The Return of God of War Chapter 931-940

The Return of the God of War Chapter 931

Like a cannon, Levi shot his right fist into a man and sent him flying toward the crowd. It was as if the man had been hit by a sports car with five hundred horsepower.
Crack! Crack! Crack!
In an instant, more than thirty men were sent flying as the sound of bones cracking filled the air.

Those who were hit by Levi either had broken ribs, broken backs, or broken legs.

None of them walked away without a bone fracture because Levi’s punches were unbelievably powerful.

Amos was stupefied at the sight.

How can someone be this terrifying?

Levi put on a show as he cruelly beat up hundreds of men, making them wail helplessly.

Instead of killing those men, Levi crippled them as punishment for hurting his mother.


Levi sighed with relief as he dusted off his hands.

Around him were people laying over all the place, stacked up like mountains.

While Levi stood there with his chest puffed, the Brauses froze with their mouths wide open.

The two had trouble believing what they had just witnessed.

Is he even human?

He just crippled almost six hundred men by himself.

These men will be bedridden for a year!


Erwin slipped from the car and sat down helplessly on the ground.

This is just too frightening. I’ve never seen anyone this good.

“You’re next!”

Step by step, Levi walked toward the two.

“We… We’re sorry! You should know that we’ve actually treated your mother fairly. We never… We never gave her a hard time,” stuttered Erwin.

“That’s funny. Didn’t you just tell me about how you used to torture her?” Levi sneered.

Amos smiled apologetically before responding, “We… We were merely kidding. Why would we torture your mother? We wanted nothing but the best for her.”

“It’s true. We’ve been good to her. Just think about it, Mr. Garrison. It’s been nearly thirty years. How could she have survived if we weren’t good to her?” reminded Erwin.

“She would have passed away a long time ago if we’d tortured her, but she’s alive and well. That proves that we’ve been nice to her,” added Amos with a smile.

“That’s because she got lucky! She was strong!” roared Levi suddenly, which scared the living daylights out of the Brauses.

“Why don’t you take a guess at what I’m about to do to you guys,” suggested Levi with a smirk.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 932

The Brauses knew well that Levi’s smirk could only mean trouble for them.
“Please spare us, Mr. Garrison! We were only following orders.”
“We’re no different than dogs!”

The two quickly begged Levi for his forgiveness.

“The masters may be despicable, but the dogs aren’t any better.”

A murderous glint suddenly flashed across Levi’s eyes before he grabbed Amos by the collar and lifted the man off the ground.

Amos kicked his legs in the air as his face quickly turned red from suffocation.



Levi punched Amos on the ribs, and immediately, the sound of bone cracking could be heard.

The punch had completely fractured the man’s ribs.

“Argh!” Amos cried out in agony.




The other side of his rib cage was broken too.



Next was his breastbone, which collapsed after it was struck.



Another punch landed on his nose, and Amos’ face was sunken in.





Levi smashed every bone in the man’s body, including his arms and legs.

The King of Margo City had bone fractures all over his body.

His bones were so smashed up that they were almost powder-like.

Amos passed out eight times during his beating.

He would wake up when Levi’s punches landed on him before passing out again, and he continuously screamed with pain.

“Now, it’s your turn!”

Levi threw Amos aside before picking Erwin up.

Like what he had done to the man before, Levi broke Erwin’s bones, one by one, with his punches.

Erwin was weaker than his father. The son passed out thirteen times and screamed even louder.

The two went through hell at Levi’s hands and could only lie motionlessly on the ground because all of their bones were broken.

“Compared to what my mother has been through, this is mercy. I should have simply killed you,” stated Levi calmly.

The Brauses looked at Levi with fear because they knew that the man would continue to haunt them in their dreams.

“You’re only alive because I need you to send the Garrisons a message,” explained Levi.

“Tell them that Levi Garrison’s back and that nobody is to imprison my mother. I’ll kill anyone who tries to do so! One more thing. Tell them that I’ll pay them a visit soon. The most powerful ancient family in Erudia is now my enemy!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 933

“I… I admit that you’re powerful, but you’re nothing… Nothing compared to the Garrisons.”
It took every bit of strength in Amos to force out those words.
They’re the most powerful ancient family in Erudia, The Head of Erudia!

There’s no way that one man can overthrow a millennia-old ancient family.

They’ll never bow to a bastard like Levi.

“That’s also why I didn’t kill you. I want you to witness how I crush the Garrisons,” explained Levi calmly.


He then stomped on the ground with both of his feet, causing the house that had imprisoned Emma for nearly thirty years to collapse and turn into billows of smoke.

After that, Levi turned to leave the place.

He had finally destroyed his mother’s decades-old prison that day and undermined the Garrison’s authority.

Glancing at Levi’s back, the Brauses scoffed, “You can’t escape the Garrisons. You’ll see eventually.”

At that moment, Sylas had already left Margo City.

Although there were obstacles along the way, they were nothing that she could not handle.

On top of that, Zoey had powerful allies watching over her, like the fully-recovered Hades.

Most of the obstacles along their way were already taken care of.

“What happened to my son? Please. We have to go back,” begged Emma in tears.

Zoey was also worried about leaving Levi alone.

“Don’t worry. Mr. Garrison is fine,” assured Sylas confidently.

She was somewhat regretful that she did not get to see the God of War in all of his glory.

“Sylas, you seem to have a lot of faith in Levi.”

It was by women’s intuition that Zoey noticed how Sylas had changed her attitude toward Levi.

Sylas used to see Levi as her enemy, but she has since changed and she now seems to revere him.

The same thing happened to Iris.

Somewhere along the line, she began to treat Levi differently, as if he was a changed man.

Like Sylas, she’d put a lot of faith in Levi and had seemed to revere him too.

What happened to the both of them?

Zoey was starting to get paranoid and thought that everyone was hiding something from her.

“Mr. Garrison is not a reckless man,” explained Sylas.

At that point, a call came in from Levi, so Zoey and Emma finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“He wants us to return to South City without him. He’ll meet us there.”

Zoey then asked Sylas to continue driving.

“Emma, the border is just up ahead. When we pass it, you will have finally stepped out of Margo City,” uttered Zoey as she looked sympathetically at Emma.

What a poor woman!

She’s been imprisoned here for half her lifetime.

“No! I can’t do it!” exclaimed Emma suddenly when she was reminded by Zoey.

“If I step out of Margo City, we’ll be doomed!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 934

“What’s wrong, Emma?” asked Zoey in confusion.
“I will have broken my vow if I leave! The Garrisons will surely kill Levi! I know better than anyone just how powerful they are. You may not know this, but the Garrisons had sent a servant to silence the entire South Hampton. The servant made sure that everyone in the city said nothing of me. He was merely a servant to the Garrison family, and he alone was enough to frighten an entire city! Imagine what the entire family can do!”
When Zoey and Sylas heard that, they both took a deep breath, for they had a new understanding of the Garrisons’ strength.

If their servant was powerful enough to control the entire South Hampton, it’s hard to imagine how much more powerful the Garrison family is.

“The King of Margo City was nothing to the Garrisons. He’s not even worthy of being their guard dog. That’s why I can’t leave this city. For Levi’s sake, I insist on staying here!”

Emma then quickly got out of the car.

“You can’t do this, Emma! I know Levi. He’ll never give you up, not even if he has to go against the Garrisons or die trying. He won’t let you walk you away like this.”

Zoey immediately stopped Emma, who pessimistically responded, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to the both of you. It doesn’t matter how hard we try, we’ll never beat the Garrisons.”

“That’s fine with me. From the day I married Levi, I’ve sworn to be by his side no matter what. We will live and die together! Whatever comes, we’ll get through it together!”

“Good girl! Levi is blessed to have a wife like you.”

Emma was moved by her daughter-in-law’s words.

When they reached South City, Zoey immediately brought Emma to barbershops and beauty salons in the malls to give her mother-in-law a makeover.

“Emma, we’ll get the best doctors to treat you, and you’ll be in the pink of health again,” promised Zoey as she held Emma’s arm.

The three were about to enter a barbershop when a car suddenly drove toward them.

Then, Meredith, Robert, and the others stepped out of the car.

“What are you doing, Zoey?” asked Meredith coldly.

“Grandpa, Grandma, let me introduce you to… “

Before Zoey could finish, Meredith interrupted, “There’s no need for that. We know who this is. She is Levi’s mother, isn’t she?”

Meredith glanced at Emma with disgust.

She looks older than I’d thought.

Not only does she look dirty, rather, but she also reeks.

“Let go of her now! She’s filthy!” commanded Meredith.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 935

Self-conscious, Emma lowered her head and dared not to look at the well-dressed Meredith.
Nearly thirty years of hardship had taken its toll on the woman. Emma went from being a rich girl to a lowly old woman.
Thinking about her son was the only thing that kept her alive.

Otherwise, she would have already killed herself.

Feeling inferior after what Meredith had said, Emma subconsciously moved her arm and kept her distance from Zoey.

“Grandma, this is Levi’s mother, but she’s also my… “

Meredith interrupted her granddaughter once again, “Are you trying to tell me that she’s your mother-in-law? You and Levi are divorced, so that man has nothing to do with you anymore, much less his filthy mother. Just look at how dirty she is! And the horrible smell! How can you be related to a beggar like her?”

Meredith’s words only further deprecated Emma’s self-esteem.

She knew that she was only a liability to her son and daughter-in-law, regardless of her identity or other aspects.

“Grandma! How can you say that?” exclaimed Zoey.

“Do you even know what you’re doing, Zoey? Have you no idea who you are? You’re the director of the Oriental Star Group, and your net worth is more than ten billion! You’re even in charge of a fifty-billion project! Let me also remind you that you’re the granddaughter of the prominent Black family. How can you stand next to a beggar? To make things worse, she’s the mother of your Ex-husband! Are you not ashamed of yourself?”

Meredith did not give her granddaughter a chance to speak. “You’re a famous entrepreneur in this city. People look at you as you walk down the street, and paparazzi stalk you. Imagine if they’d caught you walking around with a beggar. It’ll ruin both you and your company. Not to mention the Black family! Have you not thought of these consequences?”

“Your Grandma is right. Our family may not be of noble descent, but we’re respected in South City. We’ll let go of what happened between you and Levi, but we’ll never agree to you hanging out with his filthy mother! Now come with us!” chimed in Robert, who then forced his granddaughter into the car.

“You too, Sylas!”

Meredith pushed Sylas to the car herself, and there was nothing that Sylas could do about it.

After all, she did not want to argue with Meredith, so she secretly texted Levi.

“If I see you disturbing my granddaughter again, I’ll kick you out of South City, you beggar!” threatened Meredith before leaving.


Left alone in a strange place, Emma felt as though her surroundings were spinning around her.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 936

Emma began to regret leaving Margo City.
Not only have I upset the Garrisons, but I’ve also affected Zoey’s life and business. Possibly even her relationship with Levi!
Zoey’s family was right in keeping their distance from me. That way, the Garrisons won’t go after them.

Looking around, Emma only felt increasingly self-conscious and afraid.

I’ll probably be doing everyone a favor if I’d just killed myself.


Just when Emma was considering suicide, she heard her son’s voice.

“Levi, your wife… “

“I know, Mom. Don’t blame yourself. No one despises my mother!”

Afterward, Levi gave his mother a makeover, which caused her to look much younger than before.

Although traces of her age and the hardship that she went through could not be removed, Levi believed that things would only get better for his mother from thereon forth.

The son promised to never allow his mother to suffer again.

“Mom, do you want to go to South Hampton?” asked Levi. Surprisingly, Emma shook her head.

“No. Bad things have happened to people around me. The Jones family was almost ruined because of me.”

“Then, we’ll stay in South City for now. After Zoey and I get married again, we’ll move to North Hampton.”

Levi did not want his mother to be in danger, so he brought her back to the Warzone compound.

Emma was relieved to see the compound again.

She would have been uncomfortable if she were to stay in a big manor.

Looking at the compound, Emma was smart enough to figure out why Zoey’s grandparents had wanted nothing to do with her or her son. Zoey had a net worth of tens of billions, while Levi was evidently worth much less.

Zoey would make a wonderful daughter-in-law, but she’s out of our league. This kind of mismatched marriage can only end in tragedy.

Emma harbored such thoughts to herself.

Isn’t that what happened to my own marriage?

The Joneses were not worthy of the Garrisons, and hence, my tragedy.

I should dissuade Levi from marrying Zoey because I know that it’s not going to end well.

At the compound, the Azure Dragon and his gang knelt before Emma when they found out who she was.

“Oh, there’s no need for such courtesy! Please get up.” Emma chuckled.

“They are family to me, Mom. You’ll be safe here with them. Nobody’s going to bully you when they’re around,” assured Levi.

As comforting as that sounded, Emma was not convinced that any of them could stop the Garrisons.

If only it were that easy.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 937

Little did Emma know that kneeling before her was the Five Great Wars Regiment.
Other than the God of War himself, no one else could match them.
In fact, the Cavalry Regiment was also hiding in the dark and ready to pounce.

With those warriors around, nobody would dare to attack the compound.

On the other side, Meredith had Zoey kneel on the ground back at home as punishment.

“You’ll only get up when you admit to your mistake!”

Rage flowed through Meredith like lava.

“What’s going on, Mom? What did Zoey do?” asked Aaron and Caitlyn as they hurried over.

“You’ll never guess who she’d gone out with today. It was Levi’s filthy mother!” shouted Meredith as she glared at the two.

“Isn’t Levi an orphan? How would he have a mother?”

The couple looked at each other in bafflement.

“You two really don’t know, do you? Levi’s no orphan because his mother is alive. It’s a shame that she turned out to be a beggar, though. The woman looked older than me! The wrinkles on her were horrifying! She was dirty and smelly like someone who had just crawled out of the sewer,” complained Meredith.

“I think that she is a sanitation worker. I noticed the uniform that she was wearing,” added Robert.

“Zoey was walking around with that beggar on a bustling street. If the paparazzi took a photo of that, Zoey would be in big trouble. Besides, she’s already divorced from Levi, so who is she to go shopping with the man’s mother?” continued Meredith furiously.

Aaron and Caitlyn were upset as well when they heard that. “You’re in the wrong here, Zoey. Why did you go out with Levi’s mother? Didn’t we tell you to stay away?”

“Levi was never a capable man. You’re way out of that kept man’s league! And now, he’s even brought his beggar of a mother along. The two of them are trying to live off of you!”

“Levi’s filthy mother must have heard about you. That’s why she’s deliberately trying to take advantage of you.”

The couple exchanged looks before Zoey finally voiced out, “Mom! Dad! It’s not what you think it is! She’s not that kind of person.”

Zoey wanted to tell them the truth about Emma so badly, but it did not seem like a good idea.

“I don’t care what kind of person she is, and I have no interest in finding out either.”

“We have only one thing to tell you. From now on, you and Levi are over. You’ll have nothing to do with that man anymore. Even if our family has to exhaust every resource and call in all favors, we’ll make sure that the two of you are separated!”

“Or, we’ll simply drive Levi and his mother out of Quebec,” threatened Robert and Meredith in unison.

The Blacks were hellbent on separating Zoey and Levi, no matter the cost.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 938

Zoey was stunned, for she never expected her parents and the entire Black family to oppose her marriage.
“You will kneel until you learn your mistake!”
Meredith glared daggers at Zoey.

“Hurry up and admit that you’re wrong, Zoey. Apologize to your Grandma,” ordered Caitlyn and Aaron.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” insisted Zoey.

“Then, you shall continue to kneel. Let’s see how long you can keep this up,” responded Meredith angrily.

She never had any problems in regard to controlling the other young ones in the family.

Zoey was the only one who was always rebelling against her grandmother, and that was why Meredith felt that her authority was challenged.

Meanwhile, in Margo City, Amos and his men were being carried away by family members because nobody could move.

It did not take long before the one handling Amos heard of what happened.

Amos only knew that the man’s name was Caleb and that he was a servant to the Garrisons.

Caleb was the servant who had rampaged through the entire South Hampton, silencing the city overnight.

Amos was unable to imagine just how powerful the Garrisons were, seeing that their servant could do that much to a city.

The man trembled all over when his phone rang.

“Do you know what you’ve done, Amos?” asked a cold voice.

“I… I do.”

Amos was so frightened that he could almost cry.

“You’d better have a good explanation for Emma’s absence in Margo City. Even her courtyard was laid to waste!”

“To tell you the truth, Emma’s bastard son came for her, and he was insanely powerful. My men were crippled and so was I. Mr. Garrison, you have to avenge us. He had even said that he was not afraid of your family and that he’ll be seeing you soon.”

Amos exaggerated the incident, in hopes of getting the Garrisons to avenge him, but Caleb merely laughed in response.

“That bastard thinks that he can challenge the most powerful ancient family in Erudia? He’s not even worthy of being my opponent, let alone the entire Garrison family. Heck, he’s not even worth mentioning to the Garrisons.”

Levi thought that the Garrisons would hear about him when he instructed Amos to send the message, but little did he know that he had not earned a mention yet.

The man’s appearance was not even worth mentioning to the Garrisons. Such news had merely reached the family’s servant.

“Since Emma has broken the rules, the Garrisons no longer have to abide by the agreement. Levi and his mother are nothing but a nuisance to the family, so the only way to deal with them is to kill them!” exclaimed Caleb as a murderous intent flashed across his eyes.


Amos almost cheered out loud.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 939

“Even the servant despises Levi, let alone the Garrison family. What makes him think that he has a chance against the Garrisons?” Erwin gritted his teeth in anger.
The man was not exaggerating because the Garrisons were indeed unbelievably powerful.
In the Brauses’ opinion, no matter how powerful Levi was, he would not be able to do a thing about the Garrisons.

Going against the most powerful ancient family would only get the man killed.

The Brauses were about to celebrate when they heard Caleb’s voice. “This will be the last mistake that you’ll ever make.”


Suddenly, the Brauses’ heads exploded.

A prominent family like the Garrisons would never have allowed the Brauses to live. They had always been decisive in tying up loose ends, and they would never tolerate mistakes.

Seeing what happened with Emma, they had to contain the situation.

“But… “

There was a deathly silence in Amos’ eyes.

Even with his bones broken, Amos thought that he could at least live, but things did not turn out as he expected.

That night, anyone who knew about Emma disappeared along with the Brauses.

On the other side, Zoey had knelt for a full day but still believed that she did nothing wrong, so Meredith decided to stop the corporal punishment. After all, Zoey was the hope and future of their family.

Meredith and her husband then had a discussion with Zoey’s parents. “Let’s find Levi and his mother. Then, we’ll drive them out of Quebec so that Zoey will never see them again.”

“I believe that this will work. We should also buy them off.”

Aaron and Caitlyn immediately agreed with the suggestion before heading off to the Warzone compound with Meredith and Robert.

Levi was surprised to see them there. “What brings you here?”

“Where’s your mother, Levi? Call her out,” ordered Meredith.

“What’s going on, Levi?”

Emma stepped out when she heard the commotion.

Both Aaron and Caitlyn grimaced when they caught sight of how weak and old Emma was. They soon realized that Meredith was not exaggerating at all.

What a disgrace!

Having her with us would be an insult to the family!

This ugly-looking thing shall never be our in-law!

Levi was bad enough, but his mother is even worse!

We were right to insist on the divorce.

Mother really does know best!

This time, we’ll make sure that Zoey doesn’t end up with Levi again.

“So, this is your mother, Levi?” asked Aaron.

“That’s right. What about it?”


Suddenly, Aaron burst out laughing.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 940

Levi was puzzled, but the sensitive Emma could tell that Aaron was mocking her.
The mother felt terrible for bringing shame upon her son.
“Aren’t you an orphan? Seeing as such, why would you have a filthy… I mean, is this a joke?” inquired Aaron.

Levi shook his head. “I’m not joking. This is my mother.”

“So, you’ll live with your mother?” chimed in Caitlyn.

“She’s my mother. Of course, she has to stay with me.”

“You’re a good son, but have you thought about your future?” asked Aaron seriously.

“What does that mean?”

“Didn’t you say that you’d wanted to marry Zoey and have a grand wedding? Now that you’ve found your mother, are you planning to have her stay with you and Zoey?”

Aaron was trying to control his anger.

“Of course! Zoey’s already met my mother, and they had no problem getting along. I don’t see why we can’t live together.”

“I don’t think so!” roared Aaron suddenly.

“Do you know what people say about you? Almost everyone at Morris knows that you’re a deadbeat. Are you and your mother planning to live off of Zoey for the rest of your miserable lives?”

Caitlyn then chimed in, “Are you going to bring your father home with you too? Do you seriously think that Zoey owes your family that much? Supporting you wasn’t enough? Now, she has to support your parents too?”

“We wouldn’t complain if they’d at least looked decent, but just look at your mother! She’s nothing but a disease-carrying old hag!”

“You’ve brought shame to Zoey. What has she done to deserve this?”

Under the couple’s barrage of insults, Emma broke down in tears.

I’m nothing but a liability to my son!

“Besides, Zoey’s the star entrepreneur of Quebec. Her net worth will reach fifty billion, if not hundreds of billions, in the future. She’ll be one of the elites in the upper class while your mother will remain a lowly sanitation worker. You and your family are not worthy of Zoey!” voiced Meredith.

“People will make fun of us for having in-laws like you!” added Robert.

Emma trembled all over when her worries actually came true.

She knew that her son could never be with Zoey because their relationship could only end in a tragedy.

“So what? What exactly are you guys here for?” asked Levi with a smile.

Aaron and Caitlyn were acquainted with Levi, so it was hard for them to be straightforward with the man.

“We want you and your mother to leave Quebec!” Meredith sneered.

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