The Return of God of War Chapter 731-740

The Return of the God of War Chapter 731

Levi revealed his identity – the grandson of the Jones family – to bid this project for me.

After the investment conference ended, Zoey’s secretary handed over a project proposal to her excitedly.

“Ms. Lopez, we won the bid! We obtained the investment!”

When Zoey flipped through the project proposal, she couldn’t help but feel shocked.

It was indeed a project worth fifty billion of investment.

At this moment, Levi happened to come into the room.

“Did you get it?” He asked smilingly.

“Yes, thank you for your help!” Zoey immediately thanked him.

However, Levi was curious that she didn’t ask him how he won the bid.

He wasn’t aware that Zoey thought he utilized his identity as the grandson of the Jones family to bid on the project.

“Okay, I’ll tell Grandpa the news now.”

When Zoey returned to the villa of the Black family, almost all family members were already waiting for her.

They smiled in unison as soon as Zoey entered the house.

“Zoey, how is it?” Meredith asked.

“Grandma, I did it! I have obtained the fifty-billion project! Here’s the information about the project!”

When Zoey spoke, she handed over the documents to them.

Soon, everyone was overjoyed after reading through the documents.

It is indeed a project worth fifty billion.

“Zoey you’re really awesome! You achieved it effortlessly!” Meredith complimented her.

“So, Grandma, you have to keep your word!”

“First, the Black family, including Mom and Dad, won’t interfere in the relationship between Levi and me anymore. Second, I will be fully in charge of the project worth fifty billion,” Zoey looked at Meredith and said seriously.


All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the living room turned tenser while everyone looked somewhat sulky.

Zoey was startled once she noticed the change.

What’s going on?

The next moment, Meredith asked curiously, “Oh? Did I say that before?”

Meanwhile, Zoey was stunned when she heard it from Meredith.

Bang! She was shocked and rendered speechless as if lightning had struck her.

“Grandma, you… what do you mean? Didn’t you make me the promises? Why are you going back on your word?” Zoey asked in disbelief.

“Zoey, I’m not going back on my word. Instead, I don’t remember I have promised you such things! When did I make the promises?” Meredith answered calmly.

At the same time, Jennie and Logan added, “That’s right, Zoey, Grandma never made you such promises!”

“Besides, we were here too when you discussed with Grandma, and you never mentioned such things on that day. Zoey, are you confused? Or did you misremember it? I mean, Grandma never agreed with such things!”

Furthermore, even Robert interrupted, “Exactly. Zoey, We won’t lie to you! But the truth is you never mentioned such things on that day!”

“Hahahaha…” Since the Black family said unanimously, Zoey laughed pitifully.

She decided not to argue with them anymore.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 732

More importantly, she would never win the argument because all members of the Black family “testified” that Meredith never promised her.

What should I do?

At this moment, Robert and Meredith’s attitude flew in the face of her impression of them.

She only realized now that they were the same as Grandpa, and to a certain extent, far more shameless than him.

How could they trick me into getting the project! They don’t treat me as their family member at all!

Now, she began to understand why Levi chose not to acknowledge the Jones family as his family.

After all, the more prominent the family was, the more cold-hearted the people were.

Zoey sneered, “Grandma, I never thought that you would do such a thing! Your granddaughter is totally surprised!”

“Zoey, what do you mean? You are disrespecting your elder!” Logan immediately scolded.

“How dare you disrespect Grandma! Do you want me to slap your face?” Jennie threatened her too.

After a while, Zoey gave them a wry and pitiful smile and said, “Are you stopping me from saying it even after you guys did such a shameless thing?”

“You deserve to be slapped in the face!” As soon as Jennie finished, she came up to Zoey and lifted her palm.

Nevertheless, Zoey successfully dodged it.

“How dare you resist?” Jennie yelled furiously.

“Stop it!” Before Jennie wanted to continue slapping her, Meredith suddenly yelled.

As such, Jennie stopped and stood aside while staring at her.

Then, Meredith looked at Zoey and said, “Since you contributed a lot to the family, Grandma will take the high road and forgive you! But don’t do it ever again!”

“Exactly. You’re always obedient, yet what happened to you today? I think you must have learned the bad habits from Levi Garrison!” Robert said angrily.

Once Robert said it, everyone in the living room seemed to have recalled something.

Indeed, Zoey used to be very obedient and won’t disobey us. Why is she different today?

After that, Zoey glanced at everyone in the room and said, “I don’t want the fifty billion project anymore. Take it if you want! But if any of you wishes to interfere in the relationship between Levi and me, don’t blame me for what I do in response.”

“Who are you to say such things to us?”

Robert and Meredith yelled, “As long as we are alive, don’t ever think about being with Levi. We will stop you at all costs!”

“All of you can’t interfere in the personal matter between the two of us!” Zoey flung the door and left once she finished.

“Look at her, why she is so bad-tempered now? Will she even respect us if she is really in charge of this project?” Jennie was apparently displeased when she said it.

“Indeed, she showed no respect to the elders now! I can’t imagine how she will behave in the future!” One of them added.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Robert were exasperated.

“Damn it! She can never be together with Levi Garrison!” Meredith scolded.

After Zoey ran out of the house, she didn’t cry but remained calm instead.

As a matter of fact, after Levi came back to her, she had grown up a lot and became stronger mentally.

When Zoey found Levi, she said straightforwardly, “From now on, I will live with you.”

Levi was stunned for a moment. Nevertheless, his face turned somewhat pale once he sensed that something was wrong.

“Did they bully you?” Levi asked.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 733

Since Levi could sense her feelings, Zoey decided to be honest with him.

After she explained everything, he said icily, “Let’s go and seek justice from the Black family! We can’t just let it go!”

“I don’t think it’s necessary. From now on, we will stay away from each other.”

Apparently, Zoey didn’t wish to return to the miserable place.

“You can’t be soft to them at this juncture! If you are soft to them now, they will take it as a sign of weakness and do it again!” Levi said.

“Alright, I’ll go with you!” Zoey became more determined after he persuaded her.

If a similar incident happened in the past, Zoey would ask Levi to let it go and wouldn’t think of seeking justice.

Meanwhile, the Black family was overjoyed because they could reap a profit worth more than ten billion from the project valued at fifty billion.

Apart from growing its wealth drastically, the family would also reap more invisible benefits such as fame and clout.

“I must admit that Zoey is indeed competent. After all, she successfully won the bid that we could never get!”

“Unfortunately, she isn’t obedient anymore after being mesmerized by Levi. Otherwise, she would help our family to reap even more benefits!” Logan and Jennie said discontentedly.

After a while, Meredith also added seriously, “I think Levi Garrison most probably brainwashed her!”

“Oh? Why have you come back?”

The next moment, they saw Zoey came back to the house with Levi.

“I’m here to seek justice!” Zoey said coldly before everyone.

Initially, she didn’t want to pursue it because no one would help her. Nonetheless, now that Levi was here with her, she wasn’t afraid anymore.

“To seek Justice? Hehe, you even got your reinforcement!”

“What do you want? Do you want to create havoc in our house with Levi Garrison?”

Logan and Jennie scolded at them.

Also, Meredith gazed at her and asked, “To seek justice? Who are you seeking justice from? When did the Black family owe you justice?”

“It’s you! Grandma, you owe me justice!” Zoey said icily once Meredith finished.

“When did I owe you justice?” Meanwhile, Meredith asked her again coldly.

“I accomplished the things that I promised to you, yet what about you? What about your promises to me? Instead, you schemed with all of them by pretending that you didn’t know about the promises. Grandma and Grandpa, I respect you as elders! But what about you? Do you behave like elders when you went back on your word and distorted the truth?” She answered blandly.

“I think we should punish you!”

Logan and Jennie rushed toward her at the same time and wanted to slap her.


However, Levi threw a kick at Logan and sent him flying before he could even touch Zoey.

As such, everyone in the living room was startled and fell silent.

When Jennie lifted her hand, he grabbed it with one of his hands and slapped her in the face with another.

“How dare you touch her? You’re asking for trouble!”

Since Levi was here, he would never allow them to bully Zoey.

On the other hand, the Black family still hadn’t uttered a word as they were totally shocked.

After a while, some of them finally broke the silence and yelled, “Levi, how dare you hit them? Do you know you have committed a grave mistake?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 734

Jennie covered her swollen face while Logan struggled to stand up. After that, both of them stared at Levi wickedly.

Levi glanced at Meredith and scolded, “You and the old man are indeed shameless!”

“Why are we shameless? Besides, who are you to accuse us of something like this?” Meredith asked angrily.

“Did you renege on your promises to Zoey?” He asked firmly as soon as Meredith finished.

“I didn’t renege on any promises. In fact, I never made such promises! Moreover, everyone in the Black family can be my witnesses!” Meredith looked unexpectedly composed even when she was lying.

“Exactly! We can testify that she never made any promises to Zoey!”

“Zoey made this up! There are no promises made whatsoever!”

The members of the Black family began to argue and asserted that Zoey made everything up.

Meanwhile, Zoey couldn’t help but sneer when she felt the cold-heartedness of the Black family once again.

“Meredith, do you dare to look me in the eyes?” Zoey said furiously.

“Why not?” Meredith sneered.

“How dare you say that you didn’t promise Zoey anything? Look into my eyes and answer me with your conscience. Did you make the promises?” Suddenly, Levi interrupted and bellowed at her with a deep voice.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Meredith answered hesitantly when she met Levi’s terrifying gaze, “I… I didn’t promise her anything…”

“You hesitated! Zoey is your granddaughter, but is that how you should treat her? Is that how you behave like an elder? Don’t you ever worry that your ancestors will condemn you? Alas, you used to serve in the military. Is that how you are supposed to deceive your own granddaughter?” Levi asked a series of questions and didn’t give her a chance to interrupt.

Since Levi was rather aggressive, Meredith was frightened and breathed heavily. As her body was shivering, she dared not to look into his eyes.

“Humph! You don’t even have the guts to look at me now. You are clearly lying and feeling guilty about it! Besides, Zoey respects you a lot as an elder. Is that how you should treat her in return?” Levi continued to question Meredith.


Actually, Meredith tried to remain composed to disguise her sense of guilt in the first place. Now that Levi kept triggering her with words, she soon couldn’t help but feel panicked.

Since Meredith couldn’t withstand his direct questioning, Robert stood up and yelled, “Who are you to question us?”

“Well, are you afraid to be questioned by me?” Levi couldn’t help but laugh when he replied.

“Why should we be afraid? The truth is no promises were made!” Even though Robert said firmly, he began to sweat from his forehead.

The Black family couldn’t help but feel a sense of guilt because he was imposing and aggressive when questioning them.

In particular, his eyes looked as sharp as a knife that could pierce through their hearts in no time.

As such, many of them were petrified by merely looking into his eyes.

“Who are you to question us? This is the house of the Black family. Get out of here now!” Bailey suddenly yelled furiously.

“That’s right. This is the house of the Black family. An outsider has no right to taunt us here! Get out now! Or else you shouldn’t blame us when we resort to violence!

At this time, the other members of the Black family were exasperated as well.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 735

They managed to turn their sense of guilt into a rage and vented it at Levi.

“Hehe, no one can force me to leave if we can’t get a satisfying answer tonight!”

Given that Levi made up his mind to seek justice for Zoey, he refused to settle for less.

“Zoey, what’s your motive of bringing along an outsider to make trouble here? Will you be satisfied only after Levi Garrison creates havoc to the Black family?”

Pamela began to target Zoey, knowing that she was apparently more soft-hearted.

“I…” Zoey was lost for words.

Nevertheless, Levi stood before her to face the entire Black family and said, “Come and face me! How dare you bully her instead?”

“Robert Black and Meredith Westbrook, if you two refuse to give us a satisfying answer today, I will not leave!” He said determinedly.

“Fine! Since you don’t want to leave, I’ll make sure you regret your choice!”

As Logan was infuriated, he immediately picked up the phone to call his men.

Soon, dozens of men with iron rods in their hands surrounded Levi.

“Are you certain that you refuse to leave our house? Alright, I will cripple your legs today and ditch you out!” Logan sneered at him.

At the same time, he could imagine the bloody scene in which they beat the hell out of Levi.

Robert and Meredith added heartlessly, “Beat and cripple him! We don’t mind taking care of him for the rest of his life, exactly like how we pet a dog!”

My goodness!

Zoey was nervous when she realized that the Black family was serious about it.

They really want to cripple Levi!

“Go now!”

Once Logan gave the order, all of his men rushed toward him.

Meanwhile, Zoey almost closed her eyes because she felt hopeless about what would happen next.


She could hear that the brutal fight ensued right after she closed her eyes.

Nevertheless, about ten seconds later, the living room fell silent.

When she opened her eyes, she saw dozens of men rolled on the floor and shrieked in pain.

On the other hand, Levi stood still and was safe and sound.

Is he that strong?

Apart from Zoey, all members of the Black family were startled too.

They stared at him and couldn’t believe their eyes.

In fact, no one expected that he would be strong enough to defeat dozens of men by himself.

Furthermore, Logan, who stood in front and closest to him, couldn’t help but shiver.

After coming up to him, Levi lifted him and threw him out of the living room.

Bang! His bones were probably fractured when he fell.

The next moment, Levi threw a kick and smashed the table before him.

“If we can’t seek justice today, I will resort to violence to solve all problems!” He said imposingly.

Meanwhile, the entire Black family stayed silent because Levi was proven too strong for them to handle.

However, Robert still plucked up the courage and said grumpily, “So, do you want to beat us all?”

Meredith immediately added, “Touch me, and you will face the consequences!”

Even Bailey had the cheek to say to Zoey, “Zoey, you have betrayed the family! How dare you inflame an outsider to beat us? Are you thinking of killing your family members for the sake of your so-called justice?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 736

Zoey looked up at Bailey and replied, “I don’t intend to do such things but only to seek justice! Instead, you people menaced and even wanted to beat us. So, we merely exercised the right to self-defense as a result.”

“Enough! It looks like you have been totally brainwashed by Levi Garrison.”

Meredith was pissed off and continued, “Justice? No way! I will say this one more time – I never promised you anything! Instead, you made up everything by yourself! Now, I order you to leave our house along with the outsider! This is not the place for you to make trouble!”

After meeting Levi’s gaze, Zoey said firmly, “We can leave today on a few conditions. First, the Black family must promise that it will never interfere in the relationship between Levi and me. Second, I will be fully in charge of the fifty-billion project!”

“Dream on! This is impossible! We will not agree to it!”

Robert answered overbearingly, “First, the project worth fifty billion belongs to the Black family and has nothing to do with you. Second, we will stop you from marrying Levi Garrison at all costs!”

However, Levi interrupted smilingly, “Well, I do have a way to seek justice!”

After that, he dragged Logan back into the living room and moved toward them.

“What… what do you want to do?”

Meredith and the rest were scared to death.

“As I said, violence can solve all problems!” Levi sneered.


The next moment, he threw a kick at Logan’s leg and fractured his bones.

“Ah…” Logan looked ferocious and shrieked in pain.

At this moment, the entire Black family panicked.

“You… don’t act recklessly!” Robert advised him.

Given that Levi was cruel, they were extremely afraid of the consequences.

However, since they still refused to agree to Zoey’s demands, Levi announced smilingly, “Another leg!”


The Black family was terrified when Logan shrieked pitifully once again.

Levi Garrison is a terrifying man!

“Zoey, did you see what he did? Why didn’t you stop him!” Bailey yelled at Zoey.

Nevertheless, Zoey answered blandly, “To tell you the truth, it was actually Levi who obtained the project worth fifty billion! He did it on one condition: I have to be fully in charge of it! You have only yourself to blame for everything that turned out this way!”

“What?” The Black family was startled.

“Next will be his arms!” Levi sneered blandly.

“Grandpa, Grandma, please save me… I don’t want to die…”

Logan peed his pants because he was frightened.

“Levi, please don’t do it!”

At this time, Russell, who was on duty today, returned to the villa.

Meanwhile, the Black family was relieved to see Russel because the backbone of the family had finally arrived.

Bailey and some of them immediately screamed, “Russell, take down this wild animal now! He beat and hurt a lot of people just now!”

Much to their surprise, Russell kneeled before Levi and begged, “Levi, please give me a chance and don’t make it difficult for the Black family.”

Russell was well aware of the severe consequences if Levi was infuriated, yet the Black family didn’t understand it.

Moreover, he couldn’t do something that amounted to a disciplinary offense.

Since Levi’s identity was highly classified, he had to keep it secret at all costs.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 737

“I can leave only after I have sought justice for Zoey!” Levi replied emotionlessly.

“Grandpa, Grandma, what have you done?” After asking them, Russell eventually got the full picture of the incident.

“Grandpa, Grandma, you must be fair to Zoey, or else this will never end! Let me handle this!” Russell made the order.

Meredith and Robert looked at each other but dared not reject his suggestion.

In fact, they had no choice but to compromise to prevent Levi from creating havoc.

“Besides, you must write it down and affix your seal!” Levi demanded.

“Hey! Don’t go overboard!” Meredith yelled.

Much to her surprise, Russell immediately persuaded her and said “Grandma, listen to me. Write down their demands on a paper!”

At last, Meredith had no choice but to write down two statements to fulfill her promises to Zoey.

“Also, you must apologize!” Levi added.

“Nonsense. You are going overboard!” Meredith refused since she felt that the dignity of the family was at stake.

“Grandpa, Grandma, please save me…” At this time, Logan begged them again because he felt that his arms were almost broken.

“Alright, Zoey. It’s Grandma’s fault. I’m sorry!” Meredith finally apologized to Zoey.

“Grandma, I hope that it won’t happen again. But still, I’ve always respected you,” She replied composedly.

“You…” Meredith was exasperated deep in her heart.

She would always remember that this was the most humiliating day to her.

Much to her surprise, the humiliating day hadn’t come to an end yet.

After Meredith apologized to Zoey, Russell continued, “Grandma, I think you owe Levi justice concerning the incident about the check.”

“What? Russell, you…”

Meredith got increasingly nervous again.

Russell brought Zeek, the servant of the Black family, into the living room and continued, “Tell us everything about the check, or else I will send you to prison. Remember, I have all the evidence!”

Hence, Zeek had no choice but to explain honestly, “I took the check! It has nothing to do with Mr. Garrison!”

“My god! What have we done?”

At this time, Meredith felt humiliated but could do nothing about the dramatic turn of events.

From now on, she would be embarrassed whenever she saw Levi and Zoey.

On the other hand, Zoey was overjoyed that Levi finally cleared his name.

However, she didn’t expect that the Black family had been doing similar despicable things in the past.

“Grandpa, Grandma, this is just too much!” Zoey scolded angrily.

“We did it for your own good. You will understand our kindness one day.” Robert said.

At last, Zoey and Levi left the villa of the Black family after seeking justice.

“From now on, no one can ever bully you. Tell me if someone lays his hands on you again!” Levi reminded her.

On the other hand, the Black family fell silent once they left.

This was perhaps the most humiliating day in the history of the Black family.

Although Levi overbearingly made all sorts of demands, they could do nothing about it.

Hence, they were infuriated and could hardly accept the outcome.

Also, they were exasperated that Logan’s legs were broken by Levi.

“No way! I can never let it go!”

Meredith said grumpily, “Exactly. If we let it go now, the Black family will hang its head in shame forever!”

Soon, all members of the Black family looked ferocious because they shared the same feeling.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 738

Logan was the most furious among all of them because his legs were broken. After a while, he said angrily, “I swear to take revenge against Levi Garrison!”

Even Jennie added, “I will tell this to the Davies family now. I’m sure they will find Levi Garrison and beat the crap out of him at all costs!”

At this time, all members of the Black family held deep grudges against him and desperately wanted payback.

Even though Russell remained silent, he would stop them from taking revenge against Levi if that really happened.

Meanwhile, once they left the villa of the Black family, Zoey heaved a long sigh of relief and shouted, “It feels so good!”

For many years, she tolerated both the Lopez and the Black families and had never been so firm like today.

She was especially overjoyed when Meredith was forced to apologize and fulfill her promises.

“By the way, you looked terrifying just now. I didn’t expect you would break Logan’s legs!”

As Zoey spoke, she was still a little shocked and looked at Levi curiously.

“They deserved to be beaten! Worse things might befall them if they slap you.” Levi replied.

As soon as Levi finished, she hugged him and could feel the warmth exuded from him.

Levi dared to go against the prominent families and even fought the entire Black family for me.

Even if he has nothing left and becomes a nobody in the future, I will be with him forever!

At last, they chose a house built by the Triple Group.

Zoey was satisfied with it because the house was near her company.

In that case, she wouldn’t go home late even if she had to work overtime in the company.

Also, she could avoid being disturbed by the Black family since the house was far from theirs.

“Should we get married as soon as possible?” It appeared that Zoey couldn’t wait anymore.

She felt that it would be a ticking bomb so long as they weren’t married.

However, Levi answered smilingly, “Don’t worry. Others can never interfere with our relationship. Besides, I haven’t finished preparing the surprise for you.”

“Alright! In that case, I’ll wait for the day when you marry me!” Zoey looked forward to their wedding very much.

From now on, she had to shoulder heavy responsibilities. Apart from the Oriental Star Group, she had to be in charge of the fifty-billion project.

On the other hand, Levi seemed to have more leisure time lately. He would occasionally check the progress of building their house for marriage.

The news about the arrival of Western Region’s commander-in-chief Ezra Williamson at South City in a few days had become a popular topic among the residents.

After all, Ezra wanted to publicize his visit so that everyone in the city was aware of his arrival.

Hence, many wealthy and powerful figures in the city had prepared a grand welcome ceremony for him.

The Jones family even blockaded half of the airport with the help of its connections to welcome Ezra.

Furthermore, the Jones family had come all the way from South Hampton to Sapphire Villa to ensure that the preparation went well.

“Did you hear me? You must prepare everything perfectly for the welcome ceremony tomorrow!” Michael purposely reminded his employees.

The next day, the entire T1 airport terminal of the South City International Airport was blockaded.

Michael and the Joneses were waiting at the airport to welcome Ezra.

Moreover, all prominent families in South City had been here to welcome his arrival as well.

The only group that wasn’t here were the ones from the warzone.

After all, it was reported outside of South City that Ezra came to the city for treatment and rest.

Nevertheless, it was actually an excuse to confuse the enemy because Ezra was safe and sound.

After waiting for quite some time, Ezra finally came out of the airport.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 739

Michael brought celebrities with him as the welcoming committees, “Welcome, Chief Williamson! You’ve been fighting hard at the frontline, so we thank you for your service!”

“On behalf of the Jones family, I would like to express our highest respect!”

Michael almost knelt in respect of Ezra before he was stopped.

“You’re too kind, Mr. Jones. I was only carrying out my duty,” responded Ezra who was dressed casually. After all, his excuse for coming back was to recover from his injuries.

“Our family made this banner just for you, Chief Williamson.”

Written on the banner, which Michael ordered to be presented, was “National Treasure”.

Although the Jones family was only doing that as a form of flattery, Ezra was definitely qualified to have that title bestowed on him.

With a wide grin on his face, Ezra accepted the banner, “You would not have spoilt me with such flattery if you knew of the prodigy in your family.”

Before Ezra came over, he did some research on the relationship between Levi and the Jones family, and what he found out was how foolish the Joneses had been to not recognize the nation’s God of War in their midst.

Instead, they put their effort on flattering me.

“Pardon me, Chief Williamson. A prodigy in our family, you said?”

“Were you referring to my son, Anson? I heard that he’s reached the top ranks in the Iron Brigade and that he’s become the right-hand man of their God of War,” asked Michael excitedly.

“What?” exclaimed Ezra in bafflement.

I know everyone in the Iron Brigade’s top brass, and none of them has the name ‘Anson.’ Much less the right-hand man to God of War. What a load of bullsh*t!

“Yes, that’s the one!”

Ezra was only giving Michael a perfunctory answer, but it was enough to convince Michael.

Anson really is the right-hand man to the God of War!

“We, the Jones family, finally showed our strength!” shouted Michael in excitement.

Ezra wanted so badly to knock Michael on the head for his ignorance.

The Jones family has already shown their strength with the God of War of the nation.

“This way, please. We’ve prepared the perfect place for you to heal your injuries, Chief Williamson,” invited Michael.

Since he was there to put on a show anyway, Ezra accepted the kind offer.

“After you, Mr. Jones.”

Michael was thrilled to see Ezra accepting his invitation because that meant Ezra recognized the Jones family as allies.

Convinced that he had become allies with both the God of War and Ezra, Michael was walking with his head held high.

Nobody would dare oppose the Jones family now!

In the end, Ezra decided to stay at Sapphire Villa, where the Joneses prepared a grand feast for him.

The Joneses were pleased to see Ezra accepting whatever kindness they had to offer because that meant their relationship with Ezra would only become stronger.

On the other hand, the people disagreed with Ezra leaving the warzone and spending his time in luxury with the rich and the famous.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 740

Within a short time, Ezra’s popularity dropped significantly.

People were even going to Sapphire Villa deliberately to scold Ezra.

“Don’t mind them, Chief Williamson. They’re just jealous that we have you as our guest,” comforted Michael with a smile.

“We’ve built a statue for the God of War and we’d like to know what you think. What do you say, Chief Williamson?” asked Tyler.


Afterward, Ezra followed Tyler and the others to the city center, where the ten-meter-high statue had been erected.

“What do you think, Chief Williamson? If you’re satisfied with it, we can erect one for you too!” offered Tyler eagerly.

Seeing how Ezra was frowning at the statue, Michael and Tyler started to get nervous.

Is he not satisfied with the statue? If he’s not, that’s going to spell trouble for us.

“What’s wrong, Chief Williamson?” inquired Michael.

“Whose statue is this?” asked Ezra.

“It’s the God of War himself!”

“Do you know what he looks like?”

Ezra’s question hit the nail on the head.

“We don’t an actual photo of him. But from the information that we’ve gathered, that’s what he looks like,” explained Tyler.

“Bullsh*t! He doesn’t look like that! The God of War looks like… him!”

Suddenly, Ezra pointed at Levi.

“Isn’t that Levi?” asked Michael as the shocked Joneses turned to look at Levi, who just happened to be nearby.

Could Levi really be the God of War himself?

Levi did mention that he’s the God of War.

He even claimed to be the person in charge of the investment conference and drove our family out.

Could it really be him?

Ezra then continued, “You can’t just say that’s the God of War based on the information you found online! That’s like randomly picking a stranger on the streets and calling him the God of War since nobody’s actually seen him before.”

“Phew! As long as it’s not Levi.”

Michael and the others breathed a sigh of relief when they realized that Ezra pointed at Levi randomly.

“One more thing. the God of War definitely hates things like statues. If you don’t want to get on his bad side, you better remove it soon,” warned Ezra coldly.


Tyler and Wales exchanged perplexed looks with each other because they could not believe that Levi was actually right about the God of War’s hate for statues.

The two still felt like something was off though.

After the statue had been removed, Ezra made up an excuse to leave.

“Shadow, follow Chief Williamson and report his whereabouts to me. Do what you can to protect him,” ordered Michael.

After receiving his order, Shadow followed Ezra all the way to a remote alley and saw Ezra knelt before a man.

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