The Return of God of War Chapter 81-90

The Return of God of War Chapter 81

Holly was not afraid of Levi because of her current status. But she was reluctant to meet with Levi because she felt guilty towards Morris.

Levi smiled. “That’s me. Why are you so nervous?”

Holly’s legs were wobbling. But she put on a tough front. “What are you talking about. I’m not nervous in the slightest.”

Levi took a seat on the sofa. “I am here to visit you. You were the bridesmaid for my wedding, after all.”

“I am doing well. But we are not really close anyway, so there’s no need for us to catch up with one another. Moreover, as you can see, I am busy now. So, you should leave immediately.” Holly was quick to chase Levi away.

“Relax. I’m here to talk business.” Levi beamed at her.

“What kind of business?” Holly asked curiously.

“It’s about a video that I think you’ll be interested in!”

Holly rebuked him angrily. “I am not interested in any video! Leave now!”

“Perhaps you should take a look at the video before you say that.” Levi suggested.

Holly moved closer to him. “What video is that?”

Levi showed her the video of Morris’ death.

Holly’s face turned paper white instantaneously. She gasped after watching the video. “Where… where did you get the footage?”

“You don’t have to know about that. I am here to talk business with you.” Levi kept the smile on his face.

“That’s impossible. That video is fake! Why would I harm Morris Atkinson? He was the one who cheated on me in the past!” Holly retorted.

Levi got up from the couch. “Well fine, I should leave then.”

“Wait. Tell me what you want.” Holly said. “Alright. I’ll admit. I did harm him, but what about it? You’re not much better than me. You know about the truth, yet you decided to blackmail me instead of avenging your best friend. You are also a scum! What happened to you? Did the harsh reality teach you a lesson? Is that why you’re blackmailing me? To maximize the benefit you can get from me?”

Holly was under the impression that Levi was desperate because he was recently released from prison. So he needed to blackmail her for a living. Little did she know, Levi was merely toying with her.

“I’ll offer you a price. One billion!” Levi smirked.

“What? One billion? Are you crazy? Why don’t you go blackmail the Garrison family instead?” Holly was infuriated.

Levi smiled. “The Garrison family will have the ability to resolve this issue if I leak this video to the public. But what about you?”

“I…” Holly panicked. “But one billion is too much to ask from me. I cannot agree to that.”

Levi offered Holly a piece of his mind. “There are four of you inside the video and you’re telling me one billion is too much to ask for? I’ll give you one day to collect the money. I will release this video to the public if I do not see the money by tomorrow morning. I shall take my leave then.”

Levi got up and left the office with Azure Dragon.


Holly collapsed onto the sofa in despair. It’s impossible for me to collect one billion even with my status as Star Entertainment’s president. Frankly speaking, it is already a difficult task for me to gather two hundred and fifty million even if we distribute the amount evenly among the four of us. ”This isn’t going to work. I have to discuss with all of them!”

Holly dialed a few numbers swiftly after. The numbers belonged to the few people who stood beside her in the video, Philip, Kit, and Misty.

The three of them were acquainted with Morris through Holly. They became his closest friends, second only to Levi Garrison. But they betrayed him in the end.

The trio arrived at Holly’s office before long.

They were presidents in their respective companies now, with high net worth.

Holly described everything that happened inside the office earlier to them.

The Return of God of War Chapter 82

“What? A video? There’s really a video?” Misty was doubtful.

Holly nodded. “Yes. I’ve checked repeatedly. The video is real.”

“Does that mean our crimes will be exposed once the video is released to the public?” Philip asked grimly.

Kit nodded. “You’re right. Everyone will know about the Garrison family’s involvement as well. They will definitely sacrifice us by that time. I believe all of us are quite familiar with Rick Garrison’s tactics.”

Misty was on the verge of tears. “Then what should we do now?”

Holly said helplessly. “That’s the reason why I asked all of you here. We need to come up with a plan together.”

“Is there any other choice? We can only pay the one billion to purchase the video. Otherwise, we will have to face our demises.” Philip said.

“Yeah. What else can we do?” Kit was dejected.

“Guys, we are talking about one billion here. Each of us will have to cough up two hundred and fifty million. Are all of you willing to part with that sum of money?” Misty reminded them.

“Do we have any other choice even if we’re unwilling?” Philip retorted.

Bloodlust glinted in Holly’s eyes. “There is one other way…”

“What?” Everyone looked at her simultaneously.

“We will meet up with Levi Garrison and murder him on the spot!” Holly showed her ruthless nature.

The rest of the group exchanged glances and nodded. “You’re right. This problem can be solved with Levi’s death. I’ll spend a million to hire a few hitmen. There’s no need to waste a billion because of this.”

Holly nodded. “Alright. it’s settled then.”

“I will contact the hitmen since I have some connections.” Philip volunteered.

“Misty and I will pay for the fee.” Kit offered.

“Then I will contact Levi and arrange the venue.” Holly said menacingly.

Holly wasn’t anxious to contact Levi after they were done with the arrangements.

She waited until 11 o’clock in the night before she dialed Levi’s number.

“I’ve prepared the money, Mr. Garrison. Let’s meet at Lufthansa Club at 12 o’clock. Remember to bring along the original video.” Holly said.

Levi agreed. “Alright. See you then.”

At that moment, Holly and the others were already there at Lufthansa Club.

Philip was the club owner, so they chose that venue to facilitate the execution of their plan.

“I’ve hired five professional hitmen for one million each.” Philip said.

“Okay. All we have to do now is wait for Levi’s arrival.” Holly was a little nervous. But she was more excited to murder Levi.

Levi and Azure Dragon reached the club a few minutes before midnight.

Holly welcomed them at the entrance. Then they entered a private room.

Levi asked after he took a seat. “Where’s the money? How are you going to pay me?”

At that moment, Holly and the gang revealed a menacing smile on their faces.

“Do you think you deserve the money, Levi Garrison? You will not be able to spend the money anyway!” Philip shrieked angrily.

“That’s right. You’re really a fool, Levi. You came here just because we asked you to.” Kit laughed in a sinister manner.

Levi looked at Holly. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“Hand over the original video now, Levi Garrison! I can consider sparing your life if you comply.” Holly demanded.


Five professional hitmen entered the private room.

“There’s no use for you to struggle. They are all trained hitmen. You will never escape this place!” Philip threatened Levi.

“Give us the video immediately. Or else, we’ll kill you!” Everyone urged.

The Return of God of War Chapter 83
Levi smirked. “Regretfully, I did not bring the video with me. But I arranged for someone to send it over. I think he will be here soon.”

“What? You did not bring the video with you?” Holly and her friends were enraged.

“Kill him!” Philip ordered.

But Holly stopped them. “Wait! Let’s obtain the video first before we decide on doing anything.”

Francis Hicks arrived at Lufthansa Club with the video shortly after.

Holly wanted to snatch the USB containing the video from Francis, but Levi was quicker.

“I can give you the USB, but you must pay me the money.” Levi smiled.

Kit shouted. “You’re still concerned about the money even under this kind of circumstance, Levi?”

“Do you really think we’ve prepared any money for you? Let me be honest then. We will destroy the video today and murder you as well!” Philip and Misty laughed maliciously.

Holly crossed her arms in front of her chest and sized up Levi in a pompous manner. “You are as ignorant as Morris was on the day of his death!”

Levi slowly looked up when he heard Holly’s words.

All the colors drained from Holly and the others’ faces when they met with his eyes. What’s with him? His eyes… They’re so scary.

In that moment, they thought they witnessed the gory and gruesome scenes on the battlefield reflected in Levi’s eyes. Screams and wails of agony reverberated beside their ears.

They were completely petrified by Levi’s frightening gaze.


Francis snapped his fingers.



The door to the private room was bust open.

Over a dozen men rushed into the room.

Crackle, crackle…

All five professional hitmen were left lying in a pool of blood before they could even react.

The scariest part was when Holly and the others felt something pressed against the back of their heads.

They broke out in cold sweat as clarity washed over them.


Holly and her friends were dumfounded when they saw the muscular men with various skin complexion surrounding them.

“You’re all a bunch of dimwits, Holly Nelson. Do you think five professional hitmen are sufficient to kill this man? What a joke!” Francis sneered.

Holly, Kit and Misty turned to look at Philip incredulously.

Philip explained helplessly. “I didn’t know they’re this weak! I hired them because they worked for the infamous Jack Jr.!”

Jack Jr. was the son of Jack Smith. He shared a similar influence on Nueve in the underworld of North Hampton. Jack Jr. operates a company providing security services, but in actual fact, it was a cover for a hitmen organization.

Philip spent five million to hire the hitmen from him. But he certainly did not expect them to be so useless.

Philip, Kit, and Misty were trembling fearfully. Holly, on the other hand, was relatively calm. She looked at Francis astoundingly. “Who are you?”

“They are here because of me!” Levi said as he walked up to Holly.

Chills traveled down Holly’s spine. She asked frightfully. “What… what do you want?”

“I want to let you know the repercussions of committing a betrayal!”

Levi gave a forceful slap across Philip’s face causing him to pass out immediately.

At this moment, Holly was losing her mind. Her legs wobbled uncontrollably as she sobbed unwittingly in terror.

The Return of God of War Chapter 84

Philip fell onto the floor.

Misty and Kit yelped hysterically.

“I want all three of you to come to Morris’ grave and repent three days later. Obey me, and I can consider sparing your lives. Otherwise, you will all end up like him!” Levi patted Holly’s cheek. They will have to pay for their sin with their lives. But I want them to repent in front of Morris’ grave first.

Levi left with his men afterward, dragging Philip’s unconscious body with them.

Holly and the others were rooted to their spots as they shivered continuously.

They never wanted to be caught up in such a dreadful situation again in their lives.

Levi said to Francis after they left Lufthansa Club. “Buy me a coffin.”

The next day.

A commotion broke out in front of the Garrison family’s manor early in the morning.

The scream startled every member of the Garrison family.

Joseph Garrison hurried to the front door in his pyjamas. “What’s going on?” Everyone was puzzled as well.

They were horrified to see the coffin placed in front of the manor’s entrance. The striking red color of the coffin was an appalling sight to behold.

The guards of the Garrison family looked at the coffin warily. No one knew what was inside the coffin because none of them had the guts to move closer.

“Who sent this coffin here?” Joseph yelled. Who dares to provoke the Garrison family? Are they trying to court death?

Jaycob said coldly. “This must be Levi’s doing, father! He’s sending us a warning.”

“That’s right. It must be him! Who else would have the guts to do this?”

Joseph ordered. “Someone take a look at the coffin. I want to know what’s inside.”

But no one dared to step forward because they were scared out of their wits. What if it’s a bomb?

Bryan Garrison wanted to go, but he hesitated.

At that moment, Rick Garrison, with his gentle appearance, moved closer to the coffin and shoved the cover.

Everyone gasped when they saw the body lying inside the coffin.

“That’s Philip Hardy.” Rick recognized the person immediately.

“What?” Everyone was shocked.

“Levi is quite something to track them down. I’ll have to question Holly Nelson in person now.” Rick said.

Holly, Misty, and Kit arrived at the Garrison family house after a short while. They explained everything and concluded Levi’s ability to the Garrison family.

“He’s a scary man. There were a lot of bodyguards from overseas beside him last night. The professional hitmen we hired were like toddlers when facing them!” Holly recounted the terrifying experience.

“Hmph! That’s nothing to be afraid of. Can he ever outnumber our family’s force?” Bryan and the others were unfazed.

Rick expressed his thoughts calmly. “We should be more careful, nonetheless. I am acquainted with a group of mercenaries from overseas. I will bring them here since we have time to spare.”

Jaycob smiled. “That’s great! Levi will surely face his doom by that time.”

Holly and her friends could finally relax after realizing the Garrison family’s ample preparations. “How dare Levi asked us to repent? He should just go to Hell instead!”

“I can’t wait to see the surprises my son will be showing us two days later.” Ben Garrison and his wife grinned smugly. They were Levi’s adoptive parents, but they had always treated him like a servant.

Bryan and Victoria laughed wickedly. “Oh, how we wish time would go faster!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 85
While he was at home, Levi received a phone call from Zoey, asking him to visit the construction site.

Surprisingly, Levi only saw Nueve’s men working when he arrived.

Zoey’s workers were nowhere to be seen.

Levi walked up to Zoey and asked. “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on? This is all because of you! My workers knew about my banishment from the Lopez family after the media reported the news. They did not want to be dragged into this mess, so they are on strike temporarily. The same thing is happening at Imperial Meadows too. Even my secretary left her job. What should I do now?” Zoey stared into Levi’s eyes.

Levi could understand the workers’ sentiment. The Garrison family is infamous for their cruelty. No one would want to offend them. It is a given they would want to leave because even the Lopez family banished Zoey to save themselves.

Levi scratched his head embarrassingly. “I’m so sorry. I did not consider this outcome.”

“Are you finally aware of the consequences of your recklessness? Why didn’t you listen to me? Were you not satisfied with our current lifestyle? The Garrison family was not troubling you, and I am given the opportunity to handle this huge project. We had a great life, so why did you have to go to such great lengths to destroy it?” Zoey bombarded Levi with volleys of questions.

Levi took a deep breath and answered with a smile. “You’re right. We were living a peaceful life. But what should I do about Morris? Do you think I can be at ease, knowing how my best friend died and choose to do nothing? I, Levi Garrison, am a man of honor. I do not provoke others deliberately, but they crippled me and falsified crimes against me. They put me behind bars and robbed everything away from me. So how can you expect me to stand by and watch them get their way? You should be the person to know me best. I never take anyone’s possession by force, but I will not allow others to step all over me and remain indifferent! Especially when this matter concerns my best friend’s life and my previous glory. I must retrieve the things that were taken away from me at all costs!”

Zoey looked at Levi in disbelief.

She gained revelation at that moment. I’ve always neglected Levi’s feelings. He is shouldering plenty of burdens as well.

Zoey hugged Levi and sobbed in his arms. “I will stay by your side through thick and thin, Levi.” She glanced at the construction site and continued. “I may lose my life anyway in two more days. So why do I have to care so much about all these things?”

Levi was touched by Zoey’s unwavering love for him. “Do not worry, Zoey. I will handle this.”

“Okay. I believe in you.” Zoey said what she had to because she wanted to encourage Levi. But she did not have any faith in Levi because she could not picture his victory against the Garrison family. Anyway, I’ve steeled my resolution to accompany him to the end, even if we will die together.

The promised day was nearing in a blink of an eye.

The next day would be the day Levi would confront the Garrison family as he vowed.

Zoey prepared a lot of dishes that night and even brought out the best wine they had.

Levi suddenly said after he gulped a few glasses of wine. “Tomorrow will be the day we prosper, Zoey. Should we give your family another chance to join us?”


Zoey’s first instinct was to rebuke Levi. He’s still talking big! But Zoey smiled warmly after she considered the possibility of them dying together the next day. “Really? Will we prosper?” I should do my best to please him in our final moments.

The Return of God of War Chapter 86
Levi thought that Zoey had believed him, so he said immediately, “Of course it is real! From tomorrow onwards, Levi Group will be returned to us. Isn’t it a piece of great news?”

He stared at Zoey and said in a serious tone, “Truth be told, I cannot stand every single one from the Lopez family! However, they are your family members after all, so I would like to give them another chance.”

“As long as they agree to support us tomorrow, and accept the Garrison family’s repentance and apologies, I will support them. After it is over, Levi Group will take them in and boost the status of the Lopez family in North Hampton!”

Zoey felt really vexed listening to Levi’s boasting.

It was impossible.

Firstly, the Garrison family would not apologize.

Secondly, Levi was certainly unable to defeat the Garrison family, and would not be able to retake the Levi Group.

However, considering the last day, Zoey did not interrupt him.

“Alright, then please give the Lopez family another chance!”

Zoey smiled slightly.

Levi successfully got through to Harry’s phone.

“Levi, what are you doing? Calling for help? Let me tell you, there is no way!”

Harry’s frustration could be heard from the other end.

Levi laughed, “For the sake of Zoey, I have called you Grandpa! I have decided to give you a chance. As long as you support me and stand by my side tomorrow, I guarantee that the Lopez family will replace the Garrison family!”

“Scram! Are you a lunatic? What is going on in your head?” Harry shouted into the phone.

After that, Levi then made another call to Aaron.

In the end, Aaron gave him a harsh scolding too.

“By the way, I will come and pick Zoey up tomorrow. If you want to court death, then go ahead on your own!”

Beep beep beep…

Aaron hung up the call angrily.

This time round, Levi kept quiet.

The Lopez family is missing out on such a brilliant opportunity!

Zoey laughed.

It is definitely going to end up like this.

Who would believe all these?

Unless he was a fool!

Zoey teased, “It’s alright. Rejecting you will be their greatest regret in life! We gave them the chance, but they did not want it!”

“Mmm, indeed. The Lopez family has missed the chance.”

Before they slept at night, Azure Dragon called.

“God of War! The commander-in-chief of the First Army of North Hampton just sent a message saying that everything is ready! The 100,000 soldiers are ready to go!”

“Good, listen to my command!” answered Levi.

Levi and Zoey woke up very early the next day.

Then, they drove Zoey’s car to Morris’ grave.

On the way there, Zoey saw tanks passing by and a line of soldiers marching forward. The sight of it was beyond her imagination.

There was an approximate number of tens of thousands of people.

A long line of tanks had formed with no end in sight.

In addition to helicopters flying around in the sky, there were also bombers flying by at low altitude, making a loud humming sound.

Zoey was astonished. She asked, “Is there going to be a military exercise?”

Levi laughed and said, “I guess so.”

“Isn’t it such a large scale exercise? I have never seen one with such a scale before!”

Zoey was shocked.

Why are there bombers and cannons here?

Very soon, the both of them had arrived in front of the grave.

Nueve’s men had already prepared the grave, while Levi had also erected a tombstone.

Zoey paid her respects to Morris.

Until now, Zoey could not believe that Levi was able to defeat the Garrison family.

Was Levi going to do this alone?

She thought that Levi would find some people to help him out. Seeing that he was going to be on his own, Zoey was extremely disappointed. No, she was in despair.

The Return of God of War Chapter 87

Zoey stopped worrying.

After all, she was originally going to die with Levi.

So what was there to worry so much about?

Shortly after, a Haval sped by.

Aaron and Caitlyn alighted from the car.

Levi had thought that Aaron would stand by his side to show him support.

However, he did not expect Zoey’s parents to come and drag Zoey into the car.

Zoey screamed in shock, “Dad, Mom, what are you doing? Why are you pulling me away?”

“You cannot stay here and court death with this useless piece of trash!” Aaron shouted.

“That’s right, you need to come with us! We won’t let you die with him!” Caitlyn held tightly on Zoey.

Zoey finally realized why her parents came.

They wanted to bring her away.

She was starting to feel anxious as she was about to be dragged towards the car.

Zoey struggled and shouted at Levi for help, “Levi, save me! Save me!”

“Dare he? If he dares, then I will make sure both of us perish together!” Aaron stared angrily at Levi.

Levi looked at Zoey coldly, and did not take any other action.

In the end, Zoey struggled to break free but to no avail. Aaron held onto her as Caitlyn drove away.

She looked out of the windows at Levi, who was standing there alone and cried bitterly.

It seemed that they were going to go on their separate ways from that moment onwards.

However, no matter how much Zoey cried, Aaron was not going to give in.

After taking Zoey home, Aaron and Caitlyn made sure that she was taken care of.

It was the Lopez family’s wish to bring Zoey home.

There was no need for her to die with Levi.

As the Lopez family had ended their relationship with Levi, they would not turn up today.

After Zoey left, Azure Dragon, Kirin, Phoenix, Black Tortoise and White Tiger, the Five Great Wars Regiment appeared in black suits.

Azure Dragon had even brought Rowen and his wife over.

“Has Ms. Lopez left already?” Azure Dragon asked.

“It’s good that she left. I do not wish to reveal my identity yet!” Levi said.

Kirin walked over to Levi and said, “God of War, The commander-in-chief of the First Army reported that they are ready and prepared to set off! They are stationed three kilometers away and can reach in ten minutes!”

After hearing what was said, Levi nodded his head. “Mmm, tell them to wait for my command!”


Kirin nodded his head.

At this moment, Nueve arrived. He did not bring many people with him.

Those who came were big shots, like Trey.

They had donned their suits. Several people stood by after receiving Levi’s orders.

Azure Dragon stood beside Levi and said, “God of War has just received news that the Garrison family is about to set off.”

At the Garrison family’s manor.

Joseph waited for everyone in the Garrison family to suit up and get ready to leave.

Jaycob was growing really impatient and could not wait any longer.

His son, Ashton, was still lying in the hospital. The chances of him waking up were really slim.

He swore that he must definitely tear Levi up into a dozen pieces!

As for Rick, he had always looked gentle. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, which made him look very mysterious.

Bryan glanced at Victoria and said, “My little brother was crippled six years ago because of me. I also made you crippled this time round! Do you still remember this baseball stick? That’s right, it’s the one I used six years ago! Hahaha…”

Bryan revealed a cruel smile as he tossed the baseball stick into the car trunk.

Ben and Winnie smiled coldly. “Son! If not for the fact that we took you in, you would have died! Do you actually want to kill us now? This is ridiculous!”

Holly also arrived together with two others.

The Return of God of War Chapter 88
“Quickly! We cannot wait to see Levi embarrassing himself!”

Joseph leaned against the car door and waited with a walking stick in his hands.

“Dad, all of us are prepared! Also, the mercenaries that Third Brother has hired are in their positions!” Ben said.

Joseph nodded his head, “Mmm, the Garrison family alone can get rid of Nueve several times, let alone Jack Smith and the others! This time around, I will get rid of Levi and at the same time, let everyone in North Hampton know how powerful the Garrison family is!”

“Dad, Jack Smith is here.”

Rick ran over.

There was indeed a black car parked in front of the Garrison family’s manor entrance.

The second car was a Lincoln limousine.

The car door opened, and an old man walked out. He wore a black traditional Chinese jacket, with two legendary pearls in his hand.

He looked like he was well into his twilight years, giving people the impression that he was dying.

However, there was a light in his eyes that one could not simply ignore.

Especially when he lifted his head, there was a powerful presence lingering that made people breathless.

He was North Hampton’s leading mafia boss, Mr. Jack Smith.

As the name implied, the King of North Hampton was here.

There were thirteen people following behind Jack Smith.

They were named North Hampton’s Invincible-13.

13 powerful experts!

The Invincible-13 used to be like Nueve and were mafia bosses in their own districts, but they were vanquished and came under Jack Smith as his underlings.

Not only that, Jack Jr. was also here.

He was part of the Palm Killer Organization!

Seeing that Jack Smith had arrived, Joseph brought everyone from the Garrison family over to welcome him.

With the Garrison family’s current abilities, they did not dare to compete with him!

“Today, we invited Mr. Jack Smith here to help us show our prowess. There is no need to take action. Your presence alone would definitely scare Levi away! He will not dare to do anything to us.” Joseph laughed.

Jack Smith did not care. It was already a waste for him to come down today just to make an appearance on behalf of the Garrison family.

He looked at Joseph and asked, “What about the project you were talking about?”

Joseph immediately responded, “Tomorrow! We can proceed tomorrow!”

It turned out that the Garrison family had lured Jack Smith over with a lucrative project so that he was willing to make an appearance.

“Good!” Jack Smith nodded his head.

Another car arrived shortly.

A middle-aged man alighted from the car.

“This is Smiling Buddha, who controls half of North Hampton’s entertainment clubs! He keeps a very low profile, but apart from me, no one else is his opponent in North Hampton!”

Jack Smith introduced the middle-aged, chubby man to the Garrison family. The chubby man laughed. He looked friendly and kind, but he was actually very cruel.

“As for this person, he is Bob, who is engaged in the jade jewelry business. He is well-known in North Hampton, and Nueve has suffered a big loss before thanks to him!”

“And Jimmy Jacuzzi! Good old Jimmy is outstanding. He owns six casinos in Hong Kong, Macau and other places. He is involved in all kinds of businesses!”

Jack Smith introduced everyone.

The Garrison family were in awe of their presence.

All of these impressive figures from North Hampton’s underground world showed up this time!

Levi’s supporter was only Nueve. There was more than a dozen of them here who could compete with Nueve and were even better than him.

All of these people, combined with the Garrison family’s power, would mean that Levi was in hot soup. Levi was unable to beat them, given their mighty forces.

Jack Smith looked at his watch, and said, “It’s time. Let’s set off!”

“Let’s go!”

Immediately, a long line of cars set off toward Morris’ grave.

The Return of God of War Chapter 89

Many people were surprised to see a long line of vehicles.

What is happening in North Hampton?

The Lopez family was shocked to find out what was happening.

“Jack Smith, Smiling Buddha, Bob and the others have all gone there! It is frightening!” Samuel shook in fear.

Harry drew in a breath. “Oh my god! Levi is going to be in deep trouble this time!

“This is really scary! I heard that there are thousands of people involved!”

“It is fortunate that we have broken all ties with him in time. If not, the Lopez family would be involved as well!”

Shaun and the others drew in their breaths fearfully.

Henry laughed. “Levi, you are really naive! What do you have to fight with the Garrison family? They have become so powerful!”

Zoey had received the news that there was a long line of vehicles on the roads in North Hampton.

She was sobbing hard, knowing that there were so many people and vehicles heading in a certain direction.

How is Levi going to manage this on his own?

“You are not allowed to go anywhere! Even if Levi is dead, you cannot go anywhere!”

Aaron and Caitlyn stared fixedly at her.

The Garrison family and Jack Smith’s army proceeded to the grave in a majestic manner.

On the way there, Jack Smith said to Joseph, “Francis Hicks is actually not coming.”

Joseph laughed. “He is a mafia boss who likes to remain hidden, so he probably does not want to participate in such trivial matters.”

Jack Smith laughed too. “That’s right. If not for the project, I won’t turn up either.”

Everyone was waiting in front of Morris’ grave.

Rowen and his wife were a bit worried, and could not help but persuade Levi, “Levi, why don’t we just forget about this? The Garrison family is too powerful, and we cannot beat them after all!”

Levi smiled and reassured them, “Please rest assured. I will be able to manage the Garrison family!”

Nueve, Trey and the others also laughed. “No matter who they are, they will succumb to us obediently!”

Very soon, there was a sound of explosion.

Everyone saw the impressive line of cars. Luckily, the surrounding area was big and deserted enough to accommodate them.

Rowen and his wife were shocked at the vast number of vehicles. There were at least tens of thousands of them!

Most of them were MPVs and trucks.

The number of people inside these trucks was unimaginable!

The cars in front were luxury limousines.

One of the car doors opened, and Joseph and the others got down slowly.

Everyone from the Garrison family held their heads up arrogantly. They were high-spirited.

Their purpose today was not only to get rid of Levi and Nueve but also to show the Garrison family’s powerful connections to the whole of North Hampton!

They had an air of arrogance around them and completely disregarded Levi.

After seeing them alighting from the cars, Nueve, Trey and the others went pale.

“North Hampton’s Jack Smith… Jack Jr… Smiling Buddha… Bob… Jimmy…”

They uttered out all their names in astonishment.

In North Hampton, they were the real big shots. As compared to them, Nueve and Trey were mere gangsters.

Any one of them was able to get rid of Nueve and Trey.

“I’ve got no idea what benefits the Garrison family has offered them, but there are so many of these big shots gathered here!”

Nueve drew a sharp breath.

At the sight of Nueve, Trey and the others looking at them in shock, all the members of the Garrison family laughed.

Things were proceeding according to their expectations.

Nueve and the others saw the King of North Hampton like a fearful mouse spotting a cat.

They could not help it!

The Return of God of War Chapter 90
However, they saw Levi standing there like an upright spear. He had an indomitable spirit and looked inspiring.

The Garrison family members looked angry.

“Levi, do you not realize that danger is about to befall you?” Joseph snorted.

Levi laughed and nodded his head when he saw the Garrison family looking at him.

Bryan and Victoria smirked. “Let’s see how you are still able to keep up that smile of yours later.”

“That’s right! Your supporter, Nueve is nothing more than an ant!”

Ben and his wife could not continue watching this.

As for Jack Smith and the other big shots, they were just for show.

The real trump card was of course their underlings.

“Gosh! The Invincible-13 are here! This is the first time!”

When Nueve, Trey and the others saw Jack Smith and the 13 men behind him, they drew in their breaths.

The Invincible-13 was the group of master experts in North Hampton. For most cases, one or two of them were enough to bring things to order. All 13 never appeared together like this before. Now that all of them had shown up, something major was about to happen.

A large group of people followed behind the Invincible-13. There were hundreds of people, all dressed in black, with weapons strapped to their waists.

Jack Smith had revealed his trump card. There was a gathering of 500 thugs!

Not only that, Smiling Buddha, Bob and Jimmy’s subordinates also appeared at once. They followed behind the Invincible-13.

There were about a thousand people in total!

With such a massive scale of people present, something was definitely up!

The Garrison family also did not lack resources and men!

They too took out their trump card. They had spent a sum of money to hire a lot of security personnel. So there were about 500 people in total.

Rick was cautious, so he had hired a group of mercenaries. Even though there were just a few dozens of them, they had the necessary weapons with extremely strong combat power.

All in all, there were about 2000 people.

Nueve, Trey and the others felt fear and trepidation in the face of disaster. Their hearts were in their mouths.

There are too many people!

Rowen and his wife were too shocked as they witnessed such a sight.

There were too many people after all.

Seeing the mass of people behind him, Jack Smith commented, “Mr. Garrison, you are making a big fuss! Just 10% of them will do!”

Joseph laughed in embarrassment, “Sorry! I am quite cautious in my dealings because I want to avoid the possibility of making mistakes!”

“Alright, then. Today, I, Jack Smith will give you a bit more power!”

Jack Smith waved his hand. Nearly two thousand people surrounded the cemetery, stood guard and kept watch on all three levels of it. Not even a bird could get in.

They looked like they had the intent to kill as they gripped tightly on the weapons around their waists.

At the sound of a command, they would rush out and slash intruders into pieces.

Jack Smith stepped forward and sneered, “Nueve and others, are you not going to kneel down already?”

“Yeah! You guys do have some guts to think of competing with us with that little bit of capability of yours!”

Bob, Smiling Buddha and the others laughed grimly.

Nueve and Trey were boiling with rage when they saw Jack Smith mocking them. “King of North Hampton, you are right in saying that we have always respected you. But it is impossible for us to do so today!”

“Seems like all of you want to protect Levi with your lives?”

“What benefits have you gained from him, I wonder? All of you are willing to be his slaves!” Jack Smith teased.

Nueve snorted, “Jack Smith, you will never understand who you’re facing today!”


After hearing what he said, the rest laughed out loud.

“Isn’t he just another piece of trash that has been released from prison?”

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