The Return of God of War Chapter 811-820

The Return of the God of War Chapter 811

“What’s so funny?” Levi asked in a cold voice.

“Morris Group still has the guts to send you here? Your boss sent 13 groups of men here, of which 8 ran away because they were so afraid of us, and another 4 fled after being beaten up. We even turned the last group of men into cripples. They’re just not giving up, aren’t they?” The security guards looked at them in disbelief.

Levi said calmly, “Oh yes. We’re also here to demand for medical fees and an apology.”

Everyone around the front desk laughed even louder.

Levi and Seth instantly became the laughing stock of the day.

“Medical fees and demand an apology from us? What a joke!” Roars of laughter resonated in the building.

“You want to ask for payment? Come, follow me.”

Instead of throwing Levi and Seth out, the security guards brought them to the chairman’s office.


All of a sudden, the two of them heard a loud cry while they were walking along the corridor.

Soon, they saw two men dragging an unconscious man toward them, and the man was covered in blood.

“He’s also here to ask us to clear our payment.” The security guard said with a smirk as if he were warning Levi he would suffer the same fate too.

Levi took a glance at the person.

So that’s their usual tactic to get rid of anyone who got in their way. How atrocious!

How can we allow these foreigners to wreak havoc as they pleased in Erudia?

A fierce glint flashed through Levi’s eyes.

He was really keen to know who on earth was this Kameda Ichiro.

A voice emerged from the office, “What now? Someone asking for their payment again?”

“Yes, sir! It’s Morris Group again.” The security guard answered in a respectful manner.

“Bring them in.”

Levi and Seth then entered the office, where they saw many vicious-looking men.

These were all dressed in a traditional robe and had a longsword as their weapon. Those men exuded an aura that would frighten anyone near them.

This was also why people who demanded payment would not achieve what they came here for.

These armed men would have intimidated them and frightened them off.


One of the men shut the door, while the others stood around Levi and Seth and shot daggers at them.

Kameda was leaning against a leather chair and puffing at a cigarette.

“From Morris Group?” He asked.

It seemed he had spent a long time in Erudia since he could speak the native language very well.

“What do you want?” Kameda puffed at his cigarette again.

“You still owe us 3.5 billion, so please pay up. In addition, you injured our men, so we’re here to demand their medical fees and an apology!” Levi said.


All of a sudden, two of his samurais drew out their longsword and placed it on Levi’s and Seth’s necks.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 812

It was as if time stood still.

The tension in the room was so thick one could cut it with a knife.

The edge of the sword was so icy-cold that it sent chills down Seth’s spine.

Sweat droplets also started rolling down from his forehead, and he could not help but gasp.

The sword would have cut through his neck if it had tilted a little.

On the other hand, Levi remained calm and did not show any changes on his expression at all.

As if he felt nothing on his neck.

After a while, Kameda sat straight up and looked at Levi, “Aren’t you afraid?”


“Why not?” Kameda was curious.

“Because I’ll smash his skull before he could do anything.” Levi said nonchalantly.

“Try me if you don’t believe it.”

Kameda and his men were stunned by how steady Levi was.

“Put down your swords.” Kameda signaled with a hand wave, and the two men retracted the swords from their necks.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve, young man. Others would have dropped to their knees right away!”

Kameda was impressed with how courageous Levi was.

“Cut the crap and do what I said. Clear the payment, settle the medical fees, and apologize immediately!”

Levi was running out of patience.

Kameda’s men took a step forward and gave Levi and Seth a murderous stare.

“How dare you come here and make all these demands?” Kameda slammed the desk with his hand.

“The man you saw earlier came for the same thing too, and he’s now half-dead after being beaten by my men!”

“Everyone in South Hampton knows I don’t deal with this ‘clear payments’ nonsense! Every year, I turn at least 100 people into cripples because of this demand. Yet, you people still come after me. Erudians are plain stupid!” Kameda said condescendingly.

“You’re not an Erudian, right?” Levi asked.

“That’s right! Not an Erudian but a Raysonian! What’s wrong?” Kameda wondered what was on his mind.

“You’re not an Erudian, yet you behave like a barbarian on our land?” Levi’s face darkened.

“This is how I run my business empire!”

“No one in South Hampton would dare to challenge me. Everyone here knows that!” Kameda exclaimed.

“Does that mean your word is law in South Hampton?” Levi sneered?

“Of course! I control everything in South Hampton. I am the law!”

Kameda took a sidelong glance at the two and said, “Bow before me and I’ll consider letting you off. Otherwise, be prepared to lose your legs!”

Levi ignored him. He took out of his phone and made a call, “Xabian, I thought you’re the most influential person in South Hampton? How come someone from Raysonia claimed to be the master of this land?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 813

The phone call Levi made shocked Kameda and all his men in the office.

Who did he call?


“Who is Xabian?” Kameda did not know what was going on.

“Xabian Goel, the patriarch of the Goel family!” His assistant reminded him.

“What? Mr. Goel?”

Having lived in South Hampton for nearly two decades, Kameda certainly knew who Xabian Goel was.

He’s the number one man in South Hampton!

None of the prominent families here would dare to defy his order!

“Are you kidding me? This lad gave Mr. Goel a call?” Kameda chuckled.

Did the young man just claim that he was calling Mr. Goel, the mysterious man who sits on top of the social pyramid in South Hampton?

An errand boy like him has access to Xabian Goel? Are you kidding me?

Everyone in the office burst out laughing.

South Hampton the most economically advanced city in the entire Erudia. Hence, a lot of prominent families were based here.

There were just too many prominent families here, but there was a hierarchy.

They were generally divided into the common prominent family, quasi-royal family, and true royal family.

The Goel family occupied the top spot of the royal family.

No ordinary folk, not even Kameda, was qualified to associate themselves with the Goel family.

Kameda did not have even have access to the quasi-royal families. At his level, he could at most reach out to a few common prominent families, and that was just about it.

Yet, Levi did what he couldn’t.

How is it possible?

“Very well. Let’s see if you can get Mr. Goel to come and back you up!”

Kameda puffed at a cigarette and could not wait for these clowns to make a fool of themselves.

Over at the other end of the phone, Xabian broke out in a cold sweat after hearing Levi’s voice, “Are you in… South Hampton?”

“Haven’t I made myself clear?” Levi smirked.

“The Raysonian you mentioned earlier is…?” Xabian asked.

“Kameda Ichiro from Vision Group. He owed my company 3.5 billion and refused to clear the payment. He even bashed my men up! This fellow also claimed to be the most influential person in South Hampton. Are you going to allow this foreigner to dominate this area? You’re from the royal family here, for goodness sake!” Levi reprimanded aloofly.

“I… I’ll come over right now! Who gave Kameda the permission to call the shots in South Hampton!” A vortex of anger swirled inside Xabian.

“I’ll give you 20 minutes. Come to Vision Group right now!” Levi ended the call.

“Did you just instruct Mr. Goel to come here? What a joke!” To Kameda, Levi was cooking up some bullshit to buy time.

The businessman might believe Levi if he said he knew Mr. Goel.

But looking at the way this young man spoke so arrogantly over the phone, who would buy his story now?

No way!

“I’ve never seen someone as idiotic as him!”

Kameda’s men had enough of his crap and were ready to strike.

Kameda stopped them right away, and he smiled at Levi, “Fine. Let’s not talk about Mr. Goel. If you’re capable of getting just one of the common prominent families to come to Vision Group, I’ll bow to you and settled all your payments!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 814

“Did he say 20 minutes? Fine! I’ll give him 20 minutes!” Kameda let out a mirthless laugh.

If no one appears after 20 minutes, I’ll incapacitate him!

Five minutes later, they began to hear footsteps along the corridor.

Kameda received a call from the front desk receptionist, who warned him that a group of men were heading toward his office.


In a split of a second, a group of well-suited man swarmed in after kicking down his office door.

Kameda immediately stood up from his chair after seeing this group of men.

This was because he knew every single one of them.

They were the heads of prominent families from all over South Hampton.

More and more people started flocking into his office, and Kameda started panicking.

Soon, almost 40 heads of the prominent families gathered in his tiny office.

In other words, all the patriarchs from the common prominent families in South Hampton had gathered here.

“Hello, Mr. Davies!”

“Good to see you, Mr. Kernet!”

“Hey, Mr. Hocker!”

Kameda instantly crouched over and greeted every single one of them.


“You’re doomed!”

All the heads snorted dismissively.

Kameda was so confused and did not know what was going on, but he still mustered up the courage to greet them one by one.

Anyone of them right there could easily crush him like a bug!

For them to be recognized as a common prominent family, their net worth must at least hit fifty billion.

And all these people had met this minimum requirement!

Just when he thought no one else would show up in his office, more people started coming in.

And this time, there were 20 of them.

Kameda’s heart nearly leapt into his throat when he saw them walking into his office.

They were the patriarchs from the 20 quasi-royal family!

The other family heads, who arrived earlier, made way for them to come through.

Quasi-royal families were a stratum above them!

“What brought you all here?” Kameda was about to drop to his knees.

The common prominent families could already destroy him easily, not to mention these quasi-royal families.

Even if they had spat on the floor, Kameda had to cup his hands to collect the fluid.

In South Hampton, this was a classic example of survival of the fittest as the social structure here was highly hierarchical!

Kameda did not know them very well. Even when he greeted them respectfully, all these influential men just ignored him.

He was not qualified to talk to them. He was not qualified to talk to them.

Hold on!

What’s going on?

What are all these influential figures doing in my office?

The large group of people had clouded Kameda’s mind.

As soon as he regained his composure, he suddenly thought of the most terrifying question ever – why are they here?

Instinctively, he turned around and looked at Levi.

Could it be because of him? All because of the phone call he made earlier?

Didn’t he give them 20 minutes? All these people literally turned up in the blink of an eye.

At this point, Kameda was already sweating bullets and trembling in fear.

All of a sudden, a voice emerged from the corridor, “Mr. Goel has arrived!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 815

At the sound of this voice, the Masters of these common prominent families in South Hampton stood upright with solemn faces.

This was Xabian Goel’s prestige in South Hampton.

When he gave an order, all the noble families must follow.

Kameda Ichiro’s heart leapt to his throat.

With just one phone call, he had invited South Hampton’s top man, Mr. Goel to make an appearance.

What type of person was he?

Kameda Ichiro’s legs trembled and he couldn’t stand still.

The samurais behind him were even more frightened.

This was no ordinary person!

If they remembered correctly, when the dagger was pressed against his neck, his reaction had already shown how extraordinary he was.

I’ve been rash!

I’ve really been too rash!

In the next instant, Xabian Goel brought the patriarchs of the other eight royal families.

All royal families in South Hampton were present with the exception of the Jones family.

When the rest saw Xabian, they bowed low and greeted him respectfully, “Greetings Mr. Goel!”

However, the elderly took no notice of them. He brought all the royal families and the quasi-royal clans to meet Levi. In unison, they greeted, “Greetings, Mr. Garrison!”

It was like a thunderclap in the atmosphere!

In that instant, the atmosphere was filled with shock.

The dozens of heads of the nobles could not believe their eyes.

The samurais, too were shocked.

Kameda Ichiro was astounded.

What’s happening?

The patriarchs of the royal families were greeting a young man with respect.

Who could this person be? There was a sense of mystery in the air.

The key person was Elder Goel!

He is the most important person, isn’t he?

Yet, he is bowing to the waist to greet this person.

This is the most frightening aspect of the situation.

Xabian Goel turned around, pointed at all other common prominent families and said, “Mr. Garrison, you haven’t met these nobles yet. Let me introduce you to them!”

Levi nodded his head slightly.

“Listen well! This Mr. Garrison standing in front of your eyes is the Master of the nine royal families and the twenty quasi-royal families! From now on, you giants will also take orders from Mr. Garrison! His identity is beyond your imagination!” Xabian announced to those present.

Although the heads of the common prominent families were surprised, they shouted together in obedience, “Hail, Mr. Garrison! We will serve you as our Master in the future!”

They did not need an explanation.

All they had to do was to follow Xabian’s instructions.

If Elder Goel served Mr. Garrison as his Master, who were they to question him?

They only had to trust and obey as there was no other way.

“Mr. Garrison, from now on, the top 100 South Hampton giants will follow your orders, except for the Jones family of course!” Xabian Goel declared.

The Jones family was from this moment isolated in South Hampton.

“Well, that’s okay.”

Levi laughed.

“Oh, I stray from the matter at hand.”

Xabian suddenly called out, “Who is Kameda Ichiro?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 816


When Kameda Ichiro heard his name being called, he was overcome by fear and collapsed onto the ground.


Following that was the sound of liquid spilling and a strong stench.

Kameda’s trousers became wet.

He was so scared that he urinated…

The samurai with him were also wetting their pants.

What Bushido was this?

In the face of real power, they were reduced to wetting their trousers.

A long time ago, Levi met some samurais from the country of Raysonia.

At that time, Levi’s proud words had made the Raysonia warriors fearful to this day – “What is Bushido?” What I do is Bushido!

“I heard that you haven’t paid the balance due?”

Xabian asked as he hit the ground with his new walking stick which was carved into the shape of a dragon head.

“I… I… I… I… I’ll pay now!”

Kameda was beside himself with fear.

On the spot, he asked his assistants and finance guys to hand over a check worth 3.5 billion to Levi.

“I also heard you beat someone up so badly that hospitalization was necessary. Is that true?” Xabian continued asking.

“I will pay for the medical bills and apologize!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Kameda hit his head on the ground to show remorse.

He then paid another 10 million for medical expenses.

“Goel, since I got what I want, I’m returning to South City now.” Levi finally said.

“Phew!” Kameda heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, it was over and despite much fear, there was no harm done.

Unfortunately, Levi’s order was heard loud and clear in the next instant, “I don’t want to see him in Erudia anymore.”


It was just a few words, but for Kameda it was a heavy sentence.

He was being deported from Erudia!

“Mr. Garrison, we understand! We, the people of Erudia have always been a great example, welcoming friends from all over the world to come and prosper together with us. But today, I will be the first to drive this kind of trash out of our country!”

“I will also make a statement. I myself will investigate all the immigrants in South Hampton. Whoever commits any kind of violation that hurts our countrymen will be deported at once!” Xabian declared his stance to Levi.

The other patriarchs followed suit.

Those who just wanted to make a fortune and abuse the citizens for a profit be warned.

“Hmm…, that’s great, Goel. You’re good!”

Levi praised the elderly.

This word of affirmation made Xabian feel valued.

In fact, he was quite overjoyed.

“Stay, I’ll leave on my own!”

After Levi left, the patriarchs of the common prominent families started discussing, “Elder Goel, who is this Mr. Garrison?”

“The Highest Military Merit Of Our Nation.”

This was all that Xabian would reveal but the crowd was thunderstruck.

It was a simple phrase but it was too shocking.

That was the ultimate pursuit of every warriors!

It represented the top military commander at the moment.

This was none other than The God of War! It was a shocking moment!


Kameda finally reacted and blood spewed out of his mouth.

Levi who was about to get into his car, suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure – Wales.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 817

“Hey? What are you doing here?” Wales, immediately blocked Levi’s way and asked curiously.

“Why is that your business?” Levi sneered.

“You aren’t thinking of coming back to the Jones family, are you? Making all your way here to South Hampton.” Wales suddenly shouted.

From his point of view, Levi’s only purpose for being in South Hampton was to be recognized by the Joneses so that he could be admitted back into the family.

“Let me tell you this! The Joneses will never recognize your identity! Stop dreaming!” Furiously, Wales made his point.

“Ridiculous.” With that, Levi got into his car and left.

Immediately, Wales went back to Edburg Manor and reported everything to Michael.

“What? He has returned to South Hampton? It’s obvious that he wants to return to our family, isn’t it? What should we do?”

The grandfather panicked.

“I have no idea what he’s doing here. Anyhow, he came out of Vision Group.” Wales voiced his puzzlement.

“I should be able to find out after asking around.”

Tyler reached out to his contacts to investigate the reason for Levi’s presence in the Vision Group.

“He came to Vision Group to collect a debt of 3.5 billion and managed to do so.”

The news came quickly.

“How could that be possible? Why did Kameda Ichiro give him 3.5 billion so easily?”

Michael was all suspicious.

“It is said that Kameda Ichiro was pressured by the royal families. He has now left the country.” Tyler reported.

“Levi is really smart. He actually does things in the name of Jones family!”

“I guess that royal families refer to us.” Wales suddenly said aloud.

Unfortunately, they had misunderstood. The royal families included all but the Joneses.

Michael clenched his fists in anger, “Isn’t that so? As soon as Levi revealed his identity as the grandson of Jones family, Kameda is bound to fear him!”

Tyler punched the wall in anger, “It seems that we have underestimated Levi! He is now using our family name for his own purposes! What would he do in future?”

The Joneses were all determined that Levi had used their family name to procure the balance of the debt.

It was just a small matter, so naturally they wouldn’t go deep into it.

“We have to do something about this. Let’s inform the Morris Group!”

Following that, Tyler contacted Iris and told her their so-called conclusion.

Iris was surprised as she did not know about Levi’s relationship with the Jones family.

Quickly, she told Zoey this version of the story.


Zoey was stunned and then her face was full of certainty.

This had proven her theory.

All the while, that was what Levi had been doing to achieve his successes.

This time, it was no exception!

No wonder Levi volunteered to go collect the balance of the debt.

Iris arrived at this conclusion.

Right at this moment, Levi returned.

“Iris, I’ve collected the balance!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 818

When Levi handed the check to Iris, the two ladies were indifferent and their faces showed no reaction.


Levi was puzzled.

He had brought in the final payment of 3.5 billion.

That solved Iris’ huge problem.

How could she not show some reaction?

This is not normal!

Zoey might not know what was happening and so her indifference was acceptable.

What’s with Iris?

“I’ve brought back the balance.”

Levi reminded her again.

“Oh, I see.”

Iris’ face was still expressionless.

Levi was puzzled as he said, “Something doesn’t seem right with you.”

“Oh, alright. Should I praise you? You’re awesome! You can settle what we can’t do so easily! From now on, we shall let you collect all debts.”

Iris praised him vehemently.

However, Levi still even more weird.

“It’s okay. That was nothing!” Levi said nonchalantly. In any case, he did not take it to heart.

He had no way of knowing that Iris had received a call from the Joneses, nor that she and Zoey thought he was flaunting his connection with the Jones family.

Iris would be more pleased to see Levi solving this problem on his own without depending on the Joneses.

Like Zoey, she hoped that Levi would make it on his own.

Hence, she was displeased.

And so, even though the check had been procured, she showed no expression on her face.

“Iris, Levi really hates the Jones family. But because of me, he has asked for their help multiple times. I’m really touched.” Zoey said.

Iris bit her lips, saying, “Nevertheless, I’m worried that he will deteriorate!”

“Do you mean that the convenience brought by being a grandson of the Jones family will make him less and less progressive? And that it may lead to terrible results in the end?”

Zoey reacted to Iris’ words.

“Exactly. This status will destroy him.”

Iris’ gaze was full of worry.

“Furthermore, the one billion the Black family asked him to earn will definitely be derived from the Jones family!”

“Forget about it. It’s going to be the Morris Group biannual celebration soon. I have to prepare for the event.”

Levi did not know about all that was going on between Iris and Zoey.

He returned to his place and started playing with his ancient bronze sword.

At this moment, a call came from the Jones family.

“Yo, Levi! How smart you are!”

Wales voice was heard speaking in a weird manner.

“If you have something to say, just spit it out!”

Levi replied impatiently.

“You should know what you have done, shouldn’t you?”

Wales sneered.

“What have I done?”

Levi was puzzled.

“You know best why you came to South Hampton. It’s about the debt from Vision Group, isn’t it?”


“Why are you stooping so low? You used our family name to get the money, didn’t you? Yet there you were saying that you do not admit to being related to the Jones family.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 819

Levi did not bother to explain himself to Wales.

He simple hung up the phone.

But that made him understand why Zoey and Iris acted so cold toward him.

It was obvious that the Jones family told them the same thing.

That was the reason for the two girls’ strange reaction!

So be it!

Levi felt it was unnecessary to explain for himself.

As the God of War, it was below his dignity to bother about a nest of ants.

However if the Jones family kept on provoking him, he would have to take action against them.

If they were to cross the line, he would let them know what cruelty he was capable of.

At this moment, Kirin called and asked, “Sir, it will be the biannual celebration of Morris Group soon. All the top executives would like to meet you, especially Iris.”

Levi laughed, “Now that the Morris Group is stabilizing, it is high time for me to reveal myself!”

Levi seemed to spend most of his time drinking tea and sleeping, but his decisions and directions were what shaped the growth of Morris Group.

It could be said that his hands was what pushed Morris Group forwards.

“Fine, I shall inform the management and staff.” Kirin smiled and said.

Soon, everyone in Morris Group began to cheer.

Except for those pioneers, the others had never seen the boss at all.

Hence, everyone was very excited to hear that the mysterious boss would make an appearance.

After all, the boss had given them a lot of expectations.

“Oh yeah!” Iris was the most eager one to meet the boss.

The moment she received Neil’s notification, she cheered and danced.

She could finally meet the legendary boss. The man was literally her idol!

Since the day she came back from abroad, no man could win her heart.

Levi was the man she had most contact with.

Not that she was not disinterested in romance, but she wanted a man she found desirable.

The mysterious boss had left a deep impression within her heart.

Iris vowed. If the boss were single, she would do everything in her power to pursue him, regardless of how he looked.

What she valued was his talent.

The progress of Morris Group up to now was due to this boss’ hard work behind the scenes.

She was just the implementer.

Iris danced and skipped right up to Zoey’s office, “Zoey, I have good news for you. The boss of Morris Group will make an appearance at our biannual celebration!”

“You will come, won’t you?” Iris invited her.

“That would not be appropriate, would it? We are just business partner.”

Actually, Zoey was also curious about what the boss of Morris Group would look like.

“What’s so inappropriate? Don’t forget that I’m the vice president.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 820

“Furthermore, don’t you want to see this mysterious boss of Morris Group?”

“Besides, Levi will be attending for sure! I heard that he and my boss are friends. This celebration wouldn’t do without him.”

Zoey nodded her head, “In that case, okay, I shall attend.”

Following that, the whole company was busy preparing for the biannual celebration.

Finally, they decided that the celebration would be held on an island. The staff would also be holidaying as well.

When Iris bumped into Levi, she laughed, saying, “Levi, you are attending our biannual celebration, right?”

Levi smiled, “Of course. Without my presence, this celebration would be totally meaningless!”

Levi was the most important guest.

Everyone wanted to meet him.

So, it could be said that this biannual celebration was held in his honor.

If he did not attend, the celebration would be in vain!

“Boast all you can! The celebration will go on with or without you.” Iris replied, glaring at him.

She thought the man was just talking nonsense.

“As for me, I want to see how my dream lover looks like. Just imagine that! Oh! I’m so excited!”

Levi frowned as he asked, “What? Your dream lover?”

When did I become the man of her dreams?

“Absolutely! The mysterious boss has always been my dream lover! The day we meet, I shall look my best, even more attractive than Zoey!”

Iris cried excitedly, like a teenager in love.

Levi was speechless!

The man glared at her and replied, “At your best? As if he hasn’t seen you before.”

Puzzled, Iris replied, “What did you say? The boss has seen me before?”

“Absolutely. There isn’t one staff member that he hasn’t met, including Zemo the cleaner and Lewis the chef.” Levi replied.

Iris’ countenance changed.

Finally, she realized what the matter was about.

They did not know who the boss was, but that did not mean that he had not met them.

“Oh, that’s not the same. This is our first official meeting! I must look beautiful! Possibly, it’s the start of a romance.”

Iris was fantasizing about the first meeting and her expression was full of sweet dreams.


Levi was repulsed.

Iris is secretly in love with me?

She’s my wife’s good friend!

“You look fine just the way you are. There’s no need to make up or dress up.” Levi told her.

“Don’t worry. I’m not doing it for you!”

Iris gave Levi a prideful glare. Then she turned around and left.

The remaining days were spent getting ready for the biannual celebration.

The news spread quickly to South City, North Hampton and then the whole of Quebec.

Although the Morris Group was low-key, everyone knew that after the reshuffling of the major players in North Hampton and South City, the biggest beneficiary was the mysterious boss behind the company.

Everyone was curious about him!

All of them wanted to know who he was.

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