The Return of God of War Chapter 881-890

The Return of the God of War Chapter 881

Michael immediately looked ahead, with hope burning in his eyes, but he was soon disappointed.

The God of War wasn’t there, and Tyler and the others were the ones who had arrived, along with a servant.

The servant had a gift box with him.

The Joneses thought that the box looked quite familiar, but they couldn’t quite remember where they had seen it before.

“What’s going on, Tyler? Didn’t I ask you guys to go and welcome the God of War? Why did you return with this?” asked Michael.

“Calm down, grandpa. This guy is not an ordinary guy. He is the God of War’s messenger and he is here with the God of War’s gift to us.”

Tyler’s words got Michael excited.

He quickly rushed over to check it out.

Anything related to the God of War, even a stinky dog, would be viewed as a luxury, in his eyes.

Michael would have gone on his knees to accept the gift if he had needed to.

“Sir, what did the God of War have you deliver over?” asked Michael.

“An ancient relic. A bronze sword,” replied the man calmly.

“Huh? A bronze sword?”

The Joneses took a closer look and realized that it was the same sword that the Jones family had gifted the God of War, back some time ago.

That was good news, because if the sword was there, then the God of War had to be close-by as well.

Levi Garrison would mean nothing, when the God of War were to arrive.

He can either join the family and contribute accordingly, or he can rot in hell!

The Joneses were all ecstatic to see that.

“Sir, may I know why the God of War had you deliver the bronze sword over in advance?”

The Joneses guessed that the sword was meant to signal the arrival of the God of War before the real deal had shown up.

The man holding the box ignored them. He looked around and scanned the surroundings before he suddenly walked over to Levi.


That gesture sent a dangerous message that had almost frightened Michael and Joey so much that they had fallen onto their knees.

Is the bronze sword a gift to Levi? How does he know the God of War?

As they pondered on this thought, the delivery man approached Levi and presented the box politely.

Levi opened the box and took the bronze sword out to swing it around a little.

The somewhat rusty artefact suddenly turned strangely bright, as it soon appeared powerful.

T-that gift is for Levi? H-how does he know the God of War? Or does it mean that the God of War is here?

They thought about how Levi had seemed to know everything about Anson and the Iron Brigade.

Is Levi a member of the Iron Brigade?

Wales couldn’t help but scold Levi when the former saw the latter play with the sword, “Oy, what are you doing, Levi Garrison? That bronze sword is a gift from the Jones family to the God of War, and you have no right to play with it like that!”

“He’s right! Put it down. You have no right to do that,” chimed in the other Joneses.

Levi kept playing with the sword. He chuckled and asked, “There’s a question that you guys should really think about.”

“And what is that?”

“Could it be that I am the God of War?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 882

Levi’s words rained heavily on the Joneses’ parade, and it was as though he was trying to administer the Joneses a heart attack.

The Joneses turned quiet instantly.

Their expression froze, their minds went blank, and their irises constricted. It was as almost as if their souls had suddenly left their bodies.

Levi’s question was simply too overwhelming.

The Joneses couldn’t even imagine the dire consequences they would face if what Levi had claimed was true.

It would be total annihilation, and they didn’t want to think about it. They didn’t dare to either.

“You? The God of War? Please… Aren’t you afraid of offending the real deal?” mocked Wales, who immediately voiced out his suspicion.

Tyler laughed and shared his analysis as well, “Levi Garrison, you are powerful. In fact, you are so good that you have even crushed the Goel family. However, you being the God of War? That is simply impossible. You were imprisoned for six years, and that took you out of the equation, because the God of War rose to power while you were still in prison. I’m guessing that you had met some powerful gangster when you were in prison. That is why you are as powerful as you are now. The business tycoons only follow your tunes because they are afraid of the gangster that you had met in prison. Am I right?”

Levi’s power was something that Tyler couldn’t make sense of, nor understand.

The only rational explanation that he could come up with, was that Levi had met someone powerful while in prison.

The other members of the Jones family accepted that analysis as well.

After all, they didn’t want, or dare to accept any other alternative.

This was seemingly apparent, as they didn’t want to accept the bit where Levi might have been the God of War.

Levi laughed aloud and exclaimed, “You’re smarter than you appear. You’re right. I was given an opportunity while I was imprisoned.”

A secret government department chose Levi and took him away while he was in prison.

In a way, he met someone powerful in prison; someone who had raised him to the top.

“You’re pretty good. You’ve managed to get in touch with the God of War even though you’ve possessed a criminal record,” pronounced Tyler as he grinned, “However, the Jones family is still slightly more powerful than you are! Even if we ignore the God of War’s close relationship with our family, my uncle, Anson, is still a subordinate who works directly beneath the God of War! That alone trumps any connection that you might have formed with the God of War.”

Levi grinned, as he shifted his gaze towards Anson, who was trembling at that very moment.

“Alright then, I’ll wait and see how terribly I will end,” mocked Levi, before he continued playing with the sword.

The Jones family, on the other hand, continued waiting nervously for the God of War to show up.

They were drowning in anxiety, when they finally heard footsteps coming.

Wallace stood at the front and had his head down, as he welcomed the few men standing behind him.

The Joneses instantly recognized one of the men.

It was the Commander-in-chief of the South Hampton Warzone, Clark Pond.

If that guy is there, then the God of War has to be in close proximity as well!

About five other men were standing beside Clark, and they were the Five Great Wars Regiment, serving under the God of War.

However, the Joneses didn’t know any of them and assumed that one of them was the God of War.

“The God of War is finally here!” announced Michael happily.

Joey and the other superiors of the Jones family walked up to welcome everyone, but were unfortunately ignored by Clark and the rest, who walked towards another man instead.

That man was Levi!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 883

“No way… Could it be…?”

A bad feeling crept up, upon Michael and the others.

They thought that one of the six men was the God of War, but that had turned out to be untrue.

The insignia on their shoulders suggested that they were five Kings of War instead.

Five Kings of War… Everyone quickly thought about the Five Great Wars Regiment who had served directly under the God of War.

All the Joneses had their eyes on Clark and the others, as they strode towards Levi.

As suspected, the men stopped in front of Levi and greeted simultaneously, “Greetings, God of War.”


It felt as though lightning had filled the sky and tore everything apart.

Tyler was flabbergasted.

Wallace was left in shock.

Joey was stunned.

Michael was lost.

Over a thousand members of the Jones family had acted as though they had been struck by lightning.

They stood there, petrified, like they had been turned into stones.

The light in their eyes had diminished, as their minds had gone blank.

They were practically mindless zombies at that moment.

Six Kings of War, with five of them being the Five Great Wars Regiment… No one could get them to greet him like that… No one, except the God of War!

Levi Garrison was the God of War!

That was the truth, and it could not change, no matter how much they had wished it could.

Levi grinned and ordered, “Go and get a chair for me. I’m tired.”

Levi’s words got everyone to turn their gazes to the chair, placed in front of the ancestral shrine.

They still remembered how Levi had requested for that seat, when Michael was arranging the chairs.

Back then, the Joneses had stopped Levi from sitting on that chair and had even mocked him endlessly.

At that moment, it looked like no one else would dare to take that seat, all except for Levi.

After all, it was prepared solely for him.

Azure Dragon quickly grabbed the chair and placed it by Levi’s side.

Levi sat down and chuckled, “I told you that this seat was reserved for me, but you lot had refused to believe it.”


A sweetness spread across Michael’s mouth, and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He literally spat out blood.


Wallace, on the other hand, had fallen onto the floor, after his feet had softened, giving way to the ground.

Tyler knelt down as well, and so did Wales.

Their scalps felt tingly, as though their brains were about to explode.

Levi Garrison is the God of War!

Their worst nightmare had come true, and they couldn’t believe that it actually was real.

Recalling the past incidents, they realized that they were wrong, even from the very beginning.

A guy who could control the business tycoons of South Hampton and the Southern Union couldn’t be an ordinary guy, and a gangster couldn’t pull something that crazy off.

Moreover, if a gangster were capable of all of that, he would have been too powerful to have been thrown in prison, in the first place!

Tyler felt his scalp going numb when he suddenly made that connection.

Ugh, and Levi’s six years in jail, that is, his six years of being out of the public’s eyes, coincided with the God of War’s rise to power!

The timeline had matched perfectly! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

Tyler smacked his own head.


Tyler spat blood as well.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 884

It was simply too scary, and that prompted them to turn a blind eye to all the signs.

Why did the King of Assassins go missing all of a sudden? An ordinary man could not have destroyed a man like that.

Lucas was destroyed, the Prince Gang was crushed, and even the head of the Goel family, who had remained powerful in South Hampton for over fifty years, was defeated in South City…

Every single one of those incidents suggested that Levi was the God of War.

Michael stared at Levi in disbelief. The former then asked, “B-back then, the warlord, Elijah, s-shouldn’t have captured you.”


The other Joneses laughed aloud, and so did Elijah, the warlord.

They laughed at Michael’s misfortune because he couldn’t have guessed that the guy he had chosen to take the fall, was none other than the God of War himself.

“No wonder you’ve never accepted any invitation from the Jones family. It’s because they’re not worthy of your attention. You weren’t being proud. We were merely too weak to make it to your radar.”

Michael laughed pitifully. He had already turned pale by then.

Every question that the Joneses had, like why the bronze sword they gifted the God of War suddenly showed up with Levi, was already answered.

It turned out that the God of War was never on their side.

They were merely helped, because Levi was one of their blood-related relatives. The others who had been nice to the Joneses got them to assume that the God of War was on their side.

The help that they had received, plus the fact that Anson was the Iron Brigade, had pushed them into thinking that they were in alliance with the God of War…

Wait, something isn’t right. Didn’t Anson say that he was the God of War’s right-hand man?

Over a thousand pairs of eyes shifted to Anson.

Anson was trembling at that moment, and he had his head so low that it looked like he was hiding his tears.

He knew that his lies would be exposed, as soon as the God of War had arrived.

He was never a King of War. In fact, he wasn’t even a foot soldier. He was a deserter and a captive.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Anson? Why aren’t you coming over to greet the God of War?” scolded Joey.

Anson was curled up, currently trembling at the side.

He didn’t dare to even take a step forward.

“W-what is wrong with you? Aren’t you the King of War, also known as the Iron Brigade?” asked Joey and the others. Everyone was nervously waiting.

“Let me tell you guys the truth. Anson is a military deserter who was captured by the enemy. The real Iron Brigade had rescued him, before locking him up because he had almost spilled military secrets,” shared Levi with a smile.

“Huh? You’re a deserter? No wonder your uniform doesn’t have any insignias.”

“You’re a military deserter? How did our family produce a shameless idiot like you?” roared Michael, before he strode forward with his walking cane and beat Anson up.

Anson was their last hope of getting out of their troubles in one piece, but that hope was never there.

“Stop hitting him already. The other members of the Jones family aren’t that honorable either. Now, what do we do about you trying to assassinate me?” asked Levi suddenly.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 885


Hearing that question at that moment got Michael’s vision to turn dark, and he had almost passed out.

The God of War is making us answer for our crimes!


Michael got on his knees, and the other members of the South Hampton Jones family soon followed suit. They fell to their knees, one after the other.

Calvin and Mia were on their knees as well.

Unlike the other members of the Jones family, Calvin was actually a little excited.

His daughter had always trusted Levi, and she was the only one who Levi had seen to be family.

Does that mean that my future will be bright? At the very least, they would have to promote me within the family and no one would dare to offend me. After all, my daughter is the God of War’s family member!

“My sweet Mia, I will never learn to be as good as you in judging others,” praised Calvin.

“No, dad, I am good at judging others. You guys are simply too narrow-minded. You only have your eyes on profits. Levi is related to us, after all, and he should be treated as a part of the family. I didn’t know who he was earlier either,” replied Mia.

That was when Calvin learned a very important lesson. The kind ones will always be protected in this world.


Joey’s eyes bulged so much that they had almost flown out of his sockets.

That Michael is too crazy! He had actually tried to kill the God of War?

“That’s right. There were two attempts. He hired the King of Assassins from overseas to carry the mission out. He also came after my wife twice!” Levi threw forth, calmly.

Joey fumed and rushed to Michael upon hearing that.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Joey’s cane landed mercilessly on Michael’s head, and the dragon-shaped handle of the cane made Michael begin to bleed.

Joey didn’t stop, even after all of that.

“I also heard that you’ve searched for your grandson just to send him off to the warlord, Elijah, to be tortured! Are you even human? Are you trying to destroy the entire family?” growled Joey, as he caned Michael like a lunatic.

Levi soon caught sight of Mia, who was standing there, and he smiled before saying, “Mia, come over. You don’t need to be on your knees.”

Mia walked to Levi while everyone else watched.

Levi moved aside so that Mia could have a seat.


Everyone on site was envious of the lady who had been offered a seat, right beside the God of War.

What a great honor she has received!

The Joneses from South Hampton were stunned.

They had always bullied Mia, but she had become the most powerful individual in the family.

Calvin also started regretting his decision.

Would things have been even better if I hadn’t stopped her from being nice to him?

Endless regret filled Calvin’s heart.

“The Joneses tried to kill me twice and troubled my wife twice as well. How shall we settle the score?” asked Levi calmly.

Levi’s words did not match his calm tone, and they were as domineering as they could get.


Joey was the first one to get down on his knees.

Westley and the other thousand Joneses got down as well.

That was no longer the South Hampton’s Jones family’s issue.

The fate of all the Joneses of Erudia hung on the balance, at that very moment.

“God of War, we admit our crimes and we are willing to receive our punishment. All we ask is that you let our children go, so that our bloodline doesn’t end,” pleaded Joey.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 886

Levi laughed boisterously. “Aren’t you Joneses from a noble bloodline? Why are you on your knees now? I honestly feel like whipping you, just to see how you would bleed.”

Throughout his life, the Joneses had claimed that their bloodline was noble, as they repeatedly called him a bastard, whose blood was tainted by a lower-class clan.

Levi had always felt repulsed by such a saying.

Suddenly, a sob was heard.

Westley’s grandson, Aiden, cried instantly out of fear.

Just a moment ago, he was the one who had talked to Levi about having noble blood.

“Aren’t you guys crazy proud? Why are you bowing down to a bastard like me now, huh?” mocked Levi with a grin.

“We were wrong! Please forgive us.”

Over a thousand members of the Jones family were on their knees now, fervently begging for mercy.

They banged their heads on the floor to beg, so much so that their heads were bleeding soon after.

All they had asked was for, was for Levi to show mercy to their kids. They had simply wanted their bloodline to survive.

Everyone turned silent in the next second.

They were waiting for Levi to come to a verdict.

Mia suddenly spoke up. “Levi, please show us some mercy. Won’t you give everyone an easier punishment? We are a family, after all…”

Levi grinned and promised, “Alright, I’ll go easy on them for your sake.”

Levi then turned to Michael and asked, “Michael Jones, will you confess to your crimes and accept your punishments?”

“Yes, I confess! And I’ll accept any punishment, even the death penalty.”

“I am not interested in your life. However, I do want you to forgo your position as the head of the family. Mia will take over your position from today onwards, and no one is to complain about it!”

All it took was one word from Levi, to take Michael’s position away and hand it over to his least favorite granddaughter.

As far as Michael was concerned, that was worse than death.

Unfortunately, that was the God of War’s order, and Michael had no choice but to obey.

The other members of the Jones family stared on, in utter astonishment.

Mia Jones, the one who has always been bullied by the family, is the new head of the family?

No one could accept that, but they had no choice but to comply.

Mia was flabbergasted as well.

Me? As the head of the family?

“Mia, I’ve investigated you, and you are strategic, smart, and hardworking. You have everything it takes to do this. Also, you can continue to be kind, despite your new position. I will help you in chasing all of the darkness away,” promised Levi before he turned to Tyler and the rest, “All three of you had hired assassins to kill me and that alone was enough to subject you to death sentence. However, I will spare you and instead, sentence you to life in prison!”



Quite a few people vomited blood at that moment.

Karma arrived too swiftly, and their punishment was worse than death itself.

“Anson Jones, you had faked your identity and had claimed to be a King of War. For that, I will rescind your right to be a member of the Jones family. You are on your own now,” added Levi before he continued, “Westley Jones, you had tried to ambush me using dirty tricks, so you must be punished as well. You will donate half of your estate to charity, and I will have my people monitor everything. So, don’t bother trying to get out of it. The rest of the family members will have to donate as well, and I will monitor everything.”

What happened next was that Levi had begun to punish every sinner within the family.

They were fortunate, because Levi wasn’t a bloodthirsty monster.

If he were, more than half the Joneses would be dead.

Levi suddenly recalled something, and he couldn’t help ask, “By the way, why did all of you call me a bastard?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 887

“Huh? That…”

All of the Joneses were scared out of their minds.

Are we going to be further punished?

“No, no, we were wrong, please forgive us!” pleaded Michael, who was on the verge of crying.

If only I had taken the boy in as my grandson… Things would’ve been so great. Why didn’t I treasure that opportunity?

“I am simply asking you a question! My mother is your daughter, Emma Jones, but you had called me a bastard, so my biological father must have been the one whom you had hated, right?” asked Levi.

Levi had always been curious about that.

It made sense that the others would call him a bastard, but even the Joneses had called him that.

That part was strange.

After all, my mom is a member of the Jones family after all.

Michael scanned his surroundings before asking, “God of War, can we speak privately?”

Michael had thought that there were too many people around.

“Okay,” agreed Levi.

Both men walked to a secluded corner after that.

“God of War, I will now tell you a bit about your mother. She was the most talented and powerful amongst the rest of my children, and I spared no expense, to train her to become the next head of the family. I set everything up for her and had even arranged her marriage, but she went to Oakland City right before her wedding and returned pregnant, with you. I was so furious that I had almost killed her…”

Michael paused when he reached that part of the story. He snuck a peek at Levi, and when he saw that the latter wasn’t angry, he continued, “I asked her who the father was, but she refused to say anything, not even after I had laid a hand on her. The wedding I had arranged for her was about to take place when her suitor learned that she was pregnant! Rumor spread across the entire city. Everyone knew that your mother had fallen pregnant out of wedlock and that the father of her child was not her fiancé. Hence, they called the baby a bastard. She had brought shame to the family, and I had chased her out of the family, in a fit of anger. That is why the Joneses view you as their enemy. This isn’t about you. They are angry at your mother.”

Levi then asked, “Tell me, was my mother okay with you arranging her marriage?”

“She wasn’t thrilled… Okay, she wasn’t happy about it at all. She had said that she had wanted to fight for her own happiness and marry someone whom she loved. She had also claimed that she was willing to forgo everything, even her life, to be with your father,” murmured Michael.

“Then she is not at fault! You are,” growled Levi cruelly.

How is it wrong to fight for her own happiness? Why do the others think that it’s right to call her a b*tch for that? Furthermore, how does that make her son a bastard?

Levi’s heart stirred.

He finally understood that his mother had her reason for not looking for him.

Her life had been terrible, and she was no better off than he was.

“Is my mother still alive?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 888

Initially, Levi wasn’t concerned about his birth parents at all.

They didn’t come looking for him, so he pretended that they didn’t exist either.

Everyone could have acted like the strangers that they were meant to be.

After hearing his mother’s sorrowful tale, Levi became touched and soon, his heart was stirred.

They had their reasons for abandoning me!

That made Levi curious about his parents.

“Yeah, she’s alive, but her life is worse than death,” replied Michael.

My mother is living in a terrible condition?

Levi’s eyes darkened.

He endured his hardship and rose to the top, but his mother might not have been able to do as he had.

In fact, she might still be suffering right now!

Michael’s words gripped Levi’s heart, and it ached.

“A life worse than death? What is that supposed to mean?” demanded Levi.

“We had thought that your birth father was merely an ordinary man and that your mother had gotten in bed with a random stranger to get pregnant, to disrupt the wedding. As it turned out, your birth father was a powerful man as well! The Joneses were not a match against him, in fact, even the most powerful family in South Hampton, the Goel family, was mere ants to him. Even now, all we know, is that he is from Oakland City and that his surname is Garrison,” claimed Michael as he sighed.

“Huh? Even you can’t learn anything about him?” blurted Levi, who was rather delighted to hear about it.

The Jones family was pretty prominent, yet they couldn’t even get much information about the guy.

Is my birth father really that powerful? I should have Phoenix look into the matter and see just how powerful he is.

“Keep talking,” ordered Levi.

“Not long after I’d chased your mother out of the family, an elite fighter visited the Joneses and killed over a hundred of our men. As it turned out, he had just arrived to warn me not to contact your birth mother ever again. He said that if I had done so, the entire family would have been annihilated too. He also ordered us to keep the news about your mother’s pregnancy a secret. We were not to let anyone else find out about it. What’s strange, is that after that night, South Hampton lost all traces of your mother’s existence. It was as if she was never here in the first place!” shared Michael sadly.

Hmm… He can cover up a trending rumor within a night. That is pretty impressive.

“My birth father did all that?” asked Levi.

“Yes, or to be more accurate, your birth father’s family did that. Their motive was simple. Your birth father’s family was too powerful, and as far as they were concerned, your mother was no different from an unworthy villager. She would have simply brought shame to their family if she had married into it. I still remember the exact message that individual had sent both me and your mother,” explained Michael as he laughed mockingly at himself.

“He said… Emma Jones, you are from a horrid bloodline and you are not worthy of my son or my family. You will never be my daughter-in-law, so you can forget all about it! Also, the child in your womb is nothing but a bastard. Giving birth to him will merely taint my family’s legacy.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 889


Michael sensed a horrifying aura, as soon as he had finished speaking.

Levi was furious.

Bloodline again? What freaking noble bloodline is this now? Also, how do they even divide humans? I don’t give a sh*t about all the other countries, but everyone in Erudia is born equal! Everyone has a head and two arms, don’t we? What? They have an extra one or something? And how is their blood nobler? It’s not like they bleed gold! Freaking hell, I will murder every idiot who talks about bloodlines from now on!

“Continue,” instructed Levi.

“It was obvious that your birth father’s family were discriminated against your mother and they had refused to allow her to marry into the family. It didn’t matter that she was pregnant at the time. They refused to let her join the family, and they certainly weren’t going to recognize the child as one of their own. Your birth father’s family only had one mission after that; and that was to make your mother experience a miscarriage. They refused to allow the child to be born because, as far as they were concerned, the tainted bastard had no right to live,” relayed Michael.

Levi chuckled.

Oh, so I was almost killed before I was born, huh?

“What happened next? Why didn’t my mom get an abortion?” asked Levi.

“Your mom begged them to let you live and fought to give birth to you. She had even claimed that she was willing to kill herself so that you could live. All she ever wanted was for them to let you live. Your birth father’s family later requested for your mom to kneel in front of their house for three continuous days. Only then did they agree to spare both you and your mother’s life.”

Levi felt tears swirling in his eyes when he heard that part of the story.

Every parent loved their child, and they would not abandon their child unless they didn’t have a choice in the matter.

There is no such thing as a heartless parent. Hell, even a cruel tiger won’t eat its own cub.

At that moment, Levi understood that his mother had never abandoned him. It was quite the opposite. She sacrificed everything for him.

Evidently, his mother’s greatest gift to him was his life and making sure that he had survived.

She would even sacrifice her life just so I could live.

“Mother…” murmured Levi as his lips trembled. He then asked, “What happened next?”

“Your mother actually knelt in front of the house, and the Gods showed no mercy. It rained heavily for three whole days, and your mother was drenched the entire time. She persisted and survived through it, but her body had also reached its limit,” shared Michael, who was also tearing up, as he recalled the painful past. Despite everything, she was still his daughter.

“After that incident, she was left with dozens of medical complications that couldn’t be completely treated. She aged a decade within three days, and her muscles would ache, every time it rained. The doctor said that the trauma her body had endured had shortened her life span by about thirty years…” admitted Michael, who couldn’t keep going.

“Mother!” blurted Levi as he clenched his fists.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 890

A pregnant lady had kneeled under the heavy rain for three continuous days!

How strong did she have to be, to kneel for so long under those circumstances?

She had gone through all of that, just to protect her child.

That was unimaginable and unbelievable.

A weak woman would turn strong when she became a mother.

That was just how a mother was.

She was merely an ordinary mother amongst the thousands of mothers on Earth.

It seemed that parents could transform into heavenly angels when their kids were threatened.

A parent would keep the sky afloat just to shelter their children. There are no gods in this world, but there are plenty of regular parents who would do anything for their children.

Michael wiped his tears aside and continued, “In the end, your birth father’s family kept to the end of their bargain, to allow both you and your mother live, but they had one condition.”

“Huh? What was it?” asked Levi.

“You were allowed to be born, but your mother must not have been one who would raise you. Instead, you were to be abandoned, to the street, and your mother was not to contact you at all. Their reasoning was simple. The kid must not have been traced back to their family. They had cut the ties from the source so that you would remain nothing but an orphan, abandoned by both of your parents. Your mother had to agree to their terms so that you could live. After giving birth to you, she abandoned you at a random spot. We didn’t think that you’d end up on the streets of North Hampton, adopted by members of the Garrison family who had lived there.”

“Mother…” whispered Levi as he clenched his fists.

He stomped his foot in anger, and the marble floor under their feet had cracked. The spider-web-like pattern spread across the floor, until every inch was practically shattered. The scary bit was that over a hundred men could stand on the floor without damaging it, but Levi’s stomp had managed to do as such.

The mere sight of Levi’s strength surprised Michael and the others.

Is he even human?

Levi was touched to know that his mother did so much just so he could live.

It could be said that she had dedicated her entire life to him.

They hadn’t seen each other in decades, but that only happened so he could merely survive.

He truly believed that his mother was living in a random corner of the Earth, missing him dearly, everyday.

She must miss her birth son a lot, especially after such a long while.

“What happened to my mother afterwards? I’m guessing that the Garrison family of Oakland City wouldn’t have allowed her to leave that easily?” asked Levi.

“You’re right about that. To keep your identity a secret, they had to remove all traces of your existence, and the same goes for your mother. The Garrison family hated loose ends. What if your mother showed up at the family manor one day or suddenly decided to announce her existence? The Garrison family didn’t want that to happen, and they refused to risk it!” informed Michael.

“So? What did they do?” demanded Levi as he held his breath.

Michael replied, “They imprisoned your mother and allowed her to rot there. To make matters worse, she was imprisoned for life and she was not allowed to take one step out of that place!”

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