The Return of God of War Chapter 921-930

The Return of the God of War Chapter 921

“Go with your son, Emma. Thank you for your hard work,” affirmed the team leader.
Levi then gave the man an earnest glance to show him his gratitude.
“Let’s go, Mom.”

The son supported his mother, and the two were ready to go home along with Zoey and Sylas.

Emma was surprised to see such a beautiful woman with them.

“This is Zoey, your daughter-in-law.” introduced Levi with a smile.

“I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through, Emma!” Zoey’s eyes had already reddened from all her crying.

After briefly introducing Sylas to Emma, they returned to the courtyard.

Emma had dreamt of seeing her son again for nearly thirty years, and she was willing to die for it no less. However, she also understood that she could never leave Margo City.

She never expected anyone to find her, much less to see her son again.

Still, her dream came true, and her son appeared before her very two eyes. He had even brought her daughter-in-law along.

The tears never stopped flowing down Emma’s face on their way home, but they were tears of joy.

“Levi, how did you know that I was here?” asked Emma curiously, for she was certain that the Garrisons had made it impossible for anyone to have found her.

“I received some help.”

On the way home, the mother felt like she had a multitude of questions to ask her son.

When Emma returned to the courtyard and saw the tombstone, her face turned grim. “Levi, don’t mind this.”

Emma then covered the engraving on the tombstone with her body.

“It’s okay, Mom. You don’t have to do that. I know that my name is on it.”

The mother’s face fell because she would rather have kept her son in the dark about it.

After getting inside the house, Emma wanted to serve her guests. Nonetheless, Zoey stopped her.

“Allow me to do so.”

“I’m so happy, Levi! Not only has my dream come true, rather, you’ve also found yourself such a kind and beautiful wife. Now, I can die without regrets.”

“You still have a good life ahead of you, Mom. I’ll make sure that you become the happiest mother in the world!” promised Levi as he held his mother’s hands tightly.

“Seeing you is enough for me,” responded Emma with a smile.

“Mom, have you ever thought of leaving?”

“I can’t do that. Didn’t you see the tombstone? They’ll kill you if I leave this place.”

“Are they using that rock to keep you here?”

“No. They’ve also got people watching me, and they’ll never allow me to step foot out of Margo City.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 922

Emma continued, “It’s not just Margo City. For almost thirty years, I was only allowed to move within this block. They warned me that if I ever stepped out of the boundary, I’d receive a serious beating.”
Levi widened his eyes so much that they could almost drop out. “What? You were only allowed to move within this block for almost thirty years?”
What’s worse than being imprisoned in a city for almost thirty years is being confined to a single block. Those ruthless scumbags!

“Yes. The Garrisons had ordered the people in Margo City to imprison me here. To make it foolproof, they deliberately narrowed the range down to just this block.” Emma sighed.

When Levi heard her words, rage pulsed through his veins, and a murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

“Emma, have you been a sanitation worker all these years?” The thought of it broke Zoey’s heart.

“Yes. They control everything that I do, including my job. I was only allowed to be a sanitation worker because they’d wanted me to struggle,” replied Emma with a nod, who then smiled at the tearful Zoey. “I was fine, though. On top of my salary, scavenging around was enough to help me get by.”

Even so, everybody else could see how things really were, for it was impossible to forget seeing what Emma was willing to do for fifty.

“But your health…” Zoey choked before she could finish.

“It’s nothing. As long as I continue to take my medications, I’ll be fine. The pain does get a little worse during cloudy and rainy days, though,” explained Emma casually.

Still, her sickness made her look at least twenty years older than she was.

Momentarily, Emma suddenly remembered something. “You guys had better leave now. You shouldn’t stay here for too long.”

“Why?” asked Levi and Zoey in confusion.

“They’re always watching me. For almost thirty years, nobody was allowed to enter this courtyard or even talk to me. That was why I didn’t have to lock the door. Nobody would dare to come by. If they find you here, you’ll all be in danger. There might even be a serious beating.”

In a panic, Emma tried to hurry the three out, but Levi would not budge.

“It’s okay, Mom. Nobody will lay a finger on you while I’m around.”

Levi sneered. “Nobody bullies my mother!”

“We’re no match for these people, so please just go! They’ll see you!” begged Emma anxiously.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 923

Emma was well aware that she was constantly being watched, so it was only a matter of time before her son and his companions were spotted.
“Just go!”
Emma even pushed her son to get him to leave.


Emma’s face fell when she heard the door opening.

“Oh, no! They’re here!” exclaimed Emma with a pale face.

“Hey, old swine! Someone’s here with you, aren’t they? Did you forget the rules? How dare you bring outsiders home with you!” threatened a voice from outside.

Seeing how terrified his mother was, Levi realized how she was treated before.

“What do we do now?”

Emma was as anxious as a mouse in a cattery.

“We’ll be fine, Mom. You have me now,” assured the son.

“Let’s go and check it out.” Levi and the others then went out to the yard to meet a few fierce-looking young men.

“So, you really do have people here, you old swine! Are you trying to get beaten up?” sneered the group leader.

Seeing how his mother had shrunk behind him in terror, Levi was infuriated. “Do you guys beat her up a lot?”

“We do. So what? She’s nothing but an old piece of trash,” ridiculed the leader before the other men laughed. Unfortunately, none of them realized the severity of Levi’s rage.

“Get yourself over here and kneel before me, you old swine! You’ve broken the rules, so that means that it’s time for a beating!” shouted the man.

Emma was so frightened that she trembled all over; it was evident that she had been beaten up before.

There was no way that her frail and sickly body could take such a beating.

“Hiding, are we? I’ll drag you out if I have to!”

The man then rushed toward Levi to grab Emma.


Levi slapped his hand onto the man’s wrist to grab hold of it.

“What the… “ The man tried to break free, but it was to no avail.

“Release me before I beat you up too,” threatened the young man.


A cold glint flashed across Levi’s eyes before he lifted his leg to kick the young man. The thug was soon sent tumbling backward.

“Get them! Get all of them!” roared the young man as blood dripped out of his mouth.

The other men rushed forward, but Sylas took care of them all with only a few kicks and punches.

Emma’s jaw dropped when she saw how powerful her son and his companions were.

The men got back up before threatening, “So, you’ve got yourself some help to leave Margo City, huh? We’ll see about that, Emma. You’re not out of the woods yet!”

“No, that’s not it. I… I’m not going to leave Margo City,” denied Emma immediately.

“Then, how would you explain this? There’s no denying it. Just you wait!” shouted the men before retreating.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 924

“It’s all over now. Get as far away as possible, and don’t ever return. Seeing you once more is enough for me. I have no other regrets.”
Emma had completely broken down. “If you don’t leave now, they’ll return to kill you.”
She was not to contact the outside world, much less allow anyone to find her. That was the rule.

She was told that anyone who found out about her existence would be killed, and that was how the Garrisons ensured that nobody would ever find her.

“To tell you the truth, I came here to take you away with me, so pack your things. We’re leaving, Mom.”


Emma could not believe what she had just heard. I hadn’t even dared to leave this block, why would I leave the city?

She had been imprisoned in that city for nearly thirty years, and the invisible shackles on her had become part of her.

Even in her dreams, she could not escape the purgatory. I don’t have the courage to do it. Anything but leaving Margo City!

“I understand what you’re trying to do for me, but the Garrisons have set the rule that I’m not to step out of this city, ever! If I do, they’ll kill you. You saw the tombstone, right? That’s for you!” Tears were already dropping like rain from Emma, but the idea amused Levi. “Nobody can kill me. Not yet anyway.”

The man had survived the battlefield for six years, and no matter how bad things got, he would always come back alive. Thus, why the heck would I be afraid of the Garrisons? Besides, a small place like Margo City doesn’t scare me.

“Listen to me, Mom. One way or the other, I’m going to get you out,” insisted Levi.

“Do you know who’s keeping me here? He’s the most powerful man in the city, The King of Margo City himself! The Garrisons got the man to imprison me for nearly thirty years. He’s practically the city itself! He has eyes all over the place and he knows exactly who is in his city.”

Emma continued to dissuade her son. “I know that you’re an extraordinary man, but you’re no match for The King of Margo City, let alone the Garrisons. Levi, listen to me and leave now!”

Even Zoey was starting to worry for her husband. How is Levi going to fight against all of these people?

“Levi, maybe we should leave first and come up with a plan later,” suggested Zoey.

“You do that, Zoey, but I’m staying,” insisted Levi.

“No. We’re all in this together!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 925

Emma grew anxious as she wondered what to do about the hard-headed couple.
Several cars arrived at the courtyard, and dozens of men stepped out of them.

“Emma, you old swine! I’d heard that you’d gotten yourself some help to escape Margo City. Oh my, the audacity this woman has!”

Shivers traveled down Emma’s spine when she heard the voice.

It was Erwin, the son of Amos Braus, The King of Margo City.

Amos had already delegated his son to watch over Emma because he wanted the Garrisons to recognize Erwin

This would be a great help to his son’s future.

When Erwin heard that Emma was trying to escape, he quickly brought a group of men over.

“So it’s true.” Erwin sneered at Levi and the rest.

“Didn’t you use to kneel whenever I arrived, Emma? What’s changed? Grown a pair, have you?” Erwin continued to sneer as anger flooded through Levi’s veins.

I’ll ensure that these people shall pay for what they have done to my mother for the past twenty years!

“I’m sorry, Mr. Braus. I’ll do it right now.”

Emma was about to kneel before the man, but Levi stopped her.

“Don’t, Mom. You shall bow to no one.”

“Mom? So this is your son?” Shocked, Erwin shifted his focus to Levi. “This is Levi Garrison? Tell me, old swine, how did this bastard find you?”

Erwin was surprised because he always heard his father promising the Garrisons that nobody would know that Emma was in Margo City, especially not those who were close to her.

Never did they expect Emma’s son to have found her.

If the Garrisons were to find out about this, their family alone would be ruined, if not massacred.

Erwin perspired all over at the thought of it.

“Well done, Levi. I didn’t expect you to have stumbled upon this place,” admitted Erwin after taking a deep breath.

“Emma, you should know the rules. Whoever knows about you and your location will be killed, let alone your son. He’ll never walk out of here alive because we can’t have the world know of your true identities.”

A murderous glint flashed in Erwin’s eyes before he coldly ordered, “Kill all three of them!”

If it were the usual, Erwin would have captured a beauty like Zoey for his own enjoyment.

However, there was too much at stake then.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 926

When Emma and Zoey heard that Erwin wanted them killed, both of them panicked.
“Please spare my son, Mr. Braus. I’d never said that I wanted to leave Margo City. Heck, I wouldn’t even leave this courtyard!” begged Emma after kneeling before the man.
“Mom, what are you doing?”

Levi quickly helped his mother up.

“What if he spreads the information that you’re here or goes to the Garrisons? I can’t allow that to happen. My father would never allow it! Killing them is the only way to avoid complications,” insisted Erwin.

“Kill me if you have to, but please let my son live!”

Emma stood determinedly before her three guests.

“You’ve broken the rules, Emma. They’ll have to die.”

With a wave of his hand, dozens of Erwin’s men rushed inside with shiny daggers in their hands.

“Close your eyes, Mom. You too, Zoey,” instructed Levi.

The two women did as they were told, and the frightening noises that followed only made them more afraid to open their eyes.

After a while, silence fell upon the scene. Afraid that something had happened to Levi, the two finally opened their eyes, only to see the other men lying motionlessly on the ground.

Staring at the unscathed Levi, Erwin was dumbfounded.

The man could not believe his eyes when he witnessed Levi crushing his men effortlessly. How can someone who had grown up an orphan be this powerful?

“Tell The King of Margo City that I’ll be waiting for him here. He kept my mother here for nearly thirty years, didn’t he? I want him to watch as I walk away with her,” commanded Levi calmly.


Erwin was stupefied by how arrogant Levi was.

Why would he want to do it in front of my father, The King of Margo City?

Levi glanced at the tombstone. “This is what you’ve used to keep my mother here for more than twenty years. I’m going to destroy it today.”


Levi broke the tombstone into pieces with a strong kick while Erwin and Emma watched on with widened eyes.

It had been almost thirty years since the Garrisons had erected the tombstone there, and it was finally destroyed that day.

Its destruction was a challenge to the Garrisons and the rules that they had set for the past few decades.

Erwin was so horrified that he quickly took off to find The King of Margo City.

“We’re in trouble now, Levi! The Garrisons will never let us get away with destroying the tombstone,” stated Emma.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 927

“It’s simple, Mom. Nobody will erect a tombstone for me while I’m alive. Anyone who tries to do so will die,” responded Levi with a smile.
“You’re too young to fully understand what you’re up against, Levi. You have no idea how powerful the Garrisons are.” Emma shook her head helplessly.
“Is that so? I’d like to see it for myself.”

Since Phoenix was unable to gain access to their information, Levi was curious to find out.

“Did you know that the prominent families in Erudia are century-old, while the ancient ones are millennia-old? The Garrisons happened to be the most powerful family of them all, and they were known as The Head of Erudia!”

Over the years, the Garrisons had gradually hidden themselves to the point that even their identities’ had become top secret. Still, those who knew anything about powerful families knew that the Garrison family was the most powerful in Erudia.

“The Joneses were considered a prominent family in South Hampton, but when compared to the Garrisons, we’re nothing. Because of the inferior blood that runs in my veins, I’m not worthy of being part of the Garrison family. They refused to allow me to stay with your biological father, let alone allow you to be born,” continued Emma.

“The Head of Erudia, huh? Interesting,” responded Levi with a smile.

No wonder the files on the Garrisons were SSSSS-level classified. I didn’t know that they were so powerful.

The corners of Levi’s mouth lifted higher as he smirked.

Too bad for them, the confidentiality of my files is SSSSSS-level, a level higher than theirs. So what if they are the most powerful ancient family in Erudia? They’re no match for me.

“What the most powerful ancient family says shall go. They allowed me to give birth to you, but in exchange, I was to be imprisoned here. You’d broken the rules when you’d destroyed the tombstone, and they won’t take it lightly.”

Emma was in despair because she knew that the Garrisons would never allow any of them to leave Margo City.

Not to mention, letting the world know that Levi was a Garrison.

They had every reason to make the four disappear from the face of the earth.

I don’t mind dying, but I don’t want to see my son being killed. I’d only just met him.

The thought was enough to bring Emma to tears once again.

Zoey was almost as frightened as her mother-in-law when she heard about the Garrisons.

Even the Joneses of South Hampton submit to them, so how can we hope to fight against a family that is so powerful? They’ll probably merely have to lift a finger to obliterate us.

Zoey shuddered when she thought of how superior the Garrisons were.

To her, it was like a battle between gods and mortals.

Zoey then glared at Levi before she scolded him, “Levi, you’re far too impulsive! You may not care about yourself, but you’ve endangered your mother. Why can’t we just think of another solution?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 928

Emma could not help but agree with Zoey because her daughter-in-law was right about her son being impulsive.
I’m happy that my son is capable, but he has to learn how to pick his fights.
“Now that the tombstone has been destroyed, it wouldn’t make a difference even if I stayed, so let’s get out of here before The King of Margo City arrives!” requested Emma.

“We’re in no hurry, Mom,” responded Levi with a smile.


Both Emma and Zoey were stunned by Levi’s response.

What is Levi thinking? He’s the one who wanted me to leave with him earlier. Now that I’ve agreed, why are we not leaving?

“Don’t worry. We will leave eventually, but I have a score to settle first,” assured Levi when he noticed how confused the two seemed.

“I’ll make them pay for what they’d done to you for over twenty years, so we’ll wait for them here.”

“The past doesn’t bother me. What’s important to me is your safety. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to face The King of Margo City. Let’s just leave!”

“Sylas, get them out of here,” ordered Levi after forcing his mother and wife into the car.

Sylas then quickly drove away, leaving Levi alone.

Before long, The King of Margo City arrived with a dozen cars and several trucks, as hundreds of men stepped out of the vehicles.

As the title suggested, the man was the king of the city, and he could summon hundreds to the courtyard with a raise of his arm.

When The King of Margo City, Amos, and his son arrived, they only saw a calm-looking man. The man, with his hands behind his back, looked as though he was waiting for them.

“Where’s Emma that old swine?” shouted Amos.

“She probably took off. We just spotted a car outside,” answered Erwin.

“Father, let me go after her.”

“No. I have eyes all over Margo City. They won’t get away,” stated Amos coldly before entering the courtyard to stare at Levi. “So, you’re Emma’s bastard son?”

Without a hint of emotion, Levi remained silent.

“Weren’t you an orphan who was abandoned to the streets? How did you find this place?”

Amos was curious as to how Levi had done it.

“Answer my father, you bastard! Are you dumb?” roared Erwin.

“You’re not worth it.”

The arrogant answer stunned Amos, who never expected anyone to speak to him in such a manner.

“So you’re The King of Margo City? The one who’d imprisoned my mother for almost thirty years?” asked Levi.

Amos laughed out loud before replying, “That’s right. I’m the one who’s kept that old swine here.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 929

“The Garrisons only wanted me to keep the old swine in Margo City. It was me who decided to imprison her in this city block, forbidding anyone from socializing with her. I also made her clean the sewers and deliberately raised the prices for the medications to torture her.”
The man seemed to enjoy remembering how Emma had suffered. “You may not have seen it before, but it was amazing to watch her writhe in agony during the rainy days. I’ll never forget the sight. There’s only so much a person can take before they succumb to the pain.”
Levi’s face darkened as he clenched his fists.

“Are you even a human being? Do you have a conscience?” asked Levi coldly.

Amos laughed once more. “Calm down, boy. You should blame your mother because this is what happens to people who have offended the Garrisons. I could have treated her a lot worse, you know?”

Erwin agreed, “It’s true. I only give her a casual beating once every three days and a serious one, once every five days.”

“The old swine can really take a beating, can’t she? She’s still alive after all of these years. What a miracle!”

Listening to their conversation, Levi tried his best to hold back his tears. These heartless animals!

“Look at how upset he is. I think that he wants to kill us.”

“Look at how scary his face is.”

The men ridiculed Levi for being angry and had a good laugh for themselves.

Levi then smiled with a murderous intent.

“I’m guessing that everyone present had a hand in bullying my mother, right?” asked Levi coldly.

“That’s right. Every single one of us has hit your mother before. So what?”

Then, Amos and all his men continued to laugh.

“Good. I just needed to hear you say it because you’ll all pay for hurting my mother!” promised Levi before his mouth curved into a disturbing smirk.

He had not had a good fight since he had gotten back from the front line of the warzone.

Even taking Assassin 47 was a breeze.

Today’s going to be different because these people will suffer my wrath. How unfortunate for them to have met the God of War!

“Make us pay? Who do you think you are?”

“Look around. You’re outnumbered!”

Once again, the men laughed as though Levi had made a fool of himself.

“I’ve heard that he’s skilled at fighting. Let’s put that to the test. Seize him!” ordered Amos as dozens of men rushed forward.

“The Garrisons will reward me for killing this boy.”

Amos laughed in excitement.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 930

The King of Margo City was sure that his dozens of elites would have no problem in regard to dealing with Levi.
“Kill him!”
The men gave it their all to take Levi’s life.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The next moment, Amos froze in terror because he had witnessed the impossible.

The men that he had sent to kill Levi were driven back as if they had been hit by a truck.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

One by one, the men fell to the ground with blood gurgling in their mouths.

Their bodies twitched and squirmed before coming to a halt.

The men merely passed out because of their broken ribs. Levi thought that the bone fractures were punishment enough for them and that there was no need to kill them.


Amos and his remaining men were dumbfounded at the sight that lay before them.

How can he be that powerful?

“We’ve underestimated him, father. We need to send everyone over,” suggested Erwin.

“Go! All of you!”

At Amos’ command, hundreds of men broke through the courtyard walls and doors to swarm in like locusts.

“You’re vastly outnumbered! Let’s see how long it’ll take before my men tire you out.”

Amos looked at Levi and cackled.

“Let’s see how good you are.” Then, as though they were getting ready for a good show, Erwin lit some cigarettes for his father and himself before leaning casually against a car.

Due to the crowd, the two could not actually bear witness to how the battle was going, but they believed that Levi would die from exhaustion if he had not been beaten to death.

The father and son merely had to wait for the result.

A minute later, they started to notice their men backing away from the courtyard.

Peeping through a gap in the crowd, the two were surprised to see a mountain of fallen men in the courtyard.

The men were only backing away because there was hardly any space left inside.

There are people everywhere on the ground, and some are even stacked up upon others.

Levi must have defeated them all! Nevertheless, how is that possible?

The two were so horrified that they both dropped their cigarettes as they began to break into a cold sweat.

Then, they finally spotted Levi, the God of War himself.

Wherever the God of War went, people were bound to drop like flies.

Like a powerful weapon, the man could break bones just by swinging his iron fists.

The invincible God of War had no problem in defeating hundreds of Amos’ men.

Horror! It’s pure horror!

The situation that unfolded next was rather unbelievable.

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