The Return of God of War Chapter 891-900

The Return of the God of War Chapter 891

Levi hissed before he growled, “That is truly cruel!”

“The Garrison family locked your mother up, to keep her away from the rest of the world. They wanted to make it seem like your mother had never existed, so that she would never appear to have had any connections with their family,” informed Michael.

“And my mom just stayed put and never stepped out of the city?” asked Levi.

From what he had come to learn about his mother, there was no way that Emma Jones would ever come to fear death.

She is the kind of person who would ignore everything and come looking for me, anyway. The fact that she never did, meant that there was another issue.

“She had never left because the Garrison family had placed a tombstone in the yard, where your mother had lived,” announced Michael.

“A tombstone? Whose grave is it?” asked Levi, who didn’t understand what Michael had meant.

“Yours. The name carved on the tombstone is Levi Garrison. The tombstone served to remind your mother that if she ever dared to step out of the place, the Garrison family would hunt you down and kill you. It prevented her from searching for you, or from exposing the Garrison family’s secret,” answered Michael.

“Oh, the Garrison family is cruel indeed,” commented Levi, who couldn’t help but crack his knuckles.

“That is why you and your mother’s identity was never exposed, even though it has been decades. It was as if the Garrison family never had any connections to either one of you,” informed Michael as he grinned bitterly.

Levi suddenly thought of something, and he couldn’t help but ask, “And what about my birth father? What did he do while my mother was suffering? Why didn’t he stop them? How is he okay with my mom kneeling in the rain for three continuous days, getting imprisoned for the rest of her life? My mom loved him, didn’t she? So he must have loved her dearly as well, right?”

Levi was curious about what his biological dad had done, the entire time.

“Your father remained silent, throughout the entire incident. He let his family take care of matters, while he stood at the side and ignored everything. He watched, as your mother suffered, and he never once voiced up for her,” responded Michael to Levi.

Levi’s fist clenched, and fury burned in his soul when he heard that.

How can my biological father be that cruel? What kind of man is he? And to think that my mother had loved him so much.

“The reason he had kept silent was simple. He was the sole heir of his family, and if he had spoken on behalf of your mother, his family would have taken away his rights to inherit everything. Hell, they might have even disowned him. That is why he had chosen to remain quiet, merely standing idly by. All that, just for his personal gain and money!” insulted Michael.


Levi was so angry that he had gone borderline insane, upon hearing what Michael had said.

My mother was willing to die for me, whereas that a**hole abandoned his family for money?

The Return of the God of War Chapter 892

How can anyone be that cruel? Mom was too blinded by love and she didn’t see him right. A man like that is not worthy of her love! She had gotten pregnant because of him, and she had given birth to his son, while he remained distant and ignored everything!

“What about after? Did he visit my mother even once?” demanded Levi.

“No, not even once. Naturally, the Garrison family wouldn’t allow him to do so, even if he had wanted to,” informed Michael.

“Hmph, as expected. It would be weird if a guy like him had actually visited,” growled Levi.

“Let me share something else with you. Your birth father had married another woman and had started another family right after his family had finished dealing with both you and your mother,” muttered Michael, whose words had succeeded in getting Levi’s jaw to drop.

“What? He had married another woman and had another child?” blurted Levi in disbelief.

“Hmph, that’s right. If I’ve done the proper calculations, the child should be merely two years younger than you. The woman he had married was the daughter of another wealthy family, and the Garrison family regarded their marriage as the unification of two noble bloodlines. They supposedly had the best genes and had produced the most powerful heir!” scoffed Michael.

Michael knew that Levi had hated it, when others had spoken about noble blood, so the former deliberately used those words.

“Noble bloodline my a! We’re all just humans, aren’t we? What? Can that ahole fly or something?” roared Levi.


Levi was so angry that he had punched a boulder at the side, successfully pulverizing it.

Michael was stunned, because Levi was truly furious at that moment.

It’s bad enough that the man had abandoned both his lover and his child, but marrying another woman and having another child immediately after? That is merely infuriating!

Levi had never felt anger like that before.

It has been decades! Has he no conscience? Does he even remember that he has a child whom he has abandoned, along with a woman who is suffering because of him?

“Just you wait. I, Levi Garrison, swear that I will find you. I will have you answer to all the pain and suffering that my mother has endured!” swore Levi, as his eyes shone with determination.

Sooner or later, I will kick the Garrison family’s front door down, and I will take my mother with me. We will stand in front of that monster and make him regret everything he has done!

“By the way, do you know where my mother is locked up?” asked Levi, who had desperately wanted to meet his mother.

Michael shook his head and replied, “I don’t know where she is either. I only know that she is locked up, but the Garrison family won’t tell us the exact location.”

“Fine, I will investigate on my own. She is Levi Garrison’s mother, and she can go anywhere that she wants! No one would dare to stop her,” announced Levi, as his entire body exuded a domineering aura. It was the type of aura that could the reality itself.

Michael would assume that the guy was bullsh*tting, if he were anyone else, but the guy standing right there was Levi Garrison.

No one dared to question his words and his promise.

The Joneses’ anniversary meeting ended, after Levi and Michael had returned.

Everyone left.

Levi had Phoenix locate his mother’s prison after that.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 893

Phoenix started looking for Emma Jones immediately after that.

“It is a little tough to crack. Someone covered everything up to prevent anyone from locating her. This will take some time,” admitted Phoenix as he frowned.

Levi gritted his teeth.

My birth father’s family truly is powerful. The fact that Phoenix is having trouble tracing everything, can only mean that the Garrisons had done an impressive job covering everything up.

Levi strode around Edburg Manor and asked Mia to show him the place where his mother had used to reside in.

It was a small, separated villa.

Everything inside was fine, and it was clear that it had been cleaned regularly.

“Grandpa had actually loved Aunt Emma the most, and he had kept everything in her room maintained,” explained Mia as she sighed.

Levi didn’t reply.

He understood that Michael was a father after all, and that Michael had only treated Emma so poorly because he was afraid of the Garrison family from Oakland City.

Levi scanned every corner of the place, to find a trace of his mother’s past.

She is Levi Garrison’s mother after all, and she has to be welcomed. Anyone who had dared to imprison her is an enemy of the God of War!

Levi was lost in his thoughts while sitting in that room, when Zoey had suddenly called him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 894

Levi asked, “What’s going on?”

“Come with me!” Michael led him to the front gates of the house.

Seeing the coffin that lay beside the gate, Levi’s eyes grew cold. He demanded, “What is the meaning of this? Is this for me?”

“No, it’s for your mother! They had said…” Here, Michael hesitated and shook with fright, too afraid to repeat what he had heard just now.

“Say it!” Levi ordered, raising his voice in a menacing manner.

Gritting his teeth, Michael replied, “The Gonzales’ had arrived with a message for you, their bastard child Levi Garrison. They’ve sent your mother this coffin to congratulate her on being a wretch, and they had mentioned that they would pray that she would continue to be a wretch in her next life!”

Immediately, everyone felt the tension in the room rise.

The temperature seemed to drop by a few degrees Celsius.

A chill shot down the spines of the onlookers.

Levi stared frostily at Michael. “Back then, you had arranged for a marriage between my mother and the son of the Gonzales family, right?”

Michael nodded. “That’s right. I had betrothed your mother to Klaus Gonzales, back when she was still alive.”

“When Klaus Gonzales had discovered that your mother was pregnant, he had nearly killed her. He had announced her pregnancy to the whole of South Hampton and had humiliated your mother for being a sl*t and an adulteress. He had even told everyone that you were a bastard child.”

“When news of your mother’s pregnancy got out, your mother and the Jones family became the butt of South Hampton’s cruel jokes. Every day, people would leave all sorts of trash outside our house, vandalizing our walls with filthy words…”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 895

Hearing this, everyone in the Jones family knew what was going to befall the Gonzales family.

They could have picked a fight with anyone. Why did they have to choose Levi?

Levi continued, “How does this Klaus Gonzales like? There must have been a reason behind my mother’s reluctance to marry him.”

Klaus Gonzales hesitated before admitting, “Yes, there was a reason, behind your mother’s actions! Klaus had a reputation for being quite the playboy back then. He used to do nothing but fool around with his parents’ money all day long. Your mother had even witnessed him, sleeping with another woman, with her very own eyes!”

Here, Michael didn’t dare to continue further. Sensing Levi’s anger, he bowed his head and remained silent.

Levi asked angrily, “Even while knowing this, you had chosen to marry my mother to this man?”

“I had no choice in the matter! Marriages in clans like ours are largely decided by the elders in the family, and neither your mother nor I had a say in it. Besides, Klaus had taken a liking to your mother and had insisted on marrying her. I couldn’t reject his offer.”

“Back then, I’d agreed to allow your mother to marry him because I had hoped that an alliance between our families would be beneficial to us, the Joneses!”

“However, that was the biggest mistake I had ever made in my entire life!” Michael gave out a huge sigh.

“Is the Gonzales family very powerful?” Levi asked.

To the best of his knowledge, the most powerful royal family in South Hampton was the Goel family.

“They’re powerful, very powerful! Xabian Goel might be the most famous in South Hampton, but he’s nowhere near being the strongest!”

Michael sucked in a deep breath. “The most powerful forces in South Hampton is actually the Restaurant of Peace, started by The Three Musketeers and Osborn St. Jacques.”

Levi pressed forth imperiously, “Well, tell me more about it!”

Michael explained, “The Restaurant of Peace has existed since a very long time ago. There’s a legend in South Hampton, saying, that any criminal, no matter how heinous his crimes, is safe, once he enters that restaurant. No one will be able to punish him, regardless of their position in society.”

Levi was incredulous. “Can the Restaurant of Peace really grant amnesty to criminals? If I go into that restaurant after killing hundreds of people, will I be safe? Can nobody touch me?”

Michael nodded. “Yes, that’s right. Hence, everyone regards the Restaurant of Peace as the strongest forces in South Hampton.”

Levi smiled. “Wow, it must be a restaurant of great reputation then. Continue!”

“The second most powerful group of people in South Hampton are The Three Musketeers. The first Musketeer is Lionel Gonzales, and the second Musketeer is Ritchie Fulmer. Finally, the last Musketeer is Perseus Emil.”

“Klaus Gonzales is the son of Lionel Gonzales. That’s why I’d gone ahead with the marriage, despite my own misgivings.”

Michael was very clear about how powerful the Gonzales family was.

Levi smiled. “By sending this coffin to your doorstep, isn’t the Gonzales family trying to announce how poorly they regard the Jones family?”

“Exactly! The Gonzales family doesn’t even humble itself before the Goel family sometimes. Of course, they aren’t going to care about a small clan like us,” Michael replied carefully.

Hence, this year’s anniversary meeting was extremely important. Michael wanted to take the opportunity to climb the ranks for his family.

Levi gritted his teeth. “I don’t care how powerful the Gonzales family is! Since they’d humiliated my mother in the past, I’m going to get my revenge!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 896

At that moment, a discussion was taking place at the prestigious Azure Dragon villa, in the suburbs of South Hampton.

The entrance of the villa was carefully guarded by an elite squad of more than a hundred security guards. It was impossible for anyone to get in without being noticed.

The Three Musketeers had gathered up that day, for a game of cards in the drawing room.

All three of them were ancient and white-haired, but they still appeared energetic and vigorous. From time to time, a keen, insidious look flashed in their eyes, which was enough to make anyone shiver in fear.

Aside from the three old men, another middle-aged man was present. He was attired in very expensive clothes, and he had evidently paid careful attention to his appearance. There was nothing about him that could be considered greasy or old-fashioned.

This man was Klaus Gonzales.

On the surface, he looked to be a nice, scholarly gentleman. Many even mistook him for a university professor at times.

However, he was truthfully a merciless tyrant.

At that moment, a young man ran into the room.

“Father, the coffin has been delivered to the Jones family’s house!”

This man was Klaus’s son, Paulie Gonzales.

Klaus laughed gleefully. “Good, good!”

Lionel asked curiously, “Paulie, Klaus, what are you talking about?”

“Father, the Jones family has found Emma Jones’s bastard son recently. He had even attended their anniversary meeting!” Klaus responded immediately.

With a loud bang, Lionel slammed his cards onto the table, enraged.

Angrily, he hissed, “What? They had found Emma Jones’s bastard son, and the Joneses had even allowed him to attend their anniversary meeting?”

Ritchie Fulmer and Perseus Emil had recovered from their shock as well. Immediately, they started to rant and rave about the situation.

“What does Michael mean by this? Does he wish to disrespect The Three Musketeers in such a manner?”

“Exactly! By inviting that bastard child to their anniversary meeting, he’s officially acknowledging the boy as his grandson!”

“Are the Joneses trying to humiliate the three of us? Are they tired of living?”

The Three Musketeers had good reason to be angry.

More than twenty years ago, Emma Jones’s pregnancy had caused an indelible stain on all three of their reputations.

Back then, they were intent on murdering Emma Jones and killing her unborn child too.

In the end, the Joneses had disinherited Emma. She had disappeared into the bowels of South Hampton, and the child had become an orphan.

The Three Musketeers had thought that this had been the end of the matter.

Now that the Jones family had welcomed the boy back with open arms, The Three Musketeers felt as though they had been slapped in the face.

Of course they were mad! They had every right to be.

“In any case, her bastard son is now living in the Jones family’s Edburg Manor. This means that they’ve acknowledged his status within the family.”

Klaus continued, “Just now, I had gotten Paulie to deliver a coffin to the Jones family’s residence.”

Furious, Lionel snapped, “That’s hardly enough to warn them! Paulie, go to the Jones family’s residence and ask Michael Jones what he means by all of this! I want him to kneel before The Three Musketeers and give us a proper explanation for his actions!”

Back at gates of Edburg Manor, Levi and the others were still discussing what they should do with the coffin.

At that moment, a few cars pulled up to the gate.

The door opened, and a slew of bodyguards exited the vehicle, their bodies completely shielding a young man who looked to be the son of a rich clan.

When they saw the man, the Joneses faces changed.

The moment he got out of the car, Paulie Gonzales yelled, “Which one of you is the bastard son Levi Garrison?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 897

Levi stood at the gates of Edburg Manor, staring coldly at him.

The Joneses were frightened to death.

Paulie Gonzales was either really foolish or really brave!

How could he call Levi Garrison a bastard son to his face?

If Levi decided to take revenge, even God wouldn’t be able to save him.

Mia Jones walked forward and whispered timidly into Levi’s ear, “That’s Paulie Gonzales, the son of Klaus Gonzales.”

Upon realizing Paulie’s true status, a frosty expression flashed across Levi’s face. He stared unblinkingly at Paulie, as though considering his next move.

Michael yelled, “Paulie Gonzales, how dare you come and stir up trouble in front of the Jones Residence when you’re junior to all of us here?”

Nonchalantly, Paulie stuck his hands into his pockets. Looking tauntingly at Michael, he replied, “Michael, are you questioning me? What right do you even have to do that?”

“You…” Michael was so angry that steam was practically blowing out of his ears.

He would have swallowed his anger if The Three Musketeers had been the ones castigating him.

However, there was no way he could stomach being disciplined by a member of the younger generation.

Paulie continued brazenly, “Michael, my three grandfathers have demanded that you give them a proper explanation as to why you’ve accepted Emma Jones’s bastard son back into the Jones family. Are you acknowledging him as one of your own?”

Michael yelled, “Yes, and what about it?”

“By acknowledging that boy as one of your own, your family clearly means to insult The Three Musketeers! My grandfathers want you to kneel before them and give them a proper explanation!” Paulie yelled in response.

Michael retorted, “That’s not going to happen!”

In the past, Michael would never have dared to say something so outrageous. However, now that he had Levi’s backing, he was no longer afraid of The Three Musketeers.

Furious, Paulie spat, “Good on you, Michael! Are you openly declaring war on us? I’ll tell my grandfathers exactly what you’ve said—let’s see if your family will live until tomorrow morning!”

However, before he left, Paulie asked, “Where’s the bastard son Levi Garrison? Has he hidden himself away, out of fright?”

As soon as he spoke, Levi stepped out of the crowd and walked towards him.

Seeing him, Paulie asked with contempt, “So you’re the bastard son Levi Garrison?”

Levi didn’t reply. Suddenly, he lunged forward and gave Paulie a tight slap across his face.

With a loud smack, Paulie’s cheeks started bleeding profusely, as a few of his loose teeth began to fly out of his mouth.

An awed silence fell over the entire crowd.

Paulie’s bodyguards were so stunned that they couldn’t react on time.

Clawing at his bleeding face, Paulie screamed at Levi, “How dare you hit me, you filthy bastard?”

What followed was a series of horrifying clicks, as Levi lunged at him and delivered powerful kicks to his leg. In a flash, Paulie’s legs had been broken.

He staggered and collapsed before Levi.

With another loud crack, Levi broke both of Paulie’s arms.

Paulie lay on the floor, his limbs completely broken.

Like a pig in a slaughterhouse, he screamed in pain.

At that moment, Paulie’s bodyguards finally snapped out of their daze. “Kill him!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 898

In a flash, Levi had managed to break all of their limbs as well.

Paulie and his bodyguards were laying on the ground, groaning in pain.

Levi ordered, “Someone put this man into the coffin, and send it back to Mr. Klaus Gonzales!”

Back in Azure Dragon, The Three Musketeers and Klaus were still playing their cards.

At that moment, someone ran into the room, looking extremely frightened. “Sirs, something horrible has happened! The Jones family has sent the coffin back to us, and Mr. Paulie isn’t back yet!”

“What?” The Three Musketeers and Klaus hurried outside to take a look.

Seeing the coffin by the gates, Klaus exploded in anger. “The Jones family must be crazy! How dare they send the coffin back to us?”

Just then, they heard a distinct sob as someone hammered against the walls of the coffin.

Klaus’s expression morphed into one of panic. “I think that there’s someone inside the coffin! Open it up quickly!”

When they finally managed to pry open the lid of the coffin, they found Paulie Gonzales lying in it.

His entire body was covered in blood, and all four of his limbs had been broken. He looked up at them, sobbing piteously.

The Three Musketeers and Klaus gasped. Immediately, their expressions changed into that of anger.

How dare the Jones family break Paulie’s limbs and send him back in a coffin?

Wasn’t that a direct challenge to them? Was that an effort to taunt them?

Seeing his son’s pitiful figure, Klaus felt his heart convulse with pain. “You Joneses will pay for this!”

The Three Musketeers were so angry that you could practically see steam coming out of their ears.

How dare the Joneses do this to us?

Even the Goel family, the most prominent family of South Hampton, wouldn’t have the balls to do such a thing.

The onlookers hurriedly lifted Paulie out of the coffin.

“Who did this to you, son?” asked Klaus.

“It was that bastard son of Emma Jones— Levi Garrison!” spat Paulie.

He would never forget his grudge against Levi Garrison. He swore to himself that he would devote the rest of his life to getting his revenge on Levi.

Lionel Gonzales fumed, “The Jones family must be crazy! How dare they allow their bastard son to injure my grandson like this?”

Paulie burst into tears. “My three grandfathers, and my father, you must exact revenge for me, or I’ll never be able to swallow this anger for the rest of my life! He nearly killed me by sticking me into that coffin! He’s warning us that we will die by his hands…”

Lionel replied angrily, “We will definitely seek vengeance! How dare the Jones family behave in such a preposterous manner? I’ll have to destroy their entire family!”

Beside him, Ritchie Fulmer and Perseus Emil seethed along with him.

Klaus jumped in. “Father, Uncles, don’t be angry. I’ll settle this matter by myself. I’m going to go to demand an explanation from Michael Jones right now!”

“Alright. Make sure that you bring enough men with you!”

Soon enough, a large group of people had assembled in front of the gates of Jones Residence.

All of them were clothed in black, and a few words had been sewn onto their clothes—Gonzales, Fulmer and Emil.

These people had been sent by The Three Musketeers.

There were hundreds of them, and they lined up in neat rows outside of Jones Residence, surrounding the gates completely.

In the middle of them all, Klaus stood in his white clothes, appearing immediately recognizable.

He hollered, “Michael Jones and Levi Garrison, come out at once!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 899

Soon, Michael walked out into the open, with Levi Garrison in tow.

Levi was interested to see Klaus Gonzales for himself.

When the Joneses saw the crowd of people descending upon them, they started to panic.

If it weren’t for Levi, they would unquestionably be trampled over without a second a thought.

Klaus and his men really did look extremely intimidating.

Klaus yelled in anger the moment he had spotted Michael. “Michael Jones, look at what you’ve done!”

However, Michael merely chuckled in response. “Oh? And what have I done, Klaus?”

“Don’t you dare call me that! You had better explain yourself for what you’ve done to my son!” bellowed Klaus.

Michael smirked. “Your son ran his mouth and insulted others, so he was taught a little lesson. You should really spend more time teaching your son how to behave, Mr. Gonzales. Because if you don’t, someone else will certainly ‘educate’ him for you.”

Klaus was thoroughly peeved. “How insolent! Neither I nor my father has ever disciplined this precious son of mine! So what gives others the right to even touch a single hair on his body? Just who gave you the right to discipline my child, Michael!”

Michael’s smirk only deepened. “Actually, I wasn’t the one who had disciplined him. He had insulted someone he wasn’t supposed to. And so, that person kindly took it upon himself to teach your son a lesson.”

“It was Levi Garrison, wasn’t it? Get him out here right now!”

At that moment, a calm voice cut through the tension. “I’m right here.”

When Klaus identified Levi, he nearly blew a gasket.

This is that b***h’s son?

He forced his anger down before speaking again. “What’s this? You Joneses actually welcomed Emma’s son back into the family? Does this mean that you’re acknowledging him as one of yours?”

Michael didn’t dare to answer on Levi’s behalf, so he glanced at the younger man instead.

He mentally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Levi giving him an affirmative nod. It appeared that he was okay with being formally known as Emma’s son.

“That’s right. He’s now here with the Joneses, which means that we’re acknowledging his birthright! He is indeed my daughter’s son!” declared Michael firmly.

Klaus glared at him angrily. “You do know that you are blatantly insulting me by doing this?”

Michael scoffed, “Just what has any of this got to do with you? It’s not like you’re related to him anyway.”

“Emma was my fiancée back then, but she had slept with some other man and had given birth to this bastard! What about my reputation, huh? That b***h has already humiliated me enough, and now you Joneses are going to pile on?” roared Klaus.

“Your fiancée? The only reason she became your fiancée was because you had forced me to marry her off to you! All because you took a liking to her!” retorted Michael.

“Fine! Say what you will. You have the balls, I’ll give you that, Michael. But aren’t you afraid that a certain someone will come after you? They ensured that the Joneses, including Emma, broke all ties with that bastard child back then, but now you’re so flagrantly welcoming him back? What do you think is going to happen to you when they find out?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 900

Klaus’ words sent a chill through Michael.

The image of that man descending upon the Joneses residence twenty years ago and easily wiping out all of their bodyguards flashed across his eyes, and goosebumps broke out all over his body.

But Levi was by his side now, so he had nothing to fear.

“What do I have to be afraid of? We Joneses can take anything that comes our way!” announced Michael coldly.

“Fine then! So you insist on acknowledging Emma’s bastard son? Even if it means going against the Gonzales family?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

A blood-thirsty glint flashed across Klaus’ eyes. “Then, the Joneses will no longer have a place in South Hampton!”

“What did you just say?”

It was Levi who spoke up just then, and it took Klaus very much by surprise.

How dare Emma’s bastard son talk back to me!

“I said, your mother is a bh and that literally makes you a son of a bh! Also, were you the one who had crippled my son?” seethed Klaus.

Levi, with a completely unbothered expression, slowly made his way over to Klaus.

“I’ll make you pay for hurting my son! I’ll make you pay tenfold, nay, a hundredfold!” affirmed Klaus as he glared at him.

Soon enough, Levi walked right up to Klaus and stared him down.

“Did you just call me a son of a b***h and a bastard?”

“Yes, that’s right! You’re a bastard, and your mother is a b***h! Your whole family is nothing but trash!” spat Klaus.

His hatred for Levi knew no bounds.

For the past thirty years, his resentment towards Emma had not only not decreased, but rather, it had also grown exponentially.

That was one humiliation that he could never live down.

Klaus wanted nothing more than to kill Emma with his own two hands.

But unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance to do so.

So when he heard that Emma’s bastard son had been brought back to the Joneses, he became so enraged that he yearned to end Levi too.

The son should bear the mother’s burden, and so Levi needed to pay for his mother’s sins.

Thus, he immediately ordered a coffin and had it delivered.


A slap from Levi brought Klaus out of his reverie.

It was such a hard slap that the skin on Klaus’ face immediately split open. Blood spurted everywhere, and even a number of teeth fell out of his mouth.

Just one slap was enough for Klaus to feel as though half of his life force had been slapped away. He stood there in a complete daze, not able to move even an inch.

The men around him, as skilled as they were, didn’t even have a chance to react.




Unfortunately, that slap was only just the beginning because Levi then followed on with a dozen more.

After the tens of slaps, Klaus’ face no longer even resembled a face, and he was barely hanging on by a thread.

Klaus crumpled onto the ground, shocking everyone.

No one had expected Levi to act so ruthlessly.

“This is what you get for insulting both me and my mother,” stated Levi in an almost-bored tone.

“Men! Kill them! Wipe out every last member of the Jones family!” ordered Klaus through gritted teeth.

Immediately, hundreds of men dressed in black surged forward.

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