The Return of God of War Chapter 771-780

The Return of the God of War Chapter 771

Only when the knife became bent did he stop.

However, by then, all of his servants were dead.

Walking back to his seat, Lucas took out a white handkerchief and wiped the bloodstains away from his hand.

“Someone, give me a new set of cutleries!” Ordered Lucas.

Then, he continued savoring his steak.

The corpses sprawled on the ground and the metallic stench of blood filling the room did not affect him at all.

He still had the appetite to eat.

Those who understood Lucas knew that he often had unpredictable mood swings.

On one hand, he could create a romantic atmosphere in a French Restaurant; Yet on the other hand, he could instantly transform into a crazy murderer.

In simpler words, Lucas was a psychopath.

As long as something crossed him, he killed.

In recent years, he had killed more than a hundred of his family’s servants and butlers, let alone the others.

The Quinn’s young master could be considered a demented mass murderer.

Hence, many people in the Prince Gang were terrified of him.

Even though Jones family had the God of War as their protector, Tyler dared not boast about it to Lucas.

If he angered the man, he might be killed mercilessly.

Hence, he had no choice but to keep flattering Lucas.

Soon, the corpses were removed and the members of the Prince Gang arrived one by one.

“What? Someone fetched the ladies away?”

Everyone was surprised.

Who would dare to do such a thing?

Do they have a death wish?

“I want to know who he is too.”

Lucas drank the red wine elegantly.

No one could tell that he had killed five people earlier.

“For snatching the women you like, the person must die!”

“Don’t worry, Lucas. We’ve already sent someone to investigate. Soon, we’ll find out where they are.” Assured the rest flatteringly.

News arrived ten minutes later, saying that they had found out where Helena and Zoey were.

They were eating at the Stardust Hotel, located in the city center.

“Let’s go. I want to take a look at the bast*rd!”

Lucas stood up, looking very curious as well.

The Prince Gang rushed to the Stardust Hotel as fast as they could.

Helena actually suggested to buy the couple a meal to express her gratitude.

Levi did not stand on ceremony either, and directly brought them to the most expensive Stardust Hotel.

When someone saw the car parked at the entrance, he pointed at it and declared, “Mr. Quinn, Helena and Zoey entered this car!”

A smile played on Lucas’ lips. He glanced at the car and said, “Let’s go in.”

They entered the lobby and saw Zoey and the rest seated beside the window.

“It’s him?”

Tyler and Wales spotted Levi instantly, and decided to back off.

If they went over, Levi would recognize them.

They could not afford to be embarrassed by him.

Furthermore, Levi had angered Lucas.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 772

“Lucas, something happened in our family. We need to return to South Hampton.”

They thought of an excuse quickly.

“Leave. Don’t affect my mood.”

Tyler and Wales did not want Levi to beg them for mercy when he was going to be killed.

Not only would it embarrass them, but they might also get involved if Lucas found out about their relationship with Levi.

It was better for them to escape.

In the restaurant, Lucas walked toward Levi and the other two with the Prince Gang following along.

The three of them, who were initially eating and chatting, sensed something amiss.

Raising their heads, they noticed those men standing beside them.

Each of them wore luxurious clothing, exuding a dignified aura.

“How can I help you?” Asked Zoey.

“Hello, Ms. Lopez and Ms. Engler. I’m an admirer of yours.” Lucas introduced himself politely.

“And you are?” Asked Zoey.

“I’m Lucas Quinn from South Hampton! Can I get to know you?”

Lucas was full of smiles.

His courteous attitude made it hard for anyone to refuse.


At that moment, a voice rang out.

It was Levi, who was still eating.


Lucas and everyone else turned their gazes to Levi.

“We’re eating. Please don’t disturb us.”

Without even raising his head, Levi continued eating.

His cold attitude upset the Prince Gang.

After all, no one had shown such disrespect to them in the past.

Maintaining a gentlemanly front, Lucas said, “Sir, I did not ask you. I was asking the two ladies.”

“I know, but they’re both my women. I’ve rejected you on their behalf. Go quickly! They don’t want to know you.”

His remarks were so shocking to the Prince Gang that they almost burst into laughter.

So there’s someone who isn’t fear of death!

How dare he disrespects Lucas?

Hearing that, Lucas chuckled. “Are you saying that both of them are yours?”

“Yeah. What about it?” Replied Levi coldly.

Lucas noticed that Zoey’s expression remained calm, while Helena looked shy.

He seems to be telling the truth.

There’s something wrong with the three of them.


“Then, I want to buy a drink for your women. How’s that?”

A sick, domineering and arrogant smirk appeared on Lucas’ face.

He had shown his true self.

Lucas was the type who found it exciting to invite a woman in front of her man.

“They’re not free. Hurry up and leave!”

Levi was already running out of patience.

“Haha! Okay. I’ll take my leave now. However, I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance.”

Lucas actually left courteously, and went waiting at the entrance.

“What should we do? It’s obvious that they are here with malicious intents.”

Zoey and Helena panicked.

“Let’s pretend nothing happened.”

With a calm expression, Levi continued eating and drinking his wine.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 773

Although Levi could still keep his cool, the ladies were completely flustered.

They could tell that Lucas and the rest were not ordinary person.

From their clothing and aura, apparently they came from a powerful background.

They might get themselves into trouble if they crossed those men.

“Don’t worry. Since I’m here, nothing will happen to you.” Said Levi with a smile.

For some reason, Zoey and Helena felt assured when they heard his words—especially Helena, who gazed at Levi admiringly.

To her, Levi was a mysterious man who was not as listless as how everyone had said.

To her, Levi was exceptionally impressive, and had a good eye and great foresight.

He was definitely a prominent man.

“After the meal, Sylas will send you back. I’ll settle them.” Announced Levi calmly.

“Be careful. Call me if anything happens.”

Zoey was not concerned.

As he was related with the Jones family in South Hampton, she assumed no one would dare to make things difficult for Levi.

She had a mindset: Levi used his identity as the Jones family’s grandson to solve problems.

After dinner, Sylas fetched Zoey and Helena away from the back door.

Levi lit up a cigarette and swaggered out of the entrance.

There was a Rolls-Royce parked at the entrance, and a dozen sports cars blocking the road too.

They were disrupting the hotel’s business.

However, when the boss learned about their identities, he did not dare to say anything. Not only did he let them park there, but he also even sent some waiters to attend to their needs.

The gang surrounded Levi the moment he stepped out of the hotel.

“You are a courageous soul, huh?” Mocked everyone.

Lucas glanced behind him and asked, “Where are the ladies?”

“They’ve left.” Replied Levi.


Everyone was stunned. Why didn’t we realize it?

They left through the back door!

Those men were instantly filled with regret.

A furious look flashed across Lucas’s face as he said coldly, “Sir, that’s a bit dishonest of you. I said I want to invite your women over for drinks. Why did you ask them to leave beforehand?”

This was how domineering Lucas was.

He was blatantly inviting the ladies for drinks in front of their partner, yet he made it sound like it was the most natural thing to do.

“Do you think that you’re really cool?” Levi suddenly asked.


Everyone was taken aback, especially Lucas.

No one had ever said that to him!

Everyone he interacted with were all very deferential to him, not even daring to breathe loudly.

It was interesting to meet someone as straightforward as Levi.

“How would you like me to say it then? In a cruder manner? Alright. Bast*rd, lend me your women. I want to sleep with them tonight.” Declared Lucas.


The Prince Gang erupted into laughter as they looked at Levi mockingly.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 774

However, they did not notice a cold glint that flashed across Levi’s eyes.

He could tolerate it if they joked about him.

However, Zoey was out of bounds!

Death was certain if they touched his raw nerve—and Zoey was his bottom-line.

“So you like to be crude and straightforward, huh?”

“Yeah dude. Lucas wants to sleep with your women! Be obedient and send them to his bed!”

Everyone guffawed.

Lucas also smiled and said, “That’s what I meant. Looks like I shouldn’t be so gentlemanly in the future. Why are you glaring at me? Do you want to hit me? Come and punch me, then.” Provoked the Quinn’s heir with a smirk.

He even brought his face closer to Levi.

Lucas had done this multiple times, yet no one ever dared to hit him.

Usually, the person would end up on his knees, begging for mercy and then send his wife to him.


Suddenly, he felt a powerful gust of wind as a black shadow filled his vision.

His expression changed drastically.

With a crisp and loud sound, Levi slapped Lucas’ cheek harshly, sending him flying almost ten meters away.

He landed on a sports car heavily, with a couple of teeth knocked out of his mouth.

The gang was utterly stunned as they looked at Levi in disbelief.

He actually hits Lucas?

Lucas lay on top of the sports car with a numb expression as shock filled his eyes.

That was certainly not something he had expected.

Then, a wave of excruciating pain hit him.

For a whole minute, everyone stood frozen to the spot before returning to their senses.

“You actually hit him! Do you know who he is?”

“He is the eldest son of the Quinn family, one of the top three royal families of South Hampton! He’s also one of the three ringleaders of the Prince Gang.”

“Do you know how stupid you were? You have just caused your family’s demise.”

The Prince Gang started rebuking him.

In the southern region of Erudia, let alone in South Hampton, no one would dare to slap Lucas.

Yet, someone from the insignificant South City did so.

This was something unbelievable to the rest, as if they had just witnessed an ant fighting against an elephant.

They could hardly comprehend what had happened!

“You deserve that.”

Eyeing Lucas, Levi continued, “Consider yourself lucky. If it’s in the past, you’d be long dead.”

His tone was extremely cocky and arrogant, but he was not lying.

In the past, after his departure from the battlefields, Lucas would die the moment he said something like that.

With that, Levi prepared to leave.

“Stop that man!” Bellowed Lucas.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 775

The Prince Gang did it accordingly.

“How dare you leave after hitting Lucas? Do you think that we’re just props? Are you looking down on the Prince Gang?”

Many of the members were very cocky people. Now that they met Levi, who was way more arrogant than them, they could not stand it anymore.

Levi laughed. “Why? Do you want me to beat him till he dies?”

“You… You… You’re such a cocky bast*rd!”

The Prince Gang was astounded.

They had never seen such an impudent man like him.

He was up against the Prince Gang, the most feared organization in the entire southern region.

“You’re the first person who dares to act so haughtily in front of us!” Yelled everyone furiously.

“So are you forcing me to stay just to see how arrogant I am?” Asked Levi with a smirk.

“Do you want to die?!”

“How dare you hit Lucas?!”

“Today, I’ll definitely break your limbs, knock your teeth off, rip all your hair out, tear your nails, and stab your kneecaps. I’ll make you apologize to Lucas on your knees!”

Everyone in the Prince Gang threatened Levi menacingly.

They had many ruthless methods up their sleeves.

To them, Levi was nothing but a punchbag.

They had already thought of how to torment him.

“Cripple him right away. I don’t want to see him standing anymore!”

The searing pain from his hand and mouth caused Lucas to bellow in rage.

The Prince Gang attacked instantly.




However, they were up against the unparalleled God of War, who was so powerful that even other nations dared not cross him.

Although some of the members of the Prince Gang were skilled in combat, they were simply too weak in Levi’s eyes, as weak as mere defenseless women.

Levi took them out punch by punch.

Soon, all of them were sprawled on the floor as they miserably howled in regret.

Initially, they thought no one would dare to offend them in South City.

Hence, they did not even bring their bodyguards along.

This was what led to their pathetic defeat.

“How dare you beat us? You’ll die!”

“You’ll regret it!”

Threatening Levi, the Prince Gang still refused to relent as they lay on the ground.


Levi stepped onto them.


Screams of agony escaped their mouths.

Stepping on the bodies, Levi strode over slowly amidst their miserable howls.

Not only did it hurt, but their pride had also been trampled under Levi’s feet.

Despite being the mighty Prince Gang, they were now being stepped on.

What an utter disgrace!

Levi reached Lucas at last.

The latter panicked. “What… What do you want?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 776

When Lucas saw Levi’s harmless smile, he felt that he was confronted by the grim reaper.

Levi looked like the epitome of terror.

His gaze was so sharp that Lucas felt like Levi was looking right into the depths of his soul, even the terror that was filling him right now.

What’s going on?

Lucas’ body quivered uncontrollably.

He had never feared anyone in his life, despite having met many prominent people.

However, for an unknown reason, he felt an inexplicable sense of fear facing Levi.

“Didn’t you stop me from leaving?” Asked Levi.

“I… I… I didn’t…” Stuttered Lucas, unable to complete his sentence.

“Looks like I can only leave after you’re dead!”

A ruthless glint flashed across Levi’s eyes.


Lucas was about to say something when Levi aimed a punch on his face, causing blood to spurt out from him.




After a few consecutive punches, Lucas was covered in blood.

“You can’t mess around with anyone’s woman!”

As Levi wiped his hands and walked away, Lucas toppled straight onto the ground with a loud thud.

Having lost his consciousness, blood dribbled down his mouth.

The Prince Gang regretted now. Why did we stop him from leaving?!

“Quick! Go to the hospital! We have to save Lucas.”

The group then sped off to the hospital.

In the office building, Zoey heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Levi return unscathed.

However, she did not ask whether the matter was resolved.

To her, she believed that it would definitely be settled due to Levi’s association with the Jones family.

“Sylas, pick two elites from the security team to protect Helena. There’s been a lot of people harassing her recently.” Instructed Levi as he glanced at Helena.

“Understood!” Sylas nodded.

The new security team was made up of discharged soldiers. All of them were top-notch fighters, armed with great combat skills.

Iris wanted Helena to be protected too.

Recently, Morris Group’s electronic products were released in the market. With Helena as their spokesperson, the sales had been amazingly good.

Zoey invested the Black family’s fifty billion in the electronic industry. This meant the Morris Group had helped the Black family reap the most profits…

“Levi, follow me. I have something to tell you.”

Zoey summoned Levi to her office.

“Levi, did you think of a way to earn that one billion?”

Zoey wanted to ask about Levi’s progress.

However, he did not seem to be taking it seriously.

“One billion… Hmm… Are they looking down on me? How about we add the amount to one hundred billion?” Suggested Levi with a chuckle.

“Stop joking. Do you care about me at all?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 777

Levi was taken aback by Zoey’s sudden question.


“By asking you to earn one billion in a short amount of time, Grandpa and Grandma wants you to prove that you’re worthy of me. Then, they will have no reason to separate us.

No matter what, it’s an unchangeable fact that they’re my relatives. The only thing we can do is to satisfy them to the best of our abilities, so that it is a win-win situation.

But I think you aren’t even taking it seriously. Other than sleeping and eating, you don’t do anything else.” Stated Zoey furiously.

Levi smiled. “It’s easy to settle this. Just wait and see.”

Indeed, it was a piece of cake to him.

He could produce one billion whenever he wanted to.

However, Zoey assumed that Levi’s method of resolving the issue was to use his identity as the Jones family’s grandson.

It was extremely easy to earn one billion by using the Jones family’s name.

This could convince the Black family, but Zoey was not pleased.

What she cared about was Levi’s attitude, instead of him resolving everything using that identity.

She hoped Levi could work hard like six years ago and build his success with his own effort.

“So be it.” Said Zoey with a sigh.

As she watched the man leave, she whispered, “I wish I’m marrying to the unparalleled, wealthy and formidable Levi.”

However, judging from the current situation, Zoey knew it was only her wishful thinking.

Levi was no longer as driven as before.

Although it was impossible for him to meet her expectations, she was still hopeful.

Naturally, Levi did not understand what she meant.

He simply thought that she was being ridiculous.

At that moment, the Prince Gang was in a private hospital, each of them covered with bruises.

They heaved a sigh of relief when the doctor declared that Lucas was fine.

Only his nose bridge and brow bone were broken.

If something bad happened to Lucas, the entire South City would be in an uproar.

After all, he belonged to the top three families of South Hampton, whose power was four times greater than the Jones.

The mighty Quinn family would definitely be infuriated.

By then, who could afford to bear the consequences?

At that moment, they suddenly heard a commotion in the hospital ward.

Entering the room, they saw Lucas stabbing a doctor over and over again.

The doctor’s white coat was completely stained with blood!

Lucas was trying to vent his anger by stabbing everyone within his sight.

He was really an inhumane murderer!

“Don’t be too agitated, Lucas. The doctor saved you!”

Everyone held him back, who yelled furiously, “I’ve been so utterly humiliated. So what if he cures me? I’ll definitely skin that bast*rd alive!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 778

“We understand your rage, Lucas. That bast*rd humiliated us too!”

“He has destroyed the South Hampton Prince Gang’s reputation. Only by skinning him alive can we vent our hatred!”

Everyone else was equally furious.

“Lucas, you should focus on recovering first. Once you get better, we’ll go teach him a lesson. Anyway, there’s nowhere for him to escape to.” Persuaded the rest.

“To hell with recovering! If I don’t kill that man, I can never tolerate this!”

Lucas was harsh even on himself. Ripping the needles from the infusion bottles away from his hand, he got off the bed.

The nurses and doctors were taken aback.

“I’ll seek treatment after I kill that man!”

Lucas left just like that.

However, his entire face was swollen, with only his eyes and mouth discernible.

What happened today was beyond everyone’s wildest imagination.

No one would expect the Prince Gang to end up in such a miserable state.

Not only was the rest beaten up, but even Lucas was also badly hurt…

If the others in South Hampton knew about this, there would be an uproar.

“Whatever happened today must not spread to South Hampton!” Instructed Lucas.

The men placed great importance on their reputation.

If anyone knew about this, they would be a joke forever.

“But we’ll definitely need more men if we want to kill that bast*rd.”

Someone asked, “Should I summon more men secretly?”

“No. Someone will notice if a skilled fighter in South Hampton is summoned. If my Grandpa asks about it, I won’t be able to give him a proper explanation.”

Lucas shook his head.

“What should we do?” Asked the rest.

“The Four Kings of the Southern Union have control over this area. I’ll request Yadriel to lend me some skilled fighters.” Answered Lucas.

When they went to Yadriel’s villa, the man and the rest were shocked.

“How did you end up this way?”

Yadriel was taken aback.

To be honest, even the Southern Union needed to be wary of the Prince Gang.

Even Grover had warned the members to not cross the gang.

If a conflict started, the gang would definitely not give up so easily.

In fact, they would be up against the combined forces of all the wealthy families in South Hampton.

Hence, he was utterly shocked at the miserable state the gang was in.

“Yadriel, I’ll cut straight to the point. Lend me a hundred men. Don’t ask me why. Also, I hope this stays between us.” Said Lucas.

Yadriel had no choice but to agree to Lucas’ request.

He immediately selected a hundred skilled fighters for the latter.

With these experts, the Prince Gang was all ready to confront Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 779

In the villa, Yadriel was still wondering who beat Lucas up.

That person must be a gutsy person.

This is equivalent to him opposing the entire Prince Gang!

“Sir, this is so strange! Who in South City would dare to beat Lucas?”

“Yeah! I can’t think of anyone. Even in South Hampton, no one would dare to beat him, right?”

His subordinates were equally puzzled, unable to think of a logical explanation.

Yadriel stroked his chin. “It’s probably a private matter. He doesn’t even dare to tell me.”

“No, there’s one person in South City who would dare to do so…” Reminded someone suddenly.

Everyone exchanged knowing glances. Immediately, Yadriel realized who he was talking about.

Previously, the Southern Union suffered a great loss in the same manner!

He was absolutely certain that the person in mind was the one who offended Lucas.

There was no one else in South City who would dare to beat him up.

“Quick, catch up with him! This is bad! Let’s hope it’s still not too late!”

Yadriel chased after them with a few of his men.

If Lucas offended that person, the entire South Hampton Prince Gang would be destroyed.

Even their families would be ruined.

It was critical to stop them in time!

However, Lucas and the rest were simply too fast, having disappeared from Yadriel’s sight soon.

“Lucas, we’ve found out that the guy is called Levi Garrison. He’s staying in Morris Group’s apartment building with Zoey.”

The insight came very quickly.

“Okay. Lead us there!”

A cold, ruthless glint flashed across Lucas’ eyes.

“I will massacre everyone there, before breaking Levi’s limbs and crippling him. Just torture him in any method possible. I want him to die in agony!”

Still not satisfied, Lucas continued furiously, “I’ll even sleep with both of his women right in front of his eyes.”

Then, looking at the rest, he announced, “After I have a go with the ladies, you guys can sleep with them one by one, right in front of him. I want to torture him to death!”

Everyone gasped in shock.

Indeed, Lucas is a pervert.

He is more terrifying than we have expected!

Not only does he plan on tormenting Levi emotionally and physically, but he also wants to torture him to death.

This is absolutely frightening!

We must never offend him.

Everyone followed the man fearfully and soon arrived at the apartment building owned by the Morris group.

They were stopped by the security guards at the entrance.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

The security guards were Sylas’ battle mates. They stared at Lucas and the rest warily.

At that same time, they reported what was going on to the control room through the walkie-talkie.

“What are we doing here? We’re here to kill!”

With a ruthless glare, Lucas gave a command.

The hundred skilled fighters drew their knives and charged forward.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 780

“What are you doing?”

At that moment, Levi and a few men arrived.

Zoey and Helena had also rushed over after hearing the news.

Looking at the hundred-armed men, they quivered in fear.


With a wave of his hand, Lucas gestured for everyone to stop.

“Bast*rd, you’ll pay a huge price for what you’ve done!” Yelled Lucas.

It was a meeting between enemies!

When the South Hampton Prince Gang saw Levi, it was like they had gone mad.

They wished for nothing more than to devour Levi’s meat and drink his blood.

No one, other than him, had humiliated them so badly.

Lucas was particularly enraged. The moment he saw Levi, he was shooting daggers at the latter with his eyes.

In his mind, he imagined Levi ripped apart into a dozen pieces.

The ladies recognized them too.

Zoey’s mind became completely blank.

She thought Levi had resolved the matter, but she did not expect his solution was to beat them up.

Back at the Black family’s house, she had already realized how skilled Levi was at fighting.

“You actually beat them up?” Asked Zoey in disbelief.

“They asked for it.” Replied Levi calmly.

“But… But you’ve gotten yourself in so much trouble! Look at how many people there are!”

Zoey was getting a little angry at Levi’s attitude.

On the other hand, Helena started to panic.

“This is all because of me. I’ll just accompany them for a drink. Nothing will happen.” Said Helena apologetically.

She thought this entire mess was created because the men wanted to flirt with her.

Yet, she did not know that Lucas had already set his eyes on her and Zoey way back at South Hampton.

“It’s fine. As long as I’m here, I won’t let that happen!”

Zoey was a good leader who cared for her subordinates.

Hence, she would never permit something like that to happen.

Levi laughed. “Leave it to me. It’s just a piece of cake!”


Zoey glanced at Levi in surprise. The first thought that surfaced in her mind was that Levi was going to use his identity as the Jones family’s grandson again.

“You’re Levi Garrison, right? How dare you hit us? We are from the South Hampton Prince Gang!”

“The person you hit is Lucas! Let me tell you this. You’ve just gotten yourself into deep trouble!”

The Prince Gang started to hurl threats at them.

When Zoey heard what they were saying, fear gripped her heart.

They are from South Hampton.

We certainly cannot afford to offend them.

“So? Are you not satisfied with your beating in the evening? Do you still want to get beaten up?” Asked Levi as he smirked coldly at Lucas and the rest.

Looking at how arrogantly Levi was acting, Lucas and the rest could not tolerate it any longer.

“Cut him up into pieces!”

There was only one thought dominating Lucas’ mind: Kill Levi Garrison.

Yet, an unexpected scene occurred.

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