The Return of God of War Chapter 751-760

The Return of the God of War Chapter 751

One of the online celebrities, Sarah, even pointed the camera at Seth and his men before speaking to her online audience, “Now let me show you this bunch of no-good security guards who are trying to stop our live stream. What does everyone think I should do about them?”

The audience in the live broadcast immediately began to insult Seth and his men. They even threatened to expose them and their family online.

“Get lost! I’m telling you that you can’t afford to interfere with my live stream, you got it?” insulted Sarah before trying to walk away.

Naturally, Seth could not oblige her, so he quickly got in front of the live streamers once again to stop them.

In situations like that, Seth was very much like Levi, for he, too, could not tolerate them.

“We have two problems here. First, you’re not allowed to live stream here, so please stop immediately; second, you have to apologize for insulting us!” insisted Seth determinedly.

“We will not apologize, and we will continue streaming. What are you going to do about it?” provoked Sarah with a cold sneer.

“Then, you’ll have to excuse us for throwing you out of this building,” warned Seth sternly.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Pierre and the others from the management team came over, with Zoey following close behind.

“These security guards are trying to stop our live stream! They even threatened to throw us out if we continue,” complained Sarah in tears.

Then, Pierre quickly turned to question Zoey, “What is the meaning of this, Ms. Lopez? Are we not welcome?”

“Don’t worry. Let me handle this.”

After calling Seth and his men aside, Zoey asked them to be patient with their guests.

“Okay, Ms. Lopez. For Levi’s sake, I’ll be patient. Otherwise, I’d have definitely thrown them out, even if it costs me my job!” agreed Seth while he tried to suppress his anger.

Afterward, Zoey took Pierre and his party to visit the entertainment area of the Oriental Star Group.

After the tour, Pierre sneered at what he had seen, “This doesn’t look like a place that can make good movies. I believe Helena’s the only one holding this place together.”

Helena then quickly explained, “Oh no, I only played a small part in the success. Excellent quality is the real reason why our movie was a commercial success!”

“Your company doesn’t really seem to have what it takes to produce that level of quality, though. Did you guys resort to plagiarism?” continued Pierre.

“Careful now, Mr. Pierre,” warned Zoey, who noticed the real reason why Star Entertainment came that day. They were not there to visit but to show how much more superior Star Entertainment was compared to Oriental Star Group.

To Zoey, who was already annoyed, the accusation of plagiarism was the last straw.

“I was just kidding, Ms. Lopez,” explained Pierre smiling before he boldly made Helena an offer, “Have you ever considered joining us? Even though you’re making good progress here with online movies, you should consider moving on to theatrical features! You’re better off with us.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 752

It seemed that Pierre was openly provoking Zoey, who decided to agree generously, “Helena, that’s an offer you should definitely consider.”

“Do you see how understanding Ms. Lopez is, Helena? Come, join us,” continued Pierre as he laughed at Zoey’s response.

“Thank you for the offer, but I’ll stay.”

Helena had sworn that she would stay at the Oriental Star Group unless Levi and Zoey asked her to leave.

“Then, you better not regret that decision!” threatened Pierre in front of everyone.

Seeing how arrogantly Pierre acted as a superior, Zoey could only imagine how ‘humble’ Star Entertainment’s stars and online celebrities could be.

Obviously, the group from Star Entertainment did not come over to visit but to show off and challenge Oriental.

After the tour, Pierre inconsiderately smoked a cigar in the reception room.

“There’s something I have to tell you, Ms. Lopez.”

“Go ahead.”

Zoey was starting to lose her patience with Pierre.

“I plan to acquire the entertainment department of your company. What do you think?” asked Pierre as he smoked his cigar, choking Zoey and making her cough.

“An acquisition? That’s not going to happen. We’re doing well, and we have no plans to sell the department,” rejected Zoey, to which Pierre laughed in response, “You don’t understand. You have let it go because I’m the one making the acquisition, and I always get what I want!”

That was how overbearing Pierre was in the South Hampton entertainment industry.

It was common for him to make acquisitions and buy copyrights forcibly, which was why people in the industry feared him.

Zoey then smiled in response, “I’m afraid that I can’t just let you have what I want to keep.”

“If you reject me, Ms. Lopez, I promise you that your company will be finished. I’ll make sure that you lose access to every possible resource in this industry!” threatened Pierre boldly.

“You think I’m scared? I’ve seen worse.”

Zoey was determined not to let Pierre have his way.

“Very well. We’ll see about that. Nobody gets far without my say-so!” After issuing his final threat, Pierre got up and walked out of the building, leaving the executives of the Oriental Star Group worried.

“Do you know how many potential entertainment companies Star Entertainment has ruined over the years? We’re in grave danger.”

Even though Zoey was just as aware of how powerful Star Entertainment was, she was not just about to give in to them that easily.

At that moment, Levi came and inquired, “Where are the bunch of arrogant celebrities I’ve heard about?”

He got furious after Seth told him about them.

They’re clearly challenging me, and I will not tolerate that.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 753

“Forget it. They have left. There’s no point to keep pursuing the matter anymore.”

Zoey shook her head discouragingly.

She was fearful of exacerbating the situation.

After all, there was nothing to be gained from that.

“They better pray hard that I don’t get to lay my hands on him. I will make him meet his maker sooner,” threatened Levi angrily.

He would never let Zoey suffer.

“Ms. Lopez, Star Entertainment’s actual objective in visiting South City is not to tour our office. Instead, they’re going to film a variety show at the South City Warzone. Their initial plan was to film it at South Hampton, but they were rejected. Yet, for some unknown reason, the South City Warzone permitted them.”

The secretary explained the matter.

“I see. So that’s what happened.”

Zoey did not care much.

Levi, on the other hand, was full of anger. With rage written all over his face, he lashed out, “What are you talking about? They’re going to shoot some variety shows in the South City Warzone?”

“Yes,” confirmed the secretary.

“This is ridiculous! Where did they get that courage from? How dare they do filming at the South City Warzone?”

Levi’s face was a brewing thunderstorm.

This made Zoey and the secretary feel that something was amiss.

Why is he so angry?

He spoke as if he was the Chief of the South City Warzone.

“No way, we must not set a precedent for them! How can they just fool around at a military base? I won’t agree to it!” yelled Levi furiously.

“Why are you so agitated?” chided Zoey, mystified by his reaction.

“I just don’t want to tolerate this kind of unruly insolence!” retorted Levi as he left, fuming.

The secretary asked curiously, “Ms. Lopez, what’s wrong with Mr. Garrison? He acted as if he was an army officer.”

“I guess he just not used to our way of handling things,” answered Zoey.

After Levi left them, he headed straight to the South City Warzone.

He wanted to find out who was the one who authorized Star Entertainment to film a variety show in the middle of the South City Warzone.

They are simply too foolhardy.

Around this time, Star Entertainment had already arrived at the South City Warzone.

The filming team, the logistics team, and the celebrities were all staying at the dormitory inside the warzone.

The equipment team had finished setting up the systems needed and was waiting around for the variety show to start.

Several online influencers like Sarah were still live-streaming and filming the dormitory which the military base arranged for them.

“What’s this? How can anyone sleep on this bunk bed?”

“The floor of the dorm is all covered in mud. I dare not step on it!”

“It’s so dirty! And it’s so humid and wet here!”

Realizing that they would be stuck here for the whole month to film their show, these influencers and celebrities could not stand the living condition. A string of complaints escaped their mouths.

“I can only see a bunch of stinky, smelly, sticky soldiers everywhere! I really can’t stand it anymore!”

Sarah wrinkled her nose.

Pierre was coolly smoking a cigar as he burst out laughing, “Everyone! Just bear with it for a month! After filming this show, I guarantee that your popularity will skyrocket!”

Hearing Pierre’s assurance, Sarah and the others started to relax.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 754

Although the living and working conditions were tough, the shooting of the variety show in the barracks proceeded without a hitch.

They endured, for they knew that they were doing something different, and the outcome should be great. Most importantly, they would make a lot of money.

As they settled in slowly, they got used to the pace of life there. Seeking to further increase her popularity, Sarah queried, “Boss, can we broadcast live-stream from the barracks? My fans want to see what the army dorms look like.”

Pierre puffed a cigar and replied, “It’s up to you all. Let me tell you something. Since I’m the one who brought you all into this place to film a show, there’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“You’re amazing, boss! We admire you!” Sarah and the others cheered.

“It’s nothing! After all, I have connections all over Erudia. There’s nothing I can’t do!”

Pierre boasted as he gave his cigar the last puff before casually flicking the butt onto the grass.

A small patch of the grass where his cigar butt fell was burnt.

Following his permission, the internet influencers started their live-streaming.

With one influencer assigned per team, the whole production crew started roaming around the barracks and filming.

“My dear fans, look! This is how a military base looks like. Here’s the battle tank, and this is the army-trained dogs…”

Sarah’s live streaming brought her to a phalanx of tanks.

“Dear fans! Behold, a tank!”

She sounded excited as she introduced the sight. “I’ll jump onto the tank later and show you how it looks like!”

Sarah not only filmed the tank formation, but she was also daring enough to climb up and shoot the inside of the tank.

“Excuse me, comrades! Filming is forbidden here. Please go back to where you came from!” Immediately, one of the soldiers rushed to stop her.

“Ugh, you smell bad. Do you even shower? You reek of sweat!” Sarah furrowed her brows as she insulted the soldier.

“Comrade, please return to where you come from! No form of shooting or recording is allowed here!” repeated the soldier patiently.

“Hey, do you know who I am? Don’t you dare to obstruct me from doing my job!”

Sarah was starting to get annoyed. “Furthermore, we entered this base legally. Did you see anyone stopping us? Why do you have to be such a busybody? If your superiors blame you later, can you afford to shoulder the responsibility?”

Sarah coldly replied.

“Get out of my way quickly! I’ll leave after I’ve done my broadcast. If you continue to hinder me, I’ll make sure you face the repercussions!” She insisted on barging in.

“Comrade, please back off. This is top-secret. Any photography and videography are strictly prohibited,” insisted the sentry on duty.

“Humph! What is there to be secretive about? It’s just a tank after all. Why are you acting like no one has seen it before? It’s plastered all over the televisions, but no one said anything about it being top-secret.”

With Pierre backing her up, Sarah had become arrogant and paid the sentry no heed.

As an authorized civilian in the base, she felt herself to be out of the barrack’s jurisdiction. She just wanted to do her things without any restrictions.

“Those on TVs have explicit permissions. Currently, this area is off-limits! You do not have clearance to film or take photos!” The sentry insisted persistently.

“I demand you to get out of my sight immediately! If you try to stop me again, I promise I will report your conducts to your superiors! Your future and career will be ruined,” Sarah threatened again.

“No means no! Unless you have received orders from our superiors, you’re not allowed to film here!”

Sarah was completely furious.

“I don’t believe you! I must finish my live stream today by hook or by crook. No one can stop me!” She snidely added, “Especially a stinky soldier like you!”

Despite all the warnings, Sarah still insisted on barging in.

“Who are you calling stinky?” At this moment, a fierce voice boomed.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 755

Without her realizing, Levi had shown up out of nowhere.

His booming voice shocked Sarah to the core.

She spun around just in time to see a stern man staring at her. She glared back incredulously. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Seeing Levi in his plainclothes, she became bolder. Since he’s not a soldier here, he must be an average worker.

Perhaps, he belongs to the production crew.

In that case, I shall give him an earful.

“Which team do you belong to? Is it the equipment team or the logistics group? How dare you try to control what I do? Do you have a death wish?” Sarah challenged furiously.

Hearing such a disrespectful tone, Levi became enraged.

The moment he arrived at the barracks, all he saw were groups of influencers and teams of live-streamers.

By making his military base into such a public spectacle, Levi felt it was a great insult to the pride and discipline of the men and women who had pledged their lives to serve their country.

That was something he absolutely abhorred!

From the corner of his eyes, he spotted the famous influencer, Sarah, insisting on filming the tank. He immediately rushed over.

This is prohibited.

Isn’t her action tantamount to leaking military secrets?

If the model, structure, or even the schematics of these tanks were leaked out, they would be rendered useless.

In addition, he heard the insult of “stinky soldier”.

This disrespect statement completely angered him.

If it weren’t for us soldiers, protecting lives and sovereignty as well as keeping the peace…

Can you even broadcast your live-stream nonsense right now?

Can you even live lavishly with sumptuous food and clothes?

Levi stared at Sarah coldly and commanded, “I want you to apologize to the guards immediately for those insults you’ve said!”

Seeing her adamance, he emphasized harshly, “Now! Immediately!”

The rest of the guards saw the furious expression on Levi’s face.

They did not want to imagine nor experience the depths of his wrath!

Sarah was petrified by Levi’s terrifying outburst, not knowing what to do.

“Who are you? What right do you have to impose on us?”

The production team next to Sarah was irked as they stared at him.

“I’m a soldier. A soldier who can’t stand your behaviors!” Levi retorted coldly.

“Since when does a stinky soldier like you have the authority to butt into our business?” Sarah rebuked him arrogantly.

In their eyes, Levi looked too young and was too casually dressed to be a military officer. He must be a mere private, at most a low-ranking soldier.

A military officer was usually at least thirty-four years old.

With that thought in mind, Sarah did not mince her words as she voiced her insult.

Instead of flying into a rage, Levi smirked. “Seems like you’ve offended me too. I demand an apology from you as well!”

“Apologize to you? In your dreams! You’ve disrupted and delayed my live-stream broadcast. You are the one who should be apologizing to me!”

She was irked by his smirk further so she demanded, “Kneel and bow down to me immediately. Then, I’ll consider forgiving your mistake.”

Not only did the production team refuse to apologize, but they also demanded an apology from Levi.

This was something Levi did not expect, not even in his wildest dreams.

There are actually arrogant people like them in the world?

Moreover, this kind of arrogance was openly displayed in a military base!

Such insolence! Do they think that they’re the mightiest here?

Do they think that rules no longer apply to them?

“If I were to apologize, I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear the consequences.” Levi grinned.

“Hah! Do you mean I can’t handle an apology from a small fry? What a joke!” Sarah snorted coldly.

Without further ado, she haughtily urged, “Hurry up and apologize. I don’t have so much time to waste on you.”

At that moment, she wanted so badly to slap him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 756

A glint of cold malice flashed from Levi’s eyes as he kicked Sarah’s legs. With a loud thud, she fell onto her knees in front of him.

“I’m willing to apologize, but only if you kneel and listen,” Levi stated coldly.

Sarah was dumbfounded.

So was her production team.

All the soldiers nearby secretly gave Levi a thumbs-up upon witnessing such a scene.

He is such a ruthless man!

They had been instructed by the superiors not to cause trouble to these online celebrities. Therefore, despite all the disrespect they had received, these guards had no choice but to keep their chagrin at bay.

However, right now, the person standing in front of them was on a totally different level. He had the guts to do whatever he wanted.

Snapping out of their bewilderment, Sarah and her team were now in an uproar.

“You… What did you just do? You actually assaulted someone!”

“Do you know who Sarah is? She is one of the top influencers in the country with a following of more than tens of millions of fans!”

“You’re just a lowly-ranked soldier! How dare you lay a hand on her!”

Sarah’s manager and crew started shouting angrily.

“Cut the crap and just kneel!”

Levi unleashed a few more kicks continuously. The kicks were swift and precise, and no one had any time to react.



No one had the chance to defend themselves before falling to their knees as they were caught by surprise.

Their knees and calves were as heavy as lead, and they could not stand up at all.

As a result, they were all kneeling in front of Levi.

“Are you out of your mind? You have a death wish, huh? I, Sarah, swear that I will not let you off easily! I will utilize all the resources I have to make you suffer!” Sarah was so enraged that she was shouting at the top of her lungs.

The escalated confrontation caught the attention of even more people.

Soon, the whole place was crammed with onlookers, including the other internet celebrities and their team.

“What are you doing? How dare you assault someone?”

“Don’t you know who we are? Now that you’ve raised your hand against someone, you’ll have to bear the serious consequences!”

Voices of protest rang out louder and louder from the influencers and celebrities.

When Sarah saw that her colleagues had arrived, she threw an even bigger tantrum.

The whole place descended into a chaos.

“Come and see! These soldiers are beating up civilians! Come and be my witnesses. These stinky soldiers are assaulting civilians!” shouted Sarah exaggeratingly.


Just as she finished shouting, Levi gave her a slap on her face.

“Say that one more time, and I’ll slap you once more!” he threatened.

“You stinky soldier!”


She could barely finish the phrase as another slap landed on her cheek.

“Stink… You damned stinky soldier…” Smack!

Even before she could finish uttering her insult, another heavy slap landed across her face.

“Try saying that again…” Levi looked down icily upon her, his hand raised in preparation for another slap anytime.

This time Sarah covered her face and sobbed softly.

She dared not say anything anymore.

Levi’s overbearing ruthlessness shocked everyone.

“You stinky soldiers can’t even handle any criticism, huh?” A male celebrity stepped out to speak in Sarah’s defense.


With a well-aimed dropkick, the busybody was sent kneeling on the ground as well.

“You can only talk to me on your knees,” Levi said coldly.

“Well, I want to see who dares to trouble my people.” Pierre’s voice bellowed from the midst of the crowd as he made his way through.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 757

After seeing their pillar of support, Sarah and the rest relayed what happened to Pierre in an exaggerated manner.

Sarah sobbed continuously, with the red marks left by Levi still printed on her cheek.

When Pierre saw that, he became enraged.

“Who are you? How dare you hit my people?” yelled Pierre.


Which soldier is so foolish that he dares to offend my people?

“Who are you?” asked Levi.

“Listen up, then. I’m Pierre Javens, the CEO of Star Entertainment. We came to the South City Warzone to film a variety show,” stated Pierre coldly.

“Who permitted you to film a show in the warzone? Don’t you know that the military base is a sacred ground that cannot be infringed? Look at the mess you people have made in the military base!” said Levi coldly.

A laugh escaped Pierre’s lips. “Who gave me the permit? With my vast connections, it’s a piece of cake to get a special permit to shoot in the warzone. Furthermore, I’m filming a show here to promote the soldiers. This is a positive and motivational show. Who are you to be such a huge busybody?”

“Firstly, the military base is a sacred ground that must not be infringed. Outsiders are prohibited from entering. Secondly, why do the soldiers of Erudia need you to promote them? Go overseas and ask around. Which country doesn’t fear the soldiers of Erudia?” stated Levi angrily.

“Thirdly, you are live-streaming in the military base without any permission. Filming without any restraints is already an infringement of the rules. There’s even someone who tried to film the internal structure of the tanks. This would constitute a huge crime of leaking military secrets! Lastly, your people have insulted soldiers. Just these four points will be sufficient to make you spend the rest of your life in jail.”

Levi listed out their crimes point by point.

“Yeah! The military base is not a place for you to act brazenly!”

The other soldiers clapped and cheered as they were rather moved by the speech.

After all, Sarah and the other celebrities had gone overboard.

They had been suppressing their fury for a while because no one had shown up to back them up.

Yet, Levi’s powerful presence intimidated Sarah and the rest. They were so terrified that they stayed silent, not daring to utter a single word.

On the other hand, Pierre was enraged. “Who are you? How dare you question what we do?”

“That’s not for you to know. I’m asking you, who permitted you to film in the military base?”

Levi was curious about that.

“Listen up, you rascal. It’s the Head of Culture and Media Department who gave me special permission. He’s a good friend of mine!” declared Pierre proudly.

“Bring him to me right away. If I don’t see him within ten minutes, I won’t bother meeting him,” ordered Levi coldly.

“Who’s so arrogant to demand me to meet him? Does he have balls of steel?”

With a booming voice, Jenson Grant, Head of Culture and Media Department, arrived.

Pierre relayed what happened to Jenson in an exaggerated manner.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 758

“How dare you? You actually assaulted someone? Tell me which platoon do you belong to?”

Jenson was furious.

“You are in no position to ask me that,” replied Levi frostily.

“See, Mr. Grant? Look at how horrible his attitude is. He was worse when you weren’t around just now. He assaulted us directly!”

Pierre fanned the flames, trying to stir up his anger.

Jenson seemed to be cross at his complaint. “That’s it. I don’t care which platoon you’re from. Since you hit someone, you must apologize to them!” instructed Jenson furiously.

“We’ll only accept your apology if you kneel,” added Sarah and the others.

However, Levi merely smirked. “My stance remains the same. None of you can bear the consequences of my apology!”

“Aren’t you being too insolent, you rascal? We can’t bear the consequences of your apology? Well, I’d like to try that out!” rebuked Jenson furiously.

“Are you sure?”

Levi narrowed his eyes, a cold glint flashing within them.

For some reason, Jenson felt himself quiver uncontrollably at Levi’s glare.

This rascal has such a powerful aura!

“I’m… I’m sure! Apologize right away!” demanded Jenson.

“Let me ask you something first. Are you the one who permitted Star Entertainment to film in the military base?” Levi’s question took a sudden turn.

“Yeah, that’s right. I permitted them!” admitted Jenson defiantly.

“What’s the objective?” asked Levi.

“Of course, it’s to promote our army and let the public see the true conditions of a military base. I think that it’s very meaningful!” explained Jenson in a matter-of-fact tone.

With a cold smirk playing on his lips, Levi said, “I know that you’re just trying to film a variety show, dragging the soldiers along to participate in this act. How insolent! You’ve severely disrupted the military base’s conduct.”

“Hmph! What we’re doing is to explore the military base in-depth and understand the daily life of soldiers. It’s not all that serious!”

“But it is! Are you saying that you allow them to film the battle tanks and weapons? Are you saying that it’s acceptable to leak military secrets?” Levi abruptly asked.


Taken aback, Jenson quickly clarified, “Of course, that’s not allowed! I believe that the celebrities of Star Entertainment will know what to do.”

When Jenson said that, he could sense that the atmosphere took a strange turn.

Pierre and the rest were lowering their heads silently.

A flash of guilt and embarrassment even appeared on Sarah’s and the other celebrities’ faces.

“You… You guys didn’t actually… film it, right?” asked Jenson in astonishment.

“Mr. Grant, they’re just curious! Even I’m curious, so I am sure these kiddos would be too.”

As expected of a man who had been around, Pierre immediately tried to diffuse the tension.

Satisfied, Jenson nodded. “Did you hear that, rascal? Everyone’s just curious. They didn’t do anything over the board.”

“Huh! Really? Then look at the footages in their cameras,” stated Levi angrily.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 759

At that moment, Sarah and the rest became flustered.

They had taken many photos and videos earlier, which included a large part of the military base.

They knew that these were definitely classified as military secrets.

Hence, if an investigation unfolded, the consequences would be really dire.

However, the more restricted the content was, the more exciting it was to the audience, and the more publicity the show would reap.

This was why they still chose to film and live-stream the military base.

“You rascal! You’re deliberately making things difficult for me, right? Apologize right away. Otherwise, I’ll throw you out!” threatened Jenson.

When Levi heard Jenson’s’ threat, he chuckled.

“Fine. But if you want me to apologize, all of you must kneel!”

Frowning, Jenson bellowed furiously, “Who the f*** are you? How dare you be so arrogant?”

“You’re asking who I am? In that case, you might only get an answer from Mike Pence!” said Levi with a smirk.

“What? Mike Pence? How dare a mere private like you say the Commander-in-chief’s name?”

This time, Jenson was completely enraged.

“Hah! Why can’t I call Mike Pence’s name directly? Aren’t names supposed to be called?” rebuked Levi.

“You… You… You’re such a cocky bastard!”

Jenson’s body shook in rage.

Who in the South City Warzone dares to call Mike Pence by his full name?

Isn’t he asking for it?

“Mr. Grant, with him around, I think that our show cannot continue anymore. We’ve had no choice but to leave. I think that I’ve placed you in a tight spot today. After all, I didn’t expect you to have so little authority in the military base,” lamented Pierre deliberately, trying to stir up a conflict.

Pierre refused instantly.

“You don’t need to go! With me backing you up, who dares to stop the shooting?” assured Jenson.

An awkward expression appeared on Pierre’s face. “Aren’t we making things difficult for you? Look at the situation now!”

The more Pierre said that, the more enraged Pierre became.

“Do my commands not throw any weight here? Huh?”

Bellowing at the top of his lungs, Jenson glared at Levi viciously.

The other soldiers were well aware that he was the Head of Culture and Media Department.

However, with a nonchalant smile playing on his lips, Levi said calmly, “Yeah, your words are useless to me. You don’t have the right to dictate what I do!”

The moment Levi uttered those words, Jenson flew into a rage.

“Are you from the Warzone? Why are you wearing casual clothes? Could it be that you’re from Pierre’s team?” yelled Jenson.

“Mr. Grant, he’s not from our team. I don’t know him,” replied Pierre hurriedly.

“So he’s not from the Warzone, huh? Someone, throw him out! If he resists, lock him up in the detention room for a week!” cried Jenson.

His subordinates rushed forward, trying to restrain Levi.


At that moment, a gunshot reverberated in the air.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 760

Everyone was shocked to the core as they trembled in fear.

They looked around and tried to discover the source of that sound.

“Who the f*** dares to touch him? This is outrageous!”

A furious bellow rang across the compound.

They saw Mortimer, captain of a troop, and a bunch of men sprint over.

As Mortimer headed straight towards Levi, he instructed someone, “Inform the Commander-in-chief and Captain Steele immediately!”

“What brought you here, Captain Lambert?” asked Jenson with a flattering smile when he saw Mortimer.

Although he was a department head, he still worked a desk job.

Hence, he did not have a lot of authority.

Perhaps, he would be important in festive performance, but the military base was dominated by fists. The strongest person wielded the most power.

“What are you doing?” bellowed Mortimer angrily.

“Captain Lambert, he’s not from the Warzone. He snuck in from outside, trying to disrupt the shooting of Star Entertainment’s variety show. However, I stopped him,” explained Mortimer.

However, when Mortimer heard him, his anger intensified. “Since when did the military base become a circus for these clowns?”

“Captain Lambert, let’s not talk about that first. I’m talking this troublemaker right now!”

Jenson changed the topic of conversation hurriedly.

Actually, he was the only person who permitted Star Entertainment to film the variety show and gave them the authority to enter the military base.

In reality, not many people were cognizant of this, including Mike Pence.

He was hoping that before Mike Pence and the rest caught wind of what was happening, the variety show would have already ended.

On the other hand, after receiving a call earlier, Pierre became even less fearful.

He had just talked to the head of the Jones family from South Hampton.

The Jones family was one of the shareholders in Star Entertainment’s

Hence, they were aware that Star Entertainment came to film a show at the South City Warzone.

The head of the family even informed Pierre that even the Commander-in-chief of South City Warzone needed to treat the Jones family with due respect.

His son, Anson, was one of the more prominent soldiers of the Iron Brigade.

In fact, he was the God of War’s most trusted aide.

Hence, he assured Pierre that everything at the South City Warzone would go smoothly according to his wishes.

After hanging up the call, a look of extreme delight crossed Pierre’s face.

His ego was now inflated beyond imagination.

Initially, when he heard that Mortimer was a Captain, he was still a bit worried.

Now, he felt completely relieved.

With the Joneses backing him up, there was nothing for him to fear.

“Answer my question directly. Who allowed these people to enter the military base?” asked Mortimer sternly, demanding an answer.

Jenson felt very embarrassed.

First, he was interrogated by Levi, and now by Mortimer again.

This was a complete humiliation for him.

When he noticed Pierre’s disappointed gaze, Jenson became angry.

“Mortimer Lambert, you have no authority to interrogate me! I’m dealing with this man right now. Move aside!”

Ignoring Mortimer, Jenson insisted on throwing Levi out.

“Do you know who he is?” asked Mortimer with a cold smirk.

“I don’t give a f***! Someone, tie him up.”

Jenson was adamant on doing this, no matter what.

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