The Return of God of War Chapter 691-700

The Return of the God of War Chapter 691

With a wave of his hand, a subordinate went to Levi.
He ordered, “Monitor that woman closely. If anything happens to her, report it to me right away.”
He did not expect Mia to warn him about his situation.
It is rare to have someone so kind within an emotionless family like the Joneses.
She deserves my acknowledgement.
Back at the villa, Wales dragged Mia into the living room.
Mia cried in pain when Wales kicked her knees. They buckled, and she fell to her knees in front of Michael.
Then, Wales asked, “Grandpa, do you know who she ran out to meet?”
Curiously, Michael responded, “Who did she go to?”
“She went to Levi and told him everything,” Wales complained.
“What? Are you telling me that Levi knows that we are going to make him a scapegoat and send him to jail?” Michael stood up immediately and shouted.
Wales confirmed, “Exactly!”
“This is absurd! You are a piece of shit!” Michael was livid that he almost had a fit.
The rest of the Jones family also looked at Mia with hatred and started to chatter about her.
“She is a betrayer! How dare she rat out on our family?”
“By turning your back against Grandpa, do you know how big a mistake you have made?”
“You are throwing the entire family in a ditch! If Levi does not go to jail, we will be doomed!”
Mia was still on her knees with her head hung so low that it was about to kiss the floor.
She knew that she had committed a grave sin.
Michael yelled furiously, “Do you know your actions will destroy every single one of us here?”
“Grandpa, I’m sorry. It is my mistake…” Mia cried.
“Mistake? You aren’t even the scapegoat we chose to send to jail! Why do you seem to have a grudge against us that you wish to harm us in this way? Huh?” Michael roared.
At a loss, Mia continued to weep. “No, Grandpa. It’s nothing like that! I do not hate the Jones family nor do I want to see any of you get hurt.”
“You are clearly trying to bring us down! I won’t be surprised if you already planned to betray us in the first place.”
The rest of the Joneses viciously scolded her.
“Father, this won’t do. Mia committed a serious offense that concerns the survival of our family. She has broken our family rules, and we have to enforce the rules. Otherwise, they will mean nothing if we do not punish her,” Wallace suggested.
“Yes! She has to be punished!”
“Mia has violated several family rules, and she has to take responsibility for them. Otherwise, more people will take those rules for granted, and there will be more who will do the same in the future.”
Persuaded by the rest, Michael nodded in agreement. “Alright, we shall punish her based on our rules then. Please hand me the ferule.”
Then, he glanced at the butler and asked, “How many strokes should she receive for such an offense?”
“Based on the rules, she should receive a hundred strokes. However, since she is a female, she will be spared and will have to take sixty.”
The rest of the family gasped in surprise at what the butler said.
They had seen family members being punished in the past.
There was a man from the Jones family who received twenty strokes. At the end of the punishment, his skin was split open, and there was blood everywhere. Besides, he could not even leave his bed for three months.
In this case, Mia had to take sixty strokes, three times what that man received. With such soft and tender skin, she might die from the punishment.
“We will not show mercy to those who break the family rules. Mia, the fifty-third generation of the Jones family, has made a mistake and is responsible for putting the family in danger. She will receive sixty strokes, and it is a lesson to never mess with the Jones family rules,” Michael announced his decision coldly.
“Father, please spare her! Mia is still a child,” Mia’s parents begged.
Heartlessly, Michael immediately responded, “Whoever pleads for Mia’s leniency will receive the punishment with her!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 692

Instantly, everyone who thought about pleading for Mia backed away.

“Both of you shall receive ten strokes each! I will increase the number if you continue to beg,” Michael cruelly snapped.

With that, Mia’s parents did not dare to continue.

On the other hand, Michael did not feel sorry that Mia had to receive such brutal punishment.

He would not care even if she were beaten to death.

After all, she is a woman.

If she dies, I can easily replace her with another one.

Only the men’s lives matter to me!

All the males in this family are precious to me, and I will hate to lose any of them.

Deeply rooted within this family was the patriarchal thinking, where they preferred males over females.

Even in this age and era, the perception was still ingrained in their minds.

“Go to South Hampton and bring me the ferule now!” Michael ordered.

Since it was a family punishment, he thought they should use the Jones’ ancestral ferule.

He left no room for discussion.

“Dad, since Levi knows everything, what should we do now?”

Everyone was curious.

Michael coldly replied, “It’s simple. Since he is aware, we only have to capture him. Doesn’t he have a wife? I believe he will agree to come with us if we promise to take care of her and the rest of his family on his behalf.”

Then, he continued, “After we are done with Mia’s punishment, we shall send someone to go after him. Of course, please don’t let him get away!”

Wales chuckled. “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I always have my men monitoring him, so there is no way for him to escape.”

It did not take long for Levi to find out that Mia had to receive the family punishment.

“Sixty strokes on a small girl? Aren’t they afraid that she will die from it? The Joneses are heartless. We live in a new era, and I can’t believe they still have such traditional family rules in place. What a joke!” Levi spat.

“I will not let anyone touch Mia in my presence.”

He was furious. Deadly daggers were shooting from his eyes, which scared Seth and the rest.

At the Sapphire Villa, Mia and her parents were kneeling in the middle of the living room.

They were surrounded by the other Joneses who watched on expressionlessly but seemed to be mocking them.

Sitting at the front was Michael, who had a domineering aura around him.

The butler beside him said, “Today, Mia was unfilial and broke the family rules. According to the book, she will receive sixty strokes. Give me the ferule!”

With that, a man brought a plate covered by a red cloth to the living room.

The butler removed the cloth to unveil the ferule.

“We shall carry out the punishment now!” Michael commanded.

A fierce-looking man walked towards Mia, with the ferule in his hand.

Mia had long given up hope and knelt there, soaking the floor with her tears.

Her parents were wailing as well.

They had no power within the Jones family and could not even save their daughter.

“Hmph! Just the sight of them makes me angry!”

“It is an honor if you are chosen to go to jail. That is a sacrifice for the family.”

“What is there to complain about?”

The crowd made various sarcastic remarks.

They made it seem like one should be proud to be the sacrificial lamb for the family.

“The first stroke!” The butler called out. Obediently, the burly man lifted the ferule and was about to bring it down onto her.

Mia was terrified and started shaking.

With one stroke, it would probably shorten half her lifespan.


At that moment, a brick, thrown from outside into the living room, flew towards the burly man’s face.

Immediately, he tried to dodge and failed to land the first stroke on Mia.

A loud sound was heard when the brick landed on the ground, startling everyone.

Next, a man walked in.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 693

“Have I ever warned you that Mia is under my protection?” Levi spoke as he walked into the room.

He scanned the crowd and continued, “I will kill anyone who touches her.”

It took a few seconds before everyone could react.

“What? He is Levi?”

Many people present had never seen him before and were startled.

In particular, Michael was surprised too and he scanned Levi from head to toe.

Then, he responded, “You have certainly inherited your parent’s values.”

Mia was also shocked to see Levi. She anxiously said, “Levi, what are you doing here? You should be hiding now!”

Like Zoey, she was kind and was worried that something might happen to Levi because of her.

“Mia, don’t worry. No one can bully you as long as I am here.” Levi smiled.

“Look at this! Even up to now, Mia is still helping this outsider. She is clearly a traitor!”

“Yes! She is a bi*ch!”

Slap! After one of the Joneses commented, Levi gave her a tight slap.

It left her dumbstruck, while the rest of the family were equally shocked.

Who is this guy, Levi? How dare he slapped one of our family members in front of everyone else?

Levi scowled at the woman and sneered, “Who taught you this horrible habit of insulting your family members?”

In response, Michael roared, “Levi, how dare you lay hand on one of the Joneses?”

“I will hit anyone who speaks unfavorably of Mia. This is the result of the poor upbringing in your family. I can’t believe you brought up such trashy people,” Levi scoffed.

“Levi, you must be courting your death! How can you act so presumptuously in my residence?”

As though Levi had caught hold of their weakness, the Joneses started to curse at him, one by one.

They looked like they wanted to kill him.

Sternly, Levi questioned, “In my eyes, your family is just a bunch of gangsters. Who is in charge here?”

“You are so gutsy. Why are you not kneeling in front of your grandpa?” Michael stood up and scolded him with a dark expression on his face.

Judging from Levi’s actions, he clearly does not respect me.

Levi replied harshly, “I have no grandpa. Besides, even if I did, he would not set me up and want to send me to jail.”

“You…” Michael stuttered in embarrassment.

Levi had found his Achilles heel.

If others find out about the truth, it will tarnish our family’s reputation.

Besides, I still need Levi to go to jail.

“I will not argue with you anymore. Since you are here, it makes everything easier, and I will suck it up.”

Michael tried to suppress his anger and continued, “So what are you doing here? Are you trying to save Mia?” barked Wales.

“Of course! I told you that I would protect her. I will kill anyone who lays a finger on her,” Levi announced.

Michael ignored his words and said, “Mind your own business. I will deal with you later, but for now, we are going to carry out the punishment.”

Then, he glanced at the burly man and instructed, “Carry out the punishment now!”

Once again, the ferule was lifted, and the burly man was about to strike Mia with it.

In a flash, Levi appeared in front of him and caught the ferule.


Levi snatched it from him.


With a flick of his wrist, he broke it into two.


The whole room went silent.

This ferule was a symbol of the Joneses’ dignity with a three-hundred-year history behind it.

Now, it is broken…

It was as though he was stepping on the entire Jones family.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 694

The Joneses were stunned and couldn’t believe it.

This ferule was passed down three hundred years ago and represented the family’s supremacy.

In other words, it was the embodiment of the Jones family spirit.

Now, their ‘spirit’ was destroyed today.

Every single one of them was in a stage of shock.


Mia’s eyes widened.

This is the end.

When standing in front of the ferule, the Joneses would be in fear.

To go against it would mean one was challenging the Joneses power and was a signal of betrayal.

However, Levi had the guts to break it.

It was as good as provoking the Joneses and declaring war on them.


Levi threw the broken ferule aside and chuckled. “Forget about your patriarchal rules. I will reinvent the rules for you instead. The first step is to break this dumb ferule and abolish the family rules!”

Levi’s words brought everyone back to their senses, and they started to chatter among themselves.

“What the hell did you just do?”

“He broke our ancestral ferule?”

“Is he courting death?”

Everyone babbled and sounded like they were out to get Levi.

“Do you know what you have done? You will never be able to redeem yourself for the offense you committed today! How dare you break the ferule? You are obviously trying to declare war on us!” Michael raged.

“What’s wrong with that? Can’t I go against the Jones family? Does all of you think that your family is the most powerful one out there?” Levi ridiculed.

Previously, he got rid of the Gates family, who proclaimed themselves to be the most powerful.

“You are very daring…to challenge my family. We have to kill you. Get him!” Michael exploded.

“Sir, we can’t do that! We still have to keep him as our scapegoat!” The butler tried to stop him.

The others wished that they could kill him there and then too.

However, they had no other choice.

They had to make him take the fall for them.

Therefore, no matter what mistakes he made, the Joneses could not kill him.

Michael shook in anger. “Alright, count yourself lucky! Instead, I will send you outside of Quebec to be imprisoned by the Warlord. You will suffer there.”

He had a death glare, and his expression was contorted.

He wanted Levi dead as the latter had offended the entire Jones family.

“Since you are here, you can forget about leaving. Just be good until we send you to the prison outside Quebec in a few days.”


Every one of the Jones family began to laugh.

The most important thing was he came here himself, regardless of whether he broke the ferule.


Then, the strongest few from the Jones family closed the living room door.

There is no way Levi could escape now.

“Aren’t you very close to Mia? Both of you can suffer together then!” Wales laughed.

Mia could not help but sigh.

Though she was touched that Levi came to rescue her, she could not bear to see anything happen to him.

“Levi, since you know what our plan is, let me add in a word here then. It is not because I’m heartless, but you are just like your parents who were born to be a sacrificial lamb. You should be honored that you are doing something for the family!

Besides, you broke our ancestral ferule and went against our family rules. Therefore, it is only fair for you to pay us back by going to jail.” Michael stated.

“You should pay for your offense!” Everyone else chanted in unison.

This time, there was a valid reason for them to send Levi to jail.

Levi snickered, “Who will dare to stop me if I walk out of here?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 695

The Joneses were appalled by Levi’s atrocious tone.

“How dare you use such an arrogant tone when you speak to us? We are one of the royal families! What makes you think you can defy us?” Wallace snorted.

Laughter erupted among the Joneses.

We are invincible in South City! Even the Gates family and the Caesar family have to obey us!

Ignoring the Joneses, he grabbed Mia’s hand and said, “I promised to protect you, Mia. Come with me!”

“What?” It took a moment for Mia to recover from the daze. “I can’t, Levi. I have to go to jail!”

Levi scoffed, “I won’t allow that to happen! Why don’t they go to prison themselves?”

“What the hell do you mean, Levi Garrison? Since when do you have the audacity to question our decisions?”

“We have cast our votes for Mia to go to prison as her punishment. Serves her right for going against our family rules!” The Joneses tried to make the decision sound reasonable.

“Firstly, your family rule doesn’t apply to me because I’m not one of you. Secondly, I won’t allow any of you to hurt Mia! She is a sister to me!” Levi grabbed hold of Mia and walked away.

“Stop them!” As soon as Wallace gave the order, several men moved forwards to block Levi.

Within minutes, Levi sent all the men flying across the room with his powerful slap.

The Joneses gasped collectively in horror. “He is a martial arts expert?”

Recalling his previous encounter with Levi, Wales yelled, “Grandpa, he’s well-trained! Don’t let him get away!”

“Seize him!” Michael ordered.

A group of martial arts experts leaped out of nowhere and surrounded Levi. They were the secret weapon of royal families and that was not something that other prominent families could contend to.

“Let’s see if he can still run away with his limbs broken!” Wallace scoffed.

“Yes! He won’t be able to escape after that!” Michael agreed to it.

All of a sudden, a man in gold-rimmed glasses yelled, “Father, no!”

The man, Dustin Jones, was one of Levi’s uncles. He was on good terms with Emma, Levi’s mother.

“Father, we already owe Emma so much! We can’t be so cruel to her son now!” Dustin persuaded.

“He’s right, father. We can use him as the scapegoat instead of disabling him!” Ella Jones, Levi’s aunt chimed in.

Michael hesitated. “Well…”

“Punish him, father! An arrogant imbecile like him doesn’t deserve to be spared!” Wallace and a few others hollered.

Michael’s butler whispered in his ear, “Sir, I don’t think this will look good on us if words go out. We don’t have to go as far as to keep them confined. It might destroy our reputation!”

“Grandpa, I think he’s right! Why do we have to be afraid of the two of them when we are so powerful? We will become a laughing stock if anyone hears of this!” Tyler added.

At last, Michael gave the order for his men to retreat.

“Count yourself lucky today, Levi!” Michael spat, “We are only letting you off because you mean nothing to us. Try anything funny and I will imprison you for real.”

After Levi left, Michael commanded, “Shadow, keep an eye on them!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 696

A person’s silhouette streaked across the room as soon as Michael gave his order.

He was none other than Shadow, the most powerful martial arts expert in Jones family.

An expert in assassination and stealth, no one would have the time to defend themselves when he struck.

Not even a bullet could harm him if he moved fast enough.

Wallace felt rest assured with Shadow in charge of monitoring Levi’s actions.

“Shadow can appear anywhere without anyone noticing him! Levi and Mia won’t be able to get far when he’s out spying on them!” The Joneses exclaimed confidently.

When Levi and Mia were halfway on the road, Levi noticed someone following them.

He chuckled under his breath, “Huh! They think I’m stupid.”

Even the most skillful martial art expert of the Jones family couldn’t trick him.

Shadow? What a joke!

Levi arranged for Mia to stay at Morris Group with Zoey for the time being.

Knowing that Mia was the only relative who was on good terms with Levi, Zoey was very fond of her.

“Mia, Zoey will take care of you from now onwards.”

Although Mia was treated kindly by Zoey, she couldn’t muster up any joy knowing that she and Levi could not escape their fate. They would still be sent to prison in Orientana in a few days.

Meanwhile, the Joneses were cursing Levi in Jones Residence when Michael got a phone call from the Warlord, Elijah.

Michael switched to a polite tone, “How can I help you, my lord?”

“Have you prepared the money?” Elijah asked.

“Yes, the fifty billion is ready!”

“And have you chosen who to go to prison on behalf of your family? I hope you don’t try anything funny with me. I’ve made it clear that your punishment for breaking my rules is to send at least two of your direct descendants to jail!” Elijah demanded sternly.

“As you wish, my lord!”

“Good. I’ll come to Erudia personally to get the money and take two of your descendants.”

“Oh? You’ll come? Then… Then we’ll be waiting for your arrival!”

After Elijah hung up, Michael sighed heavily.

“What is it?” everyone asked.

Michael’s face turned pale before he finally announced, “Elijah, the Warlord is coming to Erudia personally!”

Elijah’s arrival meant that the fate of the Joneses was subjected to more variables. What if Elijah changed his mind and demanded harsher punishments?

Besides that, they would have to ensure that Levi and Mia did not escape.

“What? The Demon King is coming?”

Everyone turned pale from horror at the thought of the merciless warlord’s upcoming presence in Erudia because he was not someone that can be messed with.

Anyone who dared to challenge him would either end up with their whole families massacred or the women in their families sold off as slaves and prostitutes.

Not even the Jones family, one of the greatest royal families, could escape Elijah’s wrath.

They made the mistake of offending Elijah during their business trip to Orientana earlier.

If they decided to fight back, they would only end up with a failed business and the warlord’s revenge, which was probably a massacre that consisted of hundreds of assassins.

The Joneses could not afford the dire consequences of defying Elijah again.

“Then we must keep an eye on Levi and Mia! We can’t let them get away!”

With that said, the Joneses commanded three more martial arts experts to monitor Levi and Mia. It would be easier to capture them by the time Elijah arrived.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 697

While Mia spent the next few days in agony, Levi was quite relaxed because he couldn’t care less about the Joneses.

Four days later, Elijah arrived at South City with a fleet of cars armed with loaded weapons.

Although he was the warlord of Orientana, he tried to keep a low profile because he was in another territory, Erudia.

When the fleet of cars reached Sapphire Villa, Michael led his family members to welcome Elijah at the front door.

Deep down, everyone was nervous when they saw the merciless warlord in front of them.

Michael immediately ordered, “Tell Shadow to bring Mia here now! Tell her if she refuses, I will send her parents to jail instead!”

Soon, Elijah arrived with two hundred armed bodyguards surrounding him.

He had multiple scars that enhanced his ferocious look and a cigar in his mouth.

Elijah’s immense wealth enabled him to acquire an army of a hundred thousand soldiers well-equipped with the most formidable weapons.

One wrong word from the Joneses and they would find themselves at the mercy of those weapons.

Elijah’s imposing manner was intimidating enough for the Joneses to cower.

As he swept his gaze across the Joneses, Michael stepped up and greeted, “Welcome to Erudia, my lord!”

Elijah’s adjutant reported, “Sir, this is Michael Jones, head of the Jones family.”

“You,” Elijah bellowed in his deep voice, “You are the one who intruded my territory with that filthy business of yours! How dare you defy me and hurt my soldiers?”

Everyone froze in place.

“My lord, I’m afraid it’s all a misunderstanding…” Michael fumbled for words hastily.

“Well, since you’re willing to apologize, I’ll let this matter rest if you add another fifty billion,” Elijah concluded.

“What?” Everyone gasped collectively.

This is totally a daylight robbery! That’s a hundred billion in total! Our family may never recover from this blow!

In fact, the Joneses had prepared themselves for more daunting news, but they never expected Elijah to be so ruthless and cunning.

Elijah smirked, “Is that a problem?”

“I have thirty thousand men on standby not far from South Hampton. Believe me, they are very impulsive. I cannot assure you of your safety once they know that you defy me again…” He threatened menacingly.

The Joneses turned pale when they realized that Elijah was threatening to destroy their family if they didn’t agree to his conditions.

Knowing that they wouldn’t stand a chance against Elijah, Michael finally gave in. “There’s no way we will defy you, my lord!”

As Michael showed Elijah into Sapphire Villa, the rest of the Joneses completed the 100-billion transaction.

“Get the ten prisoners ready. I’m leaving soon!” Elijah ordered.

Despite being tyrannical, he dared not prolong his stay at Erudia.

He planned to return to his territory once he got what he came for.

“No problem!” Michael commanded his subordinates to capture Levi and Mia.

Not long after, Levi and Mia were surrounded by Michael’s men.

“Please come with us, Ms. Jones. The warlord is already here. Your parents will have to go to jail if you don’t show up!”

Mia panicked. “Levi, I have to go now!”

Levi stroked her head lightly. “Alright, I’ll come with you!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 698

Levi couldn’t have cared less previously. However, when he heard that Elijah was in South City, he became angry.

How can we allow this mad warlord to wreak havoc as he pleases in Erudia? Does he have a death wish?

“What?” Mia exclaimed.

The bodyguards appeared to be astounded as well because none of them thought Levi would go with Mia.

Meanwhile, in Sapphire Villa, Elijah appeared to be beaming at the successful transfer of 100 billion to his account, but he was actually worried because Erudia was a dangerous place for mercenaries like him.

He would be in trouble if the military discovered his presence in South City.

However, he was willing to take the risk to get an extra fifty billion.

“Where are they? Bring them to me quickly!” He urged.

Soon enough, Levi, Mia, and eight other Joneses were sent to Elijah.

Michael and a few others smirked at the sight of Levi surrendering himself.

He must have come to his senses finally! He will never be able to fight our men anyway.

Lust glinted in Elijah’s eyes when he laid eyes on Mia. Once he made sure of Levi and Mia’s identity, he nodded satisfactorily.

“Good. Seize them!”

Michael and the others only dared heave a sigh of relief after Elijah and his soldiers left Sapphire Villa. “We may have lost fifty billion today, but at least we are finally free from more trouble!”

The only thing the Joneses were upset about was the money. Except for Mia’s parents, none of them cared the least about the fate of the Joneses who were taken by Elijah as captives.

Mia’s parents were the only ones weeping.

“How can you be so ruthless, dad? They’re your grandchildren!” Mia’s parents wailed at the thought of never seeing Mia again.

“Don’t be such a crybaby! They should be proud to be able to contribute to the family! It’s a glory of a lifetime!” Michael stated as if his decision of sending Levi and Mia away was an honorable one.

On the other hand, Elijah ordered his men to speed up.

Leaving Erudia immediately was the only way to avoid the possible dangers and ease his tension.

Positioning himself in front of the captives, he scoffed, “All of you belong to me from today onwards!”

Mia and the others cowered and avoided Elijah’s gaze except for Levi. He was the only one that stared right into the warlord’s eyes bravely.

Elijah was puzzled by Levi’s calmness. “You… You’re not afraid of me?” he inquired curiously.

A laugh escaped from Levi’s mouth. “Why should I be afraid of you?”

“Of course you should be! The Joneses always cower when they’re around me! Look at them!” He pointed at Mia and the others who were shivering in fright.

“Are you really not afraid of me?” Elijah asked again.

“I’m never afraid of anyone else. Instead, everyone should be afraid of me,” Levi chuckled.

“Ha! Are you saying that I should be afraid of you?” Elijah snorted.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 699

Levi nodded seriously. “You might pee your pants in fright if I reveal my identity.”


Elijah was laughing out the loudest among everyone who burst into waves of laughter because he thought the notion was too ridiculous. What could Levi be capable of when he was merely someone that the Joneses presented as captives? Even the formidable Michael Jones had to obey him and give him a hundred billion.

This is outrageous!

Mia tugged on Levi’s sleeves to signal him to stop talking because she didn’t want him to get into trouble with Elijah.

Smiling, Levi remarked, “Your swift departure shows that you’re afraid.”

“What?” Elijah was thrown off momentarily because he didn’t expect Levi to read his fear.

How does he know? He must be no ordinary person!

“I’m afraid? That’s impossible!” Elijah denied.

“You sneaked into Erudia when you clearly know that mercenaries are banned here, didn’t you? Aren’t you scared that the military get words of this?” Levi bombarded Elijah on his weak spots.

It turned out that the warlord was terrified of the soldiers of Erudia because he nearly died in their hands years ago.

“That’s impossible! I wouldn’t go to Erudia if I’m afraid. Mind you, I have a hundred thousand soldiers in my command! If anyone should be afraid, it should be the soldiers of Erudia!” Elijah boasted.

Levi taunted, “Have you ever thought of the possibility that the military knows about your intrusion?”

Elijah felt his mind go blank when he heard Levi. Slowly realizing that he overlooked a serious problem, it was his turn to turn pale and shiver.

I must have underestimated Erudia! I should have found it suspicious when nobody stopped my fleet of cars!

“That’s ridiculous! We won’t be discovered because all of my men are skilled in stealth!” Elijah made another attempt to cover up his fear.

After giving Levi one last glare, he strode to the front and ordered his driver to hit the accelerator and stay alert of the surroundings.

“I’ll let you off for now. Once we reach Orientana, I’ll see if you can still spout nonsense when I try the cruelest tortures on you!” Elijah threatened Levi.

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” Levi replied calmly.

They had a smooth journey for the first three hours.

When they finally reached a hidden landing in the woods, Elijah felt the weight lift off his shoulders. There were dozens of helicopters waiting in the landing to take off.

“I must be worrying for nothing all because of that stupid guy! Erudia’s soldiers didn’t notice us at all!” Relieved, Elijah laughed.

However, Levi’s voice sounded from the back of the car. “I’m giving you a final chance to surrender yourself, Elijah! You won’t be able to beg for mercy later!”

“What the hell are you blabbering about? I will rip your mouth if you continue your nonsense!” Elijah snapped furiously.

Just as they got off the cars and moved towards the helicopters, something unforeseen happened.


Elijah looked around frantically in horror as the sound of wolves howling echoed through the woods. Eighteen wolves with riders appeared on top of the hill opposite them.

It was the Cavalry Regiment!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 700

“What the…”

Elijah’s men were appalled by the scene.

They had never seen such enormous wolves with pure white fur that emitted dangerous auras. Nor had they seen riders on wolves who were equipped with traditional bows, modern guns, and grenades at the same time.

The Cavalry Regiment that was once the nightmare of almost all enemies on the battlefield reappeared in the forest.

Although Elijah outnumbered the Cavalry Regiment by hundreds of men, they were frozen by their commanding aura.

“All mercenaries who come to Erudia without permission shall die!”

Elijah almost fell to the ground because his knees gave way when one of the cavalry members bellowed.

When he spotted five other men emerging from the corner of his eyes, he broke into a cold sweat as realization dawned on him.


The Cavalry Regiment started their attack and rushed down from the hills at top speed.

In a blink of an eye, they closed the distance of over a few hundred meters.




Where their paths crossed, Elijah’s men dropped to the ground dead.

The Cavalry Regiment fought ferociously. Soon, most of Elijah’s few hundred well-trained soldiers were reduced to piles of corpses.

The rest of them tried to run away, but it was only a matter of seconds before the Cavalry Regiment caught up with them.

Elijah and his men were absolutely crushed by the invincible Cavalry Regiment in no more than two minutes.

Now, the remaining was kneeling on the ground and surrendering themselves.

It was the most terrifying battle they ever encountered because the Cavalry Regiment seemed to be immune to bullets.

Meanwhile, Elijah fell to his knees when the five men he saw from the corner of his eyes two minutes ago stood before him.

Just as Levi predicted, Elijah wetted himself.

He would never forget these men in front of him who almost wiped out his troops three years ago.

The other eleven mercenary troops were destroyed on the same fated night because they came across the undefeatable Iron Brigade in Erudia.

Elijah never expected to find himself at the mercy of the Five Great Wars Regiment, who were the leaders of the Iron Brigade again.

Could the eighteen riders be the legendary Cavalry Regiment?

“I… I…” Elijah could only manage to stutter because he was too scared.

“How dare you come to Erudia? Are you tired of living, Elijah?” Azure Dragon scoffed coldly.

White Tiger chuckled, “Shall I destroy your army in Orientana now?”

“No… Please don’t! It’s all a misunderstanding…” It was ironic to see the previously arrogant warlord sobbing like a child.

“I assure you, it’s all a misunderstanding!”

“We’re only here to settle personal matters! We didn’t do any harm to Erudia!” Being the only man who wasn’t cowering in fear, Elijah’s adjutant explained hastily.

“Yes, you’ve mistaken! We didn’t stir up any trouble in Erudia! We wouldn’t dream of doing that!” Elijah wailed.

Azure Dragon merely scoffed, “Are you sure? Do you know who have you captured?” His tone suddenly became stern.

Elijah felt his mind being blown into pieces as he thought of someone.

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