The Return of God of War Chapter 71-80

The Return of God of War Chapter 71
Everyone was astounded as they looked at Levi and Chloe in disbelief.

“Vi… villa?” Vernon asked with a shaky voice.

“That’s right. If we are talking about a normal house or flat, Bayview Garden will have served the purpose.” Chloe said.

Larry Tate and his son were flabbergasted. Our family can barely afford a house in Bayview Garden, not to mention the villas owned by Bayview Garden Real Estate. These villas cost at least thirty million to over a hundred million. Can Levi Garrison really afford a villa? We don’t believe this.

Even Theodore Macy and his wife were doubtful. We are relatively familiar with Levi Garrison’s current condition. He certainly can’t afford a villa. He’s no longer the billionaire he was 6 years ago.

Just as they were pondering about Levi’s current situation, a group of people rushed out from the villa area.

Chloe’s parents recognized the man leading the group of people.

He was Bayview Garden Real Estate’s boss, Jim Spencer, as well as Chloe’s superior. They met with him once during the annual general meeting.

Jim Spencer walked forward hastily in Levi’s direction and greeted him excitedly. “It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Garrison. You could’ve informed me before your arrival. It is my duty to welcome you in person.”

“Welcome, Mr. Garrison!” All the staff working under Bayview Garden Real Estate lined up in two neat rows to welcome Levi. They even prepared a red carpet and flower petals to celebrate his advent.

Vernon, Larry, and the others were stupefied. What’s with this grandiose formation?

Theodore and Suzy on the other hand started to see Levi in a different light.

Levi said casually. “There’s no need to go through all the trouble. I’m only here to purchase a villa.”

Levi’s words took Larry and his family by surprise.

Theodore questioned his daughter to confirm the thought in his mind. “Did he buy a house from you previously?”

“Yes. He bought the most expensive unit in Bayview Garden and paid the fifty million in cash. He’s now the VVIP of Bayview Garden Real Estate.” Chloe explained.

Her parents nearly passed out from the shock. This is crazy. He paid fifty million in cash?

“Please follow me, Mr. Garrison.” Jim led Levi into the sales center in person.

The sales center was embellished with champagne and decorations in preparation to celebrate Levi’s purchase.

“May I know what kind of villa are you looking for, Mr. Garrison?” Jim asked.

“The most expensive one.” Levi answered without any hesitation. I will make it up to Morris by treating his parents well from now on. Buying them the most expensive villa is the least I can do.

Levi’s nonchalant request frightened the Tate family members. Even if we combine all of our assets, they are not worth even a hundred million, yet Levi is here casually acquiring a villa worth more than our family’s net worth.

Their faces reddened in embarrassment when they thought of the insults they threw in Levi’s face earlier. Perhaps we are just some clowns in his eyes, making a fool out of ourselves.

“Please follow me, Mr. Garrison. This is the most expensive villa we have. The price is one hundred and twenty million, but we will provide you with a twenty million discount. The size of this villa is…” Jim began to explain the details of the villa.

“Okay. That’s good. I want to move in tonight. Can you handle the rest for me?” Levi asked.

“Absolutely! We will also provide you with three housekeepers, a butler, a van, and a chauffeur.” Jim offered.

In the end, Levi paid for the hundred million villa in full amount using his card while everyone stared at him.

Then Levi pointed at Chloe and said, “She’s my agent. The commission belongs to her.”

“Please be rest assured, Mr. Garrison. I understand what you mean.” Jim smiled.

The Return of God of War Chapter 72
Chloe did not know how she should respond to the turn of events. I can receive at least a fifty million commission from this sale alone. But I did practically nothing.

Chloe’s parents now realized Vernon’s success was actually nothing to be amazed by. Their family’s wealth was insignificant either. “Larry, let’s discuss our children’s matter another day.” Theodore said mercilessly.

“Huh? But…” Larry and his family were left rooted to their spot dumbfoundedly while Chloe and her family left swiftly.

Levi brought the Atkinsons to the new villa in the night. “Please stay here from now on. I will take good care of you in Morris’ stead!”

Levi finally felt at ease after he was done arranging his godparents’ accommodation.

Meanwhile, the Garrison family was keeping track of Levi’s movements as usual.

Bryan Garrison sneered. “Levi bought a house for Morris’ parents and even vowed to avenge Morris’ death.”

“Hmph. He’s just a piece of trash. I doubt he will ever find out the truth behind Morris’s death, much less carrying out any revenge.” Victoria responded disdainfully.

“Is the Lopez family aware of this matter? Bryan, I want you to inform them immediately. I want them to be present as well five days later. I want the Lopez family to see with their own eyes as I torment Levi. I can finally avenge Ashton after so long!” Jaycob spoke coldly.

Bryan Garrison’s arrival at the Lopez family scared Harry and the others.

Members of the Lopez family were fearful after they were made aware of the gathering at the cemetery.

Bryan threatened them. “I will wipe out the entire Lopez family if I do not see all of you there five days later.”

“Please be rest assured, Mr. Garrison. We will definitely be there!” Harry Lopez’s legs wobbled.

It was only until Bryan left that Harry unleashed his anger. “Levi is really a curse! Why must he go and offend the Garrison family? Now he’s invited trouble for our family too. I’m going to kill him! Let’s go to Aaron’s house now!”

Harry brought everyone to Aaron’s place. He asked Aaron to summon Zoey and Levi as well.

Levi and Zoey saw a lot of cars parked outside the house when they arrived. They were startled to see the crowd inside the house. Every member of the Lopez family was there.

“You’re a bastard, Levi! You’re the cause of the Lopez family’s demise!” Aaron rebuked Levi the moment he walked through the door. Everyone else started hurling abuse at him too.

Zoey shifted her gaze onto Levi incredulously after she knew about the whole story. She sniffled. “I told you not to provoke the Garrison family. Why did you not listen to me? I know you want to avenge Morris, but have you ever thought about us? Have you ever thought about me?”

“I…” Levi was interrupted the moment he started to speak.

“No! You never thought about anything from my perspective! You always do as you please. Now you’ve completely offended the Garrison family and involved my family in this mess! The Lopez family will cease to exist in North Hampton if the Garrison family is dissatisfied with us. Our lives are all in danger now. Do you want to drive me to my death before you’re contented?” Zoey was tear-stricken.

Levi did not explain. They will not listen to anything I say anyway.

“What should we do now?” Aaron panicked.

“There’s only one way to resolve this…” Harry voiced out. “Zoey must divorce him! Cutting all ties with Levi Garrison is the only way to secure ourselves now.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 73

Samuel and Shaun agreed to the proposal. “That’s right. They must get a divorce! This is the only method to protect our family now!”

Although Aaron and his wife were mistreated by the Lopez family all along, they took their side in that argument.

Aaron said coldly, “Deal with your own mess. Do not trouble us. We agree for the both of you to get a divorce as well.”

Caitlyn nodded in agreement. “That’s right. I thought we would be able to live peacefully. But you had to stir up this mess. You no longer have the right to stay in the Lopez family!”

Everyone firmly requested for Zoey to divorce Levi. They did not want him to stay a second longer in the family.

Levi could not care less about the outsiders’ opinion. He only wanted to know Zoey’s stance.

Levi looked at Zoey and asked her. “What do you think? I will respect your decision.” Levi would not oppose Zoey’s wish if she desired to divorce him.

“To be honest, you’ve disappointed me greatly. You gave up a peaceful life to deliberately provoke the Garrison family. This is no longer a problem revolving around yourself because the Lopez family is now involved as well. The Garrison family can crush our family effortlessly if they wish to.” Zoey expressed her thought harshly.

Harry and the others were satisfied with what Zoey had said. Zoey will divorce Levi if she’s blaming him now. In this way, our family will escape this predicament unscathed.

“Can you please take into consideration others’ points of view before you do anything in the future? To prevent dragging my family into this mess, I have decided…”

Levi shut his eyes as he awaited Zoey’s judgment. It seems like she wants a divorce, after all.

“I will leave the Lopez family and sever all my ties with all of you. I choose to stay by my husband’s side and weather through every hardship together.” Zoey took a step forward and stood next to Levi.

Levi fell into a daze as he processed Zoey’s words in his mind.

He was overjoyed. She is indeed my wife!

Everyone else inside the house was bewildered by Zoey’s announcement.

Aaron and Caitlyn shouted simultaneously. “What do you think you’re doing, Zoey Lopez? You must get a divorce! Divorce him!”

Zoey shook her head. “No. I will not get a divorce. Why would I wait for him for six years if I wanted a divorce? Grandpa, if you desire to cut off all ties with Levi, then please banish me from the family.”


Harry was reluctant to make the final call because Zoey was her granddaughter at the end of the day. Moreover, she was handling a large project with high returns at that moment.

“Hurry up and make the official statement, Grandpa. We can safeguard the Lopez family by sacrificing her alone.” Samuel urged. Other members of the family convinced Harry as well.

Aaron and Caitlyn had no other choice but to stand aside and watch on helplessly.

Levi’s voice was heard just as Harry was about to speak. “Do you believe in me? I will settle this matter without causing any trouble to the Lopez family. But I will only do so if you promise not to banish Zoey from the family.”

“No one will believe you. Where did you find the confidence to utter those words?”

“Even Zoey is disappointed in you, not to mention us.”

Levi’s statement triggered a wave of dissatisfaction to erupt among the members of the Lopez family.

At that moment, Zoey was doubtful as well. So she did not expect anyone else to have faith in Levi.

Harry Lopez glanced at Levi and Zoey in an unforgiving manner before he announced. “I have decided to banish Zoey Lopez from the Lopez family. From now on, she will have no relationship whatsoever with the Lopez family. I will clarify this situation with the Garrison family and make a public declaration as well. We are no longer related to the both of you from now on. You will have to settle your own mess!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 74
Aaron and Caitlyn looked at Levi disappointingly. They insulted him angrily. “You’re just a piece of useless trash! You are not even capable of protecting your own wife! How can you stay indifferent after your wife is banished from her family? How can you call yourself a man?”

Levi merely held Zoey’s hand and left.

He glanced at everyone else before exiting the house. “All of you will regret the decision you’ve made today.”

“Hmph! Regret? Impossible!” Everyone sneered.

The news of Zoey’s banishment was quickly spread all over North Hampton. Everyone knew Zoey because of Levi, so the news became a sensation in no time.

Bryan Garrison laughed out loud after hearing the news from Harry Lopez himself. “Haha. This is great! Even the Lopez family cut ties with him. Levi is truly all alone now!”

“Hmph! Just you wait, Levi. Nueve will ditch you too. I’ll see what you can do by that time.”

“Go to hell, Levi! Coincidentally, we can bury you next to your best friend in that cemetery.”

Everyone in the Garrison family was pleased. In their opinion, Levi would be doomed after a few days.

Levi said with a smile after they arrived home. “You do believe in me, Zoey.”

“No. I don’t! I don’t think you have the capabilities to settle this matter. But I promised to stay by your side for the rest of our lives during the birthday banquet the other night. So I will tough through everything with you.” Zoey explained solemnly.

Levi grinned. I am getting more excited now that the time limit I gave the Garrison family is coming to an end.

That night, Azure Dragon suddenly messaged Levi: I’ve found out the truth behind Morris Atkinson’s death. Someone filmed the entire process before he died.

Levi straightened himself in a jerk when he saw the message. His sudden movements startled Zoey.

“I’m heading out for a while!” Levi left in a hurry.

Azure Dragon was waiting for him in an SUV when Levi reached the Bayview Garden neighbourhood’s entrance.

Azure Dragon began explaining after Levi got into the car. “Sir, Mr. Morris managed the company well after your imprisonment six years ago. He made the appropriate arrangements to prevent the Garrison family from taking over Levi Group.”

Levi knew well of Morris’ abilities. He’s a business prodigy. He was adept at manipulating the rules and regulations to his advantage.

“The Garrison family wanted to get rid of Mr. Morris because he interfered with their plans. So they laid a series of traps for him and faked evidence to frame him. Embezzlement was one of their tricks. Mr. Morris’ bank account was top up with one billion a day before your wedding. A few houses were suddenly registered under his name as well, with women living in those houses. Those women were the mistresses reported by the news. They faked plenty of evidence to falsify crimes against Mr. Morris. The Garrison family even included charges of corruption against Mr. Rowen.”

Levi finally understood that the Garrison family had been planning the scheme for a long time after listening to Azure Dragon’s detailed report. They wanted to eliminate me, as well as my most loyal subordinates.

“I’ve already sent people to look for the four mistresses I mentioned. They are in transit as we speak.” Azure Dragon added.

Levi met with his eyes. “Then where are we going now?”

“We are going to Queen Private Investigator Agency. This agency has been active for years. They are skilled in digging dark secrets from the past. They possess a lot of dirty secrets of wealthy people and celebrities in North Hampton. Coincidentally, someone from the agency filmed Mr. Morris’ death scene.” Azure Dragon elaborated.

“Okay. Let’s go and have a look at the evidence at Queen Private Investigator Agency.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 75
I know the Garrison family orchestrated Morris’ death. But I want to know every single detail. The process of how they drove him to jump off the building, everyone involved in the process, as well as every turn of events. I must be informed clearly of all these elements!

Queen Private Investigator Agency was unexpectedly located in a luxurious manor.

Levi would not have believed that place to be a private investigator agency if he wasn’t made aware of it in the first place.

Once they reached the entrance, the security guards requested them to get out of the car and undergo a thorough security check before they could enter the manor.

Azure Dragon whispered. “Sir, I did not reveal our identities.”

Levi nodded. “Okay.”

Levi seized the opportunity to size up his surroundings. This alloy door is custom-made. I think it’s bulletproof. These guards are clearly seasoned men. They are unusually calm and collected. I can even sense their menacing aura. Perhaps they are veterans from the battlefield.

The guards searched their bodies while wearing a pair of white gloves.

They allowed Levi and Azure Dragon to enter only after an exhaustive search.

A designated guide led them through a special tunnel after they entered the manor.

Both of them arrived at a meeting room after some time.

A middle-aged man with neatly combed hair sat on a leather sofa. He held a glass of red wine in his left hand and a cigar in his right.

Behind him stood six men clad in suits. Their demeanor and presence revealed their competency in combat. Nueve’s men were incomparable to these professional bodyguards. Moreover, they were evidently mercenaries judging from their varied skin complexion.

“Sir, he is the boss of Queen Private Investigator Agency, Francis Hicks, also known as Mr. Secrets. A lot of wealthy people and celebrities fear him the most.” Azure Dragon explained.

Francis puffed on his cigar. “Levi Garrison? You’re finally released from prison. It is quite a feat for you to be acquainted with Nueve.”

Levi and Azure Dragon merely stared at him. I guess he is not just an Average Joe to be able to obtain that information. But of course, I revealed that piece of information myself. My database is highly confidential and classified. There is only one person in Erudia who has the right to access my database.

Levi smiled. “I assume you are aware of my intention here?”

“Of course! You want the video of Morris Atkinson’s death.” Francis returned the smile.

“What is your condition then?” Levi asked.

“Wonderful! I like dealing with straightforward people like you!” Francis placed down his wine glass and raised his hand. “Five hundred million, and the video is yours.”

Azure Dragon gasped. It seems to me this Mr. Secrets is a greedy man.

“Five hundred million? That’s a little expensive.” Levi replied nonchalantly.

“Ah, you should know that I risked my precious life to take that video! We are talking about the powerful Garrison family, after all. They can easily annihilate me at any time. This video affects too many parties, aside from the Garrison family. A lot of influential forces will be hunting me if I hand this video to you. So five hundred million is a fair amount.” Francis complained.

What he did not know was that he had revealed a piece of information unwittingly. There are other parties involved in Morris’ death aside from the Garrison family. Levi leaned closer while maintaining eye contact with Francis. “Aren’t you afraid I will seek revenge against you?”

Tap, tap, tap…

The bodyguards behind Francis moved in at once as they glared at Levi.

I can cripple Levi Garrison with a single command if I want. Francis puffed on his cigar again and sneered. “I know Nueve’s power is almost comparable to Jack Jr., but he is just a mere thug at the end of the day. I do not take him seriously, much less you!”

Francis was a confident man. He could not care less about Nueve.

The Return of God of War Chapter 76
“Haha. You are absolutely right. Nueve is nothing compared to you.” Levi said honestly. Francis Hicks’s imposing manner alone is superior to Nueve’s.

Levi sat on the sofa and poured himself a glass of wine as well. He took a sip and said, “I can tell you firmly, Mr. Secrets. Five hundred million is not possible. But we can negotiate the price…”

Francis glanced at Levi. “I am a decisive person. Offer me a price then!”

Levi did not say a word. He raised his hand as well.

Francis was unsettled by that sight. “Are you kidding me? Fifty million? That’s not possible! I can consider if you offer me four hundred million!”

Levi grinned. “You’re mistaken, Mr. Secrets. It’s not fifty million.”

Francis stood up angrily. “Five million? You’re outrageous, Levi Garrison! Let me be frank. I do not care about Nueve. You will face the consequences if you infuriate me!”

Levi patted Francis’s shoulder. “Calm down, Mr. Secrets. I am a sensible person. So how would I offer you five million?”

Francis’s expression softened visibly. He assumed Levi was making a joke earlier. But Levi’s subsequent clarification shocked him to his core.

“I’m offering you five.”

The atmosphere inside the meeting room reached its boiling point afterward.


Francis slammed the table and yelled at Levi furiously. “Are you f***ing kidding me? I’ll kill you!”

Crack crack crack…

The six bodyguards behind Francis Hicks drew their bayonets in just a split second.

Tap tap tap…

At the same time, the door to the meeting room swung open. Over thirty men rushed into the room. A total of forty men surrounded Levi and Azure Dragon, leaving them with no room to escape.

Every one of these bodyguards is highly skilled and proficient in combat. Francis looked at Levi mockingly. “Have you never heard of me from Nueve? No one in the entire North Hampton has the guts to lay a finger on me. Even the most powerful Mafia boss, Jack Smith, has to pay respect to me! So how dare a nobody like you dares to make fun of me? You must be tired of living!” Francis was burning with rage.

Levi was unfazed. “I am not making fun of you. I am sincere in doing business with you. five is more than enough to pay for the video.”

Francis Hicks and his bodyguards were engulfed by wrath after listening to Levi’s words. He wants to buy the invaluable video with only five? Is he dreaming?

Francis asked Levi. “Are you serious?”

“I’ve never been more serious my entire life. I’ll pay you five for the video.” Levi nodded.

“Then I should be serious as well! You can either buy that video from me for five hundred million or let me chop off your arms. Make the decision yourself!” Francis panted heavily in anger.

However, both Levi and Azure Dragon burst with laughter after listening to his threat.

Francis and his bodyguards were dumbfounded by their reaction.

“Do you really think you can leave this place unscathed?” Francis put on a wicked smile. “Do you know how I established my influence in this city? These bodyguards are the pillars of my success! Let me be honest with you. They are all mercenaries and veterans from the battlefield. All of them participated in wars and killed over ten people. Their combat abilities far exceed Nueve’s men. No one dares to harm me because of them. Not even Jack Smith himself!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 77
“I’ve spent millions to nurture each of these bodyguards and spend over ten million on them every year.” Francis roared in Levi’s direction. “Who are you to compete with me? Do you think you can fight against me with Nueve’s support? What a joke!”

Based on Azure Dragon’s investigation, Francis Hicks is telling the truth. No one in North Hampton dares to lay a finger on him, despite being just an owner of a private investigator agency. His bodyguards do overpower the underworld forces in this city. ”Are you done blabbering?” Levi asked casually.

“Get them!” Francis commanded in rage.

But at that moment, they saw Azure Dragon slowly removing his clothes beside Levi.


Everyone was stunned after Azure Dragon removed his singlet.

What they saw was a staggering amount of horrible scars covering every inch of his skin.

The bodyguards were war veterans. So they were aware of the cause of the scars. Most are bullet wounds. Some are scars left behind from flying shrapnel and the corroded areas of the skin are caused by chemical weapons…

Even people who experienced the battlefield like them could not imagine a person sustaining so many injuries that left so many scars on their bodies. These wounds are only present on those godlike beings on warzones. They must have participated in thousands of wars to accumulate those scars.

The bodyguards were certain that Azure Dragon was a soldier as well. A legendary soldier nonetheless!

Francis was caught in perplexity when he noticed the terrified expressions on his bodyguards’ faces. But he yelled at the same time. “What are you doing? Are you afraid? You’re frightened by the sight of a few scars? Take him down, and I will reward the person who did it with a million!”

Finally, one of the bodyguards rushed forward with his bayonet after the order was given.


Azure Dragon kicked that bodyguard and sent him flying backward. He crashed against the wall and remained on the ground with his body twitching.

“Gang up on him!”

All of the bodyguards closed in on Azure Dragon simultaneously.

Thump thump thump…


Wails of pain reverberated inside the room. A few moments later, only Azure Dragon and Francis remained standing inside the meeting room while Levi sat unmoving on the couch.

All forty bodyguards were lying on the ground, covered in their own blood. The scene was a grotesque sight to behold.

Francis was petrified. He scanned his surroundings in utter disbelief.

“The King of War from the Five Great Wars Regiment of Erudia, Azure Dragon…”

“And the God of War of Erudia…”

The mercenaries lying on the ground finally recognized Levi and Azure Dragon since they once crossed paths with each other on the battlefield.

The God of War’s legendary achievements was spread throughout all warzones and battlefields for an extended period of time.

The mercenaries worshipped Levi as their God whenever they go to war. Placing faith in the God of War provides us with hope!

Now, the bodyguards were kneeling before Levi, worshipping him after recognizing him for who he was. “God… God of War… the legendary God of War…”

Mr. Secrets profession was to collect intelligence and exclusive information. So he knew about the God of War’s arrival in North Hampton. Francis was even in the know of many details compared to others.

He grasped the situation immediately after listening to his bodyguards. They are the God of War and Azure Dragon in person!

“Can we discuss the price now?” Levi swirled the wine in his glass around.


Francis groveled at Levi’s feet and begged for mercy frantically. “It’s my fault for failing to recognize the almighty God of War. Please spare my life! I beg you…”

Thump thump thump…

Francis slammed his forehead against the floor continuously to express his sincerity.

The Return of God of War Chapter 78
Levi scoffed. “What do I need your life for? I only need the video!”

“I will give you the video, Sir! I will give you anything you want!” Francis was scared out of his wits.

“I’ll pay you five as promised.” Levi said.

Azure Dragon took out the money from his pocket and tossed it in Francis’s face.

“You don’t have to pay me, Sir…” Francis forced a hideous smile.

“Just take it…” Levi raised his tone.

Francis kept the five in his pocket obediently and swiftly handed the USB containing the video to Levi.

“Play it.”

Francis hurriedly played the video on the screen after receiving the order.

Soon, a footage was shown on the screen. The background was the rooftop of Levi Group’s building.

A lot of people were there, and they were divided into 3 parties.

Morris Atkinson was by himself. The other party was the Garrison family. Namely Bryan, Victoria, Ashton, Lionel, and Tammy. While the last party consists of a few youngsters, including Philip Hardy, Kit Page, Misty Dennis, and Holly Nelson.

Those youngsters were Morris’ close friends. Holly Nelson was Morris’ love interest as he had been pursuing her.

In the past, Holly promised to become Morris’ girlfriend officially after Levi’s wedding. He was his groomsman while she was Zoey’s bridesmaid.

The rest of the video was easy to comprehend.

The Garrison family threatened Morris to jump off the building. Otherwise, they would kill Holly and the others. They also mentioned about harming Mr. and Mrs. Atkinsons.

Morris had no other choice but to fulfill their wish in order to protect his parents, lover, and friends.

But Holly and the three other people smiled cheerfully after Morris leaped off the rooftop.

I see. So they conspired with the Garrison family since the very beginning to force Morris to jump off the building. The Garrison family easily took control of Levi Group once Morris was gone. Levi grimaced after he finished the video. The temperature inside the room seemed to have dropped below freezing point.

Francis could not help but shuddered. This man in front of me is too scary. His wrath will bring countless deaths…

“Let me explain to you, Sir… Holly Nelson and the others joined forces with the Garrison family to set Mr. Morris up. After his death, Holly Nelson received benefits from the Garrison family. She is now the president of Star Entertainment.

Mr. Morris’ close friends received promotions as well. They now managed a company of their own, respectively. They are responsible for Mr. Morris’ defamation and they are the ones that leaked the falsified information about him to the public.” Francis offered.


Francis stared in horror as Levi crushed the wine glass in his hands as it shattered into pieces. “All of them must die!” The words slipped through Levi’s gritted teeth.

Francis’s legs wobbled. He fell onto the ground on his knees.

“Let’s go. We are visiting Holly Nelson tomorrow!” Levi ordered. Then he exited the place with Azure Dragon.

Francis knelt on the floor for a long time even after the both of them had left. His body was drenched in cold sweat. I agreed to Jack Smith’s request when he contacted me 2 days ago.

He wanted me to tag along to Morris Atkinson’s grave to intimidate Nueve and Levi Garrison. I will not accept that request now, even if I have a thousand lives to spare.

Levi Garrison is the legendary God of War! Now I understand why the only piece of information I could obtain about Levi Garrison during his imprisonment was that he went to the same prison as Nueve. That’s because he left the prison a long time ago. His profile is now classified and protected by the army!

The Return of God of War Chapter 79

Levi and Azure Dragon arrived at a manor afterward. It was the place Azure Dragon and the others were staying in.

“The four women are all here, Sir.” Azure Dragon whispered.

“Alright. Bring them in.” Levi ordered.

He scanned through the women’s profile on the couch. These women are executives in large corporations nominally. But they are, in fact, professional mistresses. Their profession requires them to seduce influential and highly-ranked figures and become their mistresses.

Once they’ve successfully established that status, they will deliberately leave pieces of evidence to spread the news of their infidelity and indirectly ruin these influential figures’ reputations. Morris’ case is a perfect example.

All of them tried to get close to him before his death. They purposefully allowed the paparazzi to capture photos of them together. After the fake news was released, the pictures of them entering hotels as a couple became solid evidence to back their identity as Morris’ mistresses. This is their job description, and they are usually paid handsomely after completing their tasks.

The four women entered the room after a short while.

Their appearance, demeanor, and temperament were completely different from the girls in nightclubs. They gave off an aura of that of a woman with professional career.

All of them eyed Levi arrogantly.

Levi compared their faces according to their profiles in his hand. “Nicole, Gina, Tasha, and Sasha.”

“Who are you? Why did you bring us here?” Nicole and the others glared at Levi.

“Perhaps all of you can no longer recognize me. Let me introduce myself. I am Levi Garrison.”

“What? Levi Garrison?” All four women’s faces fell when they heard that.

“Don’t be nervous. I am only here to clarify something with you. What happened to my best friend, Morris Atkinson, six years ago…”

They were startled as Levi raised his tone on purpose.

“I will let all of you leave unharmed if you confess the truth.” Levi stared at them.

Nicole and the other girls exchanged glances before they responded. “What? Everything about him was reported in the news, and that was the truth! He brought that on himself. What do we have to do with that matter? Let us go immediately. Otherwise, you will face the repercussions.”

Levi smiled. “But your professions are clearly stated here on your profile. See?”

“You’re slandering us! We did not do that! Morris Atkinson lied to us. Moreover, what’s wrong with us staying with him if he’s single? That useless piece of shit brought that on himself! We’ve got nothing to do with his death.”

“That’s right. Let us go now. Otherwise, you will receive a similar fate, Levi Garrison!” Nicole and the others threatened him. They were not afraid of Levi because they had someone supporting them.

“So, you’re not confessing?” Levi asked.

“We’re not telling you anything. There’s nothing to tell anyway.” Nicole said in a pompous manner.


Levi did not speak further. He placed a gun and a few bullets on the tabletop.

All the colors drained from all four women’s faces simultaneously.

“Do bear in mind that I have limited patience.” Levi stared at them coldly.

Nicole crossed her arms in front of her chest and sneered. “You’re not scaring anyone now. What are you going to do? Kill us?” We have a powerful figure backing us. Does he think we are some immature young girls? We know he’s just trying to intimidate us. So there’s no reason to be afraid at all.

Levi kept quiet. He disassembled a bullet and poured the gunpowder on the tabletop. Then he lit the gun powder with a match.


Burning flame erupted as the heat washed over the women.

“Argh!” They stepped backward startlingly because they were afraid of getting burned.

The Return of God of War Chapter 80
Azure Dragon grabbed Nicole’s arm and brought her forcefully to where Levi was.

Levi disassembled another bullet and poured the gun powder on Nicole’s face.

Nicole was already struggling with all her might trying to free herself, but her effort was for naught.

The other girls were trembling in fear because they sensed the dreadful atmosphere.


Levi lit another match and brought the flame close to Nicole’s face.

Levi’s slightest mistake could cause a reaction between the fire and gun powder, leading to the disfigurement of Nicole’s delicate face.

“No! Please don’t! I’ll speak. I’ll tell you everything!” Nicole yelled hysterically as she stared unblinkingly at the flame.


Nicole slumped onto the floor after Azure Dragon loosened his grip.

“What about the rest of you?” Levi looked at the other girls.


They knelt before Levi one after the other. “We’ll tell you everything. Rick Garrison came to us and orchestrated all these to happen. He registered the houses under Mr. Morris’ name too. We are telling the truth. We even have evidence to back our words! They’re all in our cellphones…”

All four of them were intelligent women. They knew they had to keep the evidence to protect themselves.

All the pieces of evidence were sufficient to prove Rick Garrison was the mastermind behind the falsifications.

“Ah, I see. So it is him!” I’ve always thought of him as the most righteous person in the Garrison family. He wears glasses, gives off a gentleman vibe, and even graduated from a prestigious university abroad. Moreover, Rick Garrison was the only one who treated me well in the family previously. Perhaps he’s the evilest and most cunning among all of them. Rick Garrison might be the family’s strategist judging from this scheme he pulled off. He must’ve planned this for a long time to overthrow me six years ago.

“Hahaha… I see now… Let them go.”

Nicole and the others were frightened when they saw a few soldiers walking around on their way out. They began to feel curious about Levi’s identity.

“I’ve finally understood everything related to Morris’ death. Very well! I will see for myself how carefree your current life is, Holly Nelson!” Levi curled his lips menacingly.

The next day, Levi went to Star Entertainment early in the morning.

He saw Holly’s posters all over the building’s lobby. She appeared to be radiant and dignified in the pictures.

“She was only an insignificant model in the past. She managed to achieve her success today because of Morris. Ha…” Levi sneered while examining the poster.

Azure Dragon whispered beside him. “I’ve made an appointment with Holly Nelson in advance, Sir. It’ll be our turn to meet with her soon.”


A receptionist walked up to them after a short while. “Mr. Dragon, please follow me…”

The President’s office was located on the 36th floor.

A few security guards stood near the entrance. They allowed Levi and Azure Dragon to enter only after a thorough security check.

Holly was working inside the office.

She did not spare a glance at the visitors even after she heard movements at the door. “Please wait for a moment, Mr. Dragon. I’ll be there with you very soon!”

Levi voiced out at that moment. “Aren’t you doing well, Holly Nelson?”

“Hm?” Holly felt the voice sounded familiar. She slowly looked up and exclaimed when she saw the visitor in her office. “Levi Garrison?”

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