The Return of God of War Chapter 841-850

The Return of the God of War Chapter 841

Helena’s attending doctor, Keith Shawn, was a responsible man. Upon seeing that a stranger was giving treatment to Helena, he went up to stop him.

“Yes! I’m a doctor!” Fredrick nodded.

“Where is your ID card? Let me have a look,” said Keith with concern.

Fredrick had no choice but to take out his green military ID card and handed to him.

Keith took a look, and suddenly, the expression on his face changed.

“You’re Fredrick Greg? The military doctor of the Iron Brigade?” Keith asked with great respect.

“You’re right. That’s me!”

“Wow…You’re amazing. I’ve heard a lot about you! You’d saved so many soldiers before, and you even saved the God of War several times! You are my role model!” Keith was excited.

“You’re exaggerating. I’m just doing what I can!” Fredrick shrugged with a beam on his face.

“Please, come in. I believe you can do something about Ms. Engler’s face.”

Keith then led Fredrick into the ward courteously.

Levi was dumbfounded.

He tried every means to stop me. But when it comes to Fredrick, he invites him in?

After giving Helena a thorough check, Fredrick was confident that Helena could recover, and the treatment period would not take too long.

Compared with Levi’s scar treatment, Helena’s case was just a piece of cake.

“Let me start first for a week, and you can then follow my instructions and apply herbs on her face for another month. With that, she will recover in no time.”

Fredrick told them a specific treatment cycle time, and Helena was overjoyed to hear that. She really looked forward to it.

At the same time, she began to admire Levi a little bit more.

He’s so amazing. Where did he find such a great doctor?

After leaving the hospital, Levi and Fredrick returned to the Guardian Mansion.

“God of War…I heard that 47, the King of Assassins, is here in Erudia. But I’m not sure who his target is this time,” chatted Fredrick casually.

“47? I know him. He once assassinated an official in the mysterious area of 51st District overseas. But he went into hiding after that. I even heard he took the head of a God of War during a desert battle!” Levi said indifferently.

“But how dare he come here? Erudia is a forbidden place for mercenaries and assassins!” Levi’s stare became intense.

“Exactly! I think he’s way too bold, even though he is the King of Assassins!” Fredrick could not help but snigger.

“I’ll ask Phoenix to check his whereabouts. A killer like him is a potential threat to Erudia even if he’s not doing anything,” said Levi.

Soon, both of them arrived at a desolate block. The place was so empty, and there was no one on the road.

Even the street lights were dim, and they looked like they were going to go out at any time.

It was quite an uncanny and eerie atmosphere.

“Well, this place is so quiet. Guess no one’s gonna bug us back here,” Fredrick laughed at his own jest.

However, Levi did not respond to him and squinted his eyes.


The next moment, they heard a gunshot and a bullet was fired.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 842

“Watch out!”

With a tremendous lurch, Levi leaped to Fredrick swiftly.


A bullet was fired to where they stood and left a fist-sized hole in the wall.

What if the bullet hit our head? We will explode like a watermelon!

“Sniper!” Fredrick screamed before taking a deep breath.

He had had experiences on the battlefield, so he knew exactly what kind of weapon could be so powerful.


Before he could react, another gunshot was fired.

Levi and Fredrick continued to dodge.

Another hole appeared in the wall causing the wall to shake continuously.

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!


A series of gunshots were fired by 47, using his sniper rifle in the dark.

Levi and Fredrick had to evade at full tilt.

In the end, they had no choice but to jump into the courtyard and hid behind a bunker quickly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, even the thirty-meter-long bunker collapsed.

It was crashed into pieces by another series of gunshots.


Levi and Fredrick looked at each other and immediately knew who he was.

47, the King of Assassins is here for me? Levi chortled.

Well…he’s indeed something!

Not only he knew how to occupy the high ground and lock his targets, but he also had consummate sniper skills!

Perhaps, the only person in the world who could escape from his shot was Levi.

Even a master like Alfie might not be able to get away in such a situation.

But when 47, who stood on the high ground, saw Levi get away, he was shocked.

He had never missed his target in the past ten years, and there was no need for him to shoot the second time to vanquish his target completely.

But I have fired ten gunshots today and still couldn’t get him. Damn! This is ridiculous!

There was a hint of excitement in 47’s eyes.

It was the first time in ten years that he had met such an opponent, and he was getting excited.

And He had never been so excited before.

I must kill him!

It must be a great accomplishment if he were able to kill his target this round.

Hence, without further ado, he jumped down from the twenty-story building and chased Levi from behind.

On the other side, Levi, hiding behind the bunker, was on his nerve. He had to stay alert with movements around him.

In fact, he could hear even the faintest noise around him now.

47 was fast.

In a flash, he had moved a few hundred meters and was close to Levi now.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

While running, 47 assembled his weapons at the same time.

And as soon as he reached the bunker where Levi and Fredrick were hiding, he had the rocket launcher ready.


Besides that, he had assembled all his other firearms too.

Running, assembling, and loading the weapons…

47 could do almost everything in one go as if he did them at the same time.

“Go to hell!”


47 then fired the bunker where Levi and Fredrick were hiding.


The rocket launcher scored a direct hit on the bunkers before they collapsed and were engulfed in flames.

Upon seeing the scenario, 47’s lips curled into a grin…

The Return of the God of War Chapter 843

You can dodge my shots; let’s see if you can hide from such a large-scale attack? Do you think you can escape? Either you’re blown up or being burnt alive now!

However, 47 frowned in the next moment.

Because he couldn’t see any bodies in the sheet of flame!

There must be traces of bodies either burnt or detonate! Why can’t I smell any dead body odor? Don’t tell me…

Right then, 47 felt as if someone was watching him.

He felt his scalp went numb, and his hair stood on end. The thought of what might happen next sent shivers down his spine, and he even felt his blood hardened.

As an assassin, he was always the one targeting his prey and was never being targeted.

This was the first time in his life that he had this kind of feeling.

When he turned around slowly, two men were standing in front of him. They were Levi and Fredrick!

They didn’t die in the fire? They survived! Why?

47 was stunned and amazed.

They were behind the bunker just now. How did they escape?

47 was confident that his speed was beyond the human limit. The time he took to reach Levi and Fredrick from jumping off the high ground was so short, and it was impossible for them to escape from the bunker.

How did they make it?

“The answer is simple. Because I’m better than you!” Levi said indifferently.

The weak can never imagine how the strong do things. This is so true! Levi is faster, more alert, and more vigilant than me!

“Go to hell!”

Suddenly, 47 glared at them with a piercing stare. He took out a pistol and pulled the trigger.

He is indeed the King of Assassins…His speed…Not many people in the army could do that.

Although he was swift, Levi moved faster than him.

Levi pulled out a scalpel from Fredrick’s pocket and threw it out.


The scalpel hit 47’s wrist precisely, and his gunshot went askew.

However, 47’s made another counterattack. The moment he missed his shot, he reached out for his machine gun with his left hand.

He then shot the machine gun with just one hand!

At that critical moment, Levi had no choice but to kick a small pebble under his feet.

The small pebble then made a whistling sound in the air before it bored through 47’s left wrist.


47 let out a scream, and the machine gun in his hand fell to the ground.

Seeing that, Levi made a move and sprinted to 47.

Once again, 47’s hair stood on end. He had no choice but to pull out a Swiss army knife quickly and dashed forward.

Both of them were moving so fast, and Fredrick could only see two blurred shadows fighting in front of him.

With the Swiss army knife in his hand, 47 made his last effort and lunged forward to stab Levi’s neck.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 844

However, Levi made darted faster than 47.

He grasped 47’s wrist and snapped it hard. The tip of the Swiss army knife was then pointed back to 47 and it slit directly on his neck.


A gush of blood was ejected. With cold glitter in his eyes, Levi just watched calmly from the side.

It seemed like it was only a small matter to him.


47 then sagged to the ground in no time.

Before he died, he still looked astounded.

Did I kill myself?

“God of War! It’s great to see you back in action again. You’re so incredible! But you look so scary when you fight.” Fredrick smiled elatedly.

At that time, Kirin, Azure Dragon, and the rest came to their rescue.

Their location was quite far from the Guardian Mansion. However, they could all rush over in such a short time. Thus, this showed how fast they were.

All of them hurried over as soon as they heard the noise just now.

They were relieved only when they saw both Levi and Fredrick were fine.

“God of War, we’ll send someone to protect you from now onwards. It’s too dangerous like this.”

Kirin and Azure Dragon said simultaneously.

However, Levi refuted, “Have you forgotten my skill?”

Even White Tiger was shocked to hear that and took a deep breath.

“Get rid of the body! And keep it confidential!” Levi commanded instead.

On the other hand, after arriving at the Guardian Mansion, Phoenix managed to track 47’s overseas account.

“Someone remitted ten million to his account! And the remitter is the Joneses!” Phoenix exclaimed.

“Well, well. Looks like the Joneses are willing to spend ten million just to kill me. They are indeed generous. And this only proved that how important the anniversary meeting is to the Joneses!”

“Then I should start thinking about how to make a scene during their anniversary meeting!” Levi guffawed as he finished his words.

A night without any news…

The Joneses were waiting patiently.

Although there was nothing to worry about for an assassin like 47 to carry out the mission, the Joneses still felt uneasy.

After all, everything was unknown before they received any confirmed news.

At dawn the next day, Michael came to ask about the outcome.

“Grandpa, don’t worry. Everything’s going according to plan. I’d talked with 47 on the phone before he went off last night. And he told me Levi is not going to live until sunrise today,” said Tyler with confidence.

“He also said he’ll leave as soon as he’s done. He won’t be contacting us again.”

“Then who can tell me whether Levi is alive or dead now?” Michael said with his hands in the air.

“Erm…” Tyler was stunned for a moment.

“How about this…Wales, you make a trip to South City personally to find out!” Michael instructed.

“Noted. Grandpa!”

Wales then went to South City straight away.

In the morning, Levi brought Fredrick to the hospital to see Helena again.

Helena played an important role in Zoey’s career.

Hence, Levi valued her greatly.

While Fredrick was giving treatment to Helena, Levi went outside to smoke.

Just then, Wales arrived and saw Levi as soon as he got off the car.

“What?” He was dumbfounded and stunned.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 845

Levi also saw Wales and gave him a smirk.

The Joneses are here to check if I’m dead? How dare they send someone to assassinate me?

They really underestimated their opponent, didn’t they?

Wales was panicking when he saw that Levi was looking at him.

“Ghost….Ghost…Ghost…” he stammered.

He could not believe Levi was still alive!

47 is the King of Assassins! How could he survive? It’s impossible!

He would rather believe that the man he saw now was a ghost. Otherwise, it would be hard for him to believe what he saw.

When Wales saw Levi walked over to him fearlessly, he was terrified.

“Ghost! Ghost…” He screamed.

He wanted to run but was too intimidated. He felt listless, and his legs seemed to be glued to the ground. He could not even move an inch.

He could only watch as Levi came to him.

“Hey, are you bewitched? What the hell are you screaming for?” Levi patted Wales’s face.

“Are…are you a human or a ghost?” Wales was so petrified that he almost peed in his pants.

“Do you see ghosts in broad daylight?” Levi chortled.

“You…You’re still alive? You’re not a ghost?”

Wales gradually came to his senses when he saw Levi was standing in front of him in person. He is real!

“Pardon? Do you want me dead? Did you send someone to kill me?” Levi asked.

“No… It’s not me!” Wales denied as beads of perspiration formed on his forehead.

He was scared out of his wits. He never thought Levi would still be alive!

How is that possible? The King of Assassins could kill the official in the mysterious area of 51st District overseas. Levi is just an ordinary man! What’s going on? Is 47 not here for his mission?

But Tyler talked to him last night, and he had taken all the money. Why is Levi here? What has gone wrong? Where the hell is the King of Assassins now?

“Well… Did anything happen to you last night?” Wales was dying to find out.

“I slept very well last night. What’s wrong?” Levi pretended to look surprised.

“Erm… Nothing….”

With that, Wales hurried back to South Hampton and told everything to the Joneses.

“What? Levi is still alive, and there is no news about The King of Assassins now?” The Joneses were all stupefied.

“Hurry! Give The King of Assassins a call and find out what had happened!” Michael urged.

Tyler began to search the King of Assassins’ whereabouts through various channels, such as underground networks and connections.

But to no avail.

It seemed like The King of Assassins went missing all of a sudden!

“What’s going on? I’m very sure he was in South City. He even took all the weapons I’d prepared for him,” uttered Tyler.

“I think the only reason he’s uncontactable now is that he’d met a great opponent in South City and disappeared.” Michael pondered.

Wales then voiced out his concerns, “What if he was killed? Do you think it’s possible that he was killed when assassinating Levi?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 846

“No way!” Michael and Tyler refuted simultaneously.

“He’s the King of Assassins. He had done this more than two thousand times and never missed a target before. Those who he assassinated were all powerful and influential people, and I seriously doubt Levi can escape from him.”

“Maybe 47 caught the attention of the God of War? Isn’t Erudia a forbidden territory for mercenaries and assassins?” Wallace suggested.

“Well, guess that’s how we should think about it. Levi can’t counter-attack!”

Michael could not accept the fact if Levi had the King of Assassins killed…

“What’s your plan, Grandpa? Do you have plans to kill Levi again?” Wales asked.

“Not for the time being. If God of War finds out we hire assassins to Erudia, it will have a bad impact on us,” answered Michael.

“Levi is such a nuisance, but yet we can’t get rid of him!” Wales was infuriated.

“Just make sure we can get rid of him before the anniversary meeting!”

Suddenly, Michael thought about something and asked, “By the way, how is your brother, Wallace?”

Daniel was still lying on the bed with all his limbs broken.

“He’s recovering. But it’s impossible for him to recover fully before the anniversary meeting,” said Wallace as he sighed.

“Then what should we do? If the other Jones knew Daniel is lying on the bed with all his limbs broken during the anniversary meeting, it’s gonna shame us!”

This is another threat no less than Levi… We would be humiliated!

“Dad, I’ve gathered many prominent doctors, but to cure Daniel, they still need some time.”

“Grandpa, I think I knew someone who can help dad!” Tyler interrupted.

“Who is it?” Michael and Wallace asked simultaneously.

“I’ve heard that Fredrick Greg, the notable military doctor, is here in South City. He is good at fracture treatment,” said Tyler.

It seemed like everybody knew the arrival of Fredrick after Keith announced it.

“Really? Why is the legendary doctor here?” Michael asked in surprise.

“Heard that he’s here for Helena. It’s said that he can recuperate Helena’s burned face to how it is before without any transplant or plastic surgery.” Tyler explained.

“What? Helena? No way! We must get rid of her too! After all, she’s close with Levi. We can’t let her receive any treatment,” said Michael maliciously.

“Wallace, go to South City and bring back Fredrick for me. He can’t be giving treatment to Helena. I need him here to treat my son. I want to make sure Daniel can walk before the anniversary meeting!”

Michael wanted to snatch away Fredrick for himself.

“Grandpa. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Fredrick is an Iron Brigade, and he has a noble status. If we bring him here without careful consideration, we might offend him, and it’s definitely not wise to offend such a person!” Tyler voiced out his concerns.

“Have you forgotten about Uncle Anson?” Michael then shot a glance at him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 847

You Can Call As Many People As You Want

Suddenly, Michael’s word dawned on Tyler. He exclaimed immediately, “Yeah, you’re right. Uncle Anson is also an Iron Brigade. He will not blame us even if we go overboard.”

“Yeah…Anson is a General. It’s not wrong for us to summon a military doctor, right?” Michael said in disdain.

Michael did not give a damn about anyone else except for the God of War now.

Straight away, Wallace followed Michael’s instructions and headed to the City First Hospital in South City.

When he arrived, he brought his men and went straight to Helena’s ward.

At that moment, Fredrick was applying medical herbs on Helena’s face.

Suddenly, the ward’s door was pushed open, and a group of unknown people rushed in.

They knocked over the herbs in Fredrick’s hand and removed the herbs on Helena’s face. They even detached all the infusion tubes.

After that, they grabbed Fredrick and led him out of the ward.

“Who are you? What are you doing?” Fredrick exclaimed.

“Mr. Greg. Please bear with us. We’ll explain to you later.”

Wallace gave him an apologetic smile before leaving the ward.

“Let me go! Or else, don’t blame me for being rude!” Fredrick roared.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Greg. We will not hurt you!”

Even the doctors and nurses in the corridor could not stop them.

Soon, Fredrick was led by the men to the hospital lobby.

Right at that moment, Wallace ran into a man head-on.

“Get out of my way!” Wallace bawled.

But as soon as he raised his head to take a look, he saw Levi.

Wallace was startled!

He never expected to meet him here.

“What are you guys doing?” Levi asked.

Upon seeing Levi, Fredrick’s eyes lit up.

Phew! It’s Levi. I’m safe!

“It’s none of your business. Get out of my way!” Wallace rebuked.

However, Levi said coldly, “Let him go, and I’ll let the matter rest!”

“What the hell is going on with you? You should get out of my way! Is he related to you? Why are you bugging us?” Wallace roared.

“He’s my friend. And I have the right to know.” Levi said, showing a flash of killing intent in his eyes.

“I don’t care what’s his relationship with you. I want to bring him to the Joneses. Get out of my way now!”

But Levi shook his head and answered, “No way!”

“You seem to prefer rough treatment, don’t you? Get him!”

As soon as Wallace gave out his command, all his men lunged to Levi.

However, after ten seconds, all Wallace’s men fell to the ground and whined.


Levi then flung Wallace out with a forceful kick.

“How…how dare you hit me? You’re so disrespectful!” Wallace said and acted as if he was an elder.

He thought it was intolerable and outrageous for Levi to hit him.

“F***k off!”

Levi gave him another kick.

“Levi, how dare you ruin our plans? The Joneses will get even with you for this; just you wait.” Wallace chided before he left.

“I will be right here waiting. You can call as many people as you want!” Levi sneered.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 848

“Fine, just you wait and be prepared to see how I’m gonna finish you off!”

With that, Wallace left in a hurry to give his family a detailed account of what happened.

“Say what? Levi got him away?”

Michael was so rattled to hear that his eyeballs nearly popped out from their sockets.

“How useless are you that you couldn’t even handle Levi Garrison?” Michael admonished in exasperation.

“Remember this—you must bring Fredrick Greg back at all costs!”

Wallace looked especially sulky after having been kicked twice by Levi.

Immediately, he summoned his men and made a trip to the hospital.

Just as they were about to step foot on the premise, they were suddenly besieged by a large group of gangsters which consisted of around a hundred men.

“What are you guys doing here?” Wallace questioned them.

“How about you guys? You guys aren’t supposed to be here. Just get lost!” The gangsters snapped furiously.


Wallace was panic-stricken to see them there because he had assumed Levi would be there waiting for him alone.

As it turned out, Levi had arranged such a large group of gangsters to await his presence.

In Levi’s opinion, the Joneses were not worth his personal time.

Therefore, he just casually made a call and had a large group of gangsters ambush the hospital instead.

“Fine, we’ll go!”

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. Beat them up now!”

At last, Wallace and his men were badly beaten up by the gangsters.

In the end, Wallace managed to escape and scrambled his way back to South Hampton.

“What? Levi summoned a group of gangsters to beat you up this badly?” Michael looked utterly disappointed because both his sons had let him down big time.

“Hold on. Did you say Levi was with a group of gangsters?” He suddenly questioned in astonishment.

“Yes. He was with a bunch of gangsters! He colluded with the scum of the society!”

“What a piece of trash he is!” Levi’s clearly not good enough to be my grandson. As someone who carries the noble blood of my family, it’s such an embarrassment for him to actually mingle with a bunch of gangsters!

I can’t reveal his identity to the public in any event or it will bring great disgrace to the Jones family!

At that moment, Michael became more and more convinced that Levi was not good enough to be one of the Joneses.

He was just scum of the society who led a lowly life outside.

“We’re a very distinguished family. We won’t accept such scum to be one of us because he’ll just tarnish our reputation!”

Everyone from the Jones Family viewed Levi with repulsion.

“Dad, what should we do about Fredrick Greg now?”

With a cocky look, Michael replied, “I’ll just summon him to visit us here at our place. I’m sure he will have no choice but to comply after we reveal Anson’s identity to him.”

“You’re right! Since Anson is a highly ranked officer in the Iron Brigade, he certainly will have the authority to give an order to a mere military doctor!”

“Bring me a pen and a paper as well as Anson’s official stamp. I’m going to issue an order to summon Fredrick Greg here myself by using Anson’s authority!”

After completing the order, Michael instructed one of his subordinates to deliver it to Fredrick.

The moment Levi and Fredrick received the order, both of them looked befuddled.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 849

They were especially shocked to see the one word which was written especially large on the letter—’Order’.

The content of it was straightforward. It was an order summoning Fredrick in the name of Anson to make a trip to the Jones Residence in South Hampton at haste. In the event he defied the order, he would be punished according to the military law.

The content was succinct but powerful enough to leave Levi as well as Azure Dragon dumbfounded.

“Damn it, who is this Anson Jones guy? Does he work for me? Is he from the Iron Brigade?” Levi asked in consternation.

As the commander-in-chief of the Nine Warzones, Levi was of course a busy man.

However, he knew each and every member of the Iron Brigade because the troop was in charge of his safety.

Still, Anson’s name didn’t ring a bell in his mind at all.

Fredrick explained with a smile, “God of War, I know this guy pretty well because he used to be my patient. However, he belonged to another platoon instead of the Iron Brigade. On top of that, he was a deserter who later became a captive of our enemy.”

Fredrick continued, “He was rescued by one of us after that and was then imprisoned because he possesses some confidential information of our enemy. Every year he is allowed to write back to his family and I guess he’s been telling them he’s one of the Iron Brigade soldiers to make himself look good.”

Levi responded with a laugh, “That makes sense. After he wrote back telling his family that he’s from the Iron Brigade, somehow a tale was spun within the family that he has become some sort of a General!”

Michael, I bet it will shock the wits out of you when you learn that Anson, whom you think is a big shot in the army, is just a deserter and a captive of our enemy.

He’s imprisoned at the Iron Brigade instead of being one of its Generals!

Everyone was amused with that thought in mind.

It was especially hilarious as Michael had drafted the order very well.

“God of War, what should I do now since the Joneses threatened that I will be punished if I defy their order?” Fredrick quipped with a chuckle.

Everyone burst out laughing as soon as he said that.

How dared they speak of military law in the presence of the God of War!

“What’s written on that is pure bullsh*t!” Levi bellowed angrily, “Now, help me to write a reply to them!”

Soon, the Joneses in South Hampton received a letter from Fredrick on which only a sentence was written: ‘Who the hell is Anson Jones?’

Also, Michael was told to pay Fredrick a visit and kneel down in front of him if he wanted the latter’s help.

Michael’s anger hit the ceiling when he saw the content of the letter.

“How dare he said something like that about Anson? Is he trying to pick a fight with us? Anson is from the Iron Brigade and he works for the God of War! He’s hailed as the successor of the God of War! I can’t believe Fredrick isn’t taking him seriously! This is outrageous! How dare a mere military doctor like him makes such an arrogant remark? He must be sick of living!”

Rage was driving Michael mad.

“Grandpa, I think the tone of the letter sounds more like Levi instead of Fredrick,” Tyler pointed out.

“What? Levi wrote that?” Michael questioned in bewilderment.

Then, he shouted, “Levi Garrison, you’re indeed something! What makes you think you can refuse to take Anson seriously when you’re just a gangster yourself?”

Pacing back and forth in frustration, Michael was so pissed off that he even harbored the intention to kill Levi.

“What should we do now? Tell me how should I deal with it now?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 850

“This is tricky because Levi is with a group of gangsters and he’s physically trained himself too.” While average guys would not be able to handle him, sending any proficient fighters over would not be such a good idea too because their presence would surely catch the attention of the God of War.

Scratching his head with a troubled look, Tyler exclaimed, “This is one knotty issue!”

Never had Michael thought that his family, which was one of the royal families, would turn out to be such a toothless tiger in front of Levi the little gangster.

“Well, we’ll have to take it one step at a time now then.”

Without any further interruption from the Joneses, Fredrick was able to carry out his treatment on Helena in peace during the following week.

It was only after making sure there were enough medical herbs for her did he return to North Warzone.

After that, Helena recovered well.

With the medical herbs prepared by Fredrick, she was expected to be fully recovered in a month’s time.

In the meantime, the entertainment department of Oriental Star Group had been suffering immense pressure from all parties for the huge loss incurred due to Helena’s condition.

The situation became especially dire because the media companies had been vehemently spreading negative news about Helena around.

Because of the crisis, Zoey had had a stressful time.

By the time Helena made a public appearance again with her beauty restored a month later, Zoey believed many of those people who had been looking down upon them would get a good slap in their faces.

At the same time, it was seven days away from the decennial anniversary of the Jones family.

The Joneses invested heavily in the event. Everything, including the decoration of the venue, marketing as well as the invitation of the guests, was done in an orderly manner.

One day, Levi was fiddling with an ancient bronze sword at home when Seth informed him that he had a visitor.

When he came out of his mansion he spotted several luxurious cars parked outside which carried car plates from Chillshire.

A middle-aged man who appeared to be the leader of the bunch questioned, “Are you Levi Garrison?”

“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

“Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Travis Jones from the Jones family in Chillshire. According to the family tree, I’m considered an uncle of yours,” answered Travis with a smile.

“Oh,” Levi gave him a nonchalant reply.

He knew the Jones family had a lot of branches in the country and the Chillshire branch had been vying with the one in South Hampton to become the strongest branch of all.

“I suppose you’ve learnt the truth about your identity by now? You’re the grandson of Michael Jones from South Hampton and your mother, Emma Jones, is my younger sister!” said Travis with a smile.

“Oh, I don’t acknowledge my relationship with any of you. You may go if you have no other business with me here.”

With that, Levi turned around and walked away.

“He’s indeed one haughty guy,” one of Travis’ guys commented while watching Levi’s back.

“We aren’t concerned about his character. All that matters is we’ve confirmed that Michael Jones indeed has an illegitimate grandson. Just watch how I’m going to humiliate him during the coming anniversary dinner!”

Travis broke into a triumphant smirk as soon as he said that.

Soon, Michael received a call from Westley Jones, the leader of the Joneses from Chillshire.

“Michael, I’m surprised to know that you actually have an illegitimate grandson out there. How can you be so cruel as to let him wander alone outside and become an unwanted bastard?”

Michael shuddered when he heard Westley’s voice from the other end.

Still, the cat was let out of the bag in the end.

Meanwhile, he had enough on his plate because he had yet to come up with a way to deal with Levi…

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