vanished inexplicably, all five hundred thirty-eight of them! It’s as if they were never even here!”

Everyone felt as if they had been struck by lightning when they heard this piece of shocking news.

“What? They all vanished? Every single one of them?”

Edward was in shock and disbelief, just like everyone else around him.

“That’s right! It’s too strange! Everyone actually disappeared! On top of that, there was no sign of fight nor struggle at the scene. None of them actually reached Levi’s residence. They just vanished into thin air…” the person reported in a hurry.

“How is that even possible? Five hundred over elite fighters disappearing into thin air? That’s clearly not possible!”

Jayden was shocked to the core.

Edward took a deep breath before he spoke. “Someone must have taken action against them! Otherwise, how can one explain the disappearance of more than five hundred elite fighters? Such an occurrence is simply absurd!”

Everyone was just as confused as him. “But who has the ability to make more than five hundred elite fighters suddenly disappear without a trace? Such a feat is clearly impossible!”

“Yes, who could possess such abilities and power? It definitely can’t be Levi; he doesn’t have such strong abilities!”

Levi was the first person they eliminated from their list of possible suspects.

Edward suddenly thought of something and asked, “Has there been someone prominent who arrived here not too long ago?”

“Come to think of it, Mr. Edward, there is indeed someone prominent here. The God of War is here, and he has apparently killed a number of prominent figures,” Jayden told him.

“Then, it must have been the God of War who noticed these elite fighters. With his power, he can definitely make more than five hundred people disappear instantly!” Edward contemplated out loud.

“In this case, is Levi really that lucky? Did the God of War actually save his life?” Jayden exclaimed helplessly.

Edward was suddenly reminded of Jonah’s warning.

The latter had already warned him not to take action.

“What could the Garrison family of Haven find difficult about killing a bastard? How can that be possible? I guess Jonah and the rest have already met the God of War.”

Everything soon made sense to Edward.

“Yes, that’s possible. I heard that Jonah was once saved by Kirin, who reports to the God of War. Hence, it’s only logical that he would not dare to do anything under their watchful eye!”

Jayden affirmed Edward’s speculation.


Edward slammed his hands on the table violently.

“That’s to say, as long as we are here, we will not be able to kill Levi?” Edward snarled.

“It seems like it! Whatever we do will be observed by the God of War, and there is no way of escaping his scope.”

“How can one bastard be so lucky?” Edward sneered.

Damien had said that the rest of them would have to die if the bastard did not.

“Think of a way to get Levi and his mother out of here. Get them to a place where we are not under the sight of the God of War!” Edward ordered as he tried to keep the tone of exasperation out of his voice.

“Yes, sir!”

“Oh yes, Mr. Edward, I’ve heard that the God of War is also a Garrison. Could he be one of the Garrisons of Oakland City? Apart from the Garrison clan of Oakland City, no other Garrison branch has the ability to produce a superior talent like this!”

Jayden could not help but ask.

“Oh yes, when the God of War appeared out of nowhere, we assumed that he was a Garrison talent! However, after we investigated, we found out that it was not so! Both the Grand Master and Master Tyrone wishes he were a Garrison too!”

“If the God of War belongs to the Garrison clan of Oakland City, our position will surely be further elevated!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 983

Edward was hopeful as well.
The Grand Master, Kenny Garrison, Tyrone’s father, who was also Levi’s supposed grandfather, had once said that if they were ever to meet the God of War, the man was to be their god-grandson.
They shared the same last name anyway; their positions and ranks also perfectly matched.

“Come on, if this bastard had even one-tenth of the God of War’s powers, would the Garrison clan need to kill him? Master Tyrone and even the Grand Master himself would need to plead for him to return to the family!”

Edward sighed.

Jayden allowed himself to smile. “How could you say such a thing, Mr. Edward? How could you compare a bastard to the God of War? There is no point of comparison between the two of them at all!”

“That’s true. The bastard is miles and miles beneath the God of War!”

Edward’s eyes scanned the room before he said, “Think about how we can get the two of them out of there!”

To which Jayden replied, “Mr. Edward, I have an idea!”

“Out with it then!”

“Mr. Edward, you could use the Garrison clan of Oakland City’s name to issue a command to the South Hampton’s Joneses. You could instruct them to bring Emma Jones home and reinstate her identity as a Jones. With that, Emma and Levi will definitely leave for the Jones residence. By then, won’t they be ready for slaughter?”

Jayden chuckled menacingly after he shared his thoughts.

Edward nodded in satisfaction, saying, “Brilliant! We will go with what you have proposed then!”

He then added, “I will arrange for a group of top assassins to lie in ambush throughout their journey. The moment Levi appears in South Hampton, they will instantly decimate him.”

That night itself, Edward brought his men to the Jones residence in South Hampton.

“Michael, since Emma has been freed, reinstate her identity! This is an order from the Garrison clan!”

Edward delivered his command directly.

Michael, the head of the Joneses, did not think too much about such an order.

When he heard that he was allowed to bring Emma home, he was very emotional and immediately agreed to do so.

The next day.

Everything went about as normal among Levi’s family; it was as if nothing had happened.

However, a huge earthquake had occurred last night…

Zoey and Emma were completely ignorant about it.

“Zoey, you should head to work first. I have something to do here,” Levi informed.

He then headed to the warzone compound to find out more about last night’s situation.

Lyndsay was hiding in a dark corner in front of the Morris Group building, observing her surroundings the entire time she was there.

She was camped out there to confirm Levi’s death.

She had resorted to such measures as Jayden had not cared to update her on anything.

“Oh? Only Zoey is here. And she’s walking in such a hurry? Levi is definitely dead!”

Lyndsay almost laughed out loud.

Her most hated enemy was finally dead!

“Levi, take a look at how I will torture Zoey now!”

Lyndsay laughed once more before she put on her shades and walked towards the entrance of Morris Group.

“I’m here for Zoey!”

She walked into Zoey’s office with an air of arrogance. “Oh, you’re still in the mood to come to work, Ms. Lopez? Why don’t I see you crying?”

Such a statement made Zoey very confused.

What’s up with Lyndsay?

Is there something wrong with her?

She said she wanted to kneel in front of Levi yesterday, and here she is today, spouting strange things.

What’s wrong with her?

“Are you alright?” Zoey asked.

“I’m just here to see you. Mentally, you’re a lot stronger than I expected you to be. And here I was expecting you to collapse. Or do you actually not love Levi nor care about him at all?”

Lyndsay was intrigued by how the other woman behaved; it was as if nothing had happened.

“What do you mean I don’t care about him? Of course I love him.”

Zoey was getting more and more befuddled.

What is she even doing here?

At that very moment, the office door opened, and in walked Levi.


Lyndsay screamed out loud when she saw him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 984

Zoey grew even more confused.
Why on earth is Lyndsay spouting nonsense?

“Do I look like a ghost to you?”

Levi chuckled at her question.

Lyndsay gawked at the man with a frightened and incredulous expression.

“She’s acting really weird. Why does she keep talking gibberish?”

Zoey’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly, and bewilderment glinted in her big, round eyes.

“She’s here to kneel before me.”

With that, Levi dragged the terrified woman out of the office and to the front of the company’s entrance.

Only then did Lyndsay slowly regain her composure.

“You… You’re not dead?” she asked in disbelief.

“I told you I wouldn’t die, didn’t I?” Levi chuckled.

The woman hurriedly sent a text to seek confirmation on the matter, and Jayden soon verified that Levi’s death did not occur as planned.

“How are you still alive? It should’ve been impossible!”

She couldn’t wrap her head around this fact.

“Why do you say so? Did you send someone to murder me?”

The grin on Levi’s face grew even wider as he spoke.

“No, no… I should actually get going…”

Turning around, Lyndsay tried to scurry away.

“Hold on. Did I say you could leave?”

Levi’s voice echoed in her ears.

“What? How can you stop me from leaving? What are you trying to do?” she retorted fearlessly.

I’m not scared of him. He’s just an illegitimate bastard who’s going to lose his life anytime.

“Do you still remember our bet yesterday?”

His words made Lyndsay’s expression fall. Yet, the woman gritted her teeth, denying it. “Our bet? What bet are you talking about? I don’t know a thing about it.”

“Besides, you’re not qualified to have ever placed a bet with me,” she added.

“You said it right here yesterday evening. You told me that if I’m still alive today, you’ll kneel before me now,” Levi stated slowly, enunciating every word.

“No way! No such thing happened! Why would I agree to such a lame bet?” Lyndsay denied adamantly.

“Move aside! I’m leaving!”

She attempted to shove him out of the way, but he caught ahold of her and said, “I’ll let you go only if you kneel to me.”

Levi’s voice was ice cold and intimidating.

Lyndsay’s face flushed in embarrassment.

Of course I remember the bet. But there’s no way I’m going to kneel to this bastard! That’ll be the humiliation of a lifetime! I’m the vice president of the Pinnacle Group and a prominent figure under the Garrison clan of Oakland City. According to the norms in the upper echelons of society, I’m nobler than the others because of my close association with the Garrison clan. It’ll be so embarrassing if I kneel before a lowly illegitimate son like him. So there’s no way I’m going to admit it.

“You claimed that there’s a bet between us. Do you have any proof of it?” she asked, continuing to insist that she had nothing to do with whatever bet the man was talking about.

Only Levi and I were here yesterday, so I’m sure he has no proof.

Levi burst into mocking laughter.

“You want proof? I have it.”

He took his phone out and played a recording of what Lyndsay had said yesterday.

Her voice sounded from the phone speakers, and it was clear that she had indeed said she would kneel to Levi if he wasn’t dead.

“You… You…”

Never had she thought that he would have recorded their conversation.

She wasn’t aware of the fact that Levi actually made a habit of keeping pieces of evidence whenever he was dealing with cunning people like her.

“What else do you have to say? Kneel before me now,” he sneered at her.

Lyndsay shot him a death stare and said, “So what if you have proof? The recording must be fake! Even if it’s real, I was only joking. How dare you ask me to kneel? Dream on! Never in your lifetime will you be qualified for me to kneel before you. It’ll be impossible for you to make me do such a thing!”

Lyndsay continued to insist on leaving shamelessly.

Levi scowled. Alright. I guess there’s only one way to handle a scoundrel like her.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 985

The only way for me to get my point across would be me hitting her.
Crisp and loud, a tight slap landed on Lyndsay’s cheek.

She was dumbstruck by the sudden blow he had landed on her, so she stared at Levi in utter disbelief.

“How dare you slap me?”

“I only did so because you refused to kneel before me.”


Levi then gave her another slap.

Within seconds, the woman’s reddened face swelled up severely.

“I’ll hit you once more if you don’t get on your knees.”


“Are you going to kneel or not?”

Just when he was about to slap her for the fourth time, Lyndsay fell heavily to her knees with a thud in front of him, begging with a whimper, “I… I will kneel now… Don’t hit me anymore…”

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud…

She knelt before Levi ten times.

In the meantime, the employees of the Morris Group looked at the two with curiosity in their eyes.

Even Zoey and Iris were watching the scene play out.

“Iris, what’s going on? Why would the arrogant Lyndsay Granger kneel in front of Levi? This is unbelievable!” Zoey exclaimed.

A secretary beside them agreed, “You’re right. Lyndsay is the vice president of Pinnacle Group. Why would she do this?”

Iris only gave the woman an awkward smile without saying a word.

Because he’s the omnipotent boss of Morris Group.

Staring at the scene downstairs, Zoey was intrigued by Levi, the enigmatic man.

He sure is a man of mystery.

Levi stood at the company’s entrance and flashed Lyndsay half a smile. “You wouldn’t have gotten slapped if you had just been honest and knelt before me.”

The woman scuttled away hastily once she finished kneeling to him.

Her eyes were full of hostility and resentment as she left in a hurry.

Six years ago, he chased me out of North Hampton, and that moment was the biggest shame in my life. Now, he made me go through such terrible humiliation again.

Her hatred toward him began to grow even stronger.

“Just you wait, Levi Garrison. I won’t let you off the hook for this!” she growled at him through gritted teeth.

However, Levi couldn’t care less about her and her threats. “You couldn’t stand against me six years ago, let alone now.”

Lyndsay rushed over to ask Jayden about Levi, and the latter gave her a straightforward answer, telling her that she had no right to enquire about the matter.

It was late at night when Levi reached home.

He saw Emma oozing delight and excitement when he stepped into his house.

“Mom, what made you so happy?” he asked.

“Levi, your grandpa has asked me to head back to the Jones residence. He’s going to reinstate me as the daughter of the Jones family and rewrite my name on the family register in our family’s ancestral shrine,” his mother replied with much enthusiasm.

The woman didn’t have many wishes. Returning to the Jones family was one of them.

Nevertheless, Levi’s brows knitted together at his mother’s words.

The Joneses never mentioned this before. Why do they want to reinstate Mom all of a sudden?

He let out a snicker as a wave of realization hit him.

This must be an order from the Garrison clan. Michael must have thought the Garrison clan has decided to let bygones be bygones and thinks that they’ve stopped going against mom and I. Little does he know that this is just a scheme of theirs. The Garrison clan is trying to lure us out of here so that they can kill us on the way to the Jones residence or in South Hampton.

Michael came to pick Emma up himself the next day.

The father-and-daughter duo delightedly chatted for a while upon seeing each other.

Emma asked inquisitively, “Dad, did the Garrison clan really ask you to reinstate me as your daughter? Does this mean they won’t pursue the matter anymore?”

Michael let out a light laugh while nodding his head. “That’s for sure. I believe they will stop holding you accountable. That’s why I’m allowing you to come back home.”

She shed tears of joy at the news.

“Finally, my son and I are safe. We can now live in peace.”

Levi chose not to debunk the scheme too early. I’m okay with it as long as mom is happy.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 986

“Mr. Garri… Levi, let’s head off then.”
Thankfully, Michael reacted quickly enough not to address Levi wrongly.
“Sure, let’s get moving.”

Soon, a large convoy of the Jones family’s luxurious cars could be seen headed to South Hampton.

This time, Michael had employed the most impressive homecoming etiquette because of the guilt he felt toward his daughter and Levi’s status.

In the car, Emma could barely contain her eagerness to head home.

The Garrison clan has finally overlooked the grudges between us. Hence, I can now live a worry-free life with dignity.

The moment the convoy of luxurious cars departed, Edward was notified right away.

“Alright, we should get going too. It’s time to send Levi a great gift,” Edward said with a sneer.

The Jones family’s cars soon crossed the border into South Hampton, heading toward the suburbs, where the Jones residence was located.

Emma had fallen asleep on the way there.

Gazing at the woman, Levi made a vow in his heart. Mom, I’ll protect your dream and hopes. There’s no way I’ll let the Garrison clan harm us.

On the other hand, Emma’s father was engrossed in his grand plans for his family.

With his mother around, Levi had no choice but to accept this man as his grandpa.

As a result, the future of the Jones family seemed secured.


The convoy of cars screeched to a stop abruptly.

“What’s going on?” Michael immediately shouted, demanding answers.

A group of fighters dressed in black appeared on both sides of the road with murderous looks on their faces.

Michael got out of the car and saw a few familiar faces, including Edward’s.

“Mr. Edward, what is the meaning of this?”

The man was baffled by what he saw.

“Hahaha! The God of War was present in the vicinity of Levi and his mom’s place, so it was inconvenient for us to make any moves against the two. That’s why we lured them out. Thanks to you, we now have a golden opportunity to seize them.”

Edward let out a sinister laugh.

Only then did Michael realize that he had been fooled.

I was wondering why the Garrison clan chose to let go of the enmity out of the blue. They even allowed Emma to join the Jones family again. Turns out that it was just a scheme to lure Levi out to his death.

Moments later, Emma got out of the car too, and she shuddered the second she laid eyes on Edward.

I can never forget this man. After all, he’s Tyrone Garrison’s butler.

“Ms. Jones, we meet again. It’s been thirty years,” Edward said with a smile.

However, his tone soon turned vicious. “It’s a shame that I’ll have to bid farewell to you when we’ve just met.”

Emma gave him a bitter smile. “Why can’t you guys let my son and I off?”

“Hahaha… No way! You and that bastard don’t deserve to live! How can you not understand this even after thirty years?”

Edward laughed out loud scornfully at her.

“What about Tyrone? Can he really bear to kill me and his own flesh and blood?” the woman questioned exasperatedly.

Edward only sniggered in response. “His own flesh and blood? Master Tyrone has only one son – Damien Garrison. Olivia Garcia is his only wife.”

“Who are you two in the eyes of Master Tyrone? Does he even know you? Stop humiliating yourself! You’ll never be able to marry into the Garrison clan!”

Edward’s insults were like a sharp blade that was stabbing Emma’s heart over and over again.

The immense heartache made her feel as if her heart was bleeding.

“You, together with that bastard you gave birth to, will vanish forever today! Master Tyrone will not be troubled anymore.”

The man broke into a fit of laughter after speaking.

“Do you mean we’re going to die?” Levi asked suddenly.

“Are you the bastard?” Edward asked him in return, his eyes ablaze with anger.

Levi sneered in an icy voice, “If my mom wasn’t beside me now, you would’ve been dead after you said such things.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 987

He refused to show the violet and murderous side of him in front of his mother. Otherwise, these people would’ve been long dead.
Emma stared intently at her son, and a pang of terror washed over her once she caught a glimpse of brutality in him.
Levi’s words briefly stunned Edward and his men.

“How arrogant! You actually think you can kill Mr. Edward? That’s ridiculous!”

“How dare a bastard like you be so boastful? You’re digging your own grave!”

Edward’s men retorted in anger.

Unexpectedly, Edward grinned instead of growing mad. “That’s the difference between Mr. Damien and this bastard. Mr. Damien proves himself with his ability, but this bastard is all bark and no bite. The two of them are worlds apart.”

Right then, Michael warned him coldly, “Mind your language, Edward! You despicable old coot.”

Edward and his men could not believe what they had just heard from the head of the Joneses.

“What? Michael, how dare you talk back to us? You sure have got a lot of nerve.”

All this while, a mere servant like Caleb was sufficient to oppress the entire Jones family. Michael used to be too timid to utter a word in the presence of the Garrison clan.

But he had the guts to shout at Edward today.

His behavior was totally unacceptable in their eyes; they didn’t know that the man was completely unafraid of them now.

Michael smirked. Why should I be afraid when Levi is here?

“Damn you, Michael! How dare you speak to me that way! Believe it or not, I can get rid of the entire Jones family with only a few words!” Edward shrieked in rage.

Michael’s heart skipped a beat at the man’s threat.

Caleb alone – not to mention Edward – had the capability to wipe out the Jones family.

Such a feat was a piece of cake for them; they were way too powerful.

“I don’t believe you! The Garrison clan has always been haughty in Oakland City, and now you’re behaving atrociously everywhere else! Do you really think no one is able to stand against you?” Michael refuted.

“Are you really going to side with the bastard and his mom against our family?”

Edward shot daggers at him.

“Yes! So what if we go against you? We’re not afraid at all!” Mia, the head of the Joneses, suddenly declared.

“Yes! No one can touch my daughter and grandson as long as I’m around. Not only will I protect them, but I’ll reinstate them. She’s my daughter and a part of the Jones family!” Michael bellowed firmly.

Edward was enraged by his words. Wherever he went, everyone had revered; no one had dared to oppose the Garrison clan.

The Joneses were the first.

They had actually outrightly challenged the majestic Garrison clan.

According to the rules set by the Garrison clan in Oakland City, all the Joneses had to be slaughtered for this act alone.

“Fine! You and your family are out of your minds for wishing to go against the Garrison clan. You lot indeed have balls of steel!” Edward growled.

He then sneered, “Do you really want to protect the mother-and-son duo? How are you going to do that? Or does the Jones family have what it takes to save them? What a joke!”

The man waved his hand, and dozens of fighters showed up instantly.

He had brought these highly skilled fighters from the Garrison clan along with him. Every one of them was comparable to Caleb.

There was no way out for the Joneses today.

“I’ll protect them even if it costs my life!”

Michael went all out, not just for his family’s sake, but also for Levi to see his determination.

“You can’t protect the Jones family!”

Edward was merciless.

“What if we join him?”

A voice suddenly rang out.


At the next second, countless figures emerged from the woods on both sides of the road.

About a thousand of them appeared on each side – a large crowd forming behind and in front of them.

The men surrounded the place in no time.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 988

Such a massive formation startled everyone, including Edward and his fighters.
Never had they expected there to be so many men waiting in ambush.
Despite their unparalleled capabilities, Edward and his fighters couldn’t help panicking on the inside.

The Joneses were taken aback by such a sight, but they soon snapped back to their senses and were over the moon when they recognized the faces of some of those men.

Among the crowd stood an old man – he was no one other than Xabian.

Xabian stepped forward and bellowed, “Xabian Goel and the top hundred prominent families from South Hampton are here to welcome Ms. Jones.”

The rest of the men gathered around him followed his lead and shouted, “Welcome home, Ms. Jones!”

Their deafening voices shook everyone present to the core.

Meanwhile, Emma gaped at them in astonishment and disbelief.

What’s going on here?

Xabian cast a glance at Michael. “What are you waiting for? Take Ms. Jones home now.”

Snapping out of his trance, Michael glanced at Edward, hinting to Xabian that the latter and his fighters were still in his way.

Squinting his eyes slightly, Xabian said in a cold voice, “Who dares stand in the way of the top hundred prominent families from South Hampton?”

“Yes! Who dares stop us from welcoming them home?” the others followed and yelled.

This is ridiculous!

Fury spiked within Edward at the sight of the huge crowd.

I thought the Joneses were the only ones who had the audacity to resist the Garrison clan. But now, even the top hundred prominent families from South Hampton are on Emma’s side. Are they trying to challenge our authority?

“Hold on. Don’t you dare leave!”

With a dignified expression, Edward scanned through Xabian and his men. “The Garrison clan demands Emma Jones’ and her son’s lives to be taken. Do you understand?”

“Leave now! No outsider is allowed to meddle in this matter, especially peasants like you,” someone from the Garrison clan reprimanded.

Hearing that, Xabian chuckled. “Firstly, South Hampton is our territory. Secondly, Ms. Jones is under our protection, so one shall touch her.”

“That’s right! None of you can oppress us in our territory!”

“Michael, take them away! I’ll see who dares to stop you from leaving. We don’t go around stirring up trouble, but we’re not cowards. We’ll go all out to fight against anyone who provokes us!”

Xabian was adamant in his decision, undaunted by the fighters that were glaring his way.

The attitude of the top hundred prominent families enraged the members of the Garrison clan.

Since when does the Garrison clan from Oakland City have no authority here? Are these people mad? How dare they resist us and meddle in our affairs?

“Xabian, have you thought this through? Are you sure you want to poke your nose into the Garrison clan’s affairs?” Edward scowled.

“Yes, I’m sure. Whoever lays a hand on Ms. Jones and Mr. Garrison will be considered our enemy. We’ll fight with all we have even if we’re no match for you! So what if you’re members of the Garrison clan? We’re not afraid of you! We’ll not let you off since you’re causing havoc in our territory.”

Xabian squared them up, showing the resolution of the prominent families to war to the knife.

Edward was now smoldering with rage.

There’s surely a bunch of lunatics if they’re crazy enough to cross the Garrison clan!

The Jones family’s cars began on their journey once again, ignoring Edward and his fighters, who were bottling up their wrath while watching them leave.

The fighters clutched their weapons tightly, prepared to pounce on and kill Levi and his mom on Edward’s command.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The entire place was in pin-drop silence; everyone’s racing heartbeats were almost audible.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 989

A fight was about to break out as the tense atmosphere enveloped every one of them.
If the Garrison clan made the first move, the top hundred prominent families would not back down, even if such actions would cost them their lives.
The Garrison clan fighters were still waiting for Edward’s command.

However, the man didn’t utter a word even after the Jones family’s cars disappeared out of their sight.

What’s happening? Has Mr. Edward given up? Are we not going to kill them?

The fighters were baffled.

Why should the Garrison clan fear these men from South Hampton? Back then, even Caleb could handle them single-handedly.

Staring at Edward, Xabian said, “Give it a try. I don’t mind sacrificing my life fighting against you.”

All the men on Xabian’s side glared at the fighters, ready for a fight to the death.

In the end, Edward didn’t give the killing command, allowing the Jones family’s cars to drive away.

“Retreat!” Xabian instructed, and the top hundred prominent families left in unison.

Soon, only Edward and his fighters were left standing there.

“Mr. Edward, why didn’t you give us the command to kill them?”

Puzzled, his men questioned him.

Edward heaved a sigh. “I don’t understand why the top hundred prominent families stood up for Emma. What makes them so determined to do so? They didn’t relent, even after we warned them.”

The others couldn’t understand why that had happened either. “We have nothing to fear, Mr. Edward. They only had a few thousand men. It wasn’t a threat to us at all.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that. But if we chose to start a fight, both of us would’ve gotten hurt badly. After all, there are only dozens of men with us now. They outnumbered us greatly. Besides, the news will get about if we make a big deal out of this.” Edward analyzed the situation and broke it down for the fighters to understand.

“You’re right. If we pushed them over the edge, they might tell the whole Erudia about our deeds.”

“But are we just going to endure their disrespect?”

Edward sneered, “What else can we do? Kill them? Do you think that is possible? Let’s head back first. We need to strategize our next move.”

This time, the Garrison clan had lost miserably.

We could’ve killed them without breaking a sweat, but the prominent families from South Hampton saved them. Something is not right. Back then, Caleb alone could oppress the entire South Hampton, but the people are now willing to risk their lives to protect the mother-and-son duo. There must be something fishy going on.

Meanwhile, the Jones family’s cars had arrived at the Jones residence.

Emma was still in a state of bewilderment.

Why did the prominent families in South Hampton protect me? They even had the nerve to go against the Garrison clan.

Before she could piece the pieces together, she found herself in front of the ancestral shrine.

There was a set of complicated procedures to go through in accordance with the family law. Nevertheless, Michael couldn’t wait any longer to write his daughter’s name on the family register.

He couldn’t help shooting a few glances at Levi.

However, the latter simply stroked Mia’s head and said, “Make it simple.”

Mia nodded in agreement. “Right, let’s make it simple.”

After getting approval from both Levi and the head of the family, Michael simplified the procedures.

Before the last step of the reinstatement, Emma called out to Michael, causing everyone to turn and look at her with perplexed expressions.

“Father, are you sure about reinstating me?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m positive.”

Her father nodded firmly.

“But the Garrison clan has yet to agree to this. If you do it, you’re going against them, and they’ll certainly place the blame on us. Aren’t you or the Joneses scared?” she asked.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already thought it through. How can I let my daughter and grandchild be orphaned and homeless? I’ll fight against the Garrison clan if they ever blame us. I’ll do whatever it takes to reinstate you.”

Levi nodded in agreement. “Why should we be afraid of the Garrison clan?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 990

Hearing Levi’s comforting words, Michael felt assured that he was making the right decision.
Whatever happens, he’ll be here to back us up.
“I’m going to reinstate Emma Jones as a part of the Jones family in front of our ancestors today…”

Soon, the rituals ended, and Emma’s name was on the family register once again.

The woman had been waiting for this day for way too long.

Tears of joy escaped her eyes once the ritual was completed.

I thought my life was over. But much to my surprise, I reunited with my son and was reinstated as a part of the Jones family. I’ll be happy even if I die now. Yet, my biggest wish is to declare in front of the Garrison clan that my son isn’t a bastard, but a supreme ruler, whom all of you must look up to. However, that’s out of the question, as the Garrison clan is too powerful. No matter how competent Levi is, his thirty years of accomplishments are nothing compared to the Garrison clan, which has built a strong foundation over a few thousand years.

After Emma’s reinstatement, the Joneses from all over Erudia called to congratulate her.

Emma felt as if she was dreaming.

When she used to get into trouble, all the other extended families, other than the Jones family in South Hampton, shunned and cut ties with her right away.

Why are they congratulating me this time? I don’t get it. From Elder Goel’s attitude to the prominent families’ actions, everything just seems so odd.

Never had she thought that things had turned out this way because of her son.

At night, Emma finally had a reunion dinner with her family after thirty long years.

Meanwhile, Edward and his men were still lingering somewhere in South Hampton.

They dared not go back without killing Levi and his mother.

Damien would probably end their lives if they headed back empty-handed and bearing no good news.

“We can’t find out why Xabian did such a thing even after knowing that it’s the Garrison clan’s affair.”

After hours of searching, Edward and his men had managed to find nothing, not even one clue.

“Could it be because of Levi? That man seems mysterious to me.”

Someone voiced out their suspicion.

“Levi? You think that’s actually possible? I won’t need to kill him if he has the authority to command the top hundred prominent families in South Hampton. If that’s truly the case, Master Tyrone will bring him home,” Edward refuted coldly.

“That’s true. The bastard can’t be that powerful.”

Everyone nodded.

Just then, a call from Damien came.

“Edward, how’s everything going? Is it settled? Three days should have been more than enough for you to carry out your task.”

The man’s rough voice sounded on the other side of the phone.

“Mr. Damien, I…”

Edward was silent for fear of angering Tyrone’s son.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Haven’t you killed that bastard?”

Edward shuddered at his voice.

“Mr. Damien, please allow me to explain…”

“No! I don’t want any excuses from you! How is it that you haven’t killed him? You worthless piece of shit!”

His reprimand sent shivers down Edward’s spine.

The man knew Damien’s way of doing things better than anyone else. The latter was a vicious and ruthless psycho who could take someone’s life without so much as batting an eye.

Imagining the consequences scared the daylights out of Edward.

“Mr. Damien, there’s been a change in the situation. Perhaps we should rethink the decision of killing Levi,” he suggested carefully.

“What? Why can’t we kill that bastard? Are you out of your mind?” Damien roared.

“Mr. Damien, something happened when…”

“Do you want me to kill that bastard myself?”

“No, Mr. Damien. You shouldn’t need to handle such a small matter yourself.”

“Small matter? It’s been three days, but that bastard’s still alive! And yet, here you are, telling me that it’s a small matter?”

Damien then paused briefly, curious. “Is that bastard really that strong and tenacious? Is it really so hard to kill him?”

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