The Return of God of War Chapter 711-720

The Return of the God of War Chapter 711

This naturally drew a lot of envious looks from the crowd.

However, Sylas really despised such behavior.

Nearly everyone in attendance had military medals, and yet no one took them out.

“Oh, and do you remember how we almost got a special class merit but it was stolen by another soldier from our squad? That was such a pity!”

“I know! We were the ones who came across the intel, but that dude just stole the credit right out from under us!”

“Oh my gosh! I still hate that guy even to this day! If it weren’t for him, I’d be so much better off right now!”

The group of men were all grumbling.

After all that bragging, the other veterans came to learn their names, which were Brad Guzman, Xerxes Lewinski, and Gordon Wheeler.

Sylas never expected that those men were once Levi’s comrades.

Levi had started out as a private before being secretly reassigned to the Northern Region.

So these men must be in the same squad as him.

And frankly, all the merits they had obtained had pretty much nothing to do with them.

They were all thanks to Levi putting his life on the line.

It was Levi who managed to infiltrate the enemy’s command post, but the trio then unashamedly came to steal the limelight.

It was also because of Levi that their company was the only one that successfully defended their base when the whole regiment lost theirs. The trio again stole Levi’s thunder.

All those merits that they were boasting about so smugly were all because of Levi. They had done nothing but brazenly taken the credit.

The trio had always been nothing but bums who skated through life. Their families wanted to make men out of them, so they enlisted them in the military.

So despite donning military uniforms, they had never been a soldier at heart.

Thus, they enjoyed all sorts of special treatment, but they never put in the effort during training and even caused all sorts of trouble. When they went to the battlefield, they were always the first to duck and run too.

So in the end, they had plenty of military awards to brag about despite only being in uniform for a short while.

In fact, Levi couldn’t comprehend why his merits and glory had fallen in their hands.

But he was never the type to care about credit and honor.

Besides, the medals were going to the men in the same squad and sharing the same dorm with him, so he never spoke out about their doings.

However, their behavior soon worsened.

He was always the one fighting deep in the trenches while the trio silently lounged in the back and collected the awards.

That final special class merit that they spoke about earlier was one that Levi finally refused to concede. This immediately sowed a seed of hatred in them.

If they had gotten that special class merit, then they would’ve enjoyed a much better lifestyle after being discharged from military service.

So all these years, not only did they not feel any gratitude towards Levi, but they even spent most of their time talking smack about him.

This time around, they had actually learned that Levi was in South City; thus, they intentionally extended an invitation to him.

In Levi’s case, he absolutely could have done something about them audaciously stealing his glory.

But because they were his first batch of comrades-in-arms, he chose not to make a big deal out of it.

Right then, someone in the crowd jumped up and suggested, “For the meeting with Chief Williamson, why don’t we have Brad Guzman and the other two represent us?”

Everyone nodded in agreement. “That’s a good idea! The three of them have the most military medals out of all of us, and their military careers have also been the most outstanding. They definitely deserve the honor of meeting with Chief Williamson!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 712

All the soldiers happily agreed to this plan and there wasn’t one dissenter in the crowd.

Brad, Xander, and Gordon couldn’t keep the smug looks off their faces.

Not much later, Levi arrived at the hotel with his invitation in hand.

When Sylas saw him, she immediately got up to greet him, but she was overtaken by Brad and the other two.

“Garrison, you’re finally here! It’s been ages!”

The trio leaned in and hugged Levi to give the others the impression that they were all very close.

“Everyone, listen up! Let me introduce you to someone who used to be in our squad, Levi Garrison!”

“He’s none other than the person who stole the special class merit from us!” Brad then turned to Levi and gave him a joking smack on his back. “We’re still holding that against you by the way, you little rascal!”

The trio was smiling and looking as if they were joking, but Levi still caught the flash of resentment in their eyes.

“I heard that you’re working as a security guard now?” asked Gordon as he patted Levi on the shoulders hard.

“That’s right.”

“Out of all the veterans, it looks like you’re the one who’s doing the worst now. Why are you working as a security guard? The least you could do is find a job as a bodyguard or something.”

“That’s right! We’ve got a female soldier who’s doing very well. That’s her over there — Sylas,” said Xerxes as he pointed over to Sylas. “She’s working as a bodyguard, and she has an annual salary of ten million. Her boss even threw in a house and a car for her!”

Sylas stood up and gave Levi a sheepish grin.

Never in a million years would she have thought that they were Levi’s comrades.

“Garrison, you’re an embarrassment to us in Northern Region!” snickered Brad.

Levi remained silent, but his gaze had traveled to the bunch of military medals laid out on the table.

A look of awkwardness flashed across the trio’s faces when they noticed where Levi was looking.

Naturally, they knew those military medals belonged solely to Levi, and that they had nothing to do with them at all.

But they weren’t going to cave in so easily. “Are you jealous? If you had been a little braver and fought alongside us, then you would’ve gotten your own medals too! Besides, you’re just working as a meager security guard even after you swiped our special class merit. On the other hand, we are just short of that one merit, otherwise, we would’ve received all the military achievements. It is really such a shame!”

The other soldiers also started to chime in. “Comrade, that’s not very loyal of you. You shouldn’t have stolen their credit, especially since you were from the same squad,” one sneered.

Levi scoffed in response. “I was the one who put in the work so of course, I deserve the medal. What did that get to do with them?”

“You deserve it? How ridiculous! Who’s going to believe that?”

“I certainly don’t!”

Clearly none of them believed Levi.

“They were awarded so many military medals throughout their careers, that also show that they have the ability to be awarded the special class merit too. But look at you, were you awarded any other medals apart from that one medal?” snorted another.

Brad was sneering at Levi too. “That’s right! You don’t have any other medals other than that one special class merit, do you?”

“Are you guys sure you want to compare military medals with me?” smirked Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 713

He actually had long forgotten about all his medals.

But now that these lots were foolishly harassing him, he decided it was necessary to take care of things once and for all.

The trio broke out into waves of mocking laughter. “Ha! Compare military medals? With us? Have you lost your mind?”

If Levi really had that many military medals, then there was no way he would be working as just a security guard.

The thing was, Levi had left their squad because of a severe injury.

Thus, they naturally assumed that his military career ended then as well.

But unbeknownst to them, Levi had only just been reassigned to a top-secret squad.

Levi whipped out his phone and placed a call to Phoenix. “It’s me. Bring some of my military medals to Oceanic Restaurant.”

“Hahahaha…” The trio doubled over in laughter.

“Just how many medals do you have that you need someone to deliver them over to you? Stop fooling yourself, Garrison!” snickered Gordon.

The other veterans also had visible smirks on their faces.

They were having fun being entertained by Levi’s little show.

The thing was, the trio really had too many military medals and was undeniably the most lauded amongst everyone at the gathering.

The other veterans, as successful as their careers had been, didn’t even have half as many medals as them.

So Levi was clearly only going to make himself look stupid, especially since he was quite ordinary when compared to everyone else.

Seeing all this unfold made Sylas extremely anxious. A cold sheen of sweat broke out all over her body.

She wanted to tell everyone about Levi’s real identity, but she changed her mind after seeing the determined look on his face.

Levi turned his attention back on Brad and the other two. He perked an eyebrow at their smug expressions. “Can you sleep at night knowing that you took what should’ve been mine? Don’t the three of you even feel one ounce of shame?”


The trio hesitated for a little before quickly regaining their composure.

“What on earth are you blabbering on about? We were awarded these medals because we put our lives on the line. Everything is properly documented in the files, and an easy search will prove us right. Who are you to try and steal this from us?”

“You’re despicable, Garrison! How dare you claim our medals for yourself?”

All the other veterans had believed Brad and his friends, so they naturally assumed Levi was lying through his teeth here too.

“And you call yourself a warrior of Erudia? You’re an embarrassment to all of us! Do you have nothing else better to do than to covet military medals that have nothing to do with you at all?”

Most people in the room were getting angry.

“Don’t tell anyone you served up North. We don’t want to be associated with shameful people like you! What? You don’t like what I said? Then come, let’s fight it out!” growled one muscular-looking warrior.

Sylas quickly stepped up, hoping to diffuse the situation. “We’re all comrades here. There’s no need to get fired up.”

“Fine. Since you’re the one asking, I won’t do anything. But, if no one delivers those supposed medals of his, then I can’t guarantee I’ll keep my cool,” the same guy roared.

Thus, everyone stared at Levi expectantly, waiting for those medals of his to arrive.

Soon enough, casually dressed Phoenix rushed into the scene. In his arms was an army green box.


The Return of the God of War Chapter 714

The sound of the box hitting the table startled everyone.

Phoenix turned to Levi and whispered to him. “You have too many medals. I could only manage to grab one case.”

All of Levi’s medals — and there were really a lot — were in Phoenix’s care.

Levi gave a small smirk. “Don’t worry. These are more than enough.”

The duo’s conversation shocked those standing around them.

Did he say too many military medals?

Wait. How many medals does he have that he needs such a big case?

And… there’s more than one case?

Brad, on the other hand, still had the same sneer plastered across his face. “Open the case and show us then! There’s no way there are medals inside!”

“Exactly! Who do you think you’re fooling with that box?”

Gordon and Xerxes naturally refused to believe him too.

Levi had gotten injured and then was discharged very early in his military career. The Special Class Merit had to be the only medal he had ever been awarded.

Levi glanced lazily at Phoenix and instructed, “Open the box.”

Phoenix dutifully grabbed a key, unlocked the box, and pulled the lid up.

The sight made everyone’s jaw drop. There were at least a hundred military medals nestled in the box.

Even the trio started to panic.

This… this can’t be real, right?

But if they’re fake, where on earth would Garrison find so many fake medals on such short notice?

Besides, he wouldn’t have purposely asked someone to send them over if they were just going to be fake, right?

Levi dipped his hand into the case and grabbed a black-colored medal.

“Special Class Merit?” gasped a few of the men.

Levi sneered. “This medal is the one that you said I stole from you.”


Levi threw it gently onto the table, before reaching for yet another black-colored medal.

“Wow! That’s another Special Class Merit!”

“This medal, I received five years ago during the battle at Catskills when I beheaded the enemy’s commander-in-chief.”


There had been four hundred thousand soldiers fighting in the battle at Catskills.

Yet, Levi was the one who beheaded the commander-in-chief?

Just who is he exactly?

Levi ignored the shocked expressions on their faces and continued to pull out yet another black-colored medal.

Another one!

Everyone inhaled sharply at the sight.

“I received this because I was the first one to infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold up at the Northern Region.”


Levi again tossed it onto the table.

Everyone stared at the three medals lying there. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

These are real medals!

Real freaking medals!

The trio was in complete panic mode now. They stared at Levi with their eyes wide and their mouths agape.

However, Levi wasn’t done yet. He continued to draw one medal after another out of the box. There were a couple dozen of them, and all were Special Class Merits.

“These were awarded for similar reasons, so there’s really nothing much to say.”

This comment nearly threw everyone into a fit.

Nothing much to say? There are at least seventy or eighty Special Class Merit medals there and he says there’s nothing much to say?

Just who is this person?

Where exactly did he come from?

Everyone then turned their eyes onto Brad, Xander, and Gordon.

It was as if their eyes were silently accusing the trio of withholding information.

Didn’t you three say he was a mere security guard? Why would a mere bodyguard have so many Special Class Merits!

The trio’s faces were completely distorted by then.

They didn’t know what was going on either.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 715

Levi then nonchalantly grabbed a purple-colored medal out of the box.


This medal confused everyone.

It was purple-in-color, and one that no one had seen before.

What class is this?

Could it be of a higher class than the Special Class Merit?

On closer inspection, there was a beautifully engraved image of a Kirin on the medal.

“This Kirin Military Medal was awarded three years ago when I was in the East battling against Arendelle. I eliminated three hundred thousand enemies and captured another hundred thousand!” stated Levi.

Holy cow!

The men’s faces paled.

They had all heard of the battle between the Eastern Warzone and Arendelle.

That war lasted three whole days and three whole nights, and they managed to fight their way right into the capital of Arendelle before ultimately decimating it.

The whole of Erudia celebrated triumphantly.

Levi then pulled out another purple-colored medal. “This was another one I received three years ago. Felle Nation launched a sneak attack on the Southern Region and caused us extensive damages. I led our troops to charge after them, and we even wiped out the whole of Felle Nation.”


More sharp inhales could be heard echoing through the room.

They could more or less guess Levi’s identity after hearing his account.

The battle he had just spoken about was one that was a must-hear story among soldiers and had been retold again and again.

So everyone knew the story like the back of their hand.

Brad had a very unpleasant expression on his face, as if he were choking on a fly.

Levi ignored him and pulled yet another medal out of the case.

This time, it was a gold-colored medal.

There are gold-colored medals?

No one has seen gold-colored medals before! Heck, I’ve never even heard of anyone mentioning them before!

The engraving on this medal was of a magnificent dragon.

Everyone knew that dragon was a symbol of Erudia.

This meant that the medal itself could very well be a symbol of the country too!

The purple Kirin Military Medal was awarded to those whom the country placed great value on.

Thus, the gold medal could only be one that was awarded to Erudia’s ultimate God of War.

Levi held the heavy medal in his hands as he spoke, “This medal is called the Dragon Military Medal, or just the Dragon Medal. This is the only one of its kind in the history of Erudia!”


Levi had just finished speaking when the trio suddenly collapsed onto the floor.

They were so shocked that it wouldn’t be surprising if they blacked out right then.

Who would’ve imagined that their fellow comrade, the one who had once been in their squad, would turn out to be someone who owned the only Dragon Military Medal in Erudia!

Everyone else was trembling in their shoes too.

Even Sylas, who was well-aware of Levi’s true identity, wasn’t exempted from being affected by the atmosphere in the room.

Finding themselves standing in front of such a highly-revered man made their blood pound with exhilaration.

But Levi wasn’t finished yet. “Two years ago, with my very own fists, I had defeated an army coalition with the Eighteen-Nation Alliance. In order to honor me for my unmatched capabilities, Erudia awarded me with this Dragon Medal and promoted me to a five-star ranked God of War. I am also the only God of War with five stars in the history of Erudia! That was the pinnacle of my career, and my name has been written into history. I’ll never forget the day that I was awarded this medal…”

Levi’s voice trailed off as he became swept up in his memories.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 716

Everyone held their breath as Sylas saluted and announced. “Salute to our Chief! Salute to our Hero!”

Sylas’ voice was like a wake-up call to everyone else as they quickly saluted to the God of War with their body trembling and eyes filled with tears.

The tears weren’t only for the honor to meet face to face with the God of War, but also the stories behind each and every badge that he earned.

The man standing in front of them was the protector of Erudia, the one who gave them the peace they’d been living in.

Everyone was excited. It was as if they had returned to the military camp.

“We will fight by your side if there is war!” Sylas shouted and everyone repeated after her.

Even Phoenix straightened his body as he remembered the time when they fought the invasion from the alliance.

It was a time of darkness, but also a time of miracle.

As the world thought that Erudia was going to fall, Levi led the army to turn the tide, and defeated the Eighteen-Nation Alliance.

The God of War had slain thousands of god-like warriors sent by the eighteen nations with his iron fists. It was that fight that made Erudia one of the superpowers it was now instead of a developing country.

The three had their bloods drawn from their faces.

They didn’t need to suspect Levi’s identity anymore for the truth had been spoken.

Levi glared at the three of them and challenged, “Do you still want to compare the number of medals?”

“I-I-I-I…” Brad Guzman was at a loss for words.

“I have dozens of medals here. Do you need me to tell you the story behind each and every one of these medals?”

The three had nothing more to say except kneeling before him and begged for forgiveness. They didn’t even come close to comparing themselves with Levi.

Levi scoffed and slowly put his medals back into the case before setting his eyes on Brad’s medals on the table. “I was going to let this slide, but you three have crossed the line. I was the one who risked my life to complete the mission for these medals and yet you guys took credit for it. Now, are you still claiming that these belong to you?”

“N-no…” Brad and his partners in crime quickly shook their heads.

“Even if I ignore your wrongdoings, I still have to take back whatever that belongs to me. Even if it’s a third-class award, it’s still an honor that belongs to me. It’s proof of my sacrifice. Phoenix, take these medals away and strip them of their achievements!” Levi ordered.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 717

“Yes, Sir!” Phoenix responded immediately.

“You guys are worthless!” Levi roared and threw Brad and his companions out, leaving the others cowering in fear.

The purpose of the gathering was to discuss how they should welcome Ezra. Yet, instead of doing that, it turned into an event where they witnessed the true face of the God of War.

Everyone finally understood the reason for Ezra, Western Region’s commander-in-chief, would come to South City. They finally had their answer.

He came to see the God of War.

“You guys don’t have to be so tense,” Levi stated. “I still have something to announce. Sylas, please.”

Sylas nodded. “The boss I was talking about earlier is the Chief. I have been hired as a bodyguard to the Chief’s wife.”

“Let me make it simple. I’m planning to build an indestructible security team at Morris Group, so I would be glad if anyone here is willing to join us,” Levi explained.

“Count me in!”

“Me too.”

Everyone began to volunteer as if it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which it was. To them, there would be no bigger honor than to work for the God of War.

“I don’t need to be paid!” one shouted.

“No, everyone here is getting paid according to the market price. I only have one request. Guard the company with all your might.”

Levi was feeling very happy after taking care of that matter. The safety of Morris Group’s employees was now solved.

With that, Levi and Phoenix left so that the gathering could continue.

On his way back, Levi ran into a familiar face.

It was none other than Tyler, who was leading the Joneses.

The building that Morris Group and Oriental Star Group now owned once belonged to Triple Group, a high-rise building that was situated in the center of South City.

Tyler and his people were inspecting the surroundings so that they could build a statue of the God of War.

“Hold it! Did I say you could leave?” Wales stopped Levi.

“What do you want?” Levi was a little angered by Wales’ action as that spoiled his mood. “Looks like you are playing it smart and aren’t messing around with the Joneses’ name.”

“Are you looking down on us?” Tyler questioned.

Levi was rendered speechless at the question as Tyler’s action was contradicted with what he said in the past.

“Whatever. Get the hell out of here. You in our way of building the statue of the God of War.” Tyler waved his hand to chase Levi away.

“What did you say?” Levi was surprised to hear his own title.

“Are you deaf? We’re looking for the best location to build a statue for the God of War!”

“Just give up. The God of War doesn’t like all these craps.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 718

“What did you say?”

Everyone was stunned by what Levi had just spouted and stared at him unbelievably.

“The God of War won’t like it? Did you really just say that?”

“Yes, I did,” Levi nodded.

“What? Are you implying that you’re the God of War?” Tyler laughed.

“That’s right. And I don’t like it.”

“This guy is delusional!” one of the Joneses laughed as the others looked at Levi as if he was a total buffoon.

They would rather believe that Levi had a billion in his account rather than him being the God of War as the punishment for impersonating the guardian of the country could land one in jail for a few decades.

“Get the hell out of here! Like it has anything to do with you!” Tyler laughed. “I can assure you that the God of War will be very fond of this new statue!”

“We Joneses will be the first to build a statue of the God of War in Erudia to commemorate his great contribution and achievement to the country.” Tyler declared proudly.

The Joneses had a smug look on their faces. If they could complete the statue, everyone in Erudia, and even the whole world, would shift their focus to their family. They could gather wealth like no one had ever seen before.

They also believed that the God of War would like the statue, and that was their main goal.

“You’re just wasting your time. Still, do whatever you like,” Levi said and turned to leave.

If the Joneses were erecting a statue of him to show their gratitude, Levi would’ve let them be. He would even thank them for doing that.

The only problem was that the Joneses were never the kind people who would do things that wouldn’t benefit them, and Levi did not like that one bit.

“Stop! Who do you think you are?” Wales yelled while Tyler stood next to him with his arms crossed. The latter always looked down on Levi as he was an important member of the Prince Gang in South Hampton. If any of his friends learned that he had a cousin like Levi, they would definitely make fun of him.

“You’re just like your mother, a nobody! You don’t deserve to be a part of our family!” Tyler mocked as Levi left.

Even though their progress was held back a little by their run in with Levi, the Joneses finally found a perfect place and began their construction of the statue.

As for Levi, he put his back into the investment conference as soon as he got back to Morris Group since he promised Tim that he would handle it.

Levi even transferred Aurora from North Hampton to South City for the project.

Without wasting much time, Aurora got a handful of tender documents for Levi, which he read through thoroughly one by one.

He had high hopes for businesses from other regions to develop in South City through the investment conference.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 719

Levi was a genius in doing business from the beginning. He could instantly make out which companies would benefit South City as soon as they got their investments. The most important part of the project was to generate healthy competition in the industry.

“The Joneses?” Levi raised a brow when he noticed the Joneses’ tender.

He immediately frowned after reading through the document as the Joneses were trying to win the bid by using their royal status. The tender documents that the Joneses submitted were in a complete mess.

Thus, Levi marked a huge red cross on the document without even thinking twice.

“Oh? Isn’t this Logan and Jennie’s company?” Levi smiled. It was evident that they were trying to gain a huge profit from the conference.

Another red cross was marked at the second document.

The next tender document belonged to the Black family, which was drafted by Zoey. The only problem was that Robert and Meredith’s names were noted down as the people in charge instead of Zoey’s.

Levi took the matter into his own hands and crossed Robert and Meredith’s names off and replaced it with Zoey’s name before marking a tick on the document.

For the next few days, Levi was completely immersed in inspecting all the tender documents that were submitted and came up with a list of names.

On the other hand, there existed a powerful group called the South City Chamber of Commerce. They held the power to control every market in South City.

Yet, they would use their influence to cut off all investors from other regions in order to monopolize the businesses in South City and had caused a great deal of trouble because of that.

In the office of the chamber, the president and a few directors were holding a meeting.

Wardell Becker, President of South City Chamber of Commerce, spoke in a cold tone. “The investment conference is just days away. I noticed quite a number of companies from other regions are trying to do business here by winning the bid.”

“I noticed that as well. The policy is encouraging them to develop and invest here. They are going crazy!” Joel Fraley, Vice-president of the South City Chamber of Commerce, nodded in agreement.

“The three hundred billion should belong to South City! Technically speaking, we, the South City Chamber of Commerce should be in charge of handling the money! Why would the higher-ups give such an important task to a young’un instead?

“I know, right? If he divides the money to the companies from other regions, we would lose a lot of shares!”

The rest of the directors agreed as well.

“That’s what I’m worried about the most. I’ve heard that this young man is an advocate of attracting investment from other regions to promote the development of Quebec! What a load of crap!” Wardell scolded.

“Don’t worry. As long as we butt into this matter, even companies from other cities of Quebec can’t even get a single cent from the project! That money belongs to us!” Joel stated confidently.

Their views were simple. To keep the three hundred billion away from companies from other regions. As long as the money was distributed to companies in South City, they could make a lot of profits from it.

“Mr. Becker, what should we do?” one of the directors asked.

“We just have to make the head of the project one of our own,” Wardell suggested.

“I’ve already found out who the head is. He’s Levi Garrison from North Hampton,” Joel said. “He’s not part of the business circle. I’m confused as to why the higher-ups would let him lead such an important project.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 720

“That’s none of our business. We just have to know who the person in charge is,” Wardell smiled. “Joel, you and I are going to pay this Levi a visit.”

As Levi was leaving his office, he was greeted by a group of people.

“Are you Mr. Levi Garrison?” Joel asked. “We’re from the South City Chamber of Commerce. Is it possible to have some of your time? We would like to make a proposition.”

Levi was surprised that the Chamber of Commerce would catch up to him so soon.

They most probably found out about me when Aurora was moving the documents.

“Of course.” Levi followed Joey into a Lincoln where a person was waiting inside for him.

“Allow me to introduce myself first. I’m Wardell Becker, President of the South City Chamber of Commerce. We would like to discuss with you about the upcoming investment conference.”

“Go on.”

“Even though we aren’t part of the government, we are still an organization formed by the businessmen of South City. We represent the interest of all businessmen in South City and to stabilize the market. We heard that Mr. Garrison is interested in attracting businesses from other regions to invest in our city. We believe that this would harm our interests, which is something that we cannot ignore.”

“I see,” Levi smiled. “Then, what do you propose?”

“We propose that while companies from other regions could participate in the bid, only businesses from South City can win the projects. As long as you agree to our proposition, this will be yours,” Wardell smiled as he handed Levi a check.

Levi took a peek at the numbers and wasn’t surprised to see a hundred million written on it.

“These women will be yours as well.” Wardell pointed at the four gorgeous women sitting in the back seat. Calling them supermodels would be an understatement.

“This car could be yours too. Mr. Garrison, I know you hold the power to decide who can or can’t invest in the project. That power will still belong to you, as long as you make sure that only the businessmen from South City will win all the bids. With this, it will be a win-win situation. You also get something from it. Isn’t it a great deal?”

“You’re right. No matter what I choose, it won’t harm my interest.” Levi returned the smile.

Both Wardell and Joel were glad to see that Levi was on their side, or so they thought.

“From this day onwards, you’ll be a friend of the South City Chamber of Commerce. Just let us know if you run into any troubles in the future,” Wardell offered as he tried to hold his laughter back.

The president of the chamber could not believe he could dupe the young man in front of him so easily. He was already picturing the huge amount of shares he could get when the three hundred billion find its ways to the businesses in South City.

His net worth would shoot up by a least ten times.

Levi looked at the check and smiled, which froze both Wardell and Joel.

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