The Return of God of War Chapter 821-830

The Return of the God of War Chapter 821

Within half a year, he had taken Morris Group to the next level.

The Black family called Zoey over when they heard about the news.

“Grandpa, grandma, what’s the matter?” Asked Zoey.

“Zoey, I heard that Morris Group is going to hold its biannual celebration? Are you going to participate?” Asked Meredith anticipatingly.

“Yes. Why are you asking this?”

“That’s great!” Meredith ignored her question and continued asking, “Is it true that the mysterious boss is finally going to show his face?”

“It’s true!”

With a glint of excitement in her eyes, Meredith exclaimed, “That’s great news! I heard he is one of the most edible bachelors! Rumors have it that he has a strong background, which is why he got the last laugh when his company survived the financial market upheavals in North Hampton and South City.”

Robert concurred with his wife, “Indeed! He is a competent man since he managed to get a foothold in the market.”

Meredith coaxed, “Zoey, you should seize this opportunity to get in touch with him! This time we won’t interfere, and you can do as you please.”

“Grandma! What are you talking about?” Zoey was displeased as she regarded Meredith with incredulity, “I already have Levi! How could you ask me to set my cap at another man?”

“Uh-uh!” Meredith feigned an angry look on her face. “You’re still single! What’s wrong with interacting with other men? It’s not against the law, is it?”

Zoey gave a resigned smile. “Grandma, do you really think that the boss of Morris Group would take a fancy on me?”

“It might be impossible for other people to take his fancy, but you’re different! He is always there to help you when you face any difficulty. Don’t you wonder why he treats you differently?”

Zoey’s heart skipped a beat at Meredith’s words as they reminded her of her suspicions.

No one in the world was obliged to lend a helping hand to another person. Except for our family and friends who might step forward out of love, those who offered to help ‘gratuitously’ definitely had ulterior motives.

It had been weighing on her mind, Why would the boss of Morris Group help me? Is it like what grandma said…

Does he have feelings for me?

Although none of them had seen the mysterious boss, Zoey knew the boss had his eyes on them.

Meredith persuaded her smilingly, “Zoey, don’t let this opportunity slide! Maybe you would fall for him once you meet him!”

“Alright.” Zoey answered compliantly, giving her grandma a put-off. I will never fall in love with any man other than Levi. When I meet him, I will ask him why did he help me so that I could return his favor.

The Black family, on the other hand, held a different thought from Zoey. They believed that if Zoey could win the boss’ fancy, it would be in everyone’s interest.

Soon, it was Morris Group’s biannual celebration.

One day before the celebration, the employees of Morris Group, including Zoey and Levi, were sent to the island.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 822

Iris carried her four pieces of luggage, full of her clothing for the trip. She planned to try them on and choose the one that looked best for the celebration.

Levi was rendered speechless by her act. Iris is making a big thing of it. Will she be angry once she knows that I am the mysterious boss?

“Levi, I wonder why the boss of Morris Group helped me in the previous times… What are your thoughts on this?” Zoey asked curiously.

“I guess he has fallen head over heels for you because you’re such a gorgeous lady.” Levi replied earnestly.

Zoey gave him a playful punch and mumbled to herself, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch; I believe there must be a reason behind his action.”

“Well… Maybe he looks up to you because of your talent. You have made some achievements and contributed to the company, haven’t you?” Levi caressed her hair, trying to put her mind at ease. “That’s it! Relax!”

Iris chimed in as their conversation caught her attention. “I also think that the boss is acting weird! Zoey is not an employee of Morris Group, but why is he treating her so nicely?”

Then, she eyed Levi warily and asked suspiciously, “Don’t tell me that you’re the mysterious boss!”

Levi openly admitted, “Yeah, it’s me. That’s why you don’t need to dress up.”

“Hahaha!” Iris was amused.

Zoey gave a wry smile. How nice it would be if Levi is the boss of Morris Group… That carries a lot more weight than the identity as the grandson of the Jones family.

But sadly, it was irrefutable evidence that he had exploited the Jones family when he collected the debt from Vision Group.

After a few hours’ drive, they finally arrived at the resort located a few hundred kilometers away from South City. This place was a well-known tourism spot famous for its beautiful scenery.

The hospitable workers welcomed them upon their arrival.

Before the room allocation, the workers repeatedly reminded them to not wander off the island as the residents here were all hard-hitting two-fisted people.

If there happened to be a conflict between them and the villagers, they would find themselves in serious trouble since the latter could easily call out hundreds of men.

Meanwhile, at the Jones Residence, Tyler was reassuring his grandpa, “Grandpa, don’t worry! I have it all planned out! This time, I managed to get help from the local tyrant. Levi Garrison will be dead on the remote island, and no one will ever find out about it.”

Michael was pleased. “Perfect!”

It turned out that the Joneses knew that Levi was going to attend Morris Group’s biannual celebration, so they planned an assassination to get rid of him.

In the resort, everyone was engaged in the preparation work for the celebration, except for the lazy bum — Levi, who was wandering around aimlessly.

Iris was scornful of his behavior. “Hmph! He acts as if he is the boss!”

Kirin arrived soon after.

Iris and the others welcomed him with open arms and allocated the best room to him.

After dinner, Levi left his room and headed toward Kirin’s room.

Right at that juncture, Iris and Zoey who were taking a stroll caught glimpse of his figure in the corridor.

Zoey asked curiously, “Where is he going? That isn’t the way to his room, is it?”

“Let’s follow him, and we’ll find out!” Iris grabbed Zoey by the wrist as they followed Levi down the corridor.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 823

The two followed Levi all the way to the presidential suite.

Iris was surprised when she saw him standing in front of the presidential suite. “This is Neil Atkinson’s room! Is he looking for Mr. Atkinson?”

Zoey too was curious. “Do they know each other?”

Iris shook her head. “No, they don’t. Mr. Atkinson has come to the company several times, but I have never seen them talking to each other.”

“Then why is he looking for Mr. Atkinson?” Asked Zoey.

“I’ll tell you why… But could you promise that you won’t be angry with me?”

“Sure. Go Ahead.”

Iris planned her speech before saying, “I think Levi is here to ingratiate himself with Mr. Atkinson.”

“Is that so?” Zoey was slightly dejected. “I know Levi pretty well… He is not a fawner!”

Iris shook her head at Zoey’s naivety. “Zoey, Levi is not the guy you used to know anymore. He has been using his identity as the Jones’ grandchild to achieve his successes, so it is no surprise that he would fawn over Neil.”

At this moment, the room door was opened. Kirin noticed that Iris and Zoey were hiding in the dark, spying on them, so he covertly gestured to Levi to leave before slamming the door shut.

The ladies saw Levi shook his head helplessly as he left; they thought Neil had given Levi the cold shoulder.

“Look, he is slighted by Neil!” Iris flashed a smug smile, thinking she had successfully gauged Levi’s mind and his conduct.

Zoey sighed in resignation as the truth was plain as day, so she could do nothing but to accept it.

Levi was once a man with unyielding character; he had always abhorred snobs who were easily swayed.

He would never try to pull strings, bootlick, or use underhand tactics to achieve his goals. However, it seemed like Levi had changed. He was no longer his old self.

Levi has yield to reality.

Zoey sighed at the thought of it. It seems like time and life experiences could really cut a person down to size and dampen his pride.

In the past, Levi used to be a man full of pride and confidence. But now, his arrogance is long gone with the wind. He is no different from any other ordinary man being weighed down by the burden and hardship of life.

But fortunately, we love each other to the moon and back.

They met Levi on the ground floor. “Where have you been just now?” Asked Iris.

Levi gave her a put-off, “Just walking around… Why are you asking?”

It ascertained their suspicions that Levi was sucking up to Neil when he evaded her question.

“Nothing.” Iris decided not to pursue the matter further.

Just then, one of the employees of Morris Group came running and yelling as soon as he saw Iris, “Ms. Anabelle, something terrible has happened! We’re in big trouble!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 824

Iris frowned slightly as she uttered, “What’s wrong? Slow down and tell me what happened.”

The employee gabbled in panic, “Just now, a few of us were strolling around. All of a sudden, a group of people appeared and asked for money. We got into an altercation, and they started beating us up. Now, they have held some of our employees captive for ransom.”

All of them recalled the resort workers’ reminder — the locals were all two-fisted folks who liked to look for trouble.

However, none of them paid heed to the advice as they would never have expected something like this to happen on the island.

“Oh no! It must be Oliver Ross!” With a worried expression, one of the resort workers gibbered, “The bustle of the preparation work for the upcoming celebration must have caught his attention.”

“Who is this Oliver Ross?” Asked Levi.

The worker explained, “He’s the local tyrant of the underworld; the lake and dozens of the surrounding islands were all his territories. We pay him huge sums of money every year so that he won’t disturb the tourists on the island.”

Then, he scratched his head in confusion. “Usually, the tourists will be safe as long as they don’t wander off the island. But what’s wrong with him today? Why did they come onto the island and harm the tourists?”

“Let’s go and check it out!”

Soon, everyone arrived at the scene to see six Morris Group employees being tied to the trees. They were flanked by dozen of men.

The leader of the group was a 6’2 feet tall, pot-bellied, menacing-looking man. His intimidating aura suggested that he was none other than Oliver Ross, the local tyrant.

These men instantly fixed their gaze on Iris, Zoey and other female employees, drooling over them.

They could hardly control themselves as none of them had seen so many beautiful women in their lives.

It turned out that they were the ones engaged by the Joneses to get rid of Levi.

“Oliver, what is going on here?” Asked the resort manager, who was shaking like a leaf.

Oliver bellowed, “Just now, we caught them peeing into the lake.”

The employees denied his accusation, “That’s a bloody lie! Why would we pee into the lake? You guys appeared out of nowhere and suddenly asked for protection money. You even beat us up when we refused to pay it.”

“You didn’t?” Oliver sneered, “You guys did it before my very eyes. The lake is my territory, and I have the right to hold all of you captive for what you have done.”

“Sir, the employees of Morris Group are all civilized university graduates. They will not behave like a brute, peeing in the public.” Retorted Iris.

Oliver and his gang flew into a rage upon hearing her words. “What do you mean? Are you trying to say that you guys are noble and we’re brutes?”

“How dare you look down upon us!”

“Huh, I have never seen civilized and cultured people who would pee into a lake!”

The employees countered, “We didn’t! This is a false accusation! We would never do something like that!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 825

“Hah!” The tyrant snorted, “There is no use in denying because we have witnesses!”

“Witnesses? Where are they?” Asked Iris. She knew that Oliver was up to no good.

“Bring them!” Oliver ordered.

The reeds surrounding the lake rustled. The next moment, hundreds of burly men appeared. All of them had murderous expressions on their faces, and they were holding cold weapons.

Iris and the others panicked when the men besieged them.

As white-collar workers, they had never experienced any sorts of violent confrontations since they were under the protection of Seth when they were in North Hampton and South City.

They couldn’t help feeling scared in the face of a clash with the locals on a remote island.

Iris was panic-stricken. Unlike in North Hampton or South City, she couldn’t get help from anyone on this island.

She was in deep regret of her decision. I shouldn’t hold our biannual celebration at this place… No one would find out even if we are dead here today…

“We saw them peeing into the lake!”

The staffs of Morris Group were intimidated when hundreds of men roared in unison.

Oliver gave a devilish grin and said, “I have almost three hundred witnesses here. Are you still not going to admit your misconduct?”

At this moment, they realized that they were set up. However, they could do nothing but admit the false allegations.

“Do you still dare to say that you didn’t pee into the lake?” Oliver wielded his sword and held one of his captives on sword point.

The staffs were drenched in sweat, and his face was drained of all colors. “I… I did pee in the lake…” He reluctantly admitted.

Oliver pointed his sword at another employee. “What about you?”

“I… I peed as well…”

All six of them admitted when Oliver put screws on them.

“Firstly, they have admitted their misconduct. Secondly, I have three hundred witnesses here.” Oliver stared at Iris and the others as he continued, “So now, what have you got to say?”

“Fine. I give up.” Iris sneered, “Just tell me what you want so that you’ll release my employees.”

Oliver started to reason with her, “Since you’re on our island, you should follow our rules. Your staffs should be heavily punished for their shameful behavior.”

His subordinates concurred with him, “That’s right! They deserve heavy punishment!”

The employees were almost scared to death.

Oliver proposed, “Ten billion! We can settle this if you agree to…”

“Impossible!” Iris cut in before he could even finish his sentence.

“Young lady, I’m not done yet!” He added, “Besides the ten billion compensation, I want you and your other female colleagues to sleep with me for one night.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 826

With a lecherous smile on his face, he uttered, “We can only settle this matter if you agree to my conditions.”

“Hahaha…” His subordinates burst into gales of laughter and exchanged nasty grins with each other.

They had long lusted for Iris, Zoey and other women.

Their boss could have the two stunners while they spent the night with the rest of them.

“Shameless!” Iris was fuming in rage as she never expected them to be so shameless. Not only did they ask for a sky-high price, but they also even want us to sleep with them!

No one noticed the grim expression on Levi’s face.

Apparently, they had gotten under his skin. Those who covet Zoey shall die! I will never let anyone lay a finger on her!

Oliver leered at Iris and asked, “What do you think?” His face grew serious as he threatened, “If you don’t agree to my conditions, my men won’t let you leave the island.”

As the local tyrant, Oliver could do anything he wanted in his territory as no one dared to stand up against him.

Iris and the others were at his mercy since they were unable to leave the island.

He gave an ultimatum, “You have three seconds to answer me!”

“I…” Iris was at a loss for words.

At that moment, a voice rang out from behind. “As expected of a local tyrant… It looks like you have come up with your own law, huh?”

Everyone turned their heads to look at Levi.

Oliver shifted his gaze at Levi and noticed that, unlike the others who were shuddering in fear, Levi had a good grip of his composure and a smile on his face. Isn’t he afraid?

“Levi Garrison, aren’t you afraid of me?” Asked Oliver.

Levi let out a chuckle.

He wasn’t ruffled when someone threatened to cut his throat with a Raysonia katana a few days ago.

He didn’t bat an eyelid when ten thousand soldiers besieged him on the battlefield.

Wouldn’t it be funny if he were to be afraid of a petty local tyrant?

Without bothering to answer Oliver, Levi lit a cigarette and took a deep puff on it.

Everyone was stunned when they saw him blowing cigarette smoke in Oliver’s face.

Where in the world did he find the courage to do that?

How dare he tries to provoke the local tyrant when his safety is in jeopardy?

He must have had a death wish!

“You…” Oliver was also dumbfounded.

As fury surged through him, he snatched the cigarette from Levi’s lips and hurled it to the floor, stubbing it out with his foot.

“I’m going to beat the crap out of you!” Levi roared.

“How dare you snatch my cigarette?” Asked Levi, looking at Oliver in somewhat disbelief.

Oliver was puzzled by Levi’s reaction. “So what? What are you going to do with me?”

“That’s simple. You have your rules, and so do I. You should compensate me for snatching my cigarette. Well… I guess 20 billion will do! Don’t worry, I’m not interested in spending the night with you and your men.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 827

Both Iris and Zoey broke out in a cold sweat when they saw Levi paying the local tyrant back in his own coin. Is he trying to aggravate the situation?

Zoey knew that Levi was good at fighting, but she doubted if he could fight against three hundred people.

Oliver and his subordinates were thunderstruck by Levi’s shocking remarks.

Did he imitate me just now?

How dare he even asked for 20 billion?!

Is he out of his mind?

Levi raised his brow and said, “I have witnesses who saw you snatching my cigarette just now. Aren’t you going to admit your misconduct?”

“I snatched your cigarette, so what? What are you going to do with me, huh?” Oliver went livid with rage.

Levi stood his ground and stared Oliver in the eyes. “I’m now asking for compensation!”

“Levi Garrison, dream on! Don’t blame me because you asked for it!” A malicious glint flashed across Oliver’s eyes as he ordered, “Take all of them to the resort, except Levi Garrison. I’m looking forward to spending a lovely night with the ladies, so I don’t want them to be horrified by the gruesome scene.”

His subordinates complied.

“No!” Zoey screamed and resisted. She knew what would be lying ahead of Levi once he was being left alone with Oliver.

With a smile on his face, Levi reassured his wife, “Honey, I will be fine! Wait for me. I’ll come back with 20 billion.”

Oliver was amused. “I’m impressed, mate. You’re still full of big talk when your life is at risk.”

Levi took Oliver by surprise when he slapped his face forcefully. “Are you calling me ‘mate’? Who do you think you are to call me your mate?”

Everyone gaped as they never thought someone would have the courage to give the local tyrant a slap on the face.

For a whole minute, they stood frozen to their spots.

Oliver finally returned to his senses when a wave of excruciating pain hit him. He grimaced in anger, giving Levi the death stare as he ordered, “Kill him!”

Levi waved his hand. “Hold it right there!”

Oliver raised his voice, “Are you afraid? It’s too late now!”

With a confident smile, Levi threw him a question, “I bet someone has sent you to mess with me, am I right?”

The resort owner told him that they had reached a consensus with Oliver that the latter would not cause trouble on the island in return for the former paying huge sums of protection money every year.

But now, Oliver was deliberately messing with him. This showed that someone was scheming against Morris Group.

In addition, Oliver called him by his name even though he had never met him before, which further proved that he was their target.

They had to send Zoey and the others away to kill him.

This was clearly a premeditated assassination!

Levi asked another question, “Do you dare tell me who is the one who wants me dead?”

Oliver was slightly bewildered, but he then gave Levi a pitying look and replied smilingly, “I guess it doesn’t matter telling you the truth. It’s the Jones family from South Hampton! They asked me to kill you and extort money from Morris Group. By the way, I need to thank you as you have made things a lot easier for me by showing up in front of me. The Joneses want you dead, so bid your farewell to the world, mate!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 828

The Jones family! I knew it!

At the present moment, Levi was quite certain that, out of his many enemies, the Joneses were most likely the ones who would assassinate him.

Does my presence really irk them so much?

Levi understood that in the eyes of a prominent family like the Joneses, each person was classified into a social hierarchy and given labels.

To these people, he was right at the bottom of the pyramid, belonging to the lowest class.

As long as he was alive, the Jones family would constantly worry that others would find out his relationship to the family and bring disgrace to them.

The best solution was to get rid of him once and for all!

“Kill him!” Oliver ordered.

The three hundred strong men under him, who were all armed with swords, charged toward Levi at once.

From their imposing manners, it looked like they were determined to hack Levi into pieces!


A signal flare was ignited, giving off huge plumes of smoke in the air.

Everyone, including Oliver, was shocked by the sudden loud explosive noise and stopped in their tracks while looking at the skies.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

Just one second later, the noise became even louder and more intense.

Hundreds of drones, which were travelling at fast speeds, appeared in the air.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, flames were seen spurting out from the drones in all directions. A web of fire was formed in midair and came crashing down toward the ground.

Thuck! Thuck! Thuck!

Oliver’s subordinates were shot at their wrists and blood jetted out from their wounds.

Clang! Clang!

Sounds of metal hitting the ground could be heard continuously as the men dropped their weapons.

Ouch! Ahhh!

Each of them were holding onto their wrists as they let out agonizing cries of pain.

Just one round of attack was sufficient to cripple Oliver’s subordinates and render them immobile.

That was the power of drones.

Not only were they useful for tracking purposes, but they could also double up as firearms.

Oliver was completely dumbfounded.

He stood motionless on the spot and was at a loss.

However, that was just the beginning.


Deafening noises which sounded like rolls of thunder erupted the next instant.

At the same time, beams of bright light shone from the sky, illuminating the surrounding area and blinding Oliver and the rest of the people.


Military helicopters were hovering in the air!

Lasers from the helicopters were pointed at the men’s faces.

It wasn’t difficult to guess what that meant.

The tyrant and his people were probably being targeted by sniper rifles!

They knew that if they move, they would be shot at immediately.

Vroom! Vroooooom!

That was not all! A loud noise suddenly sounded from the adjacent lake, accompanied by a gust of strong wind that created huge waves on the surface of the lake.

It turned out that dozens of naval ships were sailing toward the shore.

Armed soldiers disembarked from the vessels and aimed their weapons at Oliver and his men.

Immediately, the number of red dots pointing to Oliver and his subordinates increased exponentially.

The tyrant, who had already fallen into a complete state of panic, dropped his weapon to the ground at once.

His wobbly knees finally gave way and he collapsed onto the ground with fear.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 829

All his subordinates fell to their knees, one after another, covering their heads with their hands.

They had never expected that Levi would be so difficult to deal with!

It’s the military!

Does that mean Levi Garrison is also from the military?

“So do you still want to get rid of me?” Levi laughed mirthlessly.

“Boohoo… “

Oliver, the local tyrant, was scared to tears and had even wet his pants.

Levi let out a sarcastic smile and said, “I’m sure this local tyrant has been constantly terrorizing everyone who passes by here. This threat should be eradicated once and for all!”

After giving his instructions, Levi walked away and left it to his men to tie up the loose ends.

All he knew was that there would be no local tyrant from then on.

As for the helicopters, they were mobilized with just one phone call from Kirin.

When Levi returned to the hotel afterwards, everyone was stunned to see him safe and sound. The man was even behaving as if nothing happened.

“Are you alright?” Zoey asked while carefully sizing him up.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Levi answered smilingly.

“How’s that possible? What happened to the local tyrant?” Iris stared at him in disbelief.

“Oh, I’ve gotten rid of him! Don’t worry, we can all sleep in peace tonight.” Levi grinned.

However, Iris was not convinced and headed outside with a few other people to verify his words. A tranquil sight greeted them and there was no trace that a fight had occurred.

“What happened?” It was inconceivable to Iris, whose eyes had widened.

“Told you, I’ve already gotten rid of him!” Levi smiled coolly.

Just then, the owner of the resort rushed over and exclaimed, “I’ve wonderful news! Oliver Ross, the local tyrant, and his group have been annihilated. From now onward, the dozens of surrounding islands, including us, no longer have to be constantly on our toes, for fear that he will pick on us!”

Both Zoey and Iris turned their attentions to Levi when they heard what the man said.

“Was it really you?”

“Well, there’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.” Levi shrugged and spread his hands helplessly.

Just then, a thought struck Zoey. She pulled Iris aside and said, “It’s not Levi.”

“Then who could it be?” The friend asked curiously.

“Your boss, of course!” Zoey prompted Iris, who then smacked herself on the head and exclaimed, “Oh my God! How could I not have thought of that? I must have been too overwhelmed with shock, that’s why! With both our boss and Mr. Atkinson around, there’s nothing I need to be afraid of! It’s as easy as pie for them to handle the local tyrant!”

Zoey chuckled and replied, “Exactly! The local tyrant is nothing as compared to the omnipotent mysterious boss.”

“Oh right, it has suddenly occurred to me that he hasn’t arrived yet. He is supposed to attend tomorrow’s ceremony, so he will definitely be here right?” Iris asked uncertainly.

“Actually, he might already be here!” Zoey had a strong gut feeling about it.

“Are you saying that he is hidden amidst the crowd?” Iris had a shocked expression on her face.

Zoey nodded, “I think the real owner of Morris Group is among the people present. In fact, he might be disguised as one of the employees!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 830


Zoey’s words hit Iris like lighting.

That was a strong possibility.

Otherwise, how else would the boss be so clear about the happenings in the company?

It didn’t seem possible for him to have heard all of those from someone else.

The only explanation was that he had experienced everything firsthand as an employee of the company.

Who could it be?

For both ladies, Levi was the first person to be eliminated from their lists of possible candidates.

They had not even considered Levi due to his status in the Jones family.

“Let me try finding out from Mr. Atkinson!”

Iris and Zoey visited Neil in his room together.

“Mr. Atkinson, has our boss arrived yet?” Iris asked expectantly while feeling slightly nervous.

“Yeah, he’s already here.” Kirin gave a positive reply.

“So, was it our boss who helped to settle the matter with the local tyrant earlier on?” Iris continued asking.

“That’s right, he did step in and help to extinguish that group of people.”

Kirin answered both questions honestly without concealing any facts.

When Kirin finished speaking, Iris and Zoey exchanged glances and said softly to each other, “Indeed, it has got nothing to do with Levi.”

“You said our boss is already here? Where is he staying at then? I’ve reserved the best room in the resort for him.” Iris asked expectantly.

Kirin shook his head and answered, “Yup, he’s here, or maybe it’s more accurate to say that he has been here all the while. I don’t know where he is staying at though!”

“What? He can’t really be one of the employees, right?” Iris gaped in astonishment.

“Yup, he is!” Neil confirmed her doubts.


Kirin’s reply was another huge blow to Iris.

That was indeed the case.

The mysterious boss of Morris Group was one of the employees whom she might have unknowingly interacted with on a daily basis.

That also meant that he was aware of her every single move.

It was exactly like what Levi had told her— At your best? As if he hasn’t seen you before.

Who could it be?

Iris started running through each male employee the company had in her mind.

However, given the massive scale of the company, it seemed to be an impossible task as there were many employees whom Iris had not yet met.

There was no way she could easily determine which one of them was their boss.

“Will he be revealing himself tomorrow?” Iris wondered.

“That’s the plan.” Kirin answered clearly.

“Mr. Atkinson, is our boss good-looking?” Iris was filled with anticipation as she asked that.

“He’s better looking than me at least!” Kirin laughed.

Iris was getting increasingly excited and could not wait to meet the boss after hearing Kirin’s words. “Is he married? Or rather, is he currently attached?”

With a pensive smile on his face, the man replied, “He’s still single and not married yet!”

Well, he wasn’t lying.

Levi and Zoey had already divorced, so technically-speaking, he was a single man.

Iris’ heart was already fluttering uncontrollably by then.

He’s the man of my dreams!

Boss, here I come!

The woman had made up her mind to pursue her boss and was already devising all sorts of strategies in her head.

Zoey was amused while she looked at her friend behaving like a teenage girl in love.

She had never seen Iris so enchanted and being so serious over a man.

After they left Kirin’s room, Zoey teased, “You should get some rest. I’m worried that you would be too excited to sleep tonight.”

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