The Return of God of War Chapter 741-750

The Return of the God of War Chapter 741

“God of War, my lord. This is Ezra Williamson, King of War of the Western Region, at your service!” shouted Ezra.

“Get up. There’s no need for such formalities.”

Naturally, the person standing before Ezra turned out to be Levi.

Shadow, the most skillful of the Jones family, was shocked to find out that Levi was the God of War all along.

Ezra wasn’t pointing randomly after all. Levi’s the real deal!

The God of War looks like Levi because he is Levi!

Still stunned by his discovery, Shadow suddenly heard a voice asking him, “This the second time that you’ve followed me. Do you really have to wait for me to call you out?”

Shoot! I’ve been spotted!

Did he say ‘the second time’?

Shadow trembled with fear when he realized that Levi had spotted him.

Thinking that he was the best there was at hiding, Shadow never expected to be discovered by anyone.

Now that the God of War had discovered him, Shadow, clad in black, was convinced to come out to the open willingly.

He then knelt before Levi and pleaded, “Forgive me, God of War! I only followed you because I was ordered to do so.”

“If I wanted it, you’d be dead already,” stated Levi coldly.

“Go back to the shadows. I need you to take care of those who might follow us later,” ordered Ezra who needed Shadow to deal with the spies from Wheldrake.

“Understood!” responded Shadow before disappearing again.

Ezra then informed Levi seriously, “My lord, I’ll attack Wheldrake tonight when they least expect it.”

“So soon?” asked Levi looking surprised, for he thought Ezra was going to stay a few more days.

“The people will only hate me more if I stay any longer. Besides, there’s no better time than tonight. Once Kirin’s done gathering the Beasts, we’ll strike at midnight!”

“Whatever you do, just don’t die on me!” encouraged Levi before giving Ezra a strong pat on the shoulder.

“So I’ve heard that you’re remarrying Ms. Zoey soon. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding, but you can be sure you’ll get my gift!”

“Come, meet my soon-to-be wife!”

Levi then brought the excited Ezra to the company.

Looking at the stranger beside Levi, Zoey was a little dumbfounded.

On the other hand, Sylas was about to explode with excitement when she saw Ezra.

It’s Ezra Williamson!

Chief of the Western Region!

My true superior!

Sylas was so excited that she stumbled onto the ground before greeting Ezra, “Hello… Hello, Chief.”

After looking at Ezra for quite a while, that was the only greeting Sylas could come up with.


Zoey was as surprised as she was perplexed by Sylas’ greeting.

Why did Sylas call him ‘Chief’?

Is that his title?

“Hello there. Try not to get too excited,” advised Ezra before shifting his focus to Zoey, “Nice to meet you, Ms. Zoey. I’m Ezra, a good friend of Levi’s. We came from the same place.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 742

Zoey thought Ezra meant that he and Levi came out of the same prison.

“Nice to meet you too. Please, sit. Have some tea, Sylas.”

Zoey was being very hospitable.

“Thank you, but I’m good. I have to go soon. Levi told me about the wedding, which I, unfortunately, can’t attend, but I have something for you.”

Ezra then took out an army-green box, and inside it was a gold medal inscribed with the words ‘King of the West.’

It was a symbolic medal, made of pure gold, awarded to the commander-in-chief of the Nine Warzones.

Zoey could see Ezra’s utmost sincerity when he gifted her with the medal.

“You should just take it. Ol’ Williamson here really wants you to have it,” advised Levi.

Not knowing the true value of the pure gold medal, Zoey took the medal from Ezra after thanking him.

Sylas was stunned at the sight of the medal handed over to Zoey.

In a certain sense, one could command the entire army of the Western Region with that medal, so that meant Zoey had an army in the palm of her hand.

After bidding Zoey goodbye, Levi and Ezra went to the city streets and sat down at a barbecue stall before Kirin and the others soon arrived.

It was a rare moment indeed for the brothers-in-arms to have such a leisure time together.

The moment Kirin saw Ezra, he started complaining about how Ezra was going to take the Beasts away from him.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch! I’ll return them to you once I win the war. I’ll even add in some ladies from Wheldrake. How does that sound?” asked Ezra.

“Forget the ladies! You better bring them back unharmed. Not even a single hair lost!”

Kirin was treating the Beasts like a bunch of babies.

“Whatever you say. I’ll be in the battlefield myself by then, and I’ll die before I let anything happen to your boys.”

Ezra then downed his hard liquor.

“Now that’s what I want to hear! But you better make it back alive. Otherwise, who’s going to send my boys back to me?” toasted Kirin.

Looking at how the two were bickering, Levi could not help but let out a hearty laughter.

As much as the two liked to bicker like children, Levi knew that they would both give their lives to protect each other on the battlefield.

At that moment, a group of men appeared on the street with knives and sticks in their hands.

Watching them from the darkness was both Jennie and Logan in a wheelchair who wanted to exact their vengeance on Levi.

Logan swore to break Levi’s limbs and keep any doctor from treating them in time so that he would lose them forever.

The goal was to make sure Levi stay bedridden for the rest of his life.

As for the Black family, after Levi offended and angered them just a few days before, they expected nothing less to happen to Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 743

Only getting Levi bedridden would relieve them of their hate for him.

“I’ll make him pay!” promised Logan viciously.

To live up to that promise, Logan had hired dozens of brutes to get the job done.

While Levi, Ezra, and the others were reminiscing about the good old days, they suddenly noticed a crowd of people approaching them.

Every one of them looked vicious and was armed with sticks and clubs.

Annoyed at the sight, Ezra, Kirin, and the others put their liquor down and frowned at the crowd.

“You guys carry on. They’re here for me, so I’ll handle them,” notified Levi.

“Your business is our business. There’s no need for you to move a muscle when you’ve got us around,” assured Ezra with a smirk.

Cursed with a bad temper, Ezra had always been the most ruthless killing machine in the army, and he would violently mow down anyone who dared to touch Levi.

Suddenly, Levi smirked, for Shadow and the Jones family’s elites had appeared, “Looks like we don’t have to do anything at all.”

After figuring out who the Shadow was, the brutes got so terrified that they begged for mercy before running off.

Watching from afar, Logan and Jennie were puzzled by the situation.

“What happened?”

“The Jones family, royalties of Erudia, is watching over this street!” explained the head of the brutes.

“What? Did you mean the Jones family of South Hampton? Ezra Williamson of the Western Region must be on this street then!” stated Logan whose face quickly turned pale.

If Ezra knew about this, both the Black and Davies family would be ruined!

“Then we better run! We’re no match to either Ezra or the Joneses,” urged Logan.

Before leaving, Jennie took another look at Levi, “You got lucky this time. Let’s see how long that luck lasts.”

“We’ll get our chance. For now, we live to fight another day,” advised Logan who was terror-stricken.

After the gathering, Ezra went back to Sapphire Villa while Shadow reported to Michael.

“So what did Ezra do today?” inquired Michael before the Joneses all looked expectantly at Shadow.

“He… He went to see the… God of War.”

At that moment, Shadow, who was usually calm like the ocean, was short of breath and seemed extremely abnormal.

After all, that discovery was the most shocking thing in his life.

“What? The God of War?”

The Joneses were more concerned about the God of War than how abnormally Shadow was acting.

“Well, what does he look like?” asked Tyler eagerly, who did put in a lot of effort to find out what the God of War looks like for the statue.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 744

“The God of War is… is Levi,” stuttered Shadow.

“You mean the God of War really does look like Levi?”

Michael misunderstood what Shadow was trying to tell them.

“I thought Chief Williamson was just randomly pointing at somebody. I didn’t expect them to really look alike,” stated Tyler and the others.

Shadow nodded helplessly, “Yes, they do look alike.”

“Shadow, you should’ve notified us sooner so that we can all go see the God of War himself. What a shame!” sighed Michael.

“He’s right. You really should’ve let us know sooner!”

The others joined Michael to blame Shadow, who was then left with no choice but to provide an excuse, “There was a group of trouble-makers approaching the God of War and his friends. I was late because I had to take care of them first.”

“What? There was a group of people who dared to go up against the God of War?”

Michael found it hard to believe while the rest of the family got anxious.

“I’ve already looked into it. It’s the Black family,” revealed Shadow.

Michael then gave an order, “Wallace, go to the Blacks and teach them a lesson! It seemed that they’re forcing my hand to destroy them.”

Before Logan and Jennie even had the time to inform the Black family of what happened, Wallace and his men stormed in.

After Wallace announced his identity, Meredith and the others were more than surprised.

He’s a South Hampton royalty!

His family is much stronger than the Gates or Caesar family.

Every member of the Black family quickly greeted Wallace courteously.

“Did you, or did you not, make trouble on Peace Road just now?” asked Wallace.

The Blacks’ eyes were wide open when they realized how much trouble they were in.

“Speak!” roared Wallace.

“Yes… Yes, it was us. We’re dealing with some personal matter,” Logan and Jennie quickly came clean.


Wallace walked up to the two and gave them both ten hard slaps on the cheek, after which their face got badly swollen.

While Logan’s face darkened, Jennie cried in pain.

Why do we keep getting hit these days?

“Do you have any idea who’s on Peace Road? How dare you send a group of trouble-makers to where the God of War and Chief Williamson are! You’re this close to disappearing from the face of the earth.”

Wallace then kicked Logan off his wheelchair while Meredith and Robert’s faces turned pale after hearing Wallace’s words.

The God of War himself? How can that be?

The Black family could not believe who they almost offended.

“You guys better do some serious reflecting. If this happens again, I’ll make sure the Black family is turned to dust!” Warned Wallace before he stormed off and left the Black family to ruminate in dead silence.

Our family was this close to being ended.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 745

“I can’t believe the luck Levi had! How did he just happen to be around both the God of War and Ezra?”

“Well, I can’t believe we almost ruined our family for going after Levi.”

Meredith and the others still found it hard to believe that they brushed shoulders with the God of War and almost got wiped out.

On the internet, more and more people were starting to call Ezra a deserter who abused his authority and brought harm to the people.

It was obvious that someone from Wheldrake orchestrated the online activities, for the people of Wheldrake hated Ezra for how he had defeated them.

Even if they could not beat him on the battlefield, they could still ruin him with the power of public opinion on the internet.

At midnight, Ezra sneaked out of Sapphire Villa to meet with the Beasts, who were already prepared to head off to the Western Region with him.

Before dawn, Wheldrake was suddenly attacked in the Western Region.

With unmatched strength, a thousand troops attacked head-on and broke through the four lines of defense surrounding Wheldrake before Ezra’s army in the Western Region joined in to press their attack.

Wheldrake was completely defeated on the battlefield as they kept retreating from the frontline.

The stalemate between the two sides was no more, and the battle was a complete victory for Ezra and his army.

Erudia began to cheer for Ezra when they realized it was all in his plan all along.

After hearing of Ezra’s victory, Levi could not be prouder of the soldiers he had trained. Both Ezra and the Beasts.

“When you get back, Ezra, I’ll personally see to it that you get a feast to celebrate!” Levi contacted Ezra the second he caught wind of the good news.

People were praising Ezra for his valor, and the Beasts made their debut. It was a battle to be recorded in the annals of history.

Even the God of War was given some credit, but the Jones family got nothing but embarrassment.

All of South City was laughing at the Joneses for panicking over Ezra’s disappearance that night.

It was only then that the Joneses realized they were part of Ezra’s plan, so that meant they were due some credit for the great victory.

But the Joneses were not happy about that because they did not achieve their goal after all.

What they cared about was their own interests, not the welfare of Erudia.

“We’ve become the joke of the city and he just left?”

The Joneses were not satisfied with the outcome at all.

Michael shook his head, “We can’t just let him go like that. We haven’t even met the God of War yet!”

“Is that even possible?” Members of the family were skeptical.

“Chief Williamson has already confirmed it. Anson is an elite in the Iron Brigade and the right-hand man to the God of War himself. If we were to request to meet the God of War as Anson’s family, I believe it would work,” explained Michael.

“You’re right! There must be a reason why the God of War took care of Elijah for us,” agreed Tyler.

“Then come with me to the South City Warzone and we’ll meet the God of War himself!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 746

Afterward, Michael arrived in the South City Warzone with the other Joneses, where they were stopped at the entrance.

“State your business.”

“Let me introduce myself, comrade. I’m Michael Jones of the Jones family in South Hampton. We’re here to see the God of War!” stated Michael with a smile.

“What? The God of War?” the sentry was puzzled by Michael’s words.

Not even we, the sentries, have seen him before, much less this random person.

Besides, the God of War’s identity is top secret, so not just anybody can meet him.

“Do you think this is funny, sir?” asked the sentry.

“We’re not pulling your leg. Please just inform the God of War. Tell him that Anson’s family has come to see him. That’s Anson of the Iron Brigade,” explained Michael panickily.

Even though the sentry had no idea who Anson was, his face turned pale at the mention of the Iron Brigade.

“Okay, I’ll notify them. You wait here!”

After the sentry left to pass the information along, Michael boasted proudly, “See how well-known Anson is? His name was all it took to get the soldier moving.”

“Uncle Anson is impressive indeed! He’s the hope of our family!” agreed the Joneses.

Because it was the God of War whom Michael requested to meet, the news quickly reached Mike, the commander-in-chief in the South City Warzone, and the deputy commander-in-chief.

“What? Here to see the God of War?”

“Who the hell is Anson? I’ve never heard of him!”

Everyone was perplexed by the news before Alfie of the Dragon Legion reported, “I’ve found him! Anson Jones is just a regular soldier, not a general in the Iron Brigade.”

“How can a regular soldier possibly be the right-hand man to the God of War?” Mike squinted in bafflement.

“Run a background check on the Jones family!” ordered Mike.

Soon, everyone on the scene was shocked by the result they got.

“Michael Jones is the grandfather of the God of War.”

Not familiar with the relationship between Levi and the Joneses, Mike and the others’ faces darkened when they got the news.

“Hurry up and invite Mr. Jones in! Forget it, I’ll invite him myself!” Mike hurried to the entrance with a group of people.

“Hello, Mr. Jones. I’m Mike Pence, commander-in-chief in the South City Warzone. Please, do come in.”

One by one, Mike and the others introduced themselves before inviting the Joneses into the warzone.

Every member of the Jones family was thrilled by the hospitality.

The Jones family’s about to rise!

Just mentioning Anson’s name was enough to get the commander-in-chief and his deputies to welcome us.

This indirectly speaks of Anson’s importance in the Iron Brigade.

The right-hand man to the God of War is indeed important enough to make the entire South City Warzone tremble!

We’re invited in like VIPs!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 747

Michael’s heart was racing in excitement, but he tried his best to contain his emotion.

We’ll soon be one of the wealthiest family in Erudia!

The other Joneses were almost just as excited as Michael was.

What they did not know was that it was all because of Levi. Otherwise, they would not even have made it past the gate.

Hearing that Alfie was the leader of the Iron Brigade, Michael had to ask, “Mr. Steele, how’s Anson doing in the Iron Brigade?”

“Well… “

Alfie hesitated with his answer, for even though Anson was but a regular soldier, he was the uncle of the God of War.

“He’s excellent! You can say he’s one of Iron Brigade’s most important members,” answered Alfie awkwardly.

The scene was similar to when the Black family asked him about Russell.

“Great! That’s wonderful to hear!” Michael was laughing out loud with satisfaction while those at the South City Warzone looked perplexed.

What a strange reaction. His grandson is the God of War!

Michael and the other Joneses were taken to the reception room, where they received the highest level of hospitality.

Throughout their stay, they were accompanied by Mike personally.

Michael was overjoyed to see how well they were taken care of because that spoke to Anson’s level of importance.

“That boy should’ve told us how important he is in the army!” mumbled Michael to himself.

“Mr. Jones, the South City Warzone would like to present a banner to the Jones family.” notified Mike before ordering his man, “Bring the banner!”

Soon, someone came into the room with a banner, and on it was ‘The pillar of the nation.’

When The Joneses saw it, they were so excited that they could no longer remain seated.

“This is for us?” asked Michael in delight as he did not expect to receive a banner after giving one to Ezra.

“That’s right!”

“On my command. Salute!” ordered Mike to his man on the scene.

“The son of the Jones family has served well to protect our nation!”

“Thank you! I’m very proud of him!” responded Michael with a burst of hearty laughter.

The other Joneses were just as exhilarated to receive such an honor.

We have a pillar of the nation in our family!

The Jones family will never be the same again because we can now rival the top family in South Hampton.

The only problem was that Michael and Mike were not referring to the same person.

Mike was presenting the banner because of Levi while Michael thought it was because of Anson.

Nonetheless, both sides were happy with the outcome.

On top of that, Mike made them a promise, “From now on, if the Jones family needs anything, all you have to do is ask.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 748

“Wonderful! This is just marvelous!” exclaimed Michael, who was already fantasizing about ascending to the top in South Hampton.

Although he was utterly thrilled, Michael did not forget their purpose of going to the South City Warzone.

“Commander-in-chief, is the God of War available to see us?” asked Michael with a smile.

“Let me find out.”

It was only after calling Levi that Mike realized it was all a big misunderstanding, for Levi no longer wanted anything to do with the Joneses.

I knew it!

Why would Michael come here to see Levi if they’re really that close!

I can’t even have the banner back since it’s already been gifted.

“Get them out of there now!”

Even though that was Levi’s order before hanging up, Mike could not just drive the Joneses out like that.

“Apologies, Mr. Jones, but the God of War is not available at the moment and we don’t have the authority to be informed of his location. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for our call,” informed Mike euphemistically.

“That’s fine.”

After what they had received, the Joneses had no regrets about going over to the South City Warzone, even if they did not get to meet the God of War.

After all, they had already seen how important Anson was in the army.

“From now on, the Jones family will rule South Hampton!” exclaimed Michael ambitiously.

The rest of the Jones family was also just as excited, especially Tyler and Wales.

As members of the Prince Gang in South Hampton, their status was mediocre at best.

Once we announce our relationship with the God of War, I, Tyler Jones, would finally ascend to the highest position in the Prince Gang, that is, the title of ‘prince!’

“How fortunate of us! I thought we’d be ruined by the warlord, Elijah. Now that the God of War himself is on our side, Elijah will be under our thumb!” boasted Wallace and a few others.

“We’re right to not let Levi, that low-life, into our family. He’d only be an embarrassment to us!” sighed Wales in relief before Michael gave him a look, “Never mention that name again! He’s unworthy of discussion! Now even less so, considering our current status. He doesn’t deserve to be my grandson!”

Suddenly, Shadow appeared, “Master, you might want to keep that to yourself.”

He was worried about the trouble they might get themselves in if the God of War heard those words.

“What does that mean, Shadow?” inquired Michael curiously.

“No matter what, you can’t change the fact that Mr. Garrison’s your grandson. I believe that it’d better for you and your family if you keep your thoughts about Levi to yourself,” explained Shadow.

“What are you trying to say, exactly? And why do you seem different? You used to hate speaking out. What happened to you?”

Michael sensed that something was off, but he was not aware of the fact that Shadow knew Levi was the God of War.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 749

“Forgive me. I talked too much,” apologized Shadow, who was actually trying to hint at Michael.

Unfortunately, Michael thought too little of Levi to ever expect him to be anyone important.

To show their new status, the Joneses returned to South Hampton with the two banners held high and flapping in the wind.

For the time being, the Black family was afraid to go after Levi while Zoey got busy with work.

Besides working on a fifty-billion project, Oriental Star Group had recently released a big-budget movie that starred Helena.

The movie became a legend in the industry for breaking the record when it made more than one billion in just three days.

Iris entered Zoey’s office when Zoey was still busy at work.

“Huh? What’s this?”

Iris could not help but pick up the dark green box she saw on the desk.

“Can I take a look?”


After opening the box, Iris was curious to see a gold medal inside.

“What does ‘King of the West’ mean? Could it be referring to the king of the Western Region?”

“He led the attack that defeated Wheldrake, and it was all over the news,” stated Iris casually, but Sylas, who was just beside them, was shocked to see Iris figuring it out so quickly.

Does that mean we’re exposed?

Zoey raised her head and chuckled in response, “This is a wedding gift from a good friend of Levi’s. I don’t even know what ‘King of the West’ means.”

She had also heard the news, but there was no way she could have known that Ezra was the King of the West.

He was drinking with Levi the night the battle happened. How could it be him on the battlefield?

It’s not like Ezra can teleport!

“A friend of Levi’s, you said? Must be my mistake then,” responded Iris naturally.

There’s no way that any friend of Levi’s could’ve been in the Western Region battle.

Unless he’s a prisoner there.

Zoey continued to joke, “Like you, Sylas almost mistook Levi’s friend to be some Chief.”

“I know, right? I almost thought this piece of gold is a symbol of the King of the West!” exclaimed Iris before putting the medal back onto the desk.

Seeing how Iris was convinced, Sylas breathed a sigh of relief.

That’s not just any piece of gold but a mark of the God of War, who commands the millions of troops in the Western Region!

With that medal, Zoey can summon the army of the Western Region to protect herself any time she wants.

Sylas could not help reminding Zoey, “Ms. Lopez, I think you better put that box away before you lose it.”

Her words quickly attracted both Zoey’s and Iris’ attention.

“What do you mean, Sylas? Is the box special in any way?” asked Zoey.

Suddenly reminded of how strange Sylas acted the day they met Ezra, Zoey could not help but notice something off about Sylas.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 750

“It’s just that I have special feelings for military things and that medal looks like one, so I have this urge to protect it.” lied Sylas quickly.

“That’s understandable. I’ll keep it locked in the safe, then,” assured Zoey with a smile before Sylas breathed a sigh of relief.

After that, Zoey looked at Iris and inquired, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Because your company’s movie recently broke the industry record, Star Entertainment, South Hampton’s top entertainment company, will be sending their people here in the afternoon to learn from yours. If you managed to take good care of them, there may be cooperation in the cards,” explained Iris.

“Sure. Leave them to me! I have time anyway,” responded Zoey with an ‘okay’ sign.

Star Entertainment is one of the top three domestic entertainment companies, and they have big-shot stars and online celebrities.

Even though the Oriental Star Group was growing rapidly, they still had a long way to go since Helena was the only valuable star they had.

There was much to be gained from working with a giant like Star Entertainment.

Zoey deliberately cleared her schedule to wait for their arrival.

In the afternoon, three sedans and four MPVs parked outside of the Morris Group building.

The Star Entertainment group had arrived, and Zoey was thrilled to see their chairman, Pierre leading the group himself.

Seeing how sincere Star Entertainment was about the meet-up, Zoey welcomed the group along with her team.

Still sleeping, Levi was suddenly awakened by the noise.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Levi frustratedly before Seth replied with a smile, “Star Entertainment has sent a group to visit Oriental Star Group. Everybody’s gone to see the many famous stars and online celebrities in the building. Do you want to go take a look?”

The minute Levi heard that there were stars and online celebrities, he lost interest.

But if it helped with his wife’s career, he thought it would not hurt to let them carry on.

Star Entertainment almost sent over every one of the best.

Not only did they send Pierre and eight others from management, eighteen of their hottest superstars and online celebrities were also there.

The online celebrities then started to live stream and record everything around them, including almost everything in the Morris Group building.

Seeing how it was, Seth had to step in to stop them from broadcasting the company’s internals, many of which were confidential.

He then brought two men with him to approach the broadcasters.

“Excuse me. Live streaming is not allowed in the building! Thank you for your cooperation,” advised Seth, but the live streamers could not be bothered to listen to him as they continued with the streaming.

Seth then had to repeat himself, “Excuse me. You’re not allowed to do your live stream here. Please stop immediately!”

“You’re nothing but a bunch of lowly security guards. Who are you to tell me that I can’t do my live stream here?”

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