The Return of God of War Chapter 91-100

The Return of God of War Chapter 91


Nueve and Trey sneered this time round.

It made Jack Smith feel strange.

“His status and identity are what all of you desire and aim for!” After Nueve said this, everyone began mocking him again.

No one could believe that a person who had just been released from prison would actually be someone so powerful and admirable.

Rick, who was more prudent, digested Nueve’s words properly to figure out what he meant.

It seemed like Levi had a bit of power and status now.

He could be because he had met a benefactor in prison.

But so what?

No matter how brilliant he was, he was of no match to Jack Smith.

Also, he could not deal with so many groups working together.

No matter what, Levi only had one way out and that was death.

Levi waved his hand. Nueve and Trey kept their mouths shut, and stood at a corner obediently.

Levi looked carefully at Jack Smith and the others, then laughed and said, “Jack Smith?”

“Impudent brat! Do you think a b*stard like you have the right to address the King of North Hampton this way?” Joseph shot angrily.

“That’s right, such a piece of trash like you does not even have the right to talk to the King of North Hampton!”

Ben stared furiously at Levi.

Levi curled his lips into a smile. “Joseph, the Garrison family’s connections and strength are incredible! You are stronger than I thought!”

The Garrison family was capable to summon such a huge army. It was enough to prove that they were a rich and powerful family in North Hampton.

“Hahaha… Do you now know our strength? Kneel down now, if you want us to spare your life!”

Bryan and Victoria laughed.

Levi faced the bunch of clowns and sneered, “I have given you a whole month to think about this. Haven’t you actually considered why I have so much confidence?”

After listening to Levi, the Garrison family was shocked.

Bryan quickly regained his senses and shot back immediately, “Hmph, isn’t Nueve the source of your confidence? Do you think we are stupid? We have checked thoroughly. Nueve and you were in prison together and that was where you met him!”

Upon listening to Bryan’s words, Levi laughed aloud. “Hahaha… Seems like Ashton is not awake yet. He will tell you everything once he wakes up.”

At the mention of Ashton, Jaycob went insane and exclaimed angrily, “I will definitely not let you off today, Levi! You turned my son into a vegetable. I will kill you today!”

Levi could not be bothered with Jaycob’s crazy antics. He looked at Rick and said, “My favorite third uncle who treats me the best, have you not given any thought about why and how we have come to this?”

At this moment, Rick’s facial expression changed.

He had indeed felt that Levi was not behaving like usual this month.

But he could not pinpoint why or how.

Everything looked reasonable on the surface but it also seemed unreasonable at the same time.

Rick felt that something was amiss after hearing Levi saying such a thing.

Levi was an intelligent man. Didn’t he know that even with Nueve’s ability and support, he would not be able to shake up the Garrison family?

If so, then why would he want to challenge them?

Even with so many big shots from North Hampton present, why did that not affect Levi?

That meant that he had enough resources and strength to counter the Garrison family!

He swept his gaze past Levi, and caught sight of the five men behind him. Azure Dragon was amongst them.

Rick felt that the five of them looked very unusual. They seemed to possess special powers and had a unique aura!

What was more, they looked indifferent, as if the presence of two thousand people did not matter at all.

“Mmm? Doesn’t that person look a bit familiar?”

The person in front of him, Azure Dragon, looked a bit familiar, but Rick could not remember where he had seen him.

Are these five people Levi’s hidden trump card?

The Return of God of War Chapter 92

Ben did not think so much. He stared at Levi and smirked, “You brat, are you not going to greet your parents now that they are here?”

Levi’s adoptive mother, Winnie, looked at Levi in disdain. “If I knew that you were going to betray us, I wouldn’t have picked you up from the streets. I should have let wild dogs attack you and leave you to die! A b*stard like you shouldn’t be allowed to survive.”


Upon receiving his adoptive parents’ harsh remarks, Levi took a deep breath.

If not for the fact that they had adopted him, these few sentences were enough for him to chop their heads off.

He was bitterly hurt!

His adoptive parents actually treated him like this!

I really hate this!

This is the most heartbreaking thing in my life.

Ben’s words pierced Levi’s heart. “Honestly speaking, we never think of you as our son. You are merely our tool!”

Levi’s adoptive mother, Winnie added, “That’s right! We only had one motive when we adopted you last time. You would take up another place in our family, and so we can receive an extra share of the Garrison family’s inheritance! That’s it! Otherwise, do you think we will raise a b*stard like you?”

The Garrison family spoke in unison, “Yes, our family has valuable connections. Do you think you are good enough to be in this family? You are merely a wild dog with impure blood in you! You are not worthy to be part of the Garrison family!”

Victoria was still unable to see the truth, so she stared at Levi. “Levi, are you still thinking of overthrowing the Garrison family? Stop dreaming! It’s not enough just because you have got Nueve on your side. He is merely an insignificant ant.”

Levi then broke into a laugh again. “I have already given you all a month to think about it. Why are all of you still behaving like foolish pigs? Do you really think my supporter is Nueve? Do you think he dares even if I lend my courage to him?” Levi raised his voice.

“No, Mr. Garrison!”

Nueve and the others fell to their knees in utter shock.

At this point in time, everyone at the scene saw that Nueve was fearful of Levi.

He has another hidden trump card that we do not know about!

Rick thought about it and a scary thought flashed past his mind.

Levi looked at Holly and laughed. “Now that you are in front of his grave, don’t you feel a bit of remorse? Don’t you think that Morris is looking down at you from up above?”

To be honest, Holly was feeling a bit remorseful.

However, she lifted her head and said arrogantly, “Hmm, it’s better that he is dead. If he were still alive, would I be able to live so comfortably now? He should be glad that he was able to be of value to his goddess as a substitute!”

Levi smiled. “So you don’t feel the need to repent at all?”

“Of course!”

Levi then looked at the Garrison family members again. “Do all of you not feel an ounce of remorse too?”

Spit! ”You are a bstard and that is another bstard who is dead. What is there for us to repent?” The Garrison family kept labelling them as b*stards.

Rowen and his wife were in tears.

Their son died a terrible death, and yet he was cursed and labelled a b*stard!

Who could withstand such injustice?

Joseph was furious and exclaimed in anger, “King of North Hampton! May I trouble you to take action? I cannot watch this any further!”

Jack Smith nodded his head. “Alright, as you wish!”

“I do not want to see them still standing!”

Jack Smith commanded for everyone to charge ahead.


At this point in time, a revving sound came from outside.

Everyone turned their heads to look in the direction of the cars arriving.

The most frightening thing was the sight of a police car in the middle of those cars!

The Return of God of War Chapter 93
The thugs stopped temporarily and looked behind.

Jack Smith smiled after taking a glance. “Mr. Garrison, you really impress me. Are there more people coming? Is there even a police car? This is really impressive!”

However, Joseph, Rick and the rest of the Garrison family were dumbfounded.

They stood there, at a loss.

The Garrison family had exhausted all their resources, and all their connections were already present at the scene.

Why are there more people coming?

Joseph questioned immediately, “Jack Smith, didn’t you invite these people?”

Jack Smith laughed. “You are kidding, Mr. Garrison. All those who I have invited are already here.”

“That’s right. All our connections are here already.”

Bob, Smiling Buddha and the others responded.

“That is strange! Who are these people? This is bad…”

As soon as they realized something, they turned towards Levi.

He is so calm. He must have invited these people here.

Very soon, these cars stopped outside.

A few people alighted from the police car…

“Captain of Patrol Squad Xavier Fields, Deputy Captain Derrick King, and Captain of Criminal Investigation Team Alex Williamson…”

Jack Smith was very familiar with the people in the police department. He called their names out one by one.

After listening to their names, everyone was struck.

The Garrison family, in particular, was shocked to see the presence of the police. Ben grew extremely pale and was frightened.

Bryan and Victoria were trembling in fear.

At this moment, some more people alighted from the other cars.

At the sight of all these people, Jack Smith, Bob and the others felt intimidated.

“Oh my god! Leader Mr. Jesse Nielsen, Deputy Leader Zenneth Fuller, Uptown District Leader Draco Simmons, First Secretary Cedric Jones, and commander of the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Land…”

Jack Smith was very familiar with these leaders from North Hampton. He mentioned all of their names.

He was going berserk at this moment!

Why are they here?

Even though Jack Smith was known as the King of North Hampton, it was merely a nickname. There were many people who were above him in terms of rank and status in North Hampton.

He was extremely fearful of all these people before him!

If all of them were to put in a bad word about him, he would cease to exist.

Not only was Jack Smith afraid of their presence, but Bob and Smiling Buddha were also fearful.

These people were their enemies!

Although the Garrison family was different from them, they were also afraid of the presence of these big shots!

They were more fearful of the purpose of these people’s arrival. Why are they here?

Rick was very quick to notice that Jesse, Xavier and the others had donned black suits with a white flower pinned to their chests.

It was apparent that they were here to pay their respects to Morris!

His head was about to explode at this moment!

Rick tried to reassess Levi again. Just who exactly is he?

Even these big shots are here to pay their respects to Morris!

Jesse and the others walked over. Xavier furrowed his eyebrows, and yelled, “Make way!”

The thugs were shocked by Xavier and carved out a path for him to walk through.

They were drenched in perspiration as they looked on at Xavier and the others walking past.

Jack Smith, Joseph and the others stood on the other side of the path, waiting anxiously.

At the sight of Jesse and the others, they went over to welcome and greet him.

Xavier yelled coldly, “Scram!”

“Don’t block the way!”

Jack Smith and the others were shocked and stood aside, not daring to move.

Jack Smith took out his handkerchief to wipe away the perspiration on his forehead.

Joseph was so frightened that his blood pressure rose and he almost fainted.

Everyone could only stare as Jesse and the others walk towards the grave.

The Return of God of War Chapter 94
When they arrived in front of the grave, everyone simply nodded their heads to Levi and paid their respects to Morris. Then, they walked towards Rowen and his wife to offer their condolences.

Rowen used to work in the department, so he knew who these people were.

He cried tears of joy and lifted his head, smiling, “Morris! Can you see this? Your leaders are here to pay their respects to you!”

The elderly couple started crying.

Dozens of big shots from North Hampton paid their respects to Morris, one at a time!

Jack Smith was disappointed as he witnessed this scene!

They all seemed to have fallen into an icy cold cavern…

Gradually, they understood why Nueve and Trey would sacrifice their lives for Levi.

Jack Smith now understood why Francis Hicks did not want to come, and even warned him not to.

Francis Hicks knew about this!

We cannot get involved in this matter!

Holly, Kit and Misty saw the top leaders of North Hampton paying their respects to Morris.

They had mixed emotions in their hearts.

After all, they did not know what was in store for them.


Joseph’s legs could not stop shaking. He was speechless.

Jaycob too had no intention of seeking revenge anymore.

Rick was extremely confused.

“This, this, this…”

Ben was too shocked to say anything.

Winnie stared at Levi in disbelief. She did not expect this.

Bryan, Victoria and the others were all flabbergasted.

What is Levi’s actual identity?

Why are all the leaders here?

Even those with strong connections could never bring all these people together!

A million doubts and questions filled their heads.

“My condolences, Mr. Atkinson!”

After these big shots from North Hampton paid their respects, they left without staying any longer.

They also did not look at Jack Smith or anyone else.

This made the others present very confused.

What is happening here?

Ben laughed all of a sudden. “I get it now! Mr. Nielsen and the others came here to pay respects to Morris out of respect for Rowen and his wife. They used to old leaders in the department after all!”

“That’s right. After knowing that Levi has caused such a big commotion, it is only natural for them to come here and pay their respects!” Joseph said immediately.

Bryan also thought it through. “If Mr. Nielsen and the others are Levi’s supporters, why did they not come and attack us, but left immediately instead?”

“That’s right, that must be it!”

Jack Smith also agreed.

“So, as long as we do not hurt Rowen’s family and touch Morris’ grave, we will be okay. As for the other people, we can do whatever we want to them!”

Jaycob’s eyes had a murderous look in them.

He had wanted to kill and get rid of Levi a long time ago.

“Yes! I need to make sure that Levi kneels in front of me today!”

Joseph shook his walking stick.

The thugs recovered from the shock they experienced earlier and looked fiercely at Levi once more.

At this moment, Levi waved his hand to summon Azure Dragon and the rest to his side.

“Tell them that we are going to act!” Levi commanded.

“Understood!” Azure Dragon nodded his head.

After that, he took out a walkie-talkie and commanded, “Act now!”

Levi saw the Garrison family members staring blankly at him. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry for the delay and thank you for waiting. The real dish is about to be served!”

Bryan exclaimed, “Levi, what tricks do you have up your sleeve again?”


Just when Bryan stopped talking, a signal flare was launched in all directions.


Everyone was at a loss as they saw the signal flare exploding in the sky.

The Return of God of War Chapter 95

Jack Smith had never seen such a thing!

He did not know what kind of messages these signal flares were sending.

However, the mercenaries had a horrified expression on their faces.

Upon seeing the signal flare, they knew that something major was going to happen.

It was a signal flare specifically used by the military!

“This is not good. Mr. Garrison, we need to retreat as soon as possible!” The head of the mercenary reported to Rick.

However, Rick who was inexperienced in this aspect could not understand what he meant.

“Why should we retreat? We have yet to find out what exactly is happening!” Rick responded coldly.

“Then we will retreat. We do not want the money anymore!”

The mercenaries knew what the signal flare represented. Thus, they wanted to retreat and leave.

It was not necessary for them to risk their lives for money!


Just when they were about to retreat, there was a sudden movement of the earth, and the ground under everyone’s feet moved.

All of them clearly saw the sand and stones tumbling and shaking under their feet!

The vibrations became more intense and violent. Some people were unsteady and could not remain standing.

It felt as though a giant earthquake was approaching.

The mercenaries bent down slowly and placed their ears on the ground to listen.

In an instant, their facial expressions changed.

This vibration is too loud!

In the past, they had experienced being surrounded by hundreds of enemy mercenaries on the barren battlefield, and the vibration then was loud enough.

However, based on the current vibration and their previous experiences, the scale was much greater than they had encountered.

It would be a rough estimate of about 100,000 people on the battlefield!

100,000 people?

What kind of concept is this? He was unable to imagine it!

Buzz buzz buzz…

This time, there were bursts of low buzzing sounds in the air.

Everyone looked up and was shocked to see small planes hovering in the sky. They could already feel the impending storm.

What was worst was seeing these planes lining up in formation and flying around in groups, circling the sky above.

Everyone was counting the number of planes in the sky.

There were at least hundreds of them!

Not only that, there were hundreds of helicopters dominating the lower airspace as well. They were densely packed and covered the entire sky for miles.

The sky became dark and nobody could see a thing.

The sheer number of these planes had completely covered the sun, blocking out all the sunlight!

There was the sudden arrival of dozens of huge transport planes aimlessly hovering in the air!

Boom boom boom!

The ground below them was shaking violently.

Many people were unsteady on their feet.


Someone standing on the outermost circle shouted, leading everyone to look behind.

A few colossal objects appeared in their line of vision.

When they finally saw them clearly, everyone’s faces had already grown pale.

They were all in complete shock!

The colossal objects were a line of war chariots and battle tanks!

They came in from all four directions.

The mercenaries estimated the number to be at least a few thousand!

It is an epic battle scene!


Everyone saw the infantry among the war chariots. There were so many of them, densely packed together, and they could barely see their individual heads!

Click click click…

The formation of battle tanks was followed by a large infantry. They came at a uniform, world-shaking pace.

“There are four columns in one regiment! As a rough estimate, we can see twenty groups!”

“We can see about 20,000 people!”

“But it is just a small portion. There are a lot more at the back! The main army!”

The mercenaries analyzed the situation using their professional expertise.

The Return of God of War Chapter 96

“What? You can already see 20,000 people from here? Aren’t there still at least thousands of tanks and armored vehicles? And thousands of airplanes and helicopters?”

After hearing the shocking numbers, Jack Smith, Bob and the others were about to explode in fright.

This was definitely not something they could handle, let alone compete!

Why are we here?

Why can’t we just live our lives comfortably?

These gangsters and their subordinates trembled in fear. Their legs grew weak, and they almost fainted.

They thought that they were only here to fight.

Was there a need for airplanes, tanks, and artillery with tens of thousands of troops?

The Garrison family saw what was happening. A chilly stream of air rushed up to their bodies as if to freeze all the blood in them.

This is frightening!

Why are there troops here all of a sudden?

How did this happen?

What on earth is happening?

Rick grew extremely solemn. He was extremely afraid that things were happening accordingly to what he had initially predicted.

Jack Smith thought about it and said, “Could it be a military exercise? This area is extremely suitable for it!”

Joseph took a few deep breaths. “I also think the same way! I received a piece of news in the morning, saying that there are many tanks heading in this direction. It seems to be a military exercise going on, and we just happen to chance upon it! We seem to be in their way!”

Instead of thinking of the worst-case scenario, everyone wished to believe that it was a simple military exercise.

Rick shook his head. “Perhaps not! This has definitely got to do with Levi!”

“All are loaded standard weapons! They have bullets in them! These are real guns and live ammunition! I guarantee it!” The head of the mercenary, James, said in a serious tone.

His experience, together with his subordinates were able to see clearly that the guards had real guns and live ammunition!


Many people drew in their breaths at that instant.

They were panicking.

Boom boom boom…

The war chariots and armored vehicles stopped one by one when they were about 500 meters away from everyone.

However, the infantry at the back passed by the war chariots and armored vehicles and continued to advance.

It was a bone-chilling sight.

There were a lot of people on the vast plain.

Click click click…

The infantry was approaching, closer each time, and now everyone had a better view of the sheer number of them.

“Just now, we only saw a small part of the infantry. Now, the numbers have increased. We can see at least 40,000 to 50,000 people! There is about the same number of people at the back!”

“Tell everyone this piece of bad news: There are about 100,000 people in strength!”

James stated the fact, and he was growing desperate and hopeless at reality.

An infantry of such magnitude would absolutely sweep every single person on the battlefield away!

With this fact in mind, everyone grew dead silent and despondent.

There are 100,000 people!

A full 100,000!

“I… I… I… I… I… I…”

Jack Smith was so scared that his teeth chattered in fear, rendering him speechless for a long time.

Click click click…

The infantry stopped at a distance of fewer than 20 meters from everyone, which was a good distance for their handover process.

These soldiers looked ruthless, holding tightly onto their weapons that had been loaded, and took aim at everyone.

There was no doubt that as long as they fired their weapons, the Garrison family, Jack Smith and the others would be brought down immediately!

In front of all these soldiers, they had no fighting power at all when they saw a series of cold muzzles pointed at them.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

They dropped their weapons on the ground and raised their hands up in surrender.

The Return of God of War Chapter 97

They would not even think about putting up a fight. There were at least 100,000 soldiers around!

Many of them regretted it in their hearts. Why did they join the underground world of all things?

Seeing the army advancing towards them, Jack Smith and the other big shots grew afraid.

The pearls that he had initially held in his hands went missing.

The others, like Smiling Buddha and Bob, felt their blood pressure rising. If not because there were people supporting them, they would have fainted and collapsed onto the ground.

The Invincible-13 had also grown pale in shock. They did not even dare to lift their heads!

Joseph was so afraid that he almost coughed out blood. The muzzles were directly pointed at them, so one more step from the soldiers would mean that the muzzles were about to come in contact with their brains.

It was extremely terrifying!

The mercenaries really hated Rick to the core!

If they knew that this was going to happen, they wouldn’t have been lured here by the handsome reward.

They would lose their lives anyway, so how could they spend the money?

At this point in time, there were dozens of transport planes in the sky, and the cabin doors opened.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

The paratroopers landed one at a time.

Hundreds of helicopters also moved in the sky, circling above Joseph and the others.

Everyone was able to see clearly that there was a famous sniper in the helicopter, and the sniper’s rifle was aiming at them.

There were even machine guns facing them, with their angles adjusted.

The paratroopers descended continuously from dozens of transport planes. After landing, they turned their backs to Levi in a half-squatting posture and faced the Garrison family with their weapons aimed at them.

There were thousands of paratroopers, and they all happened to be guarding the open space.

Boom boom boom…

There was some movement on the outer circle.

The cannons were pushed out with their muzzles pointed towards the sky.

However, the Garrison family, Jack Smith and the others knew that they were facing another layer of doom.

They were surrounded at all sides, and the large weapons and battle tanks with guns had driven up so close to them.

Even the helicopters in the sky were directed at them.

They were completely surrounded this time round. There was no way they could escape from this.


Really frightening!

The mercenary, James, and his counterparts were unable to withstand the pressure.

They threw their weapons down, raised both their arms up in surrender, and said, “We were conned by the Garrison family! We did not do anything!”

And then they lay on the floor and placed both hands on their heads. They looked pathetic.

After that, Jack Smith responded and pointed at the Garrison family immediately, “Everything is done by the Garrison family! They invited us here, saying that they have a project that is worth 2 billion! We are so clueless! We did not know! We are in the wrong! We are in the wrong!”

After saying so, Jack Smith and the other big shots followed what James did. They lay down on the ground and placed hands on their heads.



Soon, all their subordinates followed suit. They also lay on the ground and placed their hands behind their heads!

One after another!

Following this, all the security personnel, bodyguards, guards and the mercenaries hired by the Garrison family also lay down on the ground. All of them pushed all the blame to the Garrison family.

In the blink of an eye, there were about a thousand or so people surrendering.

The only people left standing were the Garrison family members, Holly and the others.

They looked right and left to see and realized that they had two choices. They could either continue to have the gun muzzles pointed at their heads, or lie on the ground like what the rest were doing.

They had no choice but to lie on the ground!

Levi shouted from afar, “Joseph?”

Upon hearing his name being called, Joseph grew so frightened. His whole body was cold and sweaty, and his face looked so pale as though he was seriously ill.

He looked helplessly at Levi, who was standing not too far away.







The Return of God of War Chapter 98
Levi looked at the Garrison family members and called their names out one by one.

They did not dare to say a thing to Levi. It was because when Levi yelled out their names, it felt like he was declaring their deaths.

Everyone stared at Levi blankly. They did not know what he was going to do.

Everyone was utterly confused and was in complete shock.

Levi placed his hands on his back and shouted at everyone in the Garrison family, “Haven’t all of you been guessing what my trump card is? I am telling you now. This is my trump card!”

“This magnificent army with thousands of men and weapons is my trump card!” Levi continued yelling.

The Garrison family became deathly still after hearing what Levi said.

Rick closed his eyes in despair.

Things had actually turned out exactly the way he had guessed!

Holly froze, and her teeth could not stop chattering.

At this moment, there was a path created from the outer circle, surrounded by the crowd. A middle-aged man with two stars on his shoulder quickly walked towards the cemetery.

“King of War! He is the King of War!”

The Garrison family was in shock as all of their facial expressions changed drastically.

Everyone directed their gazes at the King of War walking towards the cemetery.

They saw the King of War approach Levi and greet him respectfully, “North Hampton’s commander-in-chief of the First Army, Garfield Perkins, is here to report to the Chief! The assembly of the First Army is complete, Chief! Please give further instructions!”

Many people could not believe their eyes upon witnessing this scene.

It was indescribable!

He was the King of War with 100,000 guards under his charge, yet he actually addressed Levi as his chief?

Who on earth is he?

Oh my god!

It is unimaginable!

This was a huge shock to the Garrison family. They did not expect to see this!

Thus, they could not accept the fact!

Rick shut his eyes tightly.

Garfield’s action had cemented the thoughts in his head.

Levi is the one!

“Alright, fire the cannons!” Levi commanded.

Garfield waved his hand, and at that moment, dozens of cannons fired their shots at once.




The cannons fired, shaking the earth like thunderbolts.

“Mr. Morris, rest in peace!” 100000 soldiers shouted in unison.

The voices of 100,000 soldiers sounded like thunder. It was a totally earth-shattering sight to behold.

Rowen and his wife cried again.

Levi had given Morris the best, most respectful and most impressive send-off.

Levi faced Morris’ grave and said emotionally, “My brother, this is your belated send-off!”

After everything was done, Levi turned around slowly.

At this moment, Azure Dragon and the others had changed into their military uniforms. Each one of them had a star on their shoulders.

The Five Great Wars Regiment!

Azure Dragon held a set of military uniform and brought it to Levi respectfully.

The Phoenix King of War helped Levi to change out of his black suit and into the military uniform.

After changing into the military uniform, Garfield and the other soldiers looked at Levi in awe.

Standing in front of them was their leader of indomitable military spirit!

He was their role model, the legendary God of War of Erudia!

There was a total of 5 stars on Levi’s shoulder!

He was the only God of War with 5 stars in the whole of Erudia’s history!

At this sight, Rick had already fainted.

Levi’s imposing demeanor was unmatched!

He stared at the Garrison family with indifference and said, “Do you still remember the day you listed your company on the stock market? The God of War said that he would attend the dinner banquet! That was right!”

“Because I am the God of War!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 99

The Garrison family definitely remembered that they would hold a dinner banquet to celebrate the listing of their company.

That day, the God of War had announced that he would come.

That made the Garrison family excited, and they even thought that they would rise in fame and reputation.

However, it was destroyed by Levi.

The Garrison family then saw Levi as a sinner of their family.

This was because Levi was the unlucky one who had disrupted their stroke of luck.

After that, the Garrison family used all means and ways to seek connection with the God of War but was subsequently rejected.

They were most puzzled by the fact that the God of War had come to the dinner banquet, but no one seemed to have noticed it.

They finally understood it now.

It was because Levi was the God of War!

Why else would Levi cause such a huge commotion at the Garrison family’s dinner banquet?

Why did he give the Garrison family a month to make an official apology?

Why did he warn the Garrison family time and again?

Why did he have such confidence?

Because he was the supreme God of War!

Like what Melanie had said, the God of War was the commander-in-chief of the Nine Warzones of Erudia, and he could destroy the entire family really easily!

It was already too late.

Everyone had only reacted when it was too late.

Levi put on his military cap slowly and solemnly. After wiping it clean, he looked at the 100,000 soldiers in front of him.

Upon seeing this, Garfield shouted, “God of War!”

“God of War!”

The entire army shouted that exciting title in unison.

They all looked at Levi, who was the first person in Erudia who held onto such an impressive title!

Their collective voices inspired awe throughout the empire.

The Garrison family was also caught in fascination at this awe-inspiring sight.

This man is Erudia’s God of War!

Just by his presence, everyone knew that with him around, Erudia would be protected and kept safe for thousands of years!

Levi was firmly captured in the hearts of the millions of soldiers of Erudia!

However, the Garrison family members were knee-deep in regret.

This was because Levi used to be a part of the Garrison family.

He had worked hard and fought hard for the Garrison family!

However, the Garrison family had done so many cruel things to him, even forcing him to leave home.

Levi’s gaze landed slowly on the Garrison family members. Then he said mildly, “Did you expect this? The bastard that should be eaten alive by wild dogs! Now I am someone you cannot even touch!”

Upon listening to him, the Garrison family were in shock.

Levi looked at Joseph. “I was supposed to be your grandson, but now I am the commander-in-chief of the Nine Warzones of Erudia with hundreds of thousands of soldiers under my command!”

Then, he turned to look at his adoptive parents. “I was supposed to be your son, but now I am formidable enough to be worshipped by everyone!”

Next, he glanced at Bryan and Victoria and said, “I was supposed to be your little brother, but now I have the power and wealth to hold everything under my control!”

Finally, he gazed at Holly and said, “I was supposed to be your husband’s friend, but now there is no one else controlling me but myself!”

Levi’s voice was like a knife slicing into the hearts of everyone.

At this moment, everyone no longer felt pain but numbness.

They were all completely numbed in shock.

None of them could feel the pain from their nails digging deep into their palms!

What did they miss?

It was unimaginable!

Everyone’s minds went a total blank. They were unable to think clearly on these matters.

The Garrison family thought about it. If they had not dealt so harshly with Levi in the past, how would the Garrison family have prospered?

Perhaps they would have taken control of North Hampton overnight and became the only powerful family, right?

Holly thought about it. If she had not treated Morris badly in the past, who would she have become?

Her husband’s brother was a powerful figure in Erudia! Perhaps she would have been the noblest woman in North Hampton, right?

However, there was no room for regrets!

It was too late!

They had to bear the painful consequences!

The Return of God of War Chapter 100
Take revenge and avenge myself!

Levi’s facial expression changed suddenly and he roared, “When you raised me as a child, I was proud of the family name Garrison! I secretly swore that I would live my entire life repaying your kindness!

I wanted to fight for the family! I wished for the Garrison family to be proud of me and my achievements! Then, when I made plans to develop the Garrison family into the strongest family in North Hampton, do you know what you did to me?”

“My parents, brother and sister-in-law betrayed me behind my back! My beloved family members broke my limbs and threw me into the trash! You even framed me and sentenced me to prison! Ah? Where is your conscience?”


Joseph could not endure such tremendous pressure, so he was the first to kneel down to the ground.


Ben and the others kneeled down on the ground too.

They could no longer withstand it.

All of them were drenched in perspiration beneath their clothes and were struggling to breathe.

Levi then looked at Holly. “It’s unfortunate that my friend, Morris, has always seen you as his goddess. He treated you like the most precious jewel on earth! Yet you betrayed him, and even plotted to kill him! Whenever you look down from the skyscrapers, have you ever thought of my friend, Morris? Ah?”

“I’ve even reminded all of you that if you are not going to repent in front of Morris’ grave, you will end up badly like what happened to Philip. Did my words fall on deaf ears?”


Plop! Holly also fell to the ground.

Kit and Misty had already burst into tears!

Joseph was the first to express his remorse. He exclaimed, “We are in the wrong! We are in the wrong! We confess to all the crimes we have committed.”

“We too know that we are in the wrong! We hereby repent!”

The others kneeled down and kowtowed to Levi, one after another!

Holly and the others also kowtowed in front of Morris’ grave.

Their foreheads were bleeding from the impact.

Ben continued to say, “Levi, we have admitted that we are in the wrong. Seeing that we have nurtured you in the past, can you please forgive us? Can you spare our lives?”

Winnie added, “Levi, to be honest, we have been treating you like our own. As long as you are willing, we are still your parents. The Garrison family will still be your home!”

Bryan took the chance to continue, “That’s right, Levi! My wife and I welcome you back to the Garrison family too! You can be the patriarch of the family. Right, Grandpa?”

Joseph said immediately, “Yes, yes. That’s right! Levi, as long as return to the Garrison family, you will be the patriarch!”

Jaycob even said, “Levi, Ashton deserved what you did to him! You should have beaten him to death!”

At the sight of the Garrison family members’ desperate looks, Levi sneered and said, “If not for my current identity, do you think you would be kneeling down here in repentance? Would you allow me to return to the Garrison family? Or let me become the patriarch? You wouldn’t!”

He could not stop laughing. “All of you are only concerned about the benefits. Relationships and emotions mean nothing to you at all! Ever since I stepped into prison six years ago, I have severed all ties with the Garrison family! Today, I have a very simple goal. I want to seek revenge!”

Levi shot a cold and heartless look at every member of the Garrison family.

“Seek revenge!”

The 100,000 soldiers chanted in unison. It was an earth-shattering moment.

Joseph vomited out blood at this instant.

Looking at Levi’s determination, he knew that the Garrison family was doomed!

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