The Return of God of War Chapter 911-920

The Return of the God of War Chapter 911

“Beat them up! I don’t want to see them standing anymore!”

Levi took a puff of his cigarette.

White Tiger and the rest of the Five Great Wars Regiment clashed against the eighty skilled fighters.

As expected, these people were more challenging, and taking them down required more energy.

Levi understood why Peace Hotel could protect all of their guests with the bold claim that once they stepped into the hotel, they would be safe.

With so many powerful fighters guarding this place, who could possibly lay a finger on them?

Forget about eighty of them. Even the eight men guarding the entrance would scare anyone in South Hampton from breaking in.

Unfortunately, they were up against Levi Garrison this time!

The battle grew more intense.

All the staff at Peace Hotel were dumbstruck.

The walkie-talkie in Herman’s hand had even fallen to the ground.

Sweat covered his whole body, not from heat but from fear, because the security guards of Peace Hotel were incapacitated one after the other.

Ten minutes later, not even one out of the eighty security guards was left standing.

All of them had collapsed onto the ground.

“That was fun! Anyone else? Give us a hundred more of them!”

White Tiger was high from the battle and couldn’t help himself from challenging them.

The crowd fell silent.

No one in Peace Hotel would have expected these six men to have skills of the highest level!

Not even one security guard from Peace Hotel was their match!

They had finally met someone powerful enough to overcome them!

“You… You people aren’t from around here!” Herman deduced.

Peace Hotel kept records on all of the powerful figures in South Hampton and even the entire South.

However, Levi and his five men were definitely not in their records.

They seemed to have been materialized out of nowhere.

“Indeed, we’re not!”

Then, Levi coldly ordered, “Azure Dragon, bring him over to me!”

Klaus was on the verge of having a mental breakdown.

He was hiding behind a few hotel staff as he pleaded, “Save me. I… I don’t wanna die!”

“No. You can’t take him away!”

“You can’t break the rules at Peace Hotel!”

Herman and a few of them tried to stop Azure Dragon.

“Beat them up!”

“Beat anyone who gets in our way!” Levi growled out.


Those who were standing in their way were sent flying by Azure Dragon.

In an instant, all of the hotel staff were lying on the ground, unable to stand.

Klaus swept his gaze around the hotel, already at his wits’ end.

He was the only one left standing.

Didn’t they say that once we were inside Peace Hotel, we’d be safe?

How did Levi Garrison force his way in here?

He’s even defeated all of Peace Hotel’s top fighters!

“No…” Klaus looked at Levi and shouted in horror.

Azure Dragon picked him up with one hand and went over to Levi before throwing Klaus at his feet.

“I beg you, please. Don’t kill me! I was wrong! I’ve realized my mistake now!” Klaus wept as he begged for mercy.

“Please, forgive me!”

Levi’s eyes turned cold. “Oh, well. Apology not accepted!”

He slowly raised his right hand, but before he could sweep it across Klaus’ face, a loud voice sounded out, “Wait!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 912

A group of people poured out of the hotel.

In the middle of the crowd stood an old man in traditional clothing.

He was none other than the owner of Peace Hotel, Osborn St-Jacques.

When he had first heard about someone causing a scene at Peace Hotel, he paid it no heed.

After all, who would dare to cause trouble here?

However, he had no choice but to show up after receiving the latest news about it.

“Young man, I am Osborn St-Jacques, the owner of Peace Hotel! I’m sure that you know the rules here. Do you have an explanation for all of this?”

Although Osborn’s tone sounded amiable, it had an edge to it at the same time.

Levi chuckled and uttered, “Oh, my apologies, but I’ve always been a rule-breaker. And today, I’ve broken the rules of your hotel!”

“You…” Osborn’s anger skyrocketed.

Despite his rage, one glance at the wailing people on the ground told him that Levi wasn’t someone that he should underestimate.

“Rules are made to restrain those weaker than us, but it’s useless against me because I’m stronger than you!”

Levi’s mouth arched upwards.

“Since the beginning, I’d already stated that I’m only here to kill someone and that I wouldn’t trouble the rest of you!”

“I clearly said that I would leave once he was killed!” Levi added.

“No… Save me… Mr. St-Jacques, you have to save me! I’m Lionel Gonzales’ son!”

“If I were to be killed right under your nose, Peace Hotel wouldn’t be able to keep operating in the future. You’ll become the laughing stock of the entire South Hampton!” Klaus yelled, grasping for straws.

His words magnified Osborn’s concerns.

If such a situation came true, he would certainly lose his foothold in South Hampton.

Especially when Klaus was the son of one of The Three Musketeers! He had an identity that was far too important.

“Let him go, and I’ll allow this whole matter to slide!” Osborn coldly demanded.

“And if I don’t?”

What Levi hated the most was being threatened by others.

“Then you’ll become an enemy of Peace Hotel, as well as a common enemy to all of Osborn St-Jacques’ connections!”

“When that happens, bigwigs from all walks of life will unite against you. Do you think you’ll be able to survive that?”

Several people behind Osborn challenged Levi.

“Do you know why no one dares to break the rules at Peace Hotel? And that no matter how grave the mistake, those who step into Peace Hotel would be safe?” Osborn asked.

“Please, enlighten me!”

Levi was rather interested in knowing the answer.

“Firstly, there are many skilled fighters within the walls of Peace Hotel. All of them owe me and are willing to work as security guards here.”

“Secondly, I have connections all over the business, politics, military, and various other fields! You could say that the big shots in the South, and even from the North and East, all owe me favors. One word from me, and they’ll offer me their aid, no questions asked. This is the real reason that no one dares to mess with Peace Hotel!”

“Provoking Peace Hotel is equivalent to offending half of the East!”

Osborn leveled his gaze with Levi as he suggested, “So, cut me some slack! Let’s be friends instead!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 913

Osborn was smiling broadly when he continued, “I’ve treasured peace my entire life. Making one more friend is better than one more enemy. What do you say, young man?

“Let him go on my account. Just take it as me owing you a favor!”

The crowd was shocked.

They could hardly believe that Osborn had lowered his ego as he offered to befriend Levi.

This was an extremely rare occurrence.

People had always owed Osborn favors, not the other way around.

It wouldn’t make sense for Levi to turn him down!

This involved Peace Hotel’s reputation as well!

Out of everyone’s expectations, Levi sneered in return. “Your friendship means nothing to me!”

“Nonetheless, after I’ve settled my matters, perhaps we can still talk about being friends!”

Klaus became a bundle of nerves when he heard what Levi had uttered.

“Mr. St-Jacques, you have to save me!”


Levi swung his palm at Klaus’ skull

Every orifice of his head began to bleed.

His life seeped out of his body in a matter of seconds.


Klaus’ body went limp as he slumped onto the ground.

This man had repeatedly insulted Levi’s mother and was also the culprit who had pushed her into an abyss.

If he had not constantly tried to claim Levi’s mother for himself, his mother would not have ended up with her current fate!

Levi’s eyes were terrifyingly cold.


Things happened too quickly, catching Osborn and the rest completely off guard.

Before they could react, Levi had already attacked.

Everyone could barely believe their eyes.

Levi had actually killed Klaus Gonzales in Peace Hotel, right in front of Osborn St-Jacques.

He’s simply too foolhardy!

This was the first time that something like this had happened in the hotel’s entire history!

He completely disregarded Osborn St-Jacques, the most powerful figure in South Hampton.

At that moment, everyone’s heads were spinning.


Osborn stared wide-eyed at Levi and couldn’t formulate a proper string of words. He felt as if he could vomit blood at any given moment.


Simply outrageous!

Levi’s actions were against Peace Hotel’s rules and completely stripped the hotel of its dignity.

The hotel could no longer operate in South Hampton from thereon forth.

Peace Hotel was famous all across South Hampton because of its unique code—— as long as you were a guest at Peace Hotel, no one would dare to lay a finger on you.

However, their code was completely destroyed today!

Not only did someone break into Peace Hotel, rather, they had also killed a guest right in front of the owner.

This was the biggest humiliation that Peace Hotel had ever faced in their entire long history of operation!

It was also a scar that would never heal for Osborn!

“Alright. My work here is done. Let’s go.”

Levi wiped his hand with a nonchalant smile on his face before he turned to leave with Azure Dragon and the rest.

“Stop right there!” Osborn bellowed at Levi.

“Do you think that you can leave after making a mess at my hotel? Who do you take me for?” Osborn roared furiously.

Levi paused in his stride and grinned. “What? Are you trying to stop me?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 914

Levi’s question stunned Osborn.

Stop him?

It would take a whole lot more to be able to stop him.

All of my top fighters are incapacitated, so who’s going to stop him for me?

“I can’t stop you, but you’d do well to remember this! Since you’ve broken the rules of Peace Hotel and humiliated me, from today onwards, I, Osborn St-Jacques, will use all of my connections and power to come after you! I will make your life a living hell!” Osborn yelled at Levi.

“Sure. I’ll be waiting for you, then!”

With that, Levi turned on his heels and left.


Osborn stumbled back and fell on his bum.

He was on the brink of tears.

From this day onwards, Peace Hotel would cease to exist.

Osborn would be worse off.

At Greenfield Mansion, upon seeing Klaus’ corpse, The Three Musketeers burst into tears as well.

News spread like wildfire across the entire South Hampton.

The Three Musketeers and Osborn St-Jacques had to bear the shame of a lifetime!

Someone had publicly walked all over a group of South Hampton’s powerful figures.

This news filled the Jones family with endless regret.

This was especially the case for Michael.

Putting aside benefits and purely based on family relations, Levi would be considered his grandson.

His family had truly risen to the top.

After everything was settled, Levi went back to South City.

During these two days, Zoey was staying with the Black family.

“Did Levi go to South Hampton in the past two days?” Meredith asked.

“Yes, he had some things to settle there.”

Zoey did not disclose the news about the Jones family, lest the Black family got any ideas.

Robert smiled and uttered, “I heard that something huge happened in South Hampton during the past two days. It was nothing short of a magnitude ten earthquake!”

“Oh? What happened there?”

Everyone gathered around for some juicy gossip.

“They said that a group of people suddenly appeared in South Hampton. First, they crushed the prominent families there and made them bow before them! Then, they killed the son of Lionel Gonzales, one of The Three Musketeers. They had done that by breaking into Peace Hotel and killing him right in front of the hotel’s owner, Osborn St-Jacques! The moment this group of people appeared in South Hampton, they wiped out all of the influential families in one go!”

“This was all done in a few short days!” Robert exclaimed.

“This is way too scary! This group of people won’t come to South City, right?”

Everyone shivered slightly in fear.

“Don’t worry. A small city like ours isn’t on their radar!”

Zoey’s brows furrowed slightly. As soon as she heard about the serious commotion in South Hampton, Levi was the first one who came to her mind.

Levi can’t be the one who’d caused all that trouble in South Hampton, right?


She immediately dismissed that possibility.

Levi went to attend the anniversary meeting of the Jones family. He went there to butter them up and get into their good books.

Thus, he couldn’t possibly have had the power to do something like this.

Robert continued, “That’s right. They definitely won’t come to South City. That’s because the leader of the group went to South Hampton to avenge his biological mother! I heard that he is an orphan. He killed anyone and everyone who’d insulted his mother!”

“Biological mother? Orphan?”

Zoey instantly thought of Levi again.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 915

He’s an orphan.

In addition to that, his biological mother came from the Jones family.

He seems to match the details of this incident.

Nonetheless, how could it have been Levi?

How could he have turned the whole of South Hampton upside down by himself?

He had even trampled all over the powerful families there?

That’s rather impossible.

Meredith was green with envy when she uttered, “If only there was someone like that amongst our younger generation. Not to mention, turning South Hampton upside down is equivalent to turning South City upside down. If we had a descendant of such caliber, I’d be so happy that I wouldn’t be able to sleep.”

She sighed before continuing, “The Black family can only rely on…”

As one, everyone’s gazes fell on Zoey.

Amongst the younger generation in their family, she possessed the most potential.

If it weren’t for Levi’s appearance, the Black family would probably have risen through the ranks by now.

However, they believed that Levi would not be able to fulfill their condition of making a billion with his own two hands.

Hence, they weren’t worried at all in the least because very soon, they would have a valid reason in stopping Levi and Zoey from being together.

When the time came, they would arrange for a good husband for Zoey who would bring their family infinite benefits.

Of course, Zoey knew what they were planning.

If they knew about Levi’s identity as the grandson of the Jones family, they would immediately stop trying to tear them apart and immediately pounce at the chance to join families.

However, Zoey did not want to see something like such.

She greatly disliked this sort of mindset.

More than anything, she hoped that Levi could support her on his own instead of relying on his family background and other factors.

Before long, Levi returned home.

Iris politely inquired, “How was the anniversary meeting?”

“Not bad!” Levi smiled.

Zoey was surprised.

Why is Iris being so polite to Levi?

She wasn’t like this previously!

She’s treating Levi like he’s her boss now.

Zoey cast her questions aside and rolled her eyes at Levi before going back into her office.

Levi immediately went after her.

However, Zoey had closed the door to her office, preventing him from entering.

She was still angry about Levi attending the anniversary meeting of the Jones family.

“Zoey, there’s something that I need to discuss with you!” Levi raised his voice to be heard as a helpless look appeared on his face.

Only then did Zoey open the door.

However, her expression was as cold as ice.

“Get right to it. I’m busy.”

Zoey was impatient.

“I’ve discovered my biological mother’s whereabouts!” Levi answered.


Zoey sprung up from her seat.

“I went to South Hampton and learned about my past. It turns out that there was a reason that I was abandoned on the streets and became an orphan! My mother had even sacrificed her life to let me live…”

Levi told Emma Jones’ story to Zoey.

Zoey teared up with emotion upon listening to her story.

“She’s a great mother!”

“I support your decision to bring her back!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 916

“Zoey, I’ve decided to bring you along while I get my mother. What are your thoughts on this?” asked Levi.

“But… “ Zoey blushed because this meant that she was going to meet her mother-in-law. Seeing as such, she was nervous about it. “Okay. I’ll accompany you.”

Levi nodded as he smiled. “Get ready then. We’ll be setting off tomorrow.”

Phoenix was able to deduce where Emma was currently being held; she was in Margo City, a small city located in the center of North Hampton, South City, and South Hampton.

Having never thought of such a place, Klaus and the Joneses were brought to shame, in view of the fact that the woman they had wanted to kill lived just less than an hour’s drive away from them.

Levi was equally as surprised to discover that his biological mother had been nearby all along.

As for the Garrison family’s background, Phoenix had informed Levi that the information was SSSSS-level classified.

This meant that it was only a level lower than the information on Levi himself.

Authority was required to gain access, so there were only two ways to get information.

Levi could either acquire the required authority from Oakland City or gain access to the information by force. Unfortunately, none of those options would work for Levi.

Due to some deep-seated issues, Levi would never contact Oakland City to make such a request.

On the other hand, if he were to access Haunted by force, he would surely be spotted. That’s going to cause a lot of problems. It’s not that I can’t solve them, rather, it’s that I can’t afford to be distracted by petty things like that right now.

“Continue your investigation. I’m sure that you’ll find a way.” Levi’s idea was merely to take things slowly for the moment. The Garrison clan will definitely find out when I get my mother back! When it comes to such, they’ll reveal themselves to me, so I’m in no hurry at all.

At night, Zoey made all of the necessary arrangements as she put Iris in charge of her work, for she expected her business in Margo City to take her a few days.

At that moment, Levi received a call from Mia.

“I’ve heard that Osborn and The Three Musketeers are planning to deal with you. Nevertheless, we can’t be certain as to how or when they’re going to strike. You’d better be careful,” warned Mia.

“Don’t worry, Mia. They’ll find that it’s not that easy to get rid of me. By the way, I’ll pick your aunt up in a few days, so you should come to see her and your sister-in-law too.”

Levi smiled while Zoey blushed when she overheard the conversation.

Zoey was as nervous as she was excited to meet Levi’s family. I think that we’ll be very happy together from now on.

The next day, Levi and Zoey set off for Margo City early in the morning.

Sylas was their driver, and it took them about an hour before they reached the small city.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 917

Upon stepping out of the car, Levi took a deep breath as he looked at the word “Oakland” that was engraved on a stone monument beside the road.

At that point, the furious man mumbled to himself, “So, this is where my mother has been imprisoned for nearly thirty years?” What a cruel thing it is to have imprisoned someone here for the rest of their life. It’s almost like binding a person by invisible shackles, forever reminding them that they’re incarcerated and that they would rather die. How could the Garrisons have been this ruthless? How could my biological father have married another woman while his wife was suffering in such a place? Does the man not have a conscience? Heck, is he even a man at all?

Conscious of the fact that Levi was rather tempted to smash the stone monument, Zoey soon uttered, “Don’t overthink it. I know that it’s unfortunate that Emma met a scumbag, but we can give her a better life from now on. We’ll make it up to her.”

“Okay, but he won’t be getting away with this! I shall find him!” promised Levi angrily, causing Zoey to be frightened by his response.

“Why can’t we just live a good life with Emma? Why do you insist on going against the man? As you’ve mentioned before, his family is so powerful and influential that even a royal family like the Joneses are forced to obey them. Making that man your enemy is practically suicide!”

Zoey had heard from Levi about how powerful the Garrisons were, so she was certain that Levi would be no match for them.

Hence, Zoey was worried that Levi would die trying to do the impossible while hoping to avenge his mother.

“I am aware that the Garrisons are powerful. So what? I’m not afraid of them,” muttered Levi softly. “Let’s go!”

Sylas then drove them to the courtyard that Phoenix had found.

Thinking that the place would be bigger, Levi was surprised when he discovered that it was merely a small place with tattered gates and cracked walls.

In the courtyard was a small house estimated to be around twenty to thirty square meters.

Left exposed, some of the bricks inside the cracked walls of the house had already fallen out.

If an earthquake of magnitude four or five were to happen, the house would surely collapse.

At only a few square meters large, the yard was surprisingly smaller than the house.

Other than some plants, in the middle of the yard stood a tombstone engraved with Levi’s name.

The Garrisons threatened Emma that if she stepped out of Margo City, they would complete the engraving to “Tomb of Levi Garrison.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 918

It would have been hard for anyone to have missed the tombstone in such a small yard; hence, Emma was constantly reminded not to leave Margo City.

The tombstone was not just a reminder of the Garrisons’ threat. To Emma, seeing the tombstone was like seeing Levi, so nothing made her happier than spending her time thinking about her son in front of it.

Hence, Levi felt infuriated as he gazed upon the tombstone along with his mother’s prison.

Zoey and Sylas shivered when they sensed that Levi was about to explode with rage.

As a member of royalty in South Hampton, my mother was supposed to enjoy a luxurious life! Nonetheless, she was imprisoned here by that scumbag! Seeing as such, how could I not be furious about it?

“Let’s have a look inside.”

The door was unlocked so Levi got it open easily.

Although it was dilapidated, the yard was rather tidy as the flowers only served to make it cozier.

Holding back his anger for the eyesore of a tombstone, Levi approached a room and knocked on its door, only to find that there was no response.

He entered the small room and found it to be neat and clean.

There was nothing else in the room other than a table, a bed, and a cabinet.

Levi could avow just how miserable his mother was for the past few decades, seeing the old clothes that were hanging on the drying rack. The clothes were so old that the colors had faded from them.

While Levi was seething, tears rolled down Zoey’s face when she caught sight of such a scene.

The next moment, the three noticed a photo frame on the bedside. They were shocked by the photo that was kept inside it.

It displayed the image of a good-looking couple who were holding a child together; the pair looked like a match that was made in heaven.

Levi had heard from Michael that Emma was the most beautiful woman in South Hampton when she was younger.

Levi’s eyes blazed with hatred as his eyes fell on the man in the photo. This is the irresponsible man who should be held accountable for my mother’s imprisonment. He is the reason that I grew up an orphan!

Levi was surprised to find that his mother had kept the photo because it meant that she still missed the man. She has no idea that he has married someone else, having children with another woman.

“I’ll make him pay!”

The photo evoked nothing but hatred in Levi; nonetheless, he wasn’t aware that Emma had begged and kowtowed to have had the photo taken.

Emma wanted a memento of the man, so he agreed and requested that she should never share the photo with anyone else. Otherwise, his identity would be exposed.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 919

Wishing for her son to gain control over the Garrison family, Emma hoped that her son would make something out of himself. Hence, she gave Levi his first name. Unfortunately, the Garrisons forbade him from carrying their family name because they saw him as a bastard who did not deserve it.

Levi was supposed to be a Jones, but Emma begged once more for her son to be able to keep his biological family’s last name, and at long last, the biological father agreed.

This was the only request from Emma that the man had ever agreed to.

A sharp glint flashed across Levi’s eyes; he swore to avenge his mother, uninformed of the fact that he had almost lost the right to become a Garrison.

“It seems that Emma was sick,” stated Zoey. She had found some medication in the cabinet.

Levi momentarily remembered that his mother had knelt at the Garrisons’ for three consecutive days when she had borne him.

It was raining back then, which only served to deteriorate Emma’s health.

Levi’s eyes turned red as he imagined his mother being in pain and agony. I should have discovered this sooner! My mother would not have had to suffer for this long if it were otherwise!

“Where else could my mother be, if not at home?” asked Levi.

“She’s probably working to support herself, seeing that she lives alone. Though, the money that she earned must have gone to these medications.”

Levi could not imagine how his mother had survived on her own upon hearing the heartbreaking truth that Zoey had pointed out.

“Let’s search for her!”

Levi asked Phoenix to look up his mother’s occupation and workplace while searching around the courtyard with Zoey and Sylas.

They searched through an entire block but it was to no avail.

A garbage truck was rumbling nearby as a group of workers was actively trying to unclog the sewer. Unfortunately, no matter how far in they inserted the tube, they found that they could not remove the clog.

Seeing as such, the job would now have to be done manually, but unfortunately, there were no volunteers.

“Anyone willing to do it will get fifty as their reward,” offered the team leader.

All of the workers shook their heads in refusal; the sewer was far too smelly and dirty.

“I’ll do it.”

At that moment, a woman in sanitations raised her hand to volunteer.

“Good! Deal with the clog and you’ll get your fifty, Emma,” promised the team leader to the woman.


Levi and Zoey widened their eyes at their mind-blowing discovery.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 920

That’s Emma? The two turned to gaze at the woman in shock. Soon, Levi received a message from Phoenix: Emma Jones has been working as a sanitation worker.

The hacker even sent him a photo, to which Levi compared to the woman across from him. It’s the same person. That is my mother, Emma Jones!

Emma was only in her fifties, but her hair had already turned gray. Her face was as wrinkled as a seventy-year-old woman.

She was so skinny that it looked as though a gust of wind could blow her away.

Time and illness had not been kind to Levi’s mother.

Looking at Emma’s miserable state, Zoey could not help but cry.

Levi was not faring any better either, for tears had started to flow down his face.

As a man, it was only natural for him to have cried over someone whom he held so dear to him.

When Emma heard that she would be rewarded with fifty, joy flashed across her face. With that money, I can finally get myself some qualitied pain medications.

Emma put her gloves on, readying herself to go down into the sewer to unclog it.


The sudden shout shocked the workers, who all turned around to glance at the source of the voice.

Bewildered, Emma did the same, wanting to find out who shouted.

“Mom!” shouted Levi once again before he rushed over to his mother.

Emma was stunned when she realized that the man was calling out to her. Did he mistake me for someone else?

However, like a bolt from the blue, Emma suddenly recognized the familiar face when Levi approached her.

It looked at least half as similar to the face of the man whom she had loved so much. There’s no mistaking this face. This is my son!

When Levi reached his mother, he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

“I’m so sorry, Mom!” shouted Levi.

Dumbfounded, Emma looked at Levi in disbelief before she asked in a shaky voice, “Are you… Are you really Levi?”

“Yes, it’s me!”


Levi knelt before his mother and kowtowed to her. “I’m sorry, Mom! I should have found you sooner.”

Emma could no longer contain herself as she burst out into tears. “You’re really Levi! My son! My sweet boy!”

The mother also knelt to embrace her son as the two sobbed in each other’s arms.

Minutes passed before Levi helped his mother up. “Let’s go home, Mom.”

“Not yet, Levi. I’m still at work.”

“You don’t have to work anymore. I’ll take care of you,” promised the son.


Emma approached the team leader and bowed to him. “My son is here, so I’d like to take a leave. Thank you, Sir.”

Witnessing how lowly his mother had seemed, Levi could feel the tears rolling down his face once more.

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