The Return of God of War Chapter 721-730

The Return of the God of War Chapter 721

The reason being it was a mocking smile, and it puzzled both Wardell and Joel.

Levi opened the door and got out. “I don’t need any of you to tell me what to do.”

With that, he slammed the door of the car that was worth millions as hard as he could.

Wardell and Joel turned to stare at each other.

“Did he just reject our offer?” Wardell could not believe what was happening.

“So, we’re playing this the hard way, eh?” Joel immediately chased after Levi and stopped him. “Stop right there!”

“What now?”

“Are you sure you want to refuse our offer? Either you’re our friend or you’re our enemy. If you choose to be the latter, you’ll meet your maker soon enough.”

Joel’s threat was clear. If Levi refused to agree to their terms, his life would be in danger.

“Do whatever you want. Your threat means nothing to me.”

It was Levi’s turn to hold his laughter back. Not only had he dealt with Kurt, President of the South Hampton Chamber of Commerce, he’d also taken down most of the big shots in South City.

He could not believe that even after that amazing feat, there would still be some mindless people trying to mess with him.

Yet, dealing with businessmen was a different problem. If one messed with their interest, they would retaliate even worse than the underworld.

Moreover, the South City Chamber of Commerce represented all of the businessmen in South City. To them, the three hundred billion that Levi was charged to distribute belonged to these businessmen.

If Levi decided to attract businesses from other regions, their profit would be affected. If things got out of hands, the business owners would retaliate.

Levi finally understood the reason Tim assigned him to handle the investment conference.

The local businesses had contributed a lot to the development of South City, which led to an ease in related policies. As things went on, the South City Chamber of Commerce became the organization in charge of local businesses.

It was the same situation with Triple Group robbing Scott of his money. It was impossible for Tim to stay calm at that incident, but the Triple Group did contribute a lot to society and it would put him in an awkward position if he were to accuse them openly.

It explained why Tim let Levi handled the situation. He hoped that the young man could solve the problem in his place and cleanse the local business circle at the same time.

“You leave us with no choice then!” Joel roared.

For the next few days, Levi was followed by Joel’s people. Since he didn’t want to waste time on some nobodies, the God of War decided to ignore them.

For the time being, Levi still stayed in the Guardian Mansion and Joel’s men found out about it.

“Now that we know where he lives, it’s time to show him some colors!” Wardell grinned and ordered Joel. “Get it done! I want him to come and beg for forgiveness tomorrow!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 722

As the clock struck midnight, four excavators drove straight towards the Guardian Mansion with a truck full of armed men behind them.

The four excavators lined up in front of the compound and drove straight into the walls, tearing them down.

The military canines barked endlessly at the excavators, but all four vehicles did not reduce their speed and continued to tear down the buildings.

They only had one order from Joel, to take down the building that Levi was temporarily staying at.

Levi rushed down the stairs as soon as he heard the commotion. The sight that first came into his eyes angered him right away.

The God of War never even blinked when Elijah the Warlord sent thousands of soldiers to attack his country. The only thing he feared was when normal citizens played dirty. Levi never expected that Wardell and Joel would do something so absurd.

One of the excavator stopped only half a meter in front of Levi.

The driver glared at Levi and yelled, “Get out of the way! Don’t blame me if you get hurt!”

Of course, it was just a hoax as these normal drivers wouldn’t dare to harm people.

Yet, Levi remained standing there as he glared back at the driver like a fierce beast ready to pound its prey. The drivers were so intimidated by his stare that they froze.

Suddenly, dozens of men walked down from the truck with iron bars in their hands. They walked up to Levi and ordered, “Get out of my sight! We have been ordered to take this place down!”

Unlike the excavators, these people received the order to beat anyone who tried to stop them.

“Do you even know what this place is?” Phoenix’s face darkened.

Everyone was furious as the uninvited guests were trying to take down a place where even the Gates family wouldn’t dare step foot on.

“So what? Like hell we care where this is!” the leader of the group scoffed. “I’ll only say it once! Get out of our way or we’ll beat you to a pulp! I’m going to count to three! One! Two! Three!”

Even after finishing the countdown, Levi, Phoenix and White Tiger remained standing still.

“F**k! Take these three idiots down!” the leader ordered and everyone charged.

When the person leading the charge came close to Levi, a loud bang could be heard and that person was sent flying away with a kick.

That person flew for more than a hundred meter. When he fell to the fall, his body twitched for a bit before passing out.

Everyone froze and stared at Levi. Even White Tiger and Phoenix could not believe their eyes.

It was clear that Levi was furious.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 723

Levi cracked his knuckles as he got ready to take them down in one go.

His steps hastened as he rushed towards them, giving each of them a heavy blow.

In less than thirty seconds, Levi knocked them all out and the fifty men dropped to the ground motionless.

Their bones were broken and it was difficult to tell if they could even survive.

Levi would have never lifted a finger against them—not unless they messed with his home.

So this time, he struck them down mercilessly.

Even White Tiger was shocked.

This was the first time he had seen the God of War this angry ever since he came back to North Hampton.

It must be because Levi loved his home deeply.

For six full years, he never hesitated to fight courageously at the front line just to protect the land he called home.

Although this Guardian Mansion was just a temporary shelter for Levi, White Tiger could tell this place was home to him.

Levi would not spare anyone who destroyed his home.



He kicked the excavator hard and the strong impact dug the whole machine deep into the ground.

Everyone was dumbstruck. But before they could come back to their senses, the whole excavator broke and crumbled into pieces in a loud boom.

The deafening clangor did not seem to stop. Levi booted another excavator and it fell apart too.

And just like that, he effortlessly broke two excavators.

His power left everyone terrified.

What kind of superpower is this?

Did he really just destroy two ten-ton excavators?

Is he even human?

He must be a God!

Four frightened excavator operators scrambled to flee the scene like madmen.

Never in their life had they seen anything like this before.

“Should I go check out who’s behind this?” Azure Dragon asked Levi.

“There’s no need. I know who did it.” Levi’s voice was ominous and suppressed as he looked at the orange sky.

The sun was already breaking through the horizon.

Over on the other side, Wardell and Joel happily gathered in the South City Chamber of Commerce.

“Mr. President, we’ll get some good news real soon. I bet that bastard is shivering in fear right now!” Joel mocked.

Hearing this, a sinister smile broke out on Wardell’s face as he said, “Wanna mess with me, young man? You won’t stand a chance against me!”

“I know right? He probably didn’t know hundreds of people have died in our hands! Who does he think he is?” Joel sneered.

As the two were gloating about their evil plan, Pamela and Bailey from the Black family arrived.

It seemed like the Black family was in full swing preparing for the project.

They heard that the South City Chamber of Commerce always had good connections, so they got in touch with them.

The Black family was here to ask for a big favor.

“Thanks for taking care of the investment conference,” Bailey said, handling Wardell a check.

Wardell took a look at the figure on the check—5 million. He smiled.

This was the second time the Black family visited him and paid him the same amount.

They were really generous.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure everything is settled nicely.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 724

Wardell finally agreed.

The Black family was really desperate. This meant money would keep flowing in for Wardell.

This deal was worth three hundred billion.

After he sent the Black family off, Wardell started thinking.

He just got the money and he was sure more would come in the future.

Wardell planned on buying two villas in North Hampton and South Hampton, each for his two little lovers.

Just as Wardell was busy fantasizing about his life, the sound of frantic footsteps echoed down the corridor.

The excavator operators came rushing in.

“What’s up?” Wardell questioned with a hint of surprise in his voice.

Joel’s eyes opened wide in curiosity.

The operators were panting and gasping for air. Their legs gave way and they collapsed to the ground out of fear.

“We… we saw him! The monster!” they gasped.

“What on earth are you talking about?” Wardell shouted.

His gut feeling told him something was not right.

“Did you demolish the place?” Joel asked.

“Yeah. We did,” the operators replied.

“Good,” Joel said shortly, giving a sigh of relief.

Now everything was settled.

He almost thought they failed the mission.

“But we messed with the wrong person,” the operators explained.

Before they could even continue, the secretary dashed in and reported, “Mr. President, there’s a guy called Levi outside.”

“I knew it! I knew he would come!” Wardell exclaimed with a haughty laugh.

Joel waved his hands, gesturing the operators to leave them alone.

They turned and walked away awkwardly.

Soon enough, Levi arrived.

Wardell and his lot greeted him with the brightest smile.

“So? Have you finally made up your mind? You should’ve just done things our way. Why force us to make things ugly?” Joel jeered.

Wardell stretched and rested his legs on his office table as he smiled contently. “You’ll get everything I offered you yesterday the moment you sign the contract. I’ll also give you an extra fifty million,” he said.

Wardell signaled his secretary, who quickly came up to him with two checks worth one hundred and fifty million in total.

This had always been Wardell’s best tactic—offend first and placate later.

This was how he control other people.

“Alright, since what’s done is done, let’s be friends from now on. Let’s bury the hatchet, shall we?” Joel suggested. He walked towards Levi, wanting to give him a friendly pat on the shoulder.


Before Joel could even touch him, Levi raised his leg and kicked him aside.

Joel landed right on the table and the table broke in half.

He groaned as his face contorted in pain.

The others watched in horror because they did not expect Levi to attack Joel. But only Joel knew full well the intensity of Levi’s kick.

Levi’s cold glare swept across the room as he said, “You guy’s shouldn’t have touched my home.”

His voice was calm, but everyone felt the chilling threat in his voice.

“What are you doing? How dare you raise your hand against us?” Wardell shouted.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 725

Joel looked at Levi and cried out in anger, “How dare you do this to me? I’ll kill you!”

Who does he think he is?

It’s time I send him to hell!

“Take him down!” Joel commanded.

A few men in black quickly rushed in and surrounded Levi.

They were personal bodyguards hired by the South City Chamber of Commerce just to protect Wardell and the others.

These bodyguards had killed countless people throughout their service to the chamber of commerce.

But still, Wardell felt fearful seeing Levi’s glare.

He retreated unknowingly before he shouted at Levi again. “I’m giving you one last chance. If you beg for your life and listen to us now, we won’t hold this against you. If not, don’t even think about leaving this place alive!” Wardell threatened.

The thirty bodyguards charged towards Levi but he remained unmoved.

He let off a slight scoff and kicked away the chair blocking his way.

“As I said, you shouldn’t have touched my home,” Levi reiterated.

He was enraged. Now that he saw the culprits himself, Levi’s anger intensified.

White Tiger would have been petrified seeing Levi like this.

“A stubborn mule. Get rid of him!” Wardell ordered.

Just as the bodyguards rolled their sleeves getting ready to beat Levi up, a commotion burst out outside.

“What’s happening outside?” Wardell turned around and asked.

Wardell and a few others quickly flocked to the window to check out what was happening outside.

Their face turned pale as they processed what they saw.

Fear and horror seized them and they could not even bring themselves to talk.

Seeing their reaction, Joel struggled to get on his feet so he could go over and take a look. “What’s the matter? What is it?” he asked worriedly.

Joel was struck with terror when he saw it.

He dropped to the ground weakly and his lips quivered in fear.

Outside their building, countless battle tanks lined up in an orderly manner, besieging the building and leaving them with no exit route.

There were even tens of fighting vehicles following close behind.

Armed soldiers disembarked from the vehicles and tanks as they marched concertedly towards the Chamber of Commerce.

Soon, the thuds of their footsteps could be heard drumming down the corridor.

In a split of a second, the soldiers kicked down the door and swarmed in, filling up the spacious meeting room in no time.

Each of the soldiers was fully equipped with weapons and they pointed their guns at Wardell and his friends as they awaited a command.

The bodyguards clambered to hide under the table as they saw they were clearly outnumbered. Some of them were so scared they wet their pants and a pungent smell soon wafted through the crowded room.

“Move! Let me see the bitch who dared to wreak havoc in the restricted military zone! I’m gonna beat the shit out of him!” A coarse and assertive voice came from the multitude of soldiers.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 726

Following the commanding voice, a bulky man in uniform appeared with a machine gun on his shoulder.

After making an entrance, the army official stood still and surveyed the people. He spotted Levi and quickly saluted, saying, “Chief, this is South City Warzone Black Panther Regiment’s Zebedee reporting!”

It turned out that the Guardian Mansion Levi was temporarily living in was Black Panther’s territory.

As soon as he found out that someone tore down the Guardian Mansion, Zebedee summoned the regiment and hunted the culprits down.

“Chief?” Wardell and Joel looked at Levi in disbelief.

It instantly dawned upon them why Tim entrusted the investment conference project to Levi.

Because he was a big shot in the army!

They thought Levi was merely someone Tim had connections with.

Wardell and Joel never once thought that Levi could actually be someone important.

Zebedee pointed his machine gun towards Wardell and shouted in a condescending tone. “Who gave you the permission to knock down the buildings in the Guardian Mansion? You’ve got some nerves, haven’t you? Well, it’s true that we are not supposed to harm innocent civilians, but you fools had brought it on yourself after what you did!”

“Why is your gun pointed at us? What do you want to do?” Wardell’s voice became shaky.

“Hah! You’re scared? I bet this is not the first time you’ve done something like this. I’m not gonna go easy on y’all!” Zebedee threatened.

Levi walked impassively towards the oval table. With a kick, he shattered the table into pieces.

Dust and debris dispersed in the air before settling into a thick layer of grey powder on the ground.

“Please! Please stop!” Wardell begged, his voice choked by a cough.

The others quickly followed suit and begged for their lives.

“Chief, it’s our fault! Please forgive us. If we knew it was you, we wouldn’t do something like this!” the others implored.

“There will be a reckoning for people like you and I mean business. Go through their criminal records and investigate everything, including their exploitation of other people, trespassing of military bases, and demolition of public property!” Levi ordered.

Wardell Becker swooned and dropped to his knees upon hearing this.

This could be the end of him.

On the same day itself, the South City Chamber of Commerce was shut down for further investigation.

Many people were thrilled to hear this.

Many merchants had long been mistreated by the South City Chamber of Commerce; many had even died because they went against the organization.

Many of them had long coveted justice—and it was finally delivered.

Words spread around in no time and people cheered, especially those lower-level merchants. Their rights and benefits had long been abused and overlooked—and they were vindicated at last.

Of course, this called for a celebration.

It turned out that the South City Chamber of Commerce’s corruption was way more entrenched than thought.

The organization had siphoned public funds worth more than thousands of billions.

After confiscating the embezzled fund, the authorities channeled the money into infrastructure maintenance.

The public was appeased by how the case was handled and Levi could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Indeed, one man’s misfortune was another’s fortune.

The Black family was now in hot waters.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 727

The ten million they spent were all in vain.

Since the investment conference was already around the corner, they now put all their hopes on Zoey.

Meredith and Robert beckoned Zoey over and inquired about how things had been progressing.

Zoey said she had done everything she could—but she was still unsure about how things would turn out.

Nevertheless, she remembered what Levi told her.

He said the results were entirely within his control.

Since Levi was so confident, she should also trust him.

They would face it together even if they lost.

“I think the project will be ours!” Zoey said.

“Are you sure?” Meredith’s eyes glimmered with hope.

Robert was so excited he stood up and exclaimed, “Really? Are we gonna win the project?”

“Of course! We will nail it!” Zoey repeated. She was sure Levi would make it.

This was how much Zoey trusted her husband—she trusted him no matter what came their way.

As long as it was something Levi was confident about, she would stand by him without a doubt.

“That’s great! Success has always been on your side, I’m sure it will be the same this time too!” Meredith said, almost bursting into tears of joy.

This project was worth fifty billion. This meant the Black family would pocket at least tens of billions of profit.

This was a big fortune.

“But I have a condition,” Zoey said.

“What is it?” they asked unanimously.

“This project will be under the Black family, but I want to be in charge of all the details,” Zoey pronounced her condition.

“What?” they murmured. They did not seem pleased with what they just heard.

How could Zoey be the only person in charge of how the project was rolled out?

This was unreasonable.

“No way. This is the Black family’s project, how can we let an outsider run things?” one of them protested.

“Yeah! It won’t look good on us if outsiders find out about it!” another agreed.

Voices of disagreement quickly spread among them.

“Zoey, you should stand clear of the Black family’s finances to prevent any misunderstandings, don’t you think so?” Jennie suggested.

“Yeah, I agree. Imagine what would the old folks make of it?” Logan said.

“This is my condition. It’s either y’all accept it or just forgo the project,” Zoey said adamantly.

“Alright then. Grandma and grandpa accept this condition. You will take full charge of the project!” Meredith promised.

After getting a satisfactory answer, Zoey finally left.

After she left, Bailey and other people grumbled. “Dad, mom, how could y’all allow that?”

“Well, we just need to wait till the project comes to us. By then she won’t even have a say in it,” Meredith said gleefully.

“But I thought you promised her?” someone asked.

“I don’t have to admit it! When the time comes, all of you just have to be my witnesses and say I never promised her anything.”

Hearing what Meredith said, the Blacks smiled slyly.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 728

They used the same trick all over again. They knew it was someone from the Black family who took the ten million check last time, yet they accused Levi.

This time around, they knew Zoey would not stand a single chance against them.

However, Quintus was a little worried. He said, “Grandma, that won’t be foolproof right? You still have a reputation to keep.”

“I will gladly trade my reputation for the Black family. Besides, given Zoey’s unswerving loyalty to Levi, this project will ultimately go to him if we allow her to have her way,” Meredith said.

“True. We should never let Zoey have things her way,” Logan and Jennie said.

Zoey was too naive to believe the Black family.

Meredith was a reliable person in Zoey’s eyes and she took her word for it.

But all this was just an illusion.

The day went by quickly and at last, the investment conference commenced.

Merchants from all over convened at the exhibition center.

Thanks to the collapse of the South City Chamber of Commerce, local low-level merchants got the chance to participate.

As the person in charge of the event, Levi had to make sure everything worked out well.

As soon as he arrived at the exhibition center, a familiar voice held his step.

“This must be an unlucky day. I can’t believe we ran into him again!”

It was Tyler.

He and his friends were here for the investment conference as well.

Their status gave them all the reason to behave snobbishly—the Jones family was the biggest player in the conference today.

The South Hampton royal family came second to none.

“Are you here for the investment conference?” Wales asked.

“Else why am I here?” Levi said.

“Aren’t you just a security guard? Why? Are you here to bid for an investment project too? Or you’re here because you want to sell your identity as the Jones family’s grandson so you can earn some money?” Wales teased.

Hearing this, Tyler warned Levi, saying, “Don’t let me catch you sneakily using our family’s name. I won’t let you off the hook that easily!”

“Sadly, I’m not here to bid for an investment project,” Levi replied accordingly.

“Then?” Tyler asked.

“I’m here to decide who wins the project,” Levi answered.

“What a joke! Are you trying you say you’re in charge here?” Wales derided.

“Not bad! I see you like role playing,” Tyler joked, shaking his head in disbelief.

Two days ago, Levi said he was the God of War; today, he said he was the chair of the investment conference.


This was pure foolishness to Tyler.

Dude, this is not how you get our family’s attention.

You’ll need to have some substance. If your net worth were thousands of billions, we might consider taking you in.

Or at least, you should be the King of War—else don’t expect us to receive you as one of us.

You’re just a nobody!

Levi glanced at the Joneses and said, “You guys may leave now. You won’t get anything out of the investment conference today.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 729

Tyler was taken back.

What do you mean?

We will not get anything out of the conference today?

Are you kidding me?

It’s the organizers’ honor our family graced the event today!

We won’t land a good investment deal?

That’s utterly preposterous!

If our family failed to strike a deal, no one can!

Our family controls pretty much everything that happens here.

“Don’t be absurd! No one dares to cross the Jones family,” Tyler said with a crooked smirk on his face.

None of them believed anything of the sort would happen.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you get chased out later,” Levi advised before striding into the venue.

“Hah! What a contemptuous fellow! Who does he think he is? We’ll watch and see who gets driven off later,” Tyler said as the lot swaggered in.

Upon arrival, the Joneses headed for the front row seat.

“Move!” Wales yelled as he dismissed those merchants who had already taken their seats in the first row.

Everyone was seething in silence—they knew full well that woe would betide whoever upset the Joneses.

But not long after they sat down, a few guards came up to them and started asking them to leave. “You guys can’t sit here, please leave now,” they requested.

“What?” Tyler and the others could not believe they heard the guards right.

“What are you talking about?” Tyler asked.

“Please leave now, you guys are not on the guest list of the conference today,” the guards answered.

Tyler gave off a laugh. “Hey, I think you got the wrong people. Don’t you know who we are?” he questioned.

“Yes, we are well aware that you guys are the Joneses. Please, make a move and leave before we have to chase you all out,” the guards said in a serious and harsh tone.

Tyler and the others were completely stunned.

What? Wait! Isn’t this what that fellow said earlier on?

They are legit asking us to leave?

No way!

“Well, since you know we are the Joneses, who gave you the guts to ask us to leave?” Tyler interrogated.

“Please leave now! We are not here to answer questions!” the guards ordered.

“I’m sorry but there is nothing you can do to make us leave,” Tyler said nonchalantly.

I doubt anyone in the South City has the balls to do anything to us!

Wales and the others followed suit and hoarded the seats without moving a muscle.

The guards took out their walkie-talkies and asked for aid, “This is Team X speaking, please send back up!”

In less than a minute, around ten security guards came to the scene.

Without another word, the guards dragged them and threw them out of the exhibition center.

“Hey? What do you think you’re doing?! Let me go! I’m the eldest son of the Jones family! Don’t you dare touch me!” the Joneses started shouting as they struggled to free themselves but to no avail.

“Who do you think you are? I’ll make sure you guys pay up!” Wales hurled threats at the guards after every one of them was chased out of the center.

“Sure! We will be waiting for the Jones family! Make sure you get my name right! I’m South City Black Panther Regiment’s First Lieutenant Sirius!” one of the men in uniform retaliated.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 730

“I’m South City Black Panther Regiment’s Captain Dave!” another one reported.

“And I’m South City Black Panther Regiment’s First Lieutenant Fillin!” another soldier stated.


After each of them took turns to announce their identity. Tyler and the others were startled.

What? The organizers mobilized the military soldiers because of this investment conference? What the heck?

“We’re so sorry, we must’ve been out of our mind. Please forgive us,” Tyler and Wales quickly apologized.

Shoot! What were we thinking? They are the military!

I hope this never gets to the God of War! We need to make a good impression!

But this is really weird! Why would the investment conference deploy South City Warzone’s military personnel?

Also, everything happened exactly as Levi said!

Wales and Tyles eyed each other in confusion.

“Don’t tell me Levi Garrison is behind this. Is he the person in charge here?” Wales asked the others.

Tyler frowned as he rubbed his chin, thinking. “This is really weird. We are just here to attend the investment conference. Maybe this really has something to do with Levi Garrison.”

Just as they were busy trying to figure things out, a car pulled up in front of the exhibition center, and out of the car came Zoey Lopez.

She did not go into the center herself, but rather, she sent her secretary.

“Tyler, do you know who this woman is? She’s Levi’s wife!”

Wales did a thorough research about Levi and he knew exactly who this woman was with just a glance.

“Let’s go and ask her!” Tyler said, leading the others towards Zoey.

“Are you Levi’s wife?” Tyler inquired.

“Yes, and you are?” Zoey replied as she squinted her bright and beautiful eyes in confusion.

She looked at the man in front of her from the top to the toe, wondering if he was Levi’s friend.

“This brat scored big, didn’t he? His wife is too good for him!” the Joneses said among themselves.

Tyler smiled courteously at the charming lady and said, “Ms. Lopez, if I were you, I’d take a good look at who I married instead of being too trusting. I don’t know who Levi said he was, but he is not who he claimed to be. The Jones family will never acknowledge him and we have nothing to do with him.”

“Thanks for giving me a forewarning, but don’t you worry. Levi is not even interested in returning to the family,” Zoey replied politely but tersely.

She would never allow anyone other than herself to criticize Levi—she would readily defend him in front of others.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you then,” Tyler replied with a smirk as all of them turned and left.

Zoey watched them leave. A question popped up in her brain when she was talking with Tyler.

Is this how Levi nailed the project?

The leader of the Morris Group would not just sit and watch.

Zoey could not figure out how Levi did it at first, but after talking to Tyler, she thought she knew.

Levi probably bid for the project by telling people he was the grandson of the Joneses.

If people knew he was a member of a South Hampton royal family like the Jones family, getting a project worth fifty billion would not be a problem at all.

So this is how he did it.

Zoey felt really touched.

She knew how much Levi hated that family, and yet he said he was one of them just to help her get the project.

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