The Return of God of War Chapter 871-880

The Return of the God of War Chapter 871

“Levi, what are you doing?” Anson stopped him when he saw Levi sitting down.

“I’m taking the place they have reserved for me,” Levi casually replied.

“Are you out of your mind? Look at how many elders are standing, so what gives you the right to sit?” Anson scolded.

“Is Michael’s grandson sick in the head? Or is he just arrogant? Since when is he qualified to sit there?”

“That’s right! He keeps behaving rudely in front of the Patriarch. Michael, what’s the meaning of this? Are you doing it on purpose?”

After berating Levi, the crowd turned their attention toward Michael.


He was close to bursting a vessel.

To him, Levi was an idiot who insisted on creating unnecessary drama.

Meanwhile, the South Hampton Jones family stared at Levi as if he was their mortal enemy.

If not for his presence, they would have outshone everyone else during the anniversary meeting.

Amongst the crowd, Calvin pulled Mia over and warned her, “Mia, you should not have anything to do with Levi from now on. Or else, he will be the death of you!”

“Why? He has always treated me well. Don’t worry, he won’t harm me,” Mia replied with a smile.

“You’re still young, so what do you know? I know a scum when I see one.” Calvin hated Levi’s guts now.

Mia retorted, “Dad, you’re the one that’s ignorant. If Levi’s true identity is revealed, he would outshine everyone here. No one can compare to him.”

Calvin gave her an exasperated look. “Did Levi poison your head?”

Mia replied in glee, “Dad, you will know soon enough.”

Meanwhile, Westley suddenly remarked, “Michael, what’s the meaning of this extra chair? Did you prepare it for your grandson?”


The crowd burst into laughter, causing Michael to feel humiliated.

“Michael, tell me. Who is that seat for?” Even Joey was concerned.

At that moment, Michael knew he couldn’t maintain his secret any longer. “Joey, I wanted to give you a surprise at the end. Given the current circumstances, I have to choice but to tell you now.”

Westley’s heart sank when he realized Michael must have invited someone extremely important to the meeting.

He knew Michael planned to solidify the South Hampton Jones family’s position in one move.

Westley began to panic as he did not make any other preparations.

When he turned to look at the South Hampton Jones family, all of them looked extremely confident.

It was obviously someone very important who would help them reinforce their position.

In his curiosity, Joey couldn’t help but ask, “Hmm? I am very interested to know who this person is?”

Michael replied with a smile, “I’ll not hide it from you any longer. The seat is prepared for the God of War.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 872

It was a shocking revelation to them.

Just as Michael spoke, everyone gasped as if they had been struck by lightning.

Other than the South Hampton Jones family, everyone else was stupefied.

Although Westley guessed it was someone important, this was still beyond what he had imagined.

It is the God of War himself!

Joey was so emotional that he teared and even dropped his staff.

“Is it true? Is the honorable God of War coming to attend our anniversary meeting?”

His body was visibly trembling.

“Father, it’s true. To be honest, the God of War has been a supporter of the South Hampton Jones Family for a long time.”

“Do you remember when we were attacked by Elijah? It was the God of War who saved us.”

After receiving an affirmative answer, Joey shouted in elation, “The status of the Jones is going to be further elevated! Going forward, the entire Jones diasporic families in Erudia will be placed under your authority.”


The declaration dealt a crushing blow to Westley, but it was the best news the South Hampton Jones family could hope for.

Although Levi’s appearance had humiliated them and angered the Patriarch, the South Hampton Jones family still had one more trump card—the God of War.

Michael almost jumped in joy when he realized all the Jones families in Erudia would have to take orders from him.

In his mind, a blueprint took shape.

He planned to leverage on the strength of the Jones families in Erudia to create a royal family. Not only was he going to rule South Hampton, but also the whole of Erudia in the end.

“When is the God of War arriving?” Joey asked in anticipation.

“Ordinary people like us are not privy to his itinerary. However, he has promised us that he would be here,” Michael answered confidently.

At that moment, no one noticed Anson was trembling in a corner as he didn’t expect the God of War to come in person.

When he arrives, wouldn’t I be exposed?

It would be impossible for the God of War not to recognize him, given that he claimed to be a King of War, the God of War’s right-hand man.

When that happens, where am I going to hide?

The more he thought about it, the more fearful he became. He was shivering incessantly.

In fact, he was so frightened that he could wet his pants anytime.

“Anson, why are you shaking? What are you afraid of?” Michael asked in surprise.

Curiosity flashed in his eyes.

Why is he so frightened when I mentioned the God of War?

What’s going on with him?

Joey came to Anson’s defense. “Michael, don’t you know? As the God of War’s right-hand man, Anson must be excited to see him.”

It suddenly made sense to Michael. “Oh, right! That’s true.”

A voice rang out. “No! He is afraid that once the God of War arrives and doesn’t recognize him, his lie will be exposed.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 873

It was Levi.

Damn it, it’s Levi again!

Michael couldn’t be anymore outraged.

While Anson was trembling, he didn’t expect Levi to bring up the topic again.

He looked at Levi in horror and wondered if the latter really knew something.

He didn’t dare rebut as he was overwhelmed by fear.

“Levi, what are you babbling about? Anson really is a King of War in the Iron Brigade. You’re accusing him of being a fraud. Are you for real?”

“That’s right! Are you causing trouble on purpose?”

The whole South Hampton Jones family was up in arms at Levi’s attitude.

If the other families weren’t watching, they would have definitely killed Levi.

Meanwhile, Westley was happily watching the unexpected turn of events.

So what if the South Hampton Jones family has many achievements?

Having a King of War no longer matters when they have a crazy person like Levi running loose.

His actions alone negate all their accomplishments.

He is a disgrace to the South Hampton Jones family and deserves to be nailed to the pillar of shame.

Going with the flow, Westley inquired, “Levi, how do you know he is a fraud? Do you know something we don’t?”

Anson’s face turned pale while cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

“Because I know every single person in the Iron Brigade and he is not one of them,” Levi replied in amusement.

Michael retorted, “What do you know? Do you think you’re one of the Iron Brigade?”

Before Levi could reply, Michael interrupted him further, “I’ve investigated everything about you. Other than being imprisoned for six years, you were at North Hampton. What connection do you have with the Iron Brigade?” The gloves were off for Michael.

Not afraid of being laughed at, Michael revealed the fact that Levi went to prison on impulse.

Everyone was shocked by the revelation.

Michael then explained to Joey, “I know this is embarrassing but I’m sure you’re aware of the shame my daughter, Emma, experienced. However, her son is even more of a disgrace! If Westley hadn’t declared our relationship to the world, I would never have acknowledged him. Today, in front of you, I declare he is not fit to be my grandson. I will never acknowledge him as my family.”

Joey and Westley were shocked at how harsh Michael was.

“Do you want me to acknowledge you? I can! Just show me your achievements. If you can be a colonel in the army, a government leader, or even own a billion in assets, I will acknowledge you once you accomplish any of those. Do you even have any? You’re nothing but an absolute loser and an ex-convict. Do you deserve to be part of the Jones family?”

Michael was ballistic as he bombarded Levi with questions.

At that moment, someone ran into the courtyard.

“Tyler, Wales, the Prince Gang is here!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 874

“The Prince Gang is here?”

Both Tyler and Wales were stunned for a moment.

Although they had greeted the Prince Gang before, they were ignored by Jaron and his companions then.

Why are they here?

Regardless of the reason, it’s a positive development.

At least they will provide us with a show of strength.

After all, the Prince Gang was considered a prestigious organization.

Every one of its members represented South Hampton’s most prominent families.

Holding that thought, both men were ecstatic as they went out to receive them.

“Father, they are part of Tyler’s network. They’re an organization of youths called the Prince Gang, and are made up of all the heirs of South Hampton’s prominent families.” Michael grinned.

“That’s very good. I have heard about the Prince Gang before, as they are famous. These young men have a promising future, which is impressive,” Joey continued his praise.

Amidst the crowd, Mia’s eyes were sparkling with excitement while her lips widened into a smug smile.

She mumbled to herself, “It appears Levi is going to make his move soon.”

She was looking forward to seeing Levi revealing his identity and shocking everyone present.

I wonder how the Jones family will react later. I really can’t wait!

Calvin asked out of curiosity, “Mia, what are you babbling about? What has this got to do with Levi?”

“Dad, just keep watching,” Mia replied with a smile.

Calvin was none the wiser but continued to watch the situation unfold.

In a brief moment, Tyler and his brother led the members of the Prince Gang in.

Leading the group was Jaron and Jackson.

“Father, this Jaron Goel, leader of the Prince Gang and heir to South Hampton’s most prominent family, the Goel family. Beside him is Jackson Hunt, heir to South Hampton’s second most prominent family, the Hunt family…” Michael started to introduce the members of the Prince Gang.

“Very good. With such powerful friends, the Jones family will definitely be further elevated. Michael, not only do you make me proud, but the younger members of the family also never cease to amaze me. It seems the future of the Jones diasporic families lies in your hands,” Joey remarked emotionally.”

The other Jones families looked on in admiration and envy.

“Jaron, Jackson, let me introduce you. This is…”

Before Tyler could introduce them to Joey, Jaron led the Prince Gang members away and headed in a different direction.

“Oh? What’s going on?”

Everyone was caught by surprise while Tyler and Wales were stunned.

Huh? Aren’t they here to support us?

Why have they left? Do they have a different reason for coming?

When he saw the direction Jaron was heading, Calvin’s heart began to race in suspense.

Is what Mia said coming true?

He gave her a thoughtful look.

Mia’s eyes were glistening with pride.

The thousand-odd attendees were staring in the direction Jaron was heading.

When the group arrived in front of Levi, they dropped to their knees with a thump.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 875

All the members of the Prince Gang were kneeling in front of Levi. They shouted in unison, “The South Hampton Prince Gang is honored to see you, Master.”

Their spirited greeting echoed reverberated like rumbling thunder.

There was total silence, as if time had stopped and space had frozen.

Everything was suspended at that very moment.

Tyler was stupefied, and so was Michael and Joey.

The thousand-odd members of the Jones family were all astounded.

Everyone felt as if they had been struck by lightning and burnt to a crisp.

As Calvin and Mia were standing close by, he saw everything unfold right before him. Unable to fully process what was going on, he felt as if he was going to faint anytime.

Luckily, Mia was there to support him.


Someone couldn’t accept what was going on and fainted on the ground, causing a loud thump.

The sound brought everyone’s senses back.

They were all gasping for air.

It is unbelievable!

It must be the end of the world!

No matter what, they could not accept what had just unfolded in front of them.

The South Hampton Prince Gang is actually kneeling in front of Levi?

W-What’s going on?

Isn’t he a bastard?

I thought he was just rabble?

Did he really spend six years in prison?

Who is he for the Prince Gang to kneel before him?

A barrage of questions bombarded everyone’s mind.

They were filled with doubts and didn’t know where the disconnect was.

Among the thousand men present, all that could be heard was the sound of heavy breathing.

It was obvious no one could fathom what was going on.

Tyler and Wales couldn’t help but ask, “Jaron, Jackson, are you paying your respects to the wrong person? The one who is the most senior among us is Joey, the Patriarch. And he’s right over here.”

Hearing that, Jaron looked at Tyler and his brother. “If you are still a member of the Prince Gang, come over here and kneel!”

“Huh? Kneel? To him? Never! I can kneel to anyone but him!”

“That’s right. What are you talking about? We will never kneel to a bastard!”

Tyler and his brother made their stand.

Jaron suddenly stood up and stormed toward both of them.

Slap! Slap!

He gave each of them a forceful slap.

“I will personally kill whoever dare calls our master a bastard,” Jaron bellowed.

“From now on, you are both banished from the South Hampton Prince Gang!”

Jaron made a decisive decision.

Everyone was shocked that Tyler and Wales were kicked out.

“The next time you utter the word ‘bastard’ against our master again, I’ll kill both of you.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 876

None of the Joneses understood Jaron’s threat.

What’s going on?

Who exactly is Levi?

This is such a surprise.

The Prince Gang not only called him ‘master’ but also defended him. Why is that?

After teaching Tyler and Wales a lesson, Jaron returned to kneel in front of Levi.

“Enough, get up,” Levi casually said.

Upon his orders, all the members of the Prince Gang stood up.

At that moment, Michael’s mind went blank.

He and the other Joneses could not comprehend how Levi could become the master of the South Hampton’s Prince Gang.

Puzzled, Michael and Tyler exchanged glances and recalled that Lucas went to South City a few days ago.

Was Lucas crippled by Levi?

And yet, that was only the beginning.

“Sir! Sir! For some reason, a lot of luxury cars are arriving outside. From the looks of it, there are almost a hundred of them,” the butler rushed in suddenly to report what was going on outside.

“Oh? Do we still have guests?”

Michael was surprised as he was no longer expecting anyone.

Could it be the God of War?

But the God of War wouldn’t come in a hundred-car convoy.

So, who else could it be?

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The next moment, they could hear a flurry of footsteps.

It sounded as if there were many people.

“Quick, look who’s here?”

Everyone looked out in anticipation.

A hundred odd men arrived in front of the ancestral hall.

Luckily, the courtyard was big enough to contain all of them.

When he saw who was heading the group, Michael was astonished beyond belief.

It was Xabian Goel and the other nine heads of South Hampton’s royal families.

Behind them, there was still a large entourage.

“Xabian, didn’t you say that you could not attend our anniversary meeting? Why have you suddenly come?” Michael approached and asked curiously.

He had earlier invited them because they were part of his local network in South Hampton.

However, all of them rejected his invitation as they felt it inappropriate for outsiders to attend a Jones family anniversary meeting.

And yet, here they were, which confused Michael.

“Hmph! Why should we attend your family’s anniversary meeting?” Xabian snorted.

“That’s right, what has your family event got to do with us?” Mario of the Hunt family retorted.

Hayden of the Quinn family also sneered, “Michael, do you think we are idiots?”


The Goel, Hunt, and Quinn families were the top three of South Hampton’s ten royal families.

Therefore, Michael didn’t dare offend them.

He carefully pried, “In that case, are you here for someone else?”

“Mmm, of course.”

Xabian and the others walked toward Levi.


The courtyard fell into complete silence again.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 877

When Xabian and the others arrived in front of Levi, they too dropped to their knees.

The Joneses felt as if their hearts were going to burst.

Those are South Hampton’s finest!

That is the head of the Goel family, Xabian!

It was such a magnificent sight that everyone was enthralled.

Xabian greeted, “The South Hampton’s Goel family is honored to see you, Master.”

Next, Mario greeted, “The South Hampton’s Hunt family is honored to see you, Master.”

Then, it was Hayden who greeted, “The South Hampton’s Quinn family is honored to see you, Master.”

However, that was just the beginning.

One by one, the head of the other families paid their respects to Levi.

Finally, a total of ninety-nine prominent families knelt in front of Levi and greeted him as their master.

Of the hundred prominent families of South Hampton, ninety-nine of them had gathered in front of Levi.

Only the solitary Jones family was left out.

In other words, only the Jones family had not greeted Levi as their Master.

What’s going on?

It’s unbelievable!

It’s just unimaginable!

At that instant, everything Michael believed in was in tatters.


His heart sank as he felt a choking sensation in his throat.

If not for him forcibly suppressing it, he would throw up anytime.

Meanwhile, the entire courtyard was silent, even the sound of breathing was non-existent this time.

Drip! Drip! Drip!

The only sound that could be heard was cold sweat dripping onto the floor as every single member of the Jones family was sweating profusely.

They were so nervous that they were already drenched in sweat.

Even Mia, who knew Levi’s identity, was breathing rapidly and had broken into a cold sweat.

She had thought that him being the Master of the Prince Gang was impressive enough.

Little did she expect that was just the beginning.

Except for the Jones family, every other prominent family in South Hampton had recognized him as their master.

It was unbelievably shocking.

The Jones family couldn’t believe what they just saw as their hearts beat so furiously that they could explode anytime.

As their breathing increased in pace, their breathlessness made them feel as if they were being suffocated by a rope.

Is that all?


Not yet.

“Mr. Grover Cooke of the Southern Union and his Four Kings are here!”

A shout was heard from outside.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 878


Michael and the other Joneses were so shocked that they felt as if they had been struck by lightning again.

This time, the Joneses knew that Grover and the Four Kings were here to see Levi too.

The next moment, Grover led the Four Kings inside, followed by the Six Slaves.

The eleven of them walked toward Levi and dropped to their knees in a thud.

As all of them knelt in front of Levi, they greeted in unison, “Mr. Garrison!”

Everyone was stupefied.

Grover is just as famous as Elder Goel.

Even the Four Kings who arrived with him are heroes in their own right.

And yet, they are all kneeling in front of that brat?

This is simply inconceivable.

What is Levi’s true identity?

Isn’t he a bastard as what the Jones family claims?

It’s impossible for a hooligan to be accorded with so much respect.

Meanwhile, Joey, Westley, and all the other Joneses turned to look at Michael.

It was obvious from their gaze that they were asking the same question. Is he really the hooligan that you claim he is?

His status now is already higher than all the Joneses combined.

Despite such influence, Michael had the gall to say that Levi didn’t deserve to be part of the Jones family? And that he will never acknowledge Levi?

He even set three conditions for Levi?

Levi’s current position is so high that even the Jones family can only aspire to achieve it.

Does he even need the three conditions?

The South Hampton Jones family are a bunch of fools and Michael is the biggest fool of them all!

Joey glared angrily at Michael till his face was red.

All you needed to do was treating him better and he would become one of us.

With his capabilities and network, Levi could lead the Jones family to greater heights.

However, you made a mess of your relationship with him!

If Joey knew the Jones family had tried to assassinate Levi a few times, he would likely have beaten Michael to death with his staff.

As the atmosphere eased, everyone’s heavy breathing could be heard.

It was a terrifying experience.

Everything they experienced today would never be forgotten for the rest of their lives.

“Y-Y-You…” Michael stared at Levi for a long while but couldn’t even spit out a single word.

It shocked every single one of the Jones family when they realized many of the previous misunderstandings could now be resolved.

Why Daniel was beaten to a pulp, why Lucas ended up a eunuch, why the Prince Gang was destroyed… up to the fact that the local tyrant Oliver was overthrown, and why the King of Assassins had suddenly disappeared. All these events were linked to Levi.

They had previously thought it was just a coincidence that all the above parties bumped into the God of War. But now, they knew it was all because of Levi.

He alone was strong enough.

“What do you want to ask me?” Levi smiled.

“I told you long ago that I don’t care about the Jones family at all, let alone if you acknowledge me. I’m stronger than all of you! Can’t you see that?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 879

Tyler was the smartest in the Jones family, and he laughed before saying, “I’ll admit that you are powerful, even though I don’t know why or where you’ve gotten your power from. The important bit, however, is that the Joneses truly are not a match against you. Unfortunately for you, my family has something up our sleeves. We are supported by someone who is powerful, and everything that you have will be nothing but illusions once he shows up!”

His words made everyone gasp, and they soon regained their composure.

Levi’s network and connection had frightened them so much that they had actually forgotten about the guy having their backs. The Joneses had an extremely powerful ally.

Tyler’s words served as a reminder to everyone that the Joneses still had the God of War on their side!

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when such a thought came to mind, as the color gradually returned to their cheeks.

They hadn’t lost!

Or rather, the Joneses of South Hampton were just beginning.

“That’s right! We have the God of War on our side, so don’t you gloat, Levi Garrison.”

“Wisdom comes with age, and you are simply too young to fight us,” proclaimed Michael, who smiled arrogantly once more.

Joey forgave Michael for the time being.

Everything can be settled, with the God of War on our side.

“Is the God of War here yet? We’re merely minutes away from the opening ceremony,” asked Joey impatiently.

Westley murmured suspiciously, “Will the God of War really show up?”

“Of course. He is the God of War, so he will definitely keep to his word,” defended Michael immediately.

“Then why isn’t he here yet? It’s true that he is tied to his words, but the Joneses truly are too weak to get his attention.”

“He doesn’t need to come if he doesn’t want to. It’s not like you can do anything about it anyway,” reminded Westley, whose words had caused Michael to shiver a little.

He’s right. Regardless of what the God of War has said, the Joneses are still rather weak, when compared to him. He doesn’t need to show up if he doesn’t want to, and there is nothing that we can do about it.

Michael turned to his son at that crucial moment and barked, “Anson, can you get in touch with the God of War? Hurry and ask him where he is right now!”

“Huh? Um…” fumbled Anson awkwardly.

He had been lying the entire time, and he didn’t know the God of War at all! How was he supposed to get in touch with the guy?

Anson cleared his throat and announced awkwardly, “Dad, you might not be aware of this, but the God of War’s daily routines are all top secret. The password to get in touch with him changes every day.”

Michael immediately ordered, “Tyler, call the commander-in-chief right away and ask him why the God of War hasn’t shown up yet.”

The Joneses were all nervous then, and they had begun to sweat, once more.

The Joneses were done for if the God of War wasn’t going to show up.

Joey instructed, “Put it on speakerphone.”

“Hello commander-in-chief, I am Tyler Jones of the Jones family. I, uh, I’d like to ask if the God of War has left yet? We don’t see him around.”

The voice rang up, from the other end of the line, “The God of War has already arrived. Didn’t you see him there?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 880

Tyler was so surprised that his hand had slipped, and his phone had fallen onto the ground.

The God of War is here? Why haven’t we heard anything about it? I don’t see the God of War anywhere. In fact, the only people here are Levi Garrison, the business tycoons of South Hampton, and the members of the Southern Union.

“Commander-in-chief, the God of War is nowhere to be seen. Maybe you made a mistake?” asked Tyler, who couldn’t help himself.

“Maybe he’s on his way. Let me check.”

Michael appeared calmer and insisted, “The God of War is probably already on his way over, Joey.”

“Yes, that has to be it. I’ll have my people head over to welcome him,” added Tyler.

“No, you will all go in person to show him how much we respect him,” instructed Michael.

Wallace, Tyler, and the others all went out of the house to welcome the God of War.

“I don’t care how powerful you are, Levi Garrison. You are nothing compared to Anson. He is the King of War-Iron Brigade, and he has the God of War watching his back. Your power doesn’t matter under such circumstances!” growled Michael.

Joey glared evilly at Michael upon hearing his words. “You… Why must you speak in such a manner? Must you make an enemy out of him? He is your grandson, your biological grandson, and our blood runs in his very veins! He is also a member of our family, so why are you being so mean?” scolded Joey, before he turned to Levi and added, “Kid, the previous incident is merely a misunderstanding. They had only acted that way because they weren’t aware of who you were. If they had known your true identity, they would’ve treated you differently and they might’ve even trained you to become the next head of the family. You silly kid, why did you keep your identity a secret? You could’ve told us the truth from the beginning.”

Joey’s intentions were simple.

He had wanted to appease Levi, clear all rifts, and convince him to join the Jones family.

He got the business tycoons in South Hampton to see him as their leader, and if the family could merge with a power like that, it would definitely benefit both sides greatly. The Jones family would definitely rise to become one of the top families of the country.

Naturally, Joey didn’t want to let go of an opportunity like that.

“He’s right. I was wrong earlier and I didn’t see how talented you were. Why didn’t you inform me of your true identity earlier? I would’ve gone to welcome you in person,” announced Michael immediately. He caught what Joey was thinking and planning.

Levi chuckled.

“And what if I were not as powerful as I am now? Would you still take me in as a member of your family? Would you still welcome me with open arms, Michael?”

“I…” fumbled Michael, who didn’t quite know what to say.

Joey was stumped as well.

If Levi weren’t as powerful as he was, everyone would continue treating him like a bastard.

“Hmph, let me share something with you. The Jones family means nothing to me!”

Tyler, Wales, and the others returned at that moment.

“Huh? Is the God of War already here?”

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