The Return of God of War Chapter 831-840

The Return of the God of War Chapter 831

It was a long night for Iris.

In fact, she did not manage to fall asleep at all.

She felt extremely lethargic the next morning and when she looked into the mirror, she could see obvious dark circles under her eyes.

The woman had gotten out of bed early to dress up and put on makeup.

Even though their mysterious boss had already met her in person, she had not presented her best front to him.

Iris was determined to appear in front of him looking stunning. She wanted to be the most beautiful woman in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Zoey did not have a restful night as well. All this while, she had been curious about the identity of that mysterious man and was hoping to have a chance to thank him in person later.

However, she received a phone call early in the morning, alerting her that something serious happened to her entertainment company and that her presence was required immediately.

When Levi heard that, he made arrangements for Zoey to head back immediately and also sent someone to protect her.

Levi had planned to reveal his identity as the owner of Morris Group to Zoey that day.

He had not accounted for such a sudden disruption but there was nothing much he could do about it.

“You should hurry back. Give me a call if you need help!” Levi urged her.

After an eventful morning, the ceremony was finally due to commence at 9 a.m.

Levi arrived at the event venue together with Seth and his team.

As it was an internal event, there were no reporters around.

Following Seth and the security team, Iris made a grand entrance, looking dazzling in her gorgeous cocktail dress.

Being a natural beauty, she was looking as angelic as a goddess after putting in the effort to doll up.

The aura she exuded was overwhelming and even more imposing than most top models or celebrities.

Iris was very satisfied with her appearance that day after getting countless admiring stares from the crowd.

Surely, he would be happy with my look today?

Iris scanned her surroundings, hoping to catch a clue on who that mysterious boss might be.

After Iris and Kirin summarized Morris Group’s achievements for the preceding year, it was time to reward the employees.

It turned out that the Audi cars Levi previously purchased had all been given out.

The updated recognition policy of the company was to either give out monetary rewards to the employees for each contribution they made or to incorporate the amount into their year-end bonuses.

That was why Morris Group’s employees were a motivated bunch!

Not only were they receiving competitive remunerations, but they could also do their parts for the society in the meantime.

It was truly a wonderful company to work at.

For young graduates, Morris Group was very often their first choice prospective employer.

The awards presentation was completed smoothly and next up was the most anticipated moment of the night—the mysterious boss of Morris Group was about to reveal himself!

Only Seth, Elena and a handful of other people present knew Levi’s true identity.

All the others were kept in the dark.

Iris was breathing heavily and her heart was thumping so hard as if it was going to explode.

She was finally going to meet the man of her dreams and took the chance during that interval to make sure that she was still looking impeccable…

Iris took a deep inhale and readied herself to welcome her mysterious boss.

“Very soon, our very own boss of the Morris Group would be coming up on stage.”

“Everyone, please give a round of applause for him!”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A thunderous applause erupted as everyone clapped enthusiastically.

Kirin turned toward a corner and shouted, “Boss, stop hiding!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 832

Most people, including Iris, turned their gazes toward the same direction as well.

Everyone was in shock.

Could the mysterious boss really be someone among the crowd?

Everyone wondered as they turned their heads around.


Iris was thunderstruck when she noticed that Kirin was looking toward Levi and his security team.

You’ve got to be kidding me?

The mysterious boss is someone in the security team?

Iris was familiar with the guys in the security team.

For a moment, she thought it could be Seth, but he wasn’t better looking than Neil. Furthermore, his personality was too reckless and was also too old to be the boss.

Who else is there then?

Iris could not seem to think of any person who fitted the description of their boss.

Well, there was Levi, but he was the first person who got eliminated by Zoey and also Iris herself.

Who else could it be?

Just then, Levi, who was right next to Seth, stood up suddenly and strode toward the stage.


That was the final blow to Iris. It was as if her world just came crashing down. The woman could not believe what she was seeing at that moment!


Oh my God! It’s Levi!

What in the world!


Iris was shocked to the core and stood motionlessly on the spot.

She was unable to snap out of her daze and merely watched him approaching the stage.

“Huh? It’s him?”

“Levi is our mysterious boss? That’s impossible!”

“Goodness! There’s no way I’m gonna believe this. How can he be the boss?”

The entire scene was thrown into a frenzy as discussions ensued among the people present. It definitely came as a surprise for most people.

That was because Levi had never been taken seriously in the office before.

He was even a thorn in the eyes to the majority of his co-workers.

After all, Levi had been fired from the company once as a result of an unanimous vote by the rest of the employees.

When he rejoined the company, everyone treated him as a good-for-nothing and most of the employees were not very fond of him.

No one would have thought that the leader of Morris Group would be Levi!

The senior executives of the company were particularly dumbstruck by the sudden revelation!

They finally understood why was it that their boss knew everything that went on in the company. It was exactly because he was also one of them and had witnessed everything with his own eyes.

Furthermore, Levi was in a favorable position to observe the company’s daily activities.

He was aware of every action of employees of all levels, from the lower-level staff such as the security team and the cleaners, to the upper management, including Iris.


The minute Levi stepped on the stage, everyone’s hearts did a double somersault and their gazes were focused on him intently.

Levi took over the microphone and said smilingly, “Hi everyone, I’m Levi! And I’m also your boss!”

That came like a bolt from the blue.

Everyone still found it hard to believe and could feel their scalps prickle.

Some could even feel their blood pressures shoot up.

As for Iris, she was completely numbed with shock and stood frozen on the spot.

After hearing Levi’s speech, she slowly turned her head and looked at the man in disbelief. “You… you’re the boss of Morris Group?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 833

Levi grinned and replied, “Have I ever said I am not? I remember telling you a long time ago that I own the Morris Group! Oh, by the way, you look gorgeous today.”


Levi’s definitive reply was another huge blow to Iris, whose mind went blank, as if she had just been struck by lightning.

She could not believe that the very first person to be eliminated from her consideration was actually the boss!

Levi? Our mysterious boss?

It was entirely unimaginable to Iris, who was truly shook to the core.

It felt as unreal as a dream to her.

However, things started to make sense to her once she cleared her mind and thought about it.

Throughout that period of time, it was always Levi who saved the day whenever the Morris Group encountered difficulties.

Iris had assumed that Levi got those instructions from the boss, but little did she know that he was the boss himself!

Suddenly, she was able to piece the details together.

The boss of Morris Group had helped Zoey time after time, including buying the company at the auction for her and clearing any obstacles that were in her way.

He had basically made sure that Zoey was able to progress smoothly without any difficulties.

Who else, other than Levi, would have done all of those?

The various clues had all pointed to Levi being the mysterious boss!

Other than him, no one else would be able to accomplish all that he had.

It was Iris who had jumped to conclusions and ruled out Levi right from the start.

Besides, Neil had not lied to them.

What he told them was the truth.

The boss was single and also an employee…

Iris was unwilling to accept the reality as it was a world of difference from her original expectations.

How could it be Levi!

All her hopes were dashed.

Iris had done so much to impress the boss with the hope that their meeting would be the start of a beautiful fairy-tale.

In the end, that person was Levi!

The man of her dreams was her best friend’s darling!

Just then, Levi, who was still at the microphone, let out a chuckle as he noticed the stunned faces of everyone present. “Guys, please don’t be too shocked. It might be easier for everyone to process it if you think about these two points. First, the fact that I was able to establish Levi Group and succeeded under unfavorable circumstances was a testament to my abilities. Second, the reason for the change in name of the company to Morris Group was in remembrance of my best friend, Morris Atkinson.”

Everyone quickly grasped the situation after Levi’s enlightenment.

Why else would the company suddenly change its name from Levi Group to Morris Group?

Obviously, it had to be Levi’s doing!

Almost everyone’s faces were flushed red with embarrassment after recalling themselves voting for Levi to be fired previously.

And it turned out that he was their boss!

“Don’t worry, I am very open-minded and won’t bear grudges. Nothing else matters to me as long as you give your best at work and uphold high ethical standards.”

The employees let out a huge sigh of relief simultaneously upon hearing that.

“Everyone, let’s cheers to Morris Group’s bright future!” The boss beamed as he raised his wine glass.

After Levi finished his speech and went off stage, Iris was the only person who was still behaving awkwardly as she brooded over how she was going to face Zoey.

“Ms. Anabelle, please come over for a moment, I would like to have a word with you!” Levi called out to Iris.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 834

Levi chose a secluded corner to talk to Iris and when it was just the both of them, Iris did not even dare to look at the man in the eye.

“Hey, why are you not looking at me? Are you really in love with me?”

As soon as Levi said that, Iris jolted her head up and replied, “Why would I be?”

“I’ve something serious to discuss with you!”

“What is it?”

“Please don’t let Zoey know about this yet. I intend to reveal my identity to her during our wedding and give her a surprise. You have to keep it a secret for me yeah!” Levi requested.

“Sure, that’s not a problem. I have a question though. What happened during the six years when you were in jail?” Iris asked, feeling baffled.

“The truth is, I have never been in jail! I’ll tell you more about it in due time.” Levi smiled.

The ceremony lasted all the way till night and everyone went back home the next morning.

Levi was very concerned about Zoey, who left in a hurry to deal with the unforeseen event which had happened in her entertainment company.

He headed straight to Zoey’s office once he reached Morris Group.

Only after seeing Zoey in her office did he feel slightly relieved.

“What happened?” He asked.

Zoey took a deep breath before replying, “Someone splashed acid on Helena’s face and disfigured her!”

“What?! Who could be so vicious!” Levi bellowed furiously.

“The culprit managed to escape and is still at large! Helena is currently receiving treatment in the hospital but things are not looking good. The doctors informed us that the only way for her to regain her looks is to undergo cosmetic surgery! Not only is this a huge blow to her career, but the company would also be suffering serious losses as well.” Zoey sighed.

Levi understood that Helena was currently at the peak of her career and her sudden disfigurement would have an immense negative impact on the company, as well as her future as a celebrity.

The artiste would most likely have to retire from the entertainment industry after that.

“It’s obvious that someone is trying to destroy my company! I will find out who did this!” Zoey said coldly.

Levi figured that it was likely that the Jones family was behind that.

It was possible that the Joneses had changed their target to Zoey after their failed attempt to kill Levi.

They are out to ruin everything for me.

“Oh yeah, there’s something else. All of Star Entertainment’s resources have suddenly been cut off and we have been barred from utilizing anything. It’s just so strange. Could it be linked to Helena’s disfigurement?”

A cold glint flashed across Levi’s eyes.

By then, he was pretty sure that the Joneses were the ones behind all those.

The Jones family was the main shareholder of Star Entertainment and definitely had the power to control the allocation of resources.

Damn you, Jones family!

Even the nicest person would retaliate when being driven up the wall!

Do you really think that I, Levi Garrison, am that big of a pushover?

Just then, he received a call from Wales.

Wales sneered, “I’m sure you’re already aware of what happened. All I can say is that you’re a really lucky punk! Treat this as a warning to you for using the Joneses’ name. If you dare to do it again, you won’t be our only target!”

Levi’s gaze suddenly became terrifyingly cold.

He understood that Wales was implying that his next target would be Zoey!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 835

At the Jones Residence in South Hampton.

Wales hung up the phone and smirked. “I can’t believe Levi is trying to challenge the Joneses. He’s going to regret it.”

Tyler sighed. “This brat sure is lucky. He actually managed to escape this time!”

“We need to get rid of him! Otherwise, I’ll never be able to rest easy! The Joneses are destined to surpass the Goel family and rise to the top of South Hampton! How can we allow such scum to be associated with us? He’s just like that wretch of a mother of his. Thank god we chased her out of the family early on. If not we could be knee-deep in her crap!” Michael growled.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. We’ll regroup and come up with a better plan. I promise to dispose of Levi before the Jones family anniversary meeting,” Tyler and Wales proclaimed confidently.

Michael was eager to get rid of Levi because the Jones family anniversary meeting was just on the horizon.

Every branch of the Jones family all over Erudia will be in attendance.

This anniversary meeting was going to take place at the Jones residence in South Hampton, and it was of the utmost importance to the Joneses.

The spotlight of Erudia would be beating down on them.

This is why everything has to go well. Not even a fraction of an error will be condoned.

A pest like Levi needs to be eradicated before then.

If the rest of the family finds out we have a homeless b*stard for a grandson, we’re sure to become the joke of the family.

We’ll never live it down.

Under no circumstances can I allow such a thing to happen.

Nothing is more valuable than dignity.

Every trace of Levi has to be destroyed!

“Many members of the Jones family will be at the upcoming anniversary meeting, including the Chillshire and Southlake branches! All I ask is that we trample all of them beneath our feet to emerge as the most powerful Joneses among the Jones diasporic families in all of Erudia!” Michael bellowed.

Every anniversary meeting included a competitive segment. The South Hampton Jones family was unable to live up to expectations during the previous two meetings. Hence, Michael was placing all his hopes on this one.

“We were just unsure of ourselves at the previous meetings! The Chillshire branch is comparable to us, after all. However, this time everything will be different! Anson is not only a member of the Iron Brigade but is also the right-hand man of the God of War! The other families don’t stand a chance!”

Michael shook his head as well. “They won’t stand a chance!”

“Moreover, even the warlord Elijah has to bow down before us. How can the other families even hope to compare?”

“They won’t be able to!”

“Lastly, and also most importantly, our family has the God of War backing us. He accepted our sword as a gift two days ago, signifying his allegiance to us! The other family branches aside, even the Goel family can’t hold a candle to us!” Anson exclaimed, bursting with pride.

“Exactly! With the God of War by our side, we’ll be able to cut down our enemies in seconds!”

“I can’t wait for the anniversary meeting! It’s going to be spectacular!”

Michael kept his gaze straight as he prayed for time to fast forward.

A thought struck him. “We have to completely erase Levi from existence!” Michael shrieked passionately.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 836

“We cannot allow the rest of the Joneses to find out I have such a grandson. It also goes without saying that we have to prevent him from appearing at the anniversary meeting! Otherwise, we’ll be humiliated for the rest of our lives!” Michael sneered.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ll take care of it myself!”

A murderous glint flashed across Tyler’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Levi was livid after receiving Wales’ call warning him.

The audacity of the Jones family.

It looks like they’re gearing up to launch an attack on me and Zoey.

If so, they can’t blame me for retaliating! I’ll make them pay!

“Let’s go! We have to see Helena!”

When the pair arrived at the hospital, they were greeted by Helena’s bandaged face.

Yet, she remained composed.

The moment she caught sight of them, she burst into tears.

A woman’s greatest asset was her looks, after all.

“The Jones family must pay!”

He clenched his fists tightly.

“How is she, doctor?” Levi enquired.

“Her burns are extremely serious! There’s no chance of her recovering her original features unless she undergoes plastic surgery.”

The doctor’s response pierced Zoey and Helena like a deadly arrow.

They knew that even if the plastic surgery were a success, Helena would still be unable to regain her natural countenance.

Helena would rather not go through with the operation.

“I won’t get plastic surgery! I would rather end up looking like some horrible beast!”

Helena still had her pride.

She knew that her career was essentially over.

“Doctor, can I take a look at the report?” Levi asked.

When he was handed the report, Levi studied it carefully.

He possessed impressive medical skills, honed from experiencing thousands of battles.

After meticulously going over the report, Levi’s brows slowly relaxed.

She could be saved!

There’s a way to save her!

There was a military doctor named Fredrick Greg in the Iron Brigade. He came from a family of traditional medicine practitioners but was also competent in other medical disciplines.

In fact, he was at the forefront of the entire medical field.

In order to repay his country, he volunteered to be deployed as a military doctor on the battlefield.

He and Levi had been inseparable on the battlefield. They cheated death together on numerous occasions.

He’s saved my life more times than I can count.

All my medical knowledge comes from watching and learning from him.

My back full of scars is even more serious than Helena’s condition.

But Greg has said that he would be able to remove all my scars. He said he would be able to wipe them all clean.

If he can even salvage these old and ingrained injuries, Helena’s case should be nothing to him.

He’ll definitely be able to help Helena!

He can give her her old face back!

“Don’t worry girls, I have a way to help Helena regain her original face!” Levi cried out excitedly.

Neither of the women believed him.

In fact, not one person present believed him.

After all, her case had been deemed unsalvageable by the best burn specialist in South City.

It was rational to doubt that a normal person like Levi could prove him wrong.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 837

Helena gave Levi a wry smile. “Thank you for trying to help, Levi. I know you’re just trying to make me feel better. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine!”

Zoey rolled her eyes at Levi. “Levi, you shouldn’t give her false hopes! You’re hurting her rather than helping.”

“Do you really think I’m lying to protect her feelings? I truly have a plan!” Levi spread his hands out in exasperation.

The doctor shot him a glare. “Why don’t you take a crack at it then, since you claim to have a solution?”

“I can’t do it. But I know someone who can!” Levi announced.

“Just leave! The patient needs to rest! The more nonsense you spout the worse her mood will be. She needs to stay positive in order to recover.”

The doctor and nurses shooed Levi out of the room.

No one believes me!

Of course, they find it ridiculous that such a severe degree of burn can be repaired.

It seems impossible unless she goes through plastic surgery.

Levi was incredibly vexed.

With one wave of his hand, Azure Dragon materialized by his side.

“Azure Dragon, head to the Northern Region and fetch Fredrick here!” Levi ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

Azure Dragon immediately set off.

Levi also sent Phoenix out to find the person who poured sulfuric acid on Helena.

No one is going to escape my wrath, Jones family or otherwise.

While Levi continued to plot, Tyler and Wales were doing the same.

Wales had a simple proposal. He wanted to dispatch a few assassins to dispose of Levi.

“A few assassins won’t be enough to end Levi’s life. I heard that he has some tricks up his sleeve. The fact that he belongs to the Morris Group also makes things more difficult. The God of War is in South City with the troops. If we send out assassins and they fail, the consequences will be dire. The God of War could sniff them out with both eyes closed!” Tyler’s tone was disapproving as he analyzed the situation out loud.

“You’re right. If we want Levi gone, we can’t leave any loose ends. His very existence needs to vanish,” Wales assented.

“Exactly! If we want Levi to disappear, the killer also needs to leave no trail behind. We need to engage the best of the best!” Wales concluded.

Tyler nodded in agreement.

Wales’ eyes lit up. “Do you already have someone in mind, Tyler?”

“I do! Have you heard of Assassin 47?” Tyler asked.

“What? The foreign The King of Assassins known only as Assassin 47, whose fee is upward of ten million and who killed 1899 people in the ten years he’s been active?” Wales’ pitch rose as he jumped to his feet.

“The one and only Assassin 47. He’s already on a plane on his way to Erudia.”

Tyler nodded.

“Is it overkill to hire The King of Assassins just to kill Levi?”

“It is overkill! But we need to guarantee Levi’s complete annihilation. Thus, it’ll be worth it!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 838

A trace of hardened determination streaked across Tyler’s gaze. His resolution to wipe out Levi could not be more apparent.

“Let’s see how you escape your doom this time, Levi.” Tyler sniggered menacingly.

Tyler chucked gleefully as well.

They were finally going to get Levi out of their hair.

The two men beamed like children on Christmas morning.

The anniversary meeting is definitely going to be an event to remember.

We’re going to be the center of attention!

“Oh yeah, Grandpa wants us to invite the God of War to the anniversary meeting!”

Tyler suddenly remembered their grandfather’s instructions.

“Do you think the God of War will come?” Wales asked doubtfully.

The God of War is our family’s trump card for subduing the rest of the Jones family.

If he doesn’t come, the South Hampton Joneses will be finished!

“Don’t worry, he will! Uncle Anson has already sent word. He has probably already greeted the God of War. If we invite him now, he’s sure to come. He has also accepted our gift. It’s a sign that he will protect our family,” Tyler replied with confidence as a wide grin crept over his face.

“Great! Let’s send him the invite now!” Wales replied with a smile of his own.

At the same time, Phoenix swiftly rounded up the perpetrators, then Levi locked them all up temporarily.

The Jones family is next. They’ll regret ever crossing me.

At this moment, Mike Pence personally delivered the invite to the Jones family anniversary meeting.

After reading the invite, a smile spread across Levi’s face. “The once in a decade Jones family anniversary meeting in South Hampton?”

“Yes, sir! The South Hampton Jones family humbly seeks your attendance at the anniversary meeting!” Mike said politely.

“Fine. Mike, tell the Joneses I’ll be there! I’ll personally attend it!”

Levi’s gaze shone sinisterly.

All grievances shall be settled at the anniversary meeting.

When Mike informed the Jones brothers of the God of War’s attendance, the brothers immediately set off for South Hampton.

They reported the news to the rest of the family as soon as they could.

The Jones family erupted with delight and Michael’s face was flushed with elation.

“I, Michael Jones, have waited for this day for almost seventy years! This time, the Joneses from South Hampton shall step into unending glory!” Michael screamed with overwhelming exuberance.

If the God of War comes, the entire event will unfold within the palm of my hand. Nobody will be able to threaten me anymore!”

“All of you must remember to keep the God of War’s attendance at the anniversary meeting a secret! Under no circumstances can it be leaked out!” Michael anxiously warned.

It’s best to keep this under wraps first. When we reveal him at the anniversary meeting, it’ll shock everyone. By then, we’ll be instantly propelled to the top.

“How’s the situation with Levi coming along?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 839

Levi is just like a pest. I won’t be able to rest easy until he’s completely gone.

“Grandpa, the foreign King of Assassins 47 is scheduled to arrive today. Levi will draw his last breath tonight!” Tyler smirked viciously.

“Good. Well done!” Michael praised.

“Dad, we’ve settled the issue about Levi, but what about his wretch of a Mother Emma Jones?” Wallace questioned.

“Yeah! She smeared the Jones family name! She’ll definitely embarrass us!”

The family members buzzed in discussion.

“No worries. She won’t! Emma Jones was sent to a prison in Oakland City ages ago! She’ll never be able to step foot out of there!” Michael coldly replied.

“Really? She’s in jail? Here I was wondering where she has been all this time.” The family members were all shocked by this revelation.

The Jones family had always assumed that she went missing.

They had no idea she was situated right in the middle of North and South Hampton.

“We can forget about her! The wretch is getting what she deserves! She’ll never be able to shame us again! Don’t mention her from now on. The Garrison family will be pissed off if they ever hear about it.”

Michael’s order promptly sealed the lips of everyone present.

At the same time, at the South City International Airport, a foreign international airplane slowly descended upon South City.

Shortly after, a man with a towering figure, dressed in a hoodie and cap emerged. A mask further obscured his face from view.

He was carrying two large suitcases.

“How strange. He’s carrying two enormous but empty suitcases!”

“This foreigner is probably trying to steal our resources.”

The luggage security checker and airport staff mumbled in surprise to each other.

The man then made a beeline for the restroom.

He soon walked back out.

Now, he was dressed in a completely different attire.

He was outfitted in a leather jacket and black aviators. He looks like a whole other person.

Even the suitcases were different.

He was completely unrecognizable from minutes before!

He was Assassin 47.

The foreign King of Assassins with the codename 47.

Ever since entering the profession ten years ago, he had never failed in any of his jobs.

His past targets included wealthy elites, political figures as well as members of the military.

He was a cold-blooded killer.

Along with the job came the inevitability of being on the international wanted list. He ranked SSS on it, which was the category reserved for the most dangerous individuals in the world.

His presence was enough to turn the tables in any situation, regardless of the magnitude.

Once he exited the airport, he climbed into a taxi and handed the driver a piece of paper.

There was an address written on it.

Soon, they arrived at the written address.

Around him were several buildings still in the midst of being built.

The man quickly arrived on the top floor.

After surveying his surroundings and ensuring that he was safe, Assassin 47 opened the suitcase.

It was no longer empty.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 840

There was several weapons concealed inside.

His arsenal included a pistol, SMG, sniper rifle and even a rocket launcher.

He also had a dagger, a katana and other secret gadgets.

These had all been prepared by the Jones family.

They had discreetly swapped the empty case for the one full of weapons with him at the airport.

Assassin 47 went through his supplies. When he was done, he smiled broadly.

He was clearly satisfied with the provided resources.

In a flash, he stabbed a dagger through a picture on the wall.

The person in the punctured photo was Levi Garrison.

Assassin 47 locked his gaze onto the photo as the corner of his lip curled upward malevolently.

Levi was nothing but another prey to him.

He fished out a phone and dialed a number. “I’m here. The target will be taken care of tonight! Wire the money over now!” Assassin 47 barked curtly.


Tyler, who was on the other side of the call, immediately transferred ten million into Assassin 47’s offshore account.

He made payment before the job was done as he had unquestionable faith in the man’s abilities.

Moreover, the killer had a reputation he needed to uphold and his own rules to live by, one of which included payment upfront.

In the close to two thousand targets he had encountered, none had managed to escape him.

These reasons allowed Tyler to trust him wholly.

Once Assassin 47 checked that the money had arrived in his account, he destroyed the phone.

He had to obliterate any connection between himself and the Jones family.

This was the terrifying reality of being a top assassin.

After killing the target, one had to evaporate into thin air.

Naturally, an assassin cannot be traced to his employer.

Even if he died during the job, his employers would remain anonymous.

Being the King of Assassins, this man could accomplish this better than anyone.

His competence was what justified such exorbitant fees.

Regardless of the target, he never missed.

Assassin 47 carved the image of Levi into his mind and proceeded to burn the picture.

He neatly separated the weapons, concealing each one on his person. Only the rocket launcher was left to be hand-carried.

Then, he picked up his bag, slung it over his back and popped a piece of gum into his mouth. His eyes glowed with deadly intent.

With a few steps, he strode into the blanket of darkness.

Levi dies tonight!

Levi was still ignorant of the impending danger.

He was at the hospital tonight.

Azure Dragon had just delivered Fredrick Greg from the Northern Region.

“God of War!” Fredrick respectfully and enthusiastically greeted him.

“Thank you for coming,” Levi replied.

“Fredrick, I asked you here for a private favor. Sorry for the trouble.”

Fredrick wiped tears away from his eyes and smiled. “God of War, my life is in your hands. Please don’t hold back and ask away.”

“Okay then. Please come this way to see the patient!”

Levi was about to lead Fredrick into the ward when they were blocked.

“Who are you? A doctor? A doctor from where? Why have you come to our hospital?”

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